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Judgment Day
Autumn Equinox 2002
Solar Axis Astronomical Charts

This essay has been prepared for Dire Gnosis in response to a request by AinSophAur for an explanation of the prediction documented at Dire Gnosis: 21. Monument to the End of Time. The specific quotation which is answered by this essay is the following. "The "ocruxaves pesunica" engraving means "the secret concerns a cross and a snake which somehow measures the 12th part". When combined, these clues (along with clues from the kabalistic Tree of Life, whose 22 paths correlate to the 22 tarot trumps), the authors conclude that half a precessional cycle ago, the spring equinox fell on the cusp of Leo/Virgo; 12,960 years later, in 2002, the autumn (fall) equinox will be in the same position. The planetary attributions of the tarot trumps, combined with the orientation of the faces of the monument confirms that 22 September 2002 is the date in question."

The date of 22 September 2002 has been interpreted to mean the "moment of the autumn equinox." Since we live on a sphere that is not synchronized with the annular solar cycle, except by the calendars of men, the astronomical charts provided below have been synchronized to the precise moment when the Sun sits upon the Epoch 2000 autumn equinox. The error caused by the change in the movement of the equinoxes and solstices over two years is less than two minutes of arc, or two miles around the great circle of the earth's equator. The location of the solar axis at the moment of the autumn equinox passes through the zenith in the jungles of Borneo at local noon, and through the zenith in the Amazon jungle at midnight. Being an equinox solar axis the latitude of the axis is zero degrees, or on the equator. The longitude has been determined by the planetarium program The Sky by Software Bisque with the midday coordinates of 108 degrees 8 minutes east. The time for the sighting has been established to be 4:40 am September 23, 2002 Universal Time at the Greenwich meridian.

The striking revelation of these star charts is that speculations regarding a monument (circa 1680 AD) in the town of Hendaye in the Pyrenees known as the "Monument to the End of Time" as reported at the Dire Gnosis 2012 web site have been verified. The charts reveal the ancient moment known as the "End of Time" will be properly passed at the moment of the autumn equinox in 2002. The following analysis does not present the deep hermetic gnosis required to come to the conclusion. Rather, it demonstrates the correlation of the "cross and a snake" at the moment of equinox is the ancient wisdom known as the End Times. Additionally, the zenith midday meridian of the location of the solar axis splits the "eyes of the dead" square in the middle of Golgotha, where a man who came into Jerusalem riding on a donkey was nailed to the "Tree of Life." The analysis concludes that the end times of the lunacy of Ishmael represents the virgin sacrifice that the world must accept if we are to move forward into the New Jerusalem and to Seventh Heaven beyond. For two thousand years Western Civilization has struggled within its own identity in an effort to reveal the Secrets of the Universe in terms of the exact material sciences. The prophecies of the ancients declared when the evidence of exact material sciences would reach the Alpha-Omega so that the gates of Hades could be opened and the spirits of the dead released from their captivity. That prophecy has now been verified, and the Gates of Hades are swinging open as this report is being prepared.

A virgin sacrifice in the lunacy of Ishmael represents the coming of the seventy two virgins at the last Judgment Day before Allah, as prophesied over 5000 years ago, and again in the Book of Revelation 1800 years ago, and in the Koran some 1370 years ago. These prophecies correlate perfectly with the measures of time in accordance with most non-Abrahamic cultures (Pagans), including the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Maya, the Inca, the Maori, the Celts, the Vikings, and many many more. The Moment of the End Time is also the moment when the dead will be raised up before the living. Whether the illegitimate son of Abraham's Egyptian handmaiden Hagar, or the mockery of his legitimate son Isaac by Sarah will be sacrificed has yet to be determined. If the world does not come to consciousness at the altar by the "cross and snake" then the sacrifice will be that of the whole of human civilization.

On September 11, 2001, precisely 2000 years after the birth of Christ, as recorded in the common calendar, the democratic evolutionary descendants of the Ancient Greeks suffered a brutal sacrifice as a whole people lost their innocence. The war between the Greeks and the Babylonians was put into abeyance two thousand years earlier in order to restore the Chariot of the Gods. On September 11, 2001 that war began again. According to the Monument to the End Time, the time has come for Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego to join Alexander the Great in the final destruction of the dark cave of Hades. Destruction of the dark cave of Hades was put on hold by the Roman declaration of Sol Invictus and their conquest of the Cosmic Bull, which had been the Persian cosmic view prior to Alexander. It took three centuries to uproot the Romans, and an additional seventeen centuries to raise the dead and the Fables of the Ancients.

