Subj: Christian Salvation? by Thomas Doubting  
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Dear Editor:

I was searching the web for information on the Inflationary Universe, and the search led me to the essay "Christian Salvation by Thomas Doubting. (Cute name). URL =

I thought the article was well researched and very well written, and wished to send some feedback to Mr. Thomas Doubting. Unfortunately, there was a failure to communicate because there appears to be no Thomas Doubting. On the long shot that the name has been used to protect the "innocent," I have addressed my comments to you for forwarding to the author.


Excerpt 1:
Regardless of these conundrums, one has to wonder why two of the keys to salvation were not clearly defined in the Bible in the first place? If the Trinitarian concept and the ritual of baptism were clearly defined in the Bible, there would not be denominations throughout history that keep disagreeing on them. Is it too much for a non-believer to ask why a God that could allegedly create "all this" could not inspire His prophets to write one book that is uniformly adhered to by His followers? In my opinion, suggesting anything less puts limits on a supposedly limitless God.

It would appear from this statement that Mr. Doubting has a hang up with righteousness as having only one path. Religion, and I include Atheism and Agnosticism in the definition of religion, has the purpose of defining the indefinable. The process is called divination in most circles. Thus, it is quite clear from the research done by Mr. Doubting that the Universal Being allows, even fosters, plurality. Given that the Universal Being fosters plurality, there is no reason why plurality should be excluded from any path to conformity, even a secular path. A "Free Thinker" is one who gives up plurality for the sake of free thinking; a dogmatic position against freedom to be dogmatic.

Excerpt 2:
So this brings us full circle back to the "rule of faith." I don’t think it’s too unreasonable to doubt this so-called rule. Since its inception until present day, Christianity can’t seem to agree. I can understand following along blindly without knowing about these denominational differences. Still, after a thorough examination of the evidence, it is literally beyond me how anyone can keep their faith. Though I may disagree with Christianity in general, I still respect the Christian’s right to practice his or her religion. I only ask that Christians extend the same courtesy to me and realize I did not turn to agnosticism on a whim. In fact, I have spent a great deal of time researching my decision, and it is my hope that most Christians will not interpret my frustrations with Christianity’s hellish doctrine (or Christianity in general) as a personal attack. Regardless, my position can be best summed up by the words of Robert Green Ingersoll: "Every sect is a certificate that God has not plainly revealed his will to man. To each reader the Bible conveys a different meaning."

Mr. Thomas has a severe failure of logic in summing up his position with the words "God has not plainly revealed his will to man." If plurality is that will, why can't Mr. Doubting acknowledge that this is clearly revealed? Could it be that the chains of Andromeda are wrapped around the emotional logic within the physical being of the admitted Agnostic? The point is to each reader the cosmos presents a different meaning. Otherwise jellyfish would not live in the oceans with vertebrate fish. Mr. Doubting has taken up the religion of doubt, not for the sake of himself, or the universe, but for the sake of doubt alone. Agnostics are in love with doubt; an emotional bondage, not a rational position.

I would recommend that Mr. Doubting read the source documents of all beliefs, not the scriptural rationalizations that they give to their children, and then decide whether doubt is an appropriate strategy. After the source documents become visible the Agnostic must come to a Day of Decision. Either the communication is between a mortal soul and an immortal soul, or it is not. If the affirmative is accepted, Mr. Doubting must accept the mantle of a believer. If the negative is accepted, Mr. Doubting must accept the mantle of a disbeliever. Doubt is not a rational position. It is not a position of rejection, either. Doubt is simply a position of ignorance and arrogance. Obviously the research by Mr. Doubting was performed to overcome ignorance. But, the statement that implies others or confused by plurality is arrogant. Obviously, both Mr. Doubting and his mentor Mr. Ingersoll are both confused by Cosmic Plurality.

The very idea that the Creator of the Universe would take time to deal with am individual creature on an insignificant rock in a mediocre star system in an average galaxy, when there have to be 200 billion squared stars to keep in order, is arrogant. Nevertheless, many people have made the connection. Imagine you happened to be in Washington, and saw the White House, and decided to drop by the oval office to see if George Bush wanted to have a cup of coffee with you. That is how most people approach God. As if God had nothing else to do. Yet, the evidence suggests that God hears the requests for an audience on an individual basis, without a time prejudice.

As evidence that Mr. Doubting has not done his homework well enough, I offer the finished web page I mentioned earlier. The web page answers practically every question a doubter might have regarding Why? God attacked the World Trade Center. The page deals with the events in New York over the last six months, with an ear to the potential for Divine Intent. I do not recommend the site for deep believers in dogmatic ritual and a nice guy only perspective of God. If you have a mind that understands the fundamental problems of mortal life in an immortal universe it might be worth a look.  I am sure that the site will open the eyes of any Doubting Thomas with the well order intellect of Mr. Thomas Doubting.  The latest work shows that the Heavenly Hosts danced in concert with the Tribute In Light at Ground Zero in New York City. It also reveals the gateway to Hades that was found while doing the "homework" for the essays. . Believe it or not, the cave of Hades is located in the direction of the closest star to our Sun, Alpha Centauri. One could say that Hades (Hell) is only four light years away.

Good luck, and I hope Mr. Doubting is still listening to feedback on his own words.

Rush Allen

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