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Adventures in Astroarchaeology, Introduction Celestial metaphors are older than any human civilization. They contain ancient manna from the heavens used by humans to find their way as wandering hunter gathers in the subsistence garden of plenty called sidereal earth, or siloam.  The science of astroarchaeology presented through SiLoam.Net revives dreams and visions by ancestors of modern civilization. Each constellation has been researched and derived from drawings and mythological stories which are older than writing, but younger than dreams. In many cases, the modern names are different than the ancient names, but the star connections are clearly the same, for the dreams reappear within the asterisms. For historical lore of the MAJOR CONSTELLATIONS, visit the constellation descriptions given by Anne Wright. If you would like to check some star locations online, go to John Walker's Fabulous Planetarium Program, YOUR SKY, and see the star maps first hand before the work presented here has been restored to them.

To our ancestors the Milky Way was the dividing line, which separated day above and night below in the firmament of the heavens. Their separation of cosmic dreams into a Land Above and a Land Below, is joined at the Land Between, which is the scientific reality we are seeking. We deny the ancient science as mythology, as our own science strives to prevent the cosmos from communicating the story it holds. The gateways to the resting place of our ancestors can be visited when we stop to realize, "where they have gone, we will also go." The mystery to unfold is whether the science of the living can successfully reveal the science of the dead.

Many of the essays are in process, for SiLoam.Net is a living research site. The celestial stories are all where they were in the beginning. Our goal is to retrieve the ancient dream and the ancient science of cosmogenesis, which gave birth to the ancient siloam. We know it as the Milky Way, but in truth, the souls of our ancestors are written into its asterisms. The bottom of the cosmic pool is at the staff of the Sculptor, and the top of the cosmic pasture is the wheat in the hand of the Virgin. When each story is understood, it will enrich the living with a vision of a lifetime.

Rush E. Allen,
President, SU International

Links to all Internal Files

For a Graphic Timeline of Cultural History, click here.
For an Orientation Essay, click here.

To find some of the major places along the cosmic trail, read the creative purposes for which they were founded at, or for, each sacred moment. The following links connect to essays illustrating the principal tenets identified by lost cultures. The timeline is shown graphically below the list. For a downloadable Microsoft Word essay illustrating the celestial orientation principles for dating cultures and their sacred traditions go to Heaven&Earth.doc.


|Civilization|||______/__/_____Principal Tenet_______/_/_____|||Origin Date 
Heaven & Earth
____   ___ Mother of All Living___   __|Land Before Time
Taputapu-atea ___________ Pacific Sea Peoples_____________|18200 BC
Lascaux ____________ Searching for Common Sense ________ 15000 BC
Atlantis ______________ Pristine Cosmic Order _________ pre 11000 BC
____________ Ante-Deluvian Australia __________
||pre 5000 BC
___________ Upper and Lower Firmament __________
||4541 BC
Luxor, Egypt
________ Out of the Crocodile's Mouth ____ ____
||4241 BC
_______________ Overcoming Affectation ___________
||||||3761 BC
________________ Restoring Experience _____________
||3114 BC
____________ Origins of Camelot _______________
||2800 BC
Dahshur, Egypt
_______ Last of the Truly Great Men _________
||2575 BC
Giza, Egypt
_______ Pyramids and the Divine Self _____   _____
||2540 BC
_____________ Divine Personal Purpose ___________
|_ 2214 BC
Ujuxte, Guatemala
_____ Aligning Heaven and Earth __________ 1050 BC
__________________ The Swan's Perch ______________
|_ 1000 BC
Romulus & Remus
____ Foundation of the Eternal City ________
|||753 BC
Gnostic Gospels _______  __ The Book of Q ________    ______|||150 AD
____________ Cleansing of Arrogance _______________|||1 AD
Return of the Enchanted Wife __________
||500 AD
______________ Revival of Divine Presence ____________
||610 AD
________ Communicating with Mother Nature ________
|650 AD
____________ Warming the Soul ________________
|800 AD
Pursuit of Self Image _____________
|||1900 AD
Ares Vallis, Mars______
Son of Man Rises on Mars ________/_
|||1997 AD
Easter Island___________
Cosmic Father Image ___________/_
|||1997 AD
Happy New Year
____ The Year the Sun Began to Rise ________1998 AD
Denderah Zodiac
__ _ Return of the Mother Goddesses __   ____ 1999 AD
Armageddon in NYC
  _ Apocalypse at World Trade Center __ __ 2001 AD
Maya Cosmogenesis
_ Transcendence in Mayan Mythology ____ 2012 AD
________ Restoration of Cosmic Order __________ 4400 AD
Taputapu-atea _______ Pacific Sea Peoples Return ___________
|||8343 AD |
Opening the Ways _____ The Return of First Father ____
|||Land After Time |

| Sacred Alignment, Past, Present, Future-Past

Precessional Recordings|

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