The destruction of the dark cave of Hades does not have to be a material disintegration like the Islamist World Trade Center holocaust would have us believe. Rather it can be a thorough enlightenment of the cave that will prevent all the Lords of Darkness from ever entangling the souls of the Living Dead in the tyranny of rational dominion by bondage to unyielding scriptures from the dark side of the Arabian Nights. When the lights are established at the "cross and snake" they will also enlighten the Way of the Dead, so that all who would venture beyond life can find their way back to the arms of the Cosmic Mother. Recognize that a heart of darkness is obliterated and comes to its "end time" when the darkness that binds it has been eliminated. It is not the heart that is destroyed, rather it is the darkness. We do not have to destroy the enemies of modern civilization by destroying them physically. All we need do is shine the light of Truth in their eyes, and on their surroundings. They are afraid of the light, and their fears are false expectations appearing real to them. We have lived far too long under the influence of the Chaldeans, whom Abraham ran from. Now we can stop running and reveal that the Chaldeans were simply selfish children who tried to control the time given to others. Time belongs only to those who can cross the abyss at the "cross and a snake." Use these messages wisely, and you will come out of the pit of Hades as a Persophone of a New Age.  SILOAM

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Visible heavens at the solar axis of the autumn equinox of 2002 A.D.
Pluto (Hades) at groin of the Father of many Nations.
Comet Ikeya-Xhang (Ishmael) at the Scorpion.
Venus (love, compassion) at the Judgment Hall (Libra) above the raging Minotaur (Centaurus) under the Virgin's legs.
Mercury behind the neck of Virgo.
Sun at the autumn equinox at the back of Virgo's head.
Mars (war, rationality) between the back legs of Leo (righteousness).
Jupiter (Zeus) at the claws of Cancer (Ruler grasped by Common Sense.)
Zenith meridian passes through the fallen Tower of Babel at Golgotha (Hades) and the Big Dipper (Seventh Heaven).

Stereographic projection beyond the horizons at the solar axis of the autumn equinox of 2002 A.D.
Celestial grid is for epoch 2000.


Stereographic projection at the solar axis zenith of the autumn equinox of 2002 A.D.
Note that the inner planets and the sun are bounded by Zubenelgenubi and Regulus.
These are the two stars closest to the ecliptic, and they are the boundaries of the Judgment Hall of the Queen of Sheba.
Venus is at the location of compassionate judgment of the Minotaur (Centaur, Donkey Man, Hades, etc.).
Mars is at the location of rational judgment in the house of the Little King (Regulus, Apollyon).
Mercury is aligned with the Crow at the nape of the Virgin's neck signifying the Fables of the Ancient wisdom.
The Sun is aligned with the Crater enlightening the "woman clothed in the sun."
This is the Sacred Grail of the Cosmic Mother, the Queen of Sheba speaks from on high.
And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun,
and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:
and she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.
Rev 12:1-2

Invisible heavens at the solar axis of the autumn equinox of 2002 A.D.
Saturn (time) just below and at the west horizon, signifying the time of the Judgment.
Moon at the line of Pisces where Islam dates its calendar, signifying the judgment of the lunacy of Ishmael.
Meridian at Ben-ben, Phoenix, Sculptor (Ishmael), Great Square (Kaaba), Andromeda (Hagar), Cassiopeia (Queen of Sheba).
This is the Tower of Babel, the Ladder of Jacob, and the bush where Hagar placed Ishmael.
Uranus (Oranos, first father) at the forward leg of Aquarius signifying the Fables of the Ancients.
Neptune (Poseidon) at bosom of Capricorn signifying restoration of Atlantis on the Good Samaritan's beast.
The time has come for the first born son of Abraham to come to his senses before the Queen of Sheba.

Stereographic projection beyond the nadir horizons at the solar axis of the autumn equinox of 2002 A.D.

Stereographic projection at the solar axis nadir of the autumn equinox of 2002 A.D.
The story of Abraham's first son, Ishmael. Gen 21:14-15, 21:20
And Abraham rose up early in the morning, and took bread, and a bottle of water, and gave it unto Hagar,
putting it on her shoulder, and the child, and sent her away: and she departed, and wandered in the
wilderness of Beersheba. And the water was spent in the bottle, and she cast the child under one of the shrubs.
And God was with the lad; and he grew, and dwelt in the wilderness, and became an archer.

Note that the Moon rests square to the line of Pisces above the eye of the Whale, for this is also Jonah's resting place.
This location of the Scepter of Flint is given to the living dead so that they can receive inspiration from the Pool of Siloam.
This vision has been carried by the Aborigine of Australia for 50,000 years, and it fulfills the prophecy of the Koran.
Between the time of the unwritten messages of the Aborigine and the time of the texts of the Koran were written all the
Fables of the Ancients. They all declared that Judgment Day would come when enlightenment came to the senses
of a Great Men. This is where Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, found a savior to bring them out of the pit of fire that
Nebuchadnezzar had cast them into in Daniel 3:27-30. That savior is the compassion of Aquarius,
and it has served all nations for more than 50,000 years.


