This is a story told by the stars when the USS Indianapolis sank into Davy Jones's locker on July 29, 1945 at 14:33 Universal Time, or just before midnight local time.

The story is taken from details published in the

July 2002 issue of Sky & Telescope.

More details are available on the Internet at Search for the USS Indianapolis -- Discovery Channel

The route to an eternal destiny.

History making events of the fateful crew.

Quetzalcaotl and the child in swaddling cloths was directly overhead at the moment the USS Indianapolis was sighted by the Japanese submarine.

At the moment the Indianapolis was sighted the heavens above and below record the events for eternity. On the northeast horizon the Angel of Death comes to periscope depth. On the southwest horizon Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego prepare the way to the Centaur's lair. On the southeast horizon the Moai and Bird-Man of the Sea Peoples rise with the Whale. On the northeast, the hunting dogs follow the Red Pandanus, oblivious to what is happening behind.

SW to NE: Beneath the sea the "Way of the Dead" and the "Ship to Eternity" awaits the arriving passengers on the journey to meet the Angel of Death.
W to E: The Queen of Heaven lines the celestial road with all the Wandering Stars except the Moon and the Earth, as the I AM prepares to rise in the east.

When the torpedoes hit the USS Indianapolis, the Angel of Death had peeked above the northeast horizon and the I AM had come into view, as the Whale palyed in the ball court with the Moon on its nose.

Beneath the waves the bow of the Eternal Barque struck the meridian with the nadir on the bow sprit.

As the USS Indianapolis sank beneath the waves, the head of the Medusa rose with the "tales" of the Lamb, the Whale, and the Phoenix, in the upward view from the sea where many sailors struggled, and few would survive.

Beneath the sea the squashed head of the fleeing serpent signified the moment of death for all those still on board the cruiser.

At the final moment, the nadir view seen from the heavens above shows a crown of stars on the head of the Queen of Heaven. Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury, Pluto, Sun, Saturn, Venus, Uranus, and Mars string out to describe what the angels would have seen of the experiment called human civilization.

The placements of Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus say that the Queen of the Heavens was sacrificing another Virgin. Saturn sitting square on Wasat at the womb of the female Gemini is clearly marking a time for her womb to open our consciousness. The human race lost its virginity that week, and the sailors of the USS Indianapolis were chosen to mark the date in the hearts of men. From that week forward, humanity was capable of igniting the whole earth in a holocaust of arrogance, if they could not pay proper attention to their senses. Venus sat upon the ancient horns of the Bull of My Mother, which is the nose of the modern Taurus. Here she represents the hieroglyph of Seshat, the goddess of inspiration that taught Thoth how to write with her magic wand. Joining Venus at the Bull are Uranus and Mars; First Father and the God of War and rational perspective. Jupiter and Neptune tell us that the Queen of Heaven was in charge of the sea that week. For, had she so desired, the USS Indianapolis would have been spotted by the submarine three days earlier as it was on its way to deliver the strategic cargo that would eventually devastate Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

These cosmic sayings are supported by the Moon being under Andromeda and above the Whale as a message of the virgin sacrifice in the sea. Upon the Water Carrier's beast, Capricorn, sat the shadow of the Earth. But, the most significant message is written upon the house of the Scarab. There Pluto joins the Sun to say that eternal enlightenment of the senses is the secret that will keep mankind from annihilating itself. This wisdom is clearly reinforced by the position of Mercury at the Little King, Regulus at the foot of the Lion.

Truth? Of course. The stars were where the were. A message from heaven? That depends upon whether the sun's light can inspire the senses of those who use them. More than five thousand years ago the Egyptians wrote a book called the Chapters of Coming Forth by Day. They said that the day began when Khephera rolled the Sun out of the mouth of the serpent of the night. In other words, enlightenment comes when we pay attention to our senses. Well, for fifty-six years we had paid attention to our senses. Then on September 11, 2001 we were caught off guard, just like the USS Indianapolis was on that fateful night when the Moon rose in the Whale, and the Sun set in the Crab, as Jupiter marked the Mother's brow, Saturn marked the bosom of the female twin, and the shadow of the Earth rode the I Use.

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