DECEMBER 2, 2002

The following star charts represent the zenith synchronicity of solar flaring activity on December 2, 2002 photographed by the SOHO LASCO satellite stationed in earth orbit at a solar synchronous location. The photographs are shot very close to the Sun-Earth direct line. The times and raw solar photographs were available at LASCO C2 Images on December 3, 2002. The link opens to a separate window so that comparisons can be made side by side. The star charts were prepared using The Sky V planetarium program. The bottom of the vertical line with a circled N is the zenith at Giza, Egypt. Thus, the timing of the flares can be checked for Pharaonic Synchronicity to see if acausal meaning is apparent.

What is SOHO's orbit?

SOHO is in orbit between the Earth and the Sun. It is about 150,703,456 kilometers (92 million miles) from the Sun and only about 1,528,483 Kilometers (1 million miles) from the Earth (three times farther than the moon). This orbit is around a mathematical point between the Earth and the Sun known as the Lagrange point or the L1 point. The L1 point is a point of equilibrium between the Earth's and Sun's gravitational field, that is to say that the pull is equal from both the Sun and the Earth. The L1 point is a point of unstable equilibrium (like a bowl round side up with a marble balanced on it).

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Flare Activity Starting as Great Pyramid Zenith Leaves Great Square 2002-12-02-17:06

Flare Activity Growing as Great Pyramid Zenith Reaches Roman Lance in Andromeda 2002-12-02-18:06

Flare Activity Rings a Halo as Great Pyramid Zenith Passes Roman Lance and Ischariot 2002-12-02-18:30

Flare Activity Blossoms as Great Pyramid Zenith Reaches 1st of Aries-Amun 2002-12-02-18:54

Flare Activity Halo Brightens as Great Pyramid Zenith Passes Over Heart of Aries 2002-12-02-19:26

Flare Activity Halo Departs as Great Pyramid Zenith Passes Tail of Aries 2002-12-02-19:50

Flare Activity Halo Plume Vanishes as Great Pyramid Zenith Reaches Head of Medusa 2002-12-02-22:06

Flare Activity Halo Disappears as Great Pyramid Zenith Leaves Aries With the Angel of Death 2002-12-02-22:26

Flare Activity First Fire Ceremony Concluded After Great Pyramid Zenith Passes the Pleiades and the Angel of Death Crosses the Break in the Cloud 2002-12-02-21:26

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A case can be made for synchronicity between the Great Pyramid and the Ark of the Covenant of the Egyptians. In the way of background, the Ark of the Covenant for the Egyptians was the asterism of the World Tree and the Great Square. It was here that the body of Osiris lay in state waiting for the return of Isis and his son, Horus, on that day when Egyptian salvation would be at hand. This image of the Ark of the Covenant was more than 1500 years old by the time of Moses. Acts 7:22 says, "And Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and was mighty in words and in deeds." If Moses got his inspiration through the teachings of the Egyptians, then we can test the concern regarding the Ark of the Covenant in its oldest form using the synchronicity of solar flares and the zenith at Giza. This does not require any leap of faith regarding the Ark of the Covenant, it simply requires that we allow the Egyptians to have had the story before the Israelites brought it out of Egypt..

The SOHO type of orbit put the satellite in "fixed" position relative to the sun. Thus, we can use the solar zenith location on the earth as a reference point. But, that is essentially the location of the sun. If we look for synchronicities, we would have to pick a point on earth relative to the solar zenith. One example would be Giza. When we use Giza as our point of synchronicity we are treated to the crucifixion of Andromeda and the Passover of Aries as two Halos rise from the Sun. In Tetrabiblos, Claudius Ptolemy said that Andromeda was to be associated with death by crucifixion. The "meaning" of any synchronicity is that the Sun is synchronizing the Passing Over of Pisces and the Passing Over of Aries as the Age of Aquarius, and the Legend of Khufu is fulfilled.

When the 1st of Aries entered Pisces, Western Civilization denied the coming of the Spirits of Pisces, because those spirits represented the Death of the I Am. The solar activity is demonstrating meaning exists in this denial, and the 1st of Aries must be reconsidered again. The obvious result of the belated reconsideration is that the 1st of Pisces will now carry the Vernal Equinox. But, this must also be denied, for the 1st of Aquarius is the date when the tenth Menorah Candle must be lit. To do otherwise is to deny all the ancestors of modern civilization. It is that denial that has infuriated the Mother of God, who was Hathor in Egypt. She will not stand by as humanity ignores the coming of her favorite son for another Age. If humanity acknowledges the Age of Aquarius, and the "mystic crystal revelations" begin to synchronize with the mind of man, then the Son of Man will yield the throne to the Son of God, as Seth is removed from the Grand Gallery and Horus flies through it as a reflection of the rebirth of the King of Kings, Khufu. That will be necessary before the King of Kings can return to the Imperishable Stars, as forecast on the Giza plateau by the pyramid complex dedicated to the return of the Horus of Two Horizons. This is all happening as an immediate prelude to the eclipse of the Sun on December 4, 2002

