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Part 4: Capture of the Cerberus Hound
and the Release of Persephone

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A father image evolves in the sky,
while judgment stays with the Queen of Sheba.
And, because of unmitigated gall in ancient kings,
the livers of kind men will feed eagles forever,
while serpents gnaw at their backs.

(A brief review of Abrahamic religious sources. Start Here.)

Figure 1

If we keep the women in the dark, they will be happy.


Figure 2

This guard dog can be a good defense mechanism.


Figure 3

It doesn't matter that it is a dog from Hades, we are on a course of abduction.


Figure 4

Come be my queen and I will take you to Seventh Heaven, and come back to rescue your friends and mother in a little while.

I am carefree and release my flowers.


Figure 5

I am a straight shooter, so don't let my poker face fool you. I will conquer.


Babylonian Sagittarius, circa 1200 B.C.


p align="center"> Figure 6
Common sense says that might is not right when it over extends itself.


Greco Egyptian Sagittarius,
circa 330 B.C. - 30 A.D.


Figure 7

The Father Sky and Mother Earth approaches to wisdom are dramatically different.


Western Civilization, though descending through Egypt and Greece is still under the effect of "Vene, Vidi, Vici," the war cry of the Persianized Romans.

















Figure 8

Why does the West fail to see the obvious? The sphere is worn out on the axis "drilled by mistake." That can only mean it was used to guide kings and paupers along the route it defines. Note that the meridians are zodiac astrological meridians, not celestial meridians. The Aryans, Chaldeans, Babylonians, Assyrians, Persians, Sabeans, Celician Pirates, Mithrasians, and Khans all used astrology to access the Word of God. Aborigine, Indians, Egyptians, Hebrews, Polynesians, Mesoamericans, and Christians used the axis of the Galaxy to access the Word of God. With the advent of the inflationary universe revealing hundreds of billions of galaxies, it should be self evident that there is more to life than what we can rationally define. Mathematical orientation to the Word of God denies the Universal Being a voice in Creation. It shouldn't take more than an renowned astrophysicist to realize that a sculptor masters the production of his art, but apparently it does. For, Guth says. "The way I like to say it is that we are approaching a scenario for the creation of the universe that is compatible with the laws of physics. That raises the question: "Where do the laws of physics come from?" He pauses. "We are a long way from being able to answer that one." And then God speaks to a Discovery author who fails to realize the obvious voice of the Creator when he hears it. For the next day, Lemley was jogging through the Bowdin College campus near his home in Topsham, Maine. "I was thinking about Guth's assertion that science can explain the birth of the universe in the context of the laws of physics but has no clue about about the origin of those laws." At that moment, Lemley noticed a phrase "Nature's Laws are God's thoughts" etched in granite on the Searles Science Building, built in 1894. "I had passed that building dozens of times and had never seen that before," Lemley says with a smile. "Back then where those laws came from wasn't a mystery. In 2002 it's the last great mystery." In truth, the last great mystery is why rational men fail to listen to their senses regarding the wisdom of the dead. Apparently a graveyard dog violated their senses on a journey through Seventh Heaven.





Figure 9

These are the stars and constellations that are visible on the al-Sufi celestial sphere. Find the star on the face of the Shepherd, for he looks at the north axis of the hole "drilled by mistake."













Figure 10

Surprise! Surprise! We have found the entrance to Seventh Heaven through the gateway of men. The extra hole aligns with the summer solstice by the groin of the masculine Twin.













Figure 11

Standing on the bottom hole of the al-Sufi celestial sphere is the symbol of Babylonian wisdom and conquest, riding on a peacock of fire. The Aryans were known as the "noble ones," but they were never known for their good judgment. In nearly every case they were pirates of the Cosmic Truth hiding behind the bravado of the skull and crossed bones of the celestial Jolly Roger.













Figure 12

The vernal equinox passes through Hagar and Ishmael, who established twelve kingdoms of his own. The kingdoms of the Father Culture are aligned to the Solar System and the astrological signs. Time in this system follows the planets, and the precession of the equinoxes is eliminated from the consciousness of mankind, because the robe on the Sun and the Mother vessel of the Sun's birth has been denied. These are not Momma's Boys, these are "real men." In fact, they are narrow minded rationalists who would usurp the Creator's own works and terrorize their siblings.













Figure 13

And on the summer solstice we find the Epic of Gilgamesh. What did we expect, the Orisis of Ramsses II, or the traditions of Alexander the Great memorialized by the Hellenistic Age?!!

The lesson is simple. All cultures rationalize their vision of creation to pass on the wisdom of their experience to their children. The children listen to the words but have no experience of the sources of the Words. No matter how many ways we say, "Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God," children are born without rational experience. The dead ancestors know the way, but the living children do not listen, they just want to be free to collect lily bulbs in the fields. When they see a sibling's lot, they steal it as their own. Oh, Gilgamesh, what have you done to my man child?













