Impressions of the 911 Call that Stunned the World,
New York Under Hell Fire and Brimstone

A sacrifice of cosmic proportions.

A light to show the way beneath the darkness.

Technological wonders destroy themself when not protected by proper spirits.

Remembering ancestors at a moment of greatest tribulation.

Liberty is not symbolic, the monument is symbolic. Liberty is spiritual reality.

After the trial and tribulations, the spirit of liberty will still be standing.

The everlasting spirits remain when the sunny skies return.

Material assets create conflicts with material assets. They are simply vehicles in which the journey is taken.

Because the accomplishments of men are not immortal their memories are not immaterial, for they can be retained even when the arrangements of substance have gone.

The one question that material science cannot answer because rational spirtual consciousess is niether material nor immaterial.

When cultures do not control their own kind, their own kind eventually suffer.

Religion is the enemy when graven images do not adapt to the spiral of Divine Will. The Fables of the Ancients are still alive, but their forms drift with their metaphorical embodiments on a sea of emotional consciousness. Any science that becomes too sacred to adapt to the Signs of the Times will become a destroyer for the sake of stagnant consciousness on the ever changing journey called life. The perception of an enemy is dependent upon the stagnation of that which is held sacred within the mind's eye. And though Arabs are not the enemy, they give life to the enemy, and the consequences of harboring evil can often be the same as the consequences of doing evil. That is the precise logic which led to the killing of more than 5,000 innocent people by Arabs extremists. it is also the logic that has led to most of the world's greatest wars.

After the commandment to love God, the idea of keeping graven images taken from anywhere in creation was forbidden, whether in heaven above, on earth, or in the waters below. The commandment is equivalent to saying, "Pay attention." In its negative from, it places the accountability for error on the mortal, rather than the Divine. Consciousness is evidence that the Divine needs the help of the mortal. It is graven images that result in loss of understanding and the death of consciousness, for they do not come from the living creation, they come from echoes in the unconscious mind without help of the consciousness. Nevertheless, the idea of denial of graven images was identified as being engraved in the handwriting of the Creator. The only solution to such twists of rational perception is to acknowledge that communication is performed by metaphor, and the metaphors constantly change, though the entities in communication with each other are composed of eternal spirits.
Exod 20:4 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:
Exod 32:16 And the tables were the work of God, and the writing was the writing of God, graven upon the tables.

The time to defend oneself with conscious effort is the moment when one chooses to attack rather than to turn the other cheek. Anger is the ally of evil, and it will do evil for the sake of evil. Its parasitic behavior usurps consciousness. Evil cannot be self born, and it is a parasite that thrives on the emotions and spirits of others, until all are lost in hell fire and brimstone. These rationalizations called good and evil are the enemies of creation, for they were not part of the substance of creation, they were feelings swaddled in fearful unconsciousness. Next Image

Easing the spirit of the soul to accept adversity without anger.

No man is an island, yet some are more equal than others.

We examine what is left, to see if it can be repaired.

Some things are lost in the trash heap of life and must be cleared away. The images must be cleaned so that any sounds of life can be heard in the still quite of the inner voice.

When the echoes of the past come back to the surface, they are born anew to the youthful conscious. Yet, the eternal spirits that gave birth to the ancient fables still reside within the field of stars we call home and heaven.

Within the heavens our fathers and mothers recorded metaphors of the eternal spirits.

The world turns and wanders in the heavens in accordance to a plan. The plan carries the messages of the recorded spirits. In this case, the Cosmic Mother Tauret gives birth to a New Aeon in the solar system.

On the other side of the heavens we see the children of Heaven and Earth as they abandon the sinking Barque of the Sun.

Here in the east we see the magic wand of the creatrix and the seed from which it came. These images were once known in the minds of Egyptian priests with engraved perceptions. But, the Greeks and the other peoples of the Exodus wrote many stories using the same stars. Horus and Seth are two men who visited Osiris in the new name of Lot, and then two angels took Lot, his wife and daughters, to a New World, where rational perception became clouded in darkness. From this place new traditions were born of incest, as the unconscious rational mind colored new emotions. The original traditions were clearly abandoned, yet the eternal spirits are the same as the Fables of The Ancients. Notice that the Sun rose with the Feather of Truth and the Top of the World in the Kingdom of Heaven.