Is it assured meaning, or possible meaning? If you want causal meaning, then you have to accept the Signs of the Times as the Master's Plan. If you want causal light energy, then you have to accept that there was a coincidence of solar activity with the Passover of Amun at the Horizon of Khufu. Why a halo? Why a Great Cube? Why a Great Square? Why a Great Pyramid? There is no causal force for these, unless there is a God and Khufu was his Son. But, that couldn't be? Could it? How can we ever except this meaning after what Moses has done to Egypt? Well, if we don't, then the whole human race will turn to Allah. That will surely enrage the Cosmic Mother that her daughters would be kept in the dark for another season of the Sun. Remember Demeter and Persephone? It is time to come out of the cave of Hades. That is what will happen on December 4, 2002 when the Moon meets the Sun at the mouth of the Cave, and Hathor receives the Eye of Osiris.

This Ark of the Covenant is that the Mother's Son will rescue the Children of Upper Egypt from the pits of Hades. Rev 6:9-10 -- And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held: And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth? These versus are the scene at the location of the eclipse on December 4, 2002. The reference to "them that dwell on the earth" has to do with the tyranny of astrology that had consumed Rome between the annexation of Egypt and the creation of the Byzantine Empire from the remains of Mithraic Rome. The scene is illustrated in the following sequence of slides for the synchronicity in the meaning of the events of the SOHO LASCO flare photographs of December 2, 2002 and the eclipse.

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The eclipse occurs at the mouth of the cave of Hades, while Pluto and Quaoar are at the thighs of Ophiuchus, the father of Many Nations

The Dark Rift (Cave of Hades) has the Flag of Egypt that means "Name of God," but the cave leads to the Skull and Crossed Bones of the Jolly Roger. SInce the eclipse zenith location is at the mouth of the cave, the pirate's treasure hoard is released. The pirate is the usurper of cosmic meaning, and Aquarius is the savior on the Ark of the Covenant. Thus, the days of salvation are at hand.

The need for salvation resulted at the gateway of Men when Hades abducted Persephone as Auriga drawn by Gemini at the edge of the field of the Vestal Virgins.

Something is eating at me!? Now that the Day of Judgment has come and gone. According to the Koran, it was not supposed to come for 50,000 years. But, 50,000 years from Adam, or from the first moment the stars were read? Or, are we to interpret Adam as the first man who spoke to God through the heavenly hosts? If the voices of the heavenly hosts are why men pray, then Judgment Day comes without a schedule, for it is the eternal process of any conscious intent, whether mortal, or Divine.

When the prodigal son returns to the Father, salvation of the animus receives the Primordial Intent, which is to guide the emotions, not be a tyrant over them in a dark cave of self perceptions.

This wisdom accompanies the lost emotions of the anima as the Mother of God receives her lost child for a season in the Sun and a return to the Field of the Vestal Virgins as Hathor is again enlightened by the Eye of Osiris.
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(Synchronicity: The Bridge Between Matter and Mind by F. David Peat, pp17-19)

Despite his interest in inner symmetries, Pauli's own life was falling into greater and greater disorder. In 1928 he was appointed to the chair of theoretical physics in Zurich, where his lectures were confusing and ill-prepared. In addition, his critical tongue was becoming more sarcastic and biting. Within a year of attaining his professorship, Pauli's mother had poisoned herself and the twenty-nine-year-old professor had married a small-time cabaret singer who walked out on him a few weeks later. By now Pauli was drinking heavily and on one occasion was thrown out of a bar for fighting. Close to a breakdown he sought professional help and visited the office of Carl Jung.

While Jung maintained the professional confidences of his patients, it is today possible to piece together what happened next. Jung found his patient to be:

a university man, a very one-sided intellectual. His unconscious had become troubled and activated; so it projected itself onto other men who appeared to be his enemies, and he felt terribly lonely, because everyone seemed to be against him.

he had lived in a very one-sided intellectual way, and naturally had certain desires and needs also. But he had no chance with women at all, because he had no differentiation of feeling whatsoever. So he made a fool of himself with women at once and of course they had no patience with him.

Jung discovered that Pauli was "chock full of archaic material" and, not wishing to influence his dreams and images, handed him over to one of his (Jung's) students, who worked with the physicist over the next five months.

In his study of psychological types, Jung had argued that each person is the result of an equilibrium or balance between polarities.

Thinking  -----------------------Feeling

In a healthy psyche Thinking is in harmony with Feeling so that logic and reason can work in a constructive way with the emotional side of an individual. However, in Pauli's case, thought had dominated Feeling so that the emotions were relegated to what Jung termed the Shadow side of the Ego. In other words, Pauli's emotional and Feeling nature had never fully developed but existed in a raw and highly energized form which tended to break through in the form of irrational behavior, dreams, and neuroses. Thought, sensing what it felt to be primitive forces at work, put the lid on even tighter so that Feeling found itself in the position of a red-hot pressure cooker with the valve jammed. The result was Pauli's absurd marriage, his increasingly sarcastic attacks on colleagues, and his bouts of drunkenness.

