"Catch a wave, and you'll be sittin' on top of the world."
Da Vinci rode on Chiron's Raft 


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Posted on Tuesday, November 11, 2003 - 02:43 am:  By Linda aka Essence

Rush: "
But, if you have followed the life experiences of Nostrodamus you may be able to pick up on the fact that he lost his whole family, and then went into the "prophetic mode." The reason why this occurs is that the psyche has to cross the "River of Death (Styx)." The body is still alive, but the immune system is no longer self endowed for survival. The individual can just as easily jump off a building, as have a hamburger. The ego becomes totally irrelevant in the communication. This "after life" attitude empowers the imagination in ways a "normal" person cannot fathom."

Woo Hoo! I love this message board! A great feeling came "rushing" through me as I read this.
That's exactly what I felt when I "lost" my family nearly 10 years ago. It was in a major wave (tsunami it seemed at one point) that started in 1991 and ended in 1994. It was the most extreme "alone" time I have ever known, but once I came to an acceptance, I arrived at a peace within that sustains no matter what happens on the exterior. My personal life and understanding of life (of man) changed tremendously and a great weight was lifted. I finally saw how "limited" I was in terms of man, life and the whole and the interactions thereof, yet at the same time I was empowered within. I cannot stop what the cycles will bring, I cannot stop what will happen to another (I may be able to influence change in another during their journey on this earth), but I have no true control in the end result .. that is dependent on them as well as the unseen forces. At that time, I basically came to understand it as Letting Go. Once I "let go" of trying to have control (so to speak), I became as the 2 ends of a board on the ocean and now ride the waves without much effort. I am the flow of the river. I am here for the time that I am here, and when the time comes when there is no more need for the vehicle, I can let that go too and ride the waves in a different fashion.

Tx Rush! Great posting! ;0)



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Posted on Posted on Tuesday, November 11, 2003 - 02:06 pm:   by Rush Allen

Linda aka Essence Divine

As you were riding that wave again, I kept seeing porpoises off my bow on a 22 foot sail boat I rode solo from LA to San Diego in 1977. It was an incredible night. But, I awoke to a sound coming from under and aft of the boat. As I slid open the hatch to see what the commotion was all about, I spotted four or five California gray whales about thirty to fifty yards astern. The sea was like a large sheet of plexiglas. The whales seemed to be talking to each other behind me, for some reason. So, I looked to the east and in the haze directly on the horizon was the orb of the sun. I looked to the west, and sitting right on the sea horizon was the orb of the moon. Then, I looked to the south astern of the boat, and there on the horizon beyond the whales was a freighter steaming in my direction. I appears that my course had placed me right on the shipping channel when I heaved to and went to sleep three hours earlier. So, I waved at the whales and got out of there in a hurry.

Further along dolphins came to surf off the bow wake of my boat. Since there was no wind, I was motoring along. The dolphins love to surf. They go to the bow of a boat and catch a wave. The dolphin can move along with practically no effort, because they are falling off the crest of the wave. Life is like that. We go through the tempest, and then we become very satisfied that we are still on the forward edge of time, rather than in the foaming brine.

Thank you, Essence.

Let me attach the latest dream regarding what DaVinci had drawn, since it is the exact same subject of whales and tempests, crop circles and galaxies, that he saw in the space of the ship of his own UFO where the Graeae share common eyes.

Time to Think

This is a shortened view of his table. The two guys at each end are of primary concern. The man on the right side has his table cloth all tied in knots. His face is obscure, and it is not clear whether he has eyes. The level of the balance of truth hits his forehead. So, we can assume that DaVinci wanted this man to represent thought.

On the left side of the table are three men who "clearly see eye to eye" from the top of the edge of the beam. These guys are beyond the wave. They are surfing on the vision of the past. These are the wise men, and the dolphins before the bow who take energy from the passing ships to catch a wave in time. They can see the future by looking back.