On the other side of the world we see the Bridge of Sirrah and the cube of the Kaaba. Here is the sacred place where Hagar placed Ishmael under a bush and went off to cry. But, the Lord heard Ishmael's lament, and He raised Ishmael to become an archer, with wisdom and the Fables of the Ancients as his guide.

This is the story of a day called "911." It reveals the lost child Ishmael under the tree at the bridge of Sirrah. It also shows the souls of the martyred terrorists were headed to the Elysian Fields, where another five thousand innocent souls joined them. Is life unfair? Why did five thousand have to lose their lives, so that a radical few could achieve their rational dream? The answer is that the memories of life are all part of a sacrificial journey taken by consciousness amongst the Eternal Spirits. If consciousness in the mortal mind was an eternal essence, then there would be no children to prepare a place for, and no traditions to die for. Since the journey ends in sacrifice, even if the sacrifice is chosen, the inheritance that must be given to the descendants is that they be prepared for Judgment Day, for no one knows when it will come. Life is far too short to give up one minute to graven images that steal the love within this magnificent place. The Fables of the Ancients all say the same thing. Pay attention!

All of the ancient stories are tied together by a filament Plato called the embroidery of the heavens. The embroidery has been reproduced here with many of the eternal spirits clearly displayed. The views to the north, south, east, and west tell us where we are. The views to the bottomless pit and to the top of heaven tell us where we came from and where we are headed; for we came from the galaxy, and we will return to, if not consciously, then otherwise. This journey is not unique to any religion. It is the other way around. Religions are unique to this journey. Religions are just road maps in a Benevolent Creation. When a path through the wilderness is discovered, the path is recorded in the graven images of the ancestors to guide future generations.

The highways are many, but only the "road of merchants" binds us all, for it is the ecliptic, the path of the earth, and it is the measure of time, and it is marked by the "signs of the times." When an eternal road to some desire is discovered, it is natural to try to keep it for oneself and one's children. This is simultaneously one of the twin angels from above and one of the twin demons from below. Above, this is the individual of personal responsibility. Below, this is the demon of selfishness. Also, when a desired road opened, it is humane to share it with fellow travelers. This is the other twin. Above, this is the Good Shepherd who will risk the loss of life to save others. Below, this is the demon of conformal naiveté that will give up personal life for heaven's reward and a cause toward which he is blind.  That is why it is important not to make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. This commandment does not say to abandon all images. It says that images will change with the wind and the waves; thoughts and feelings. Graven images are guides to those who accept liberty and free will. Graven images are demonic to those that desire security through the actions of another. The selfish twin may avoid experience for fear of personal harm. The unselfish twin may avoid experience by giving up life for the sake of approval. But, in either case the desire is self born, whether aided by indoctrination or not. That is the first commandment of life; to thine own self be true.


Trash heap at the bottom of the solar system.