According to Jung, the cure lay in bringing Feeling out of the Shadow and into the light, where it could perform its proper function and restore harmony to Pauli's whole personality. The method for Pauli was to come to terms with the content of his unconscious through dreams and waking fantasies. Over the next months Pauli produced "over a thousand dreams and visual impressions," which were later analyzed by Jung and formed the basis of one of his major writings,--Individual Dream Symbolism in Relation to Alchemy. The psychologist had discovered that the symbolism within Pauli's dreams was remarkably similar to that of the medieval alchemists. The culmination of the series of dreams was Pauli's vision of the world clock, an image of "the most sublime harmony" which left a deep impression on him and, in Jung's words was "what we would call---in the language of religion---a conversion.

The symptoms we have all encountered as a result of rational material science are the "Pauli Effect." This effect attributed to the scientist has a general counterpart in Murphy's Law: If something can go wrong, it will go wrong at precisely the worst moment. Both the Pauli Effect and Murphy's Law are expressions of seemingly acausal events. There are several aspects of the Pauli Effect to consider. The first, and primary effect is the Cycloptic vision metaphor of the Greeks. When young men get a goal they become single minded and lose the natural depth perception. This is the start of the journey of the Prodigal Son. It leads to the cave of the Cyclops, which is to say the mind closes all sensation except the currently accepted rationalization. Past rationalizations represent the rejected father image. In other words, when Great Thinkers ascend to the realm of the Divine, the Divine tests their true comprehension by applying the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle full force. In the Sacred Sciences they attempted to prevent the Wrath of God by ritual prayers and absolutions. Absolution is a synchronistic word composed of ab and solution meaning father-solution, or sacred science was the contrary of the Prodigal Son of modern science. By our arrogance toward ancestral Father Images, we invite the Wrath of God that brings on the War of the Heavens.

The World Clock. An impression generated by artist W. Beyers-Brown based on accounts of Pauli's dream.Another aspect of the Pauli Effect is that synchronistic events occur that tend to be related and disruptive. These events are evidence that "great thinkers" have the power to dissuade God from the harmonious path. The irony is that the cause of the dissuasion is the "vision of harmony" that has captured the "eye of the Cyclops," or Prodigal Son. But, this is precisely why "Great Thinkers" can dissuade God. The Creator has the "desire" for life. Great Thinkers are the wombs of the evolving desire that can be caves of a tyrant. The Creator cannot defeat the Great Thinker without disrupting the evolution of time itself. In the confusion of perception those on the perimeters of the Field of Dreams do not see the Ball Game in the Cosmic Crater, they see a Corn Field of Vestal Virgins in the Rotunda Up Above. The external world is thus chaotic, even though the birth process within the Great Thinker is sublime within the rotunda of Nut. I suggest that it was this aspect that caused Jung to have a "religious conversion." Jung saw within the Great Thinker the seeds of the archetypes. Jung was too early in the Aquarian process to acknowledge that he had seen the Mind of God without bringing on the wrath of the righteous, though it is clear that he knew that was the threshold of his own Great Thoughts. Steven Hawking in his book A Brief History of Time stood at the entrance to the same cave as he comprehended the loss of information within a Black Hole.

So, as we crucify all Muslims for what they have done to us recently, we must be aware of the Pauli Effect, which in this case is the answer to the mystery of how to move the Cyclopean Wall that guards the cave of archetypes in Islam. But, Islam is clearly just one of the "blockheads" in the Cyclopean Wall encountered at the current Atlantis Rising Moment that is synchronous to the Dawn of Aquarius. The Pauli Effect at this time is truly astounding synchronicity. The Judgment Day of Islam is the Alpha-Omega of Christianity, and the time to mount upon the eagle's wings of Isaiah. The synchronicity of the moment suggests that the ideas rising with Atlantis are mindboggling, even to God. The result, should God be successful, is a human civilization that knows the material sciences and the sacred sciences as if they were both the sublime Dream of Pauli's World Clock. Which, is precisely what Joining the Two Lands of Space-time and Heaven were all about at Giza over 4500 years ago. Thus, we have walked into the cave of our ancestors only to see the shadows of Plato's dream of self perception. We are our ancestors. And that is what archetypes and resurrection of the dead are all about; remembering who we are. We are the Son of God caught up in the Son of Man because we broke the bondage to the Mother of God and Mother Nature Herself. This aspect of seeing our ancestors in ourselves is how Persephone is brought to the entrance of Demeter's Cave by Hermes. Even though we prefer names like Pauli, Jung, Einstein, Newton, and Hawking, the Flag of Egypt says that all are the Image of God as it appears to Man. Aquarius, who is Mother's Favorite Son, will pour the water and oils of the Good Samaritan when we can follow Pauli in the destruction of the Cyclops Visions within the selfish mind. This is not Hawking's A Brief History of Time that ends in a Black Hole, it is Khufu's Ark of the Covenant that has no time dimension, but is Eternal Light, just the same. Time and Space are the cosmic fantasy of the Age of Pisces. The Cosmic Fantasy of God is that the Image of First Intent, or the Aboriginal Dreamtime, should be made available to a miniscule cave such as the mind of modern man.

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