Figure 14

And now, the least surprising of all, we are brought to Judgment Day at the autumn equinox. Remember the lady and the lion in the abduction scene with Hades and Persephone previously? That is the lady, Demeter, in her field. The meridian of the groin of the Donkey Man aligns with Seventh Heaven and the flower in her hand, with the skull and crossed bones at the entrance to the pit of Hades behind her back. At the legs of this Teacher of Righteousness she labors to deliver a man-child born with a hand of iron. Justice and good judgment are his calling, He was circumcised from the foreskin of the Great Red Dragon of Babylon to bring balanced desire to the throne of God, where the Wandering Ones wonder at the source of everything.













Figure 15

At the winter solstice we are in the land of Saint George and the White Dragon and Michael and the Red Dragon, but most importantly, this is the meridian of the Cerberus hound, that Hercules holds in his hand. This man is Ishmael before the circumcision. But, we must never forget that it takes a wild man to tame the Cerberus hound, and once a wild man, always a wild man. For that reason Abraham's wife Sarah had her son Isaac circumcised at birth as a covenant between Mother and Son. If boys are raised to conquer beasts, they will become conquered beasts. If boys are raised with compassion, they will be capable of loving. This is the meaning of the circumcision of the Great Red Dragon that Abraham learned when he was a very old man. It is a message the sons of Ishmael can never learn, for Ishmael was a wild man as a youth who learned to be an archer seeking wisdom in a vast Cosmic Womb.














Figure 16

Of course wisdom will feign the heroic rescue of the abducted emotions, but in the story of the wild man and the mother's son, the child on the eagle's wings is more like Benjamin than Persephone. And Benjamin grew to raven like the wolf, for Benjamin never knew the embrace of his mother. The effect of the circumcision of Isaac was lost within two generations, for Jacob could not pass the covenant of his grandmother to her great grandson son.













Figure 17

And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held: And they cried with a loud voice, saying, "How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?" And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellow servants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.
Rev 6:10-11


The foresight of Prometheus gets its power from the hindsight of Epimetheus. The crater belongs to those who can accept the call from yesterday to tomorrow. The ultimate fate of those who would strive to control the future is that their unmitigated gall will bring the aspiring eagle to peck at their livers forever, and the serpent to be a pain in their back for as long as they can remember.

Figure 18

Something is eating at me!?  Judgment Day has come and gone!

According to the Koran, it was not supposed to come for 50,000 years. But, 50,000 years from death, or from the first moment the stars were read? Are we to interpret Adam as the first man who spoke to God through the heavenly hosts? Archaeologists indicate that humans have been engraving petroglyphs on earth for 50,000 years, or more. The Maya Popol Vuh said that the defeat of Seven Macaw, a trickster from Xibalba, would be recognizable in 2012 based upon the time message in the stars. More precisely, the Book of Revelation says that Judgment Day would come 2000 years after the birth of Christ. Since there was no year 0 AD, the moment for that prophecy to come true was 8:46 am on September 11, 2001.

On the other hand. if the voices of the heavenly hosts are why men pray, then Judgment Day comes without a schedule, for judgment is the eternal process of any conscious intent, whether mortal or Divine, whether foresight or hindsight. Judgment Day is any Day of Decision.





Figure 19

Abraham discharged his first born son, Ishmael, to the wilderness after the circumcision of his second born son, Isaac. Isaac gave birth to Jacob, and Jacob's seed Benjamin was born into a world without a mother figure. Mother Nature has since been ravaged, as by a wolf, by the seeds of Abraham. The Day of Decision says that it is time for the seeds of both prodigal sons to forgive the Aryan father, Abraham, and return to the vision of more ancient ancestors. The Aryan race is just a frame of mind that says, "We are nobler than you, and what is yours belongs to us." This peacock attitude has caused many a man-child to lose his way in the wilderness. Unconditional love by mothers and fathers welcome all lost daughters and sons, if they would simply come back into the light where Persephone walked into darkness and Ishmael had his first cry, long long ago. Rationality without love is neither, for love is the only rational purpose for creation.

The Queen of Sheba tests her sons by force. Their capacity to defeat death when it becomes a mask for life gives them the power to become fathers of gods. Her daughters are not made to tempt the sons, they are made to be deflowered so they can blossom as the mothers of gods. We cherish innocence, even though innocence never reproduces life, it simply dreams for a day to become whole in Kingdom Come.


Figure 20

This picture needs no further explanation. It is another story about the restoration of emotions.
It is inscribed on the heavenly vault ninety degrees from the circumcision of the lamb.
Feelings can give light to subliminal consciousness, and useful light brings food from the sea.


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Part 4: Capture of the Cerberus Hound and the Release of Persephone

Part 5: Queen of Sheba at the Wedding Feast in Canaan.

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