Western horizon at the solar axis of the autumn equinox of 2002 A.D.
A Great Man descends below the western horizon.



Eastern horizon at the solar axis of the autumn equinox of 2002 A.D.
A reborn king awaits resurrection at the Right Hand of the Father.
And this shall be a sign unto you;
Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.
Luke 2:12


Northern horizon at the solar axis of the autumn equinox of 2002 A.D.
A Camel passed through the "eye of the needle" announcing that a rich man
has been prepared to enter the highest of the Heavenly Hosts at the north pole.
For it is easier for a camel to go through a needle's eye,
than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.
Luke 18:25


Southern horizon at the solar axis of the autumn equinox of 2002 A.D.
A serpent (worm) squirms away from Golgotha, Nazareth, and the Ben-ben, carrying the Sun Boat on its back.
The "cross and a serpent" are represented by the equinox-solstice cross of the arc of the south pole
aligned to the intersections of the ecliptic and galactic planes. The "ark" is Argo Navis.
The serpent is Hydrus, and the Ben-ben is composed of Alpha-Beta-Gamma Hydrus.
The Moment of the End of Time is the northern autumn equinox of 2002 AD.
Note that the Pillar of the Cross holds the South Polar axis from 3000 BC through 5000 AD,
before the pole gets back on board the arc of the Sun Boat between 6000 AD and 13000 AD.


Solar axis meridian hits square between the eyes of the dead on the autumn equinox of 2002 A.D. (Squint to help see the eyes.)
The Coalsack with the Southern Cross (Crux) and its adjacent neighbor are the eyes of Horus, the Lord of Two Horizons.
The eye with the cross leads south to the pathway of the living dead, while the eye at the stern of the Sun Boat boards the Viking's ship to eternity. The dark rift of the Coalsack contains a tear, which united with the Cross was represented by the Ankh. The Ankh represented life, for it was a symbol of a tear dedicated to rising above the trials of existence.

In the Southern Hemisphere the "Pointers" are Alpha and Beta Centaurus. A line perpendicular to the mid point of these two stars intersects the long axis of Crux at the "bottom of the celestial sphere." Thus, the pillar in Hendaye is a metaphor for the Moment of the End Time as established by the South Pole marker of the celestial axis. This tradition is clearly related to the idea of the Ben-ben and the origins of Ancient Egypt when the South Celestial Pole was located within the Ben-ben of Alpha-beta-Gamme Hydrus. This is also the axis of Nebuchadnezzar, and the Babylonians. It was from the overthrown Babylonians of the Middle East that the Skull and Crossed Bones were taken as a symbol of the Jolly Roger of a pirate ship, and the bottom of the Pillar of the Cross was Davy Jones' Locker. Julius Caesar reported that he first encountered the Mithrasian Mysteries in the pirates of Celicia. The very same pirates who were supposedly eliminated by Pompeii, but showed up in control of Rome within a few decades of the death of Caesar Augustus. From these pirates of the Mediteranian came our Mafioso. But, to most of the Pagan cultures, the Eyes of the Dead were very Holy Ground, from which life would return eternally young with Quetzalcoatl, and the Feathered Serpent.





The Day Boat and Night Boat of Egypt show how slow a vessel without imagination can go.
Pitch poling along the god of rational self image (Seth, Lepus) must push down the spirit of responsible journeys,
which is the "snake" of the Southern Cross. Should any god of self image look once toward the stern,
it would conceive the eternal eye of Oneness at the helm of the Sun Boat. Hindsight is 20-20.
Hindsight was in the dream feather of Maat on the boat of intuitive conformity, where Thoth weathered a storm before crossing the cosmic heights and gaining the stylus, scepter, ankh, and crown, as genetic wisdom steered his course.
These images were drawn in the temples of Egypt, precisely as they were drawn in the stars.
They believed the images represented clear evidence of the Intelligent Design represented in their adage,
As it is above, so it is below.










Behind the lost senses of childhood (Persephone) is the wisdom of Hermes (Mercury). Above them is the Mother of All Living with open arms standing within enlightenment. This is the meaning of the Fables of the Ancients, and it aligns again with the Solar axis of the Planet Earth on the autumnal equinox of 2002 A.D.

In Ancient Athens the Mother of All Living was Athena, the goddess of wisdom. The Day of the Last Judgment comes when the sensitive child acknowledges the freedom of Truth, and remains in bondage to the Light that came before all time, and encoded rational scriptures. Truth is that Light. Truth is the fact that each star corresponds to a Promised Land where its axis illuminates the Earth. Truth is the fact that each living soul has a Promised Land where its spiritual axis is illuminated by the Signs of the Times. Those who would control time and space control a dark pit where rationalizations have no way out as they struggle with paranoid self perception. Those who accept the Signs of the Times are given the spirit of freedom to journey out of the Heart of Darkness to
Come Forth by Day, carpe diem.