The head of the serpent found to the south of the Twin Towers, when Saturn passed the zenith, holds the mysteries of the Cosmos in its mouth, and it carries a replica of the Tower of Babel on its tail. That tower had been set up between the man by the side of the road and the king and queen on the cloud.  It fell to the scythe of the grim reaper. Look carefully at the man with the sickle (left) and under his feet, beyond the red dragon there is the rational-spiritual trash heap of our solar system. Finding the meaning in those mysteries requires rational-material consciousness of Plato's embroidery and rational-spiritual consciousness of the myths of any culture. The embroidery is very similar, but even within a culture the same stars will be connected differently to tell different stories. For example, the man holding a sickle is also Moses raising up the serpent in the wilderness. These two images are the angels that create and destroy religions. If the object in the man's hands is the serpent of Moses, then a spiritual opening of the ways occurs. If the object is a sickle then this same spiritual evangelist is called Death and is the fourth horseman of the apocalypse. They are also the angels that create graven images when initiates forget that the fables of the ancients are roads in the heavens.. To break the graven images of the past, we must take hold of consciousness, and never let it leave. Rational-material consciousness is the Son of Man. Rational-spiritual consciousness is the Son of God. They are symbolized in the annals of Egypt as Seth and Horus, the Donkey and Dove of the Bible. Though both forms of consciousness are given for the sake of free will, the former is made, while the latter is begotten. When we acknowledge that rational-spiritual consciousness comes from the mind of God, we are given the power to accept the salvation of the only begotten Son of God. Egypt struggled for more than three thousand years with the balance between Seth and Horus. However, when Rome adopted the Persian ideals of Mithras and merged them personal responsibility and destruction of barbarism, they also placed Horus on a cross. Sethian cultures will inevitably deny Cosmic Intent, for Seth's spirit is entirely usurping. The Egyptian Horus struggled to retain life, but acknowledge that the rational-material power of the new form of Seth was too foreboding to overcome. Their solution was classic Egyptian. They let Osiris die, and they lamented in mock funeral. This misled the Sethian Romans, and within three hundred years Osiris had risen again with Horus on the throne. This time Horus was no longer a Hawk, but a man. Three hundred years later the Sethians did precisely the same thing with the travels of Mohammed. The zealots that piloted the aircraft into the World Trade center were naive Horus twins who had not fully comprehended the nature of the cult of Seth they had been born into. The flew the hijacked aircraft right into the mouth of death in the whole hearted belief that they would gain the Elysian Fields by their actions when the Towers of Babel fell into the trash heap of Sodom and Gomorrah. The Horus culture of America has not alternative but to strike back with the full force of their graven images.

The modern Horus culture has one great advantage over the modern Seth culture. When sufficient damage has been done to the Horus culture, they will cease their compulsive consumption of the black gold in the coffers of the Seth culture. that will strangle the Seth culture, and the usurpation will end. The Horus culture will then repair the damage to both cultures and wait for Seth to rise again. This cycle is on the record for over 6,500 years in Western Civilization, and essentially in all human cultures. The spirits of Seth and Horus are eternal, they cannot be destroyed. Rational-material consciousness and rational-spiritual consciousness are the primordial essences that make humans different than all other creatures. Is there a solution to the cycles of the eternal Jihads and Crusades? Maybe, but only if the Mayans are correct. It was their bellife that the battle between the Lords from Above and the Lords from Below would end when First Father came out of the Mouth of First Mother. This rebirth of First Father would be the transition of the human race from barbarian animals to human deities. Theoretically, we can learn to act like angels from above, but there is no precedent for it. If the apocalypse of September 11, 2001 follows prior courses in history, and modern civilization fails to acknowledge the Divine Plan, then it will not be long before the rubble at the World Trade Center will appear to be a game of pick up sticks compared to the future Armageddon, in the same proportion that the World Trade Center is to the Muir Federal Building bombing in Oklahoma City.

These unimaginable tragedies are not coming to us because we are ignorant of what to do. They are coming to us because we know too much to stop them. This is the irony of any culture that creates graven images and then tells its children they are the facts of life. The children do not know, and they accept the possibility of life after death, because life before death is unacceptable. We have been given a preview of what is to come if the priests of modern spiritual traditions fail to show how to find truth, and the priests of modern science fail to show why some truths should be avoided. The rational-material consciousness and the rational-spiritual consciousness of the modern world has lost the capacity to communicate with the Cosmic Intent, and the willingness to communicate with each other. We as a a race of humans must strive to be like the gods of old, or expect the hell fire and brimstone that came down upon the Twin Towers of New York to wreck every opportunity our children will have for a descent life. In order to be like the gods of old, we have to repair the embroidery of the heavens, and eliminate the graven images that stifle our capacity to communicate. The elixir for this poison we have is balanced rational-material and rational-spiritual consciousness with enough humility to understand that it is not what we fear about Mother Nature, but our love for her. And it is not what we know about Father Nature but the intentions that he has for us. If we can pay attention with Cosmic Love, we can see the problems coming when they are manageable and avoid descending to the trash heap of the solar system.

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