Empowering the New Age
The lessons of a Mother's Fury.


Long long ago humans wondered at the wisdom of the unlearned intuitions,
of a mother who had no means of sensing the abundance she held within.

They drew pictures of the stars in caves to remind themselves that they "know  not what they do."

The stars showed them the way, though it was unbelievable that the stars could so speak.

But, bull's fought each other for the heavenly field,
as foreplay to the right of copulation with the Sacred Cow.

Eventually, the man-bulls had eliminated all the bovine,
except one, as the images of men repopulated the heavens.

In the process of heaven's conquest,
the bulls failed to see who was instructing and motivating them.

Then, for the sake of a man-bull's pleasure, intuition was made taboo.

Eventually, a Great Man conquered the Great Bull and saw the Light Around Heaven and He.

Then he came to honor the place of the Wondrous Woman with wings of a great eagle.

On June 8, 2004 at the transit of Venus,
the stars write a message upon the Gate of Man Conquest.

There was a Good Shepherd who saved the She Goat.

The Good Shepherd was the dream of Victory by a woman over her Mother,
the Sacred Cow whom she wanted to be, but rational she was not.

This left man unsatisfied, and he turned away from the vision of the All Seeing Head.

Gates were established for the Lion and the Bull,
as the Lioness and the Cow were sent to a Land of Elsewhere.

After some fifteen thousand years, the place where the Cows Come Home had been desecrated by Unknowing Bulls, and the Bull of My Mother said, "NOT IN MY HOUSE, YOU DON'T!"

She sent her loving daughter to show them the Light, with wisdom at the well,
and the Light of Oneness between her horns on the first transit of two, June 8, 2004.

The purpose of the Light Between the Horns was the resurrection of the Man who put it all together when the Mother Earth came out from the Reeds of Egypt and gave birth to Mother Time. Twice the Light Between the Horns was shown. Once for birth of a Son of Man in the reeds of the waters in the River of Egypt. And once for the birth of the inspired spirit of the Son of God at the Fields of Heaven's Abundance, where the Eternal Flame bend's before her breath.

So, it is written that the measures of time will cease after 13 Baktun when the
LOVE LIGHT shines after its second coming between the horns of the bovine on June 5, 2012.

Now we are being told to prepare for the End of Time. When Solar Wisdom has passed the Enlightened Horns of the Sacred Cow, the Solar Dominion will be resting at the Place of the First Fire by the Well of the Seven Sisters. That will be the Moment of Beginning Again in accordance with the great year of the Maya 2012. It will then be the moment to establish a new measure of time.

The Oneness of Love and Light is a Magic Wand drawn thousands of years ago when the initiation of the New Age of Pisces was planned by those who knew the Word of God. And, so it is that the imperishable Stars have held their places long enough for First Mother to deliver the Word of First Father to the human bulls who thought she was just a ruminating beast with horns,
whose only treasures were flails and crowns of thorns.

But, She was the dream of the Man-Child on the Eagle, and it was her dream
to hold the One and the All that the Unknowing Bulls unceasingly pursued.

The Lion fought the Bull as they went round and round. The he feline kept wrestling with the she bovine as Unknowing Human Bulls prepared the Word of Man in total contrast to the Word of God that had written right before their eyes and recorded in caves before all conquests began. In the heat of battle for the fulfillment of lust, these feeble minded beasts lied and the Word of God became Bull, when it had been conceived in the Sacred Cow, the Mother of All Living, as the Son of God.

To know a Cow from a Bull is quite simple. It is in their horns that our fear reveals the blinding untruth. But, at their bellies we are shown the difference between Physical Assertion, and Physical Contentment. The he-bovine has the genitals of a he-man. The she-bovine, with belly growing large and head in the stars, sees only the coming of her Son, for the She-Bovine is Hat-Hor, the House of Horus.  When we put our intuition to the knee before a Stiff Neck of Self Enlightenment, we lose our capacity to witness that which is right before the face.

The male beasts go their separating ways from the heavenly field, as the Bull of Unrightness becomes the pride of purpose in the Lion of Rightness, as the beasts turn from each other and fail to comprehend which is whom.

Since the Sacred Bovine was always a Mother's Dream, the predatory Lion must conquer,
as Rightness overcomes Unrightness in prideful pursuit to survive.

But, look closely at the Virgin Maiden to see that there is a Star Between Two Horns.
Dreams Born of a Virgin are taken down by whoring rationalizations,
as Aryan Man comes out of a Cosmic Egg and says, "I Am Man!"

This causes the Man-Bull to restore Heaven's Dream by killing the Whoring Desire. Yet, as he completes the conquest a Light Shines All Around. A voice is heard in the light that reveals itself, For as he journeyed, he came near Damascus: and suddenly there shined round about him a light from heaven: And he fell to the earth, and heard a voice saying unto him, Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me? The Aryan Man who denied the Medusa still cannot see the Manna at the tail of the beast means the Lion of Heaven is the Sacred Bovine, and the Bull he rides is the at the door of an Aryan Man.

He had been at this place long before when the idea of heaven was  a Happy Hunting Field with two dogs at the tail of the Celestial Feline where a crook and a plough revealed a man's destiny to be fruitful and multiply if he tripped not upon the rock in his way.

The heavens themselves painted the picture of the Lion and Sacred Bovine, including two canine, where a great rocky way was a plane between the reeds behind and a tree of One and Three.

This pursuit of Mother Nature began at the time when the Cows Coming Home was Love's Desire.
At the end of the Age of the Aryan Man, he drew a picture that unmistakably shows the central image drawn in the stars of Lascaux 15,000 before. The "Tale of the Bull" is that it is a "Celestial Lion," and the man had conquered Heaven Above to envision the Earth Below. If the Aryan Man had completed the thrust of his dagger, then it would be Heaven he eliminated as the Son of Man rose too high in the sky for the fear of looking at what was behind. Thus, the Aryan Man had reached the moment of Good Judgment, and the End of the Ages of Ages. But, a requiem was required for the sake of all the Sacred Bovine who had fallen under the double edged blade of the Aryan Man. This requiem was held from the day of the divination of Caesar Augustus, until the Twin Towers fell under the Eagle's of Islam in perfected fulfillment of Heaven's Timeline.
And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour.

The Heavens talked, but Aryan Man did not listen, for he had come know that he had greater wisdom than that contained in all the Heaven's Above. How did he become so insightfully blind?

It has to do with a Donkey and a Man who pursued the Sacred Word hidden in a Pirate's Cave off the stern of the Boat of Truth at the Place of the Skull and Crossed Bones. Had the Aryan Man seen with the eyes of She Who Faces Her Lord, he would not have been so arrogant as to conclude that God was stupid and Aryan Man was wise. Such is the fate of all wisdom that turns a deaf ear to a Common Sense View.

The price paid for conquering desire is devastation and a frozen traumatic memory.
Yet, in all cases leading to trauma, the Conquering Hero knows where he points.
It is right before the eyes of they that know not what they see.

Oneness has always been Intuition's Dream of the Way it Once Was.
She says, "Let it be."
Yet, if we fail to pursue it, then it will never be.
He says, "Vene vidi vici."
The moral of Love and War is that of the Lion and the Bull.
These are both dreams that what will be will be greater than what ever was.
Yet, in the end of the struggling we see that light that says,
Life is unfolding, as it should;
As it was in the beginning, it is now, and it ever shall be.



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