Light Beam on AZ to NM Road during Harmonic Concordance 11/08/03.


Location of Holbrook, Arizona

Route 40, Old Route 66, between Holbrook and the New Mexico state line.
East bound route follows a heading from 248 degrees toward 68 degrees.

This is the nadir view as seen from the heavens projected down onto the road from Holbrook toward Gallup.
Gallup is toward Cancer at the 68° heading. St. Johns is toward the Crooked Serpent holding the south axis of the ecliptic at the 158° heading. Holbrook is to the 248° heading at Capricorn. Sunrise Springs and Cornfields are toward the 338° heading.

Looking upward the headings are reversed in our view.
Looking above the, Holbrook is to the right and Gallup is to the left.

Looking straight along the route where the Light Beam on the Road was seen is the heart of Cancer.

This is the Place where the Prince of Peace rode a throne on the back of Leo as he faced the Creator Khephera on the Denderah Zodiac when the first of Aries was memorialized at the End Times of the I Am.

Looking away from the Light Beam on the Road is the view that would have been seen by a Being in the Light. There the Unity Church Bus and all its passengers would have been seen on the beast of the Good Samaritan, who would be just off the road from Holbrook. To the right of the road was the Child in Swaddling Cloths be placed upon the horizon at the mouth of Quetzalcoatl.

Hunahpu and Xbalanque can be seen playing the final ball game,
with Uranus acting as the ball at the knee of Xbalanque.

Looking toward St. Johns, Arizona, we see the Crooked Serpent
holding the southern axis of the ecliptic with the great circle through the 158° heading.
There we see the Followers of Horus prepared to march through the Valley of Death
to reach the place where the Sun Begins to Rise at Hale Bopp and the current south pole.

Towards Sunrise Spring and Cornfields we see the White Dragon's Circle
between the Wild Man and Herdsman of Hercules and Bootes.

Expanding the nadir view we see the Donkey Man's right arm at the cross hairs of Route 66.
St. John's is towards the Southern Cross and Golgotha,
while Sunrise Springs and Cornfields are toward the Virgin's feet
where the Sun sits at the apex of the balance.

Above Route 66 is the 1st of Aries and the Sheep Door which is the name Christ gave to himself.

Precisely four hours to the minute, the Moon was eclipsed on the day of Harmonic Concordance.
The path along Route 66 marks the Horizon of El from Ophiuchus to Taurus,
the Man and Beast the ancient pre-Biblical world,
in the Nadir view above Route 66.

Beneath Route 66, the Great Ra sat on the nadir axis riding the top sails the Argo.

Beside the lunar eclipse occurring at the original 1st of Aries, there were six heavenly bodies aligned along the Road of Merchants in the sky. At the apex of the Fire Triangle between the twins of Gemini, Saturn carried the thought for the moment. Mars carried the triune point at the hand of the Good Samaritan, while the Sun carried the other triune of Saturn at the apex of the Balance.  At the Apex of the Water Triangle, Chrion was a feather in the cap of Sagittarius. Jupiter in triune with Chiron marked the back legs of the Lion in the place of Virgo Minor. At this magical moment, the Moon and the Earth recorded an historical precedent by coming together to celebrate the Sheep Door opened on the night when Lamb's Blood first marked houses of the Wandering Jews.

The Harmonic Concordance as seen looking toward the House of Tauret.

Here we see Tauret holding the Eternal Flame in her right hand, while her left hand holds the symbol of life on the sA symbol of a Virgin Womb. Behind her the Cosmic Mother, Hathor, comes out of her material mountain in a Sea of Reeds. Before Tauret is a budding djed and a djed under a table of harvest containing the abundance promised by the Cornucopia of Capricorn. Beyond the abundance stands Seker Asar with the three staffs of Egypt and the crown of Osiris under the Seven Thnuders of the Uraeus of Heaven Above. A door await those who would become a fond memory in Hathor's Mountain. It is from this door that the Son of Mary rose on Easter Morning. And after a life's journey his on people shouted, "Give us Barabbas."

On December 13, 2003 at 8:30 pm local time in Iraq, the most infamous Barabbas in half a century was given to the peoples of the world. At that precise moment the heavens duplicated the heavens over Route 66 on the day of the Harmonic Concordance when the Unity Church Bus stopped to witness the Light Beam on the Road. As Saddam crawled out of a spider hole back onto the world stage, the Zenith passed through the Sheep Door at the 1st of Aries. The greatest Aryan since Hitler and Stalin, a self named Nebuchadnezzar had come to his Judgment Hall.

So, what was witnessed on the road from Holbrook?
An apparition of Jesus?
A plasma light force from the heavens?
Or, does the correlation of Route 66 and the capture of a 66 year old Barabbas
tell us that we were given another Sign of the Times at the Sheep Door?
Stay tuned, for this story is not finished.
The Sun has only just begun to rise.

Palm Cove at the moment of Harmonic Concordance, November 9, 2003 at 12:12 p.m.

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