Overlaid on the left most man is the asterism of Sagittarius, with the man in much the same form. Above the head and feather of the Archer is the asteroid Chiron. Now Chiron was the Centaur that guided souls across the River Styx on his raft. That will be important in due time. But for the moment look at the etching on the wall over the Sagittarius Man. It is the bottom of a circle on a line, or the lower edge of a cartouche turned ninety degrees. But, it is also the lower edge of the Greek letter Omega. The supper table rests upon two carpenter's horses. However, the apexes of the two horses are at the eye level of the men at the table. The table itself makes the horses look like an "A." Additionally, the third man from the left has his hands up as if to say stop, while the position of his hands and tunic collar say, "Omega," The End of the Table of Time. If we put this all together, we realize why astrologers and mythologists draw Sagittarius as a composite of the Archer and the Centaur. The Archer sees what is before his face. The Sage sees what is behind his face. When Chiron crosses the River Styx, he gives the souls on his raft something they want more than they ever knew.

What Chiron gives them is seen in the face of the blind man to which the Three Wise Men look. The knot at the table, and the vague vision of the man whose head is at the eye level of wisdom, asks for just one thing. More time to think before Judgment Day has passed.

The placement of the asteroid Ceres, Demeter, Mother of God, Isis, etc., is at the same level as the two stars representing the heads of Gemini. Their heads are the reason man has said that Gemini means "I Think." On the day of Harmonic Concordance the planets---Sun, Moon/Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the asteroid Chiron---formed a near perfect set of overlapping triangles of the Seal of Solomon. But, Ceres was not on level with the "I Think" at that time. On November 23, 2003, across the frozen continent of Antartica, the shadow of the Moon will touch the Earth. This dance is the opposite dance that occurred on November 8, 2003, when the shadow of the Earth touched the Moon while it was under Aries, the Sacrificial Lamb of the House of David. These dancing shadows only occur because of that great light to which we all owe our lives, our Star in Bethlehem, the House of Bread in the sky. When we stand looking toward the shadow of the Moon when it crosses the frozen south land, all humanity will be north of the union of the Great Light, the Lesser Light, and our One Eye, as they all three sit precisely on the boundary of Libra and Scorpio. Libra is the house of Balance, and Scorpio is the house of Desire. The metaphor in the sky at that instant will be more than Harmonic Concordance, it will be the birth of a new day after passing through the Hall of Judgment in the Land of the Midnight Sun. Then, Ceres will be aligned with the Twins, and Saturn will be at their feet. The mother, Demeter, will have come at the hour of death and given all mankind what they need more than anything else in this world, "More time to think."

That is what getting through the End Times on the raft of Chiron is all about. That is the Essence of the Last Supper. As long as we keep eating at the table of Time, the End Times are still coming, and we can look back in wisdom and satisfaction that we were there when Alpha arrived at the place of Omega.

Post Medieval Unfamiliar Fathering Objective (UFO)

So, follow DaVinci's eye and look beyond the table in the UFO vehicle he drew. This Unidentified Fathering Objective of his was created to get us too look out the Windows on the World. At the left window a comforter says, "Keep your chin up, and get back in the light." At the right window a prince is self enlightened with the quest to rise up, and get his voice in the way of the light. But, if we can put the two sides together, we get one complete Window on the World. In the middle of the window sits the measure of time we have come to call Truth.

DaVinci painted this,
Don't get tied up in knots about what you think.
Rise to the occasion of seeing the light.
Then humbly accept the Earth below,
 and wisdom will be yours when you see who you are.

Essence, that is the Essence.
Thanks for reminding me, that I am not alone.


ps: The pieces of DaVinci's puzzle found in his UFO are here between 9/13/2003 and 11/9/2003.

pps: Matt, you are not unheard, you are unhearing.
 You said, "Catch a wave."
        I echoed, "You'll be sittin' on top of the world."

We are living in an One Great Crop Circle of stars, where manna falls like beams to the eyes, with the sound once known as the Harmony of the Spheres. There will come to all an echo One Day, whether the Rock Ages or the Ages Rock.


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