The End Times are passed.
These star charts drawn for the whole planet carry the messages of the Fables of the Ancients.
They indicate the passing of Judgment Day every 26,000 years.
Will humanity comprehend what the stars and the ancients have said as Love steers the stars with Venus upon the Balance?
Or will War come to the Kingdom of Heaven as Mars kills the children of the Lioness in the interest of personal rational perception?
The answer has never been declared by the stars, for the answer is to follow the serpent (worm) under the Sun Boat.
There we are told by a Dove that personal responsibility is the proper path during times of Love and War.
If this were not so, then freedom would be just an empty word, and life would be just a journey in the stars.

On the Autumn Equinox of 2002, the whole solar system aligns with the Mother of the Sun for the whole Milky Way was born of the Virgin. Her enlightenment reminds us that our ancestors were no more foolish than we. If we listen to them, we can avoid their mistakes, as we make our own. We can also write our experiences on the pages of the Book of Life and the genetic wisdom we pass on to our children will guide them during times of Love and War. But, for my own investment in life, I recommend that the experience of the Donkey Man become a thing of the past as early in life as possible. Rather than making asses of ourselves unto perdition, we should go to the right hand of the Father and be prepared to come before the Great Sphinx as the Once and Future King. Then we can be accepted for having accepted the benevolence of the Heavenly Hosts. Another Prodigal Son will have come back to the Cosmic Parents when the Autumn Equinox of 2002 has passed.
Who will it be? Me? You? Us? Them? Ark-aroo? Yahweh? Abraham? Jesus? Wiraqocha? Quetzalcoatl? Muhammad?
or the Living Dead who are the sleeping masses?

Stay tuned to the Heavenly Hosts, and they will reveal All is One. Either we share the same region of the heavens as our ancestors, or we do not. It is not a matter of discovery, it is a matter of decision. Once the decision is made, the Day of the Last Judgment will pass. The Day of Decision to cease reckoning life by the limited time we have on earth has come. We have been told in uncountable ways what we should do. Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven, and Eternal Life will follow. All that is left now is for us to accept that the earth is not torn away from the heavens. The Creator that guides every star has simply given us the freedom to deny the messages in the stars and turn away from the maternal womb from which we came. We still desire the heavens like Geb desires Nut, but like Geb, we are more concerned with our fear of falling into perdition than our attraction for the one we should love. Denial of life is the path to perdition. Arrogance and fear are the bed fellows of denial. Acceptance of life is the path of Truth toward Seventh Heaven where the Virgin Nut dwells, which by any other name is the same celestial domain it has always been since the recording of time began.

In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God. And the Word was God.
To err is human. To forgive is Divine.

Today, July 25, 2002, the United States courts are arguing over whether the words "Under God" are appropriate for the pledge of allegance to the flag symbolizing the democratic experiement called the United States of America. Take a moment before the New Beginning of Time to declare that you live amongst the stars in heaven and in agreement with the stars in the blue background with strips of red and white. Regardless of what nation you call home, the defeat of democracy and the loss of freedom will come to all who deny that The Heavens Declare the Glory of God. The words Under God do not define a religion, they simply state a self evident Truth. America will be tested over the next months and years to determine whether "Great Men" are going to deny the hosts in the heavens and the freedom all ancestors have fought for Under God. And regardless of how the decision comes down, no human, or community of humans, has the power to erase the heavens from the sky above. The principles of American democracy are a religious creed that does not fail to declare the existence of God, but it also does not force any to believe that The Heavens Are God. If it did force such belief, then there would be no difference in its principle and those of Islamists from Hades and the Athiests in America. American democracy and freedom of religion are under siege by individuals and groups who have lusted after Liberty's abundance since the beginning of time. All we need do is count the points on Liberty's crown to known that America's Light is Seventh Heaven. She has shined the light Under God from the very beginning until the End of Time. The Islamists and the Athiests who are trying America's Soul are simply arrogant children who deny the Fables of the Ancients because they face down rather than up. Liberty has stood the test of time, and she will keep us looking up, for we live Under God.

This is truth known without learning from the beginning to the end of time. And the stars have always been the Supreme Being. We are interlopers in a cosmic event. It could not be otherwise and still be Liberty and Justice with Truth for All. For the first time in your short life declare, "I am a member of the universal body of stars, and time will never change that Truth." All Time can do is schedule when you will see across the journey called time to acknowledge the Holy and Eternal Spirit called Love. It is all up to you. The choice is simple. Life or death. Heaven or Earth. Democracy or Tyranny. Under God or Over Perdition. It is up to you, so come up to it.

Cogito ergo amore.
I think, therefore, I love.

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