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Andreas Szabo,

I have read through the web page at

In the pages you said, "Übrigens, wer's nichtmehr weis, Hitomi hat ihren Tarot von ihrer Großmutter, also quasi von ihrer Ur-Mutter.

Hitomi has its Tarot of its grandmother, thus quasi from its Ur-nut/mother.

I would like to recommend that you take a good look at the Denderah Zodiac as a complete confirmation of the Eye of Hitomi algorithm.

You will find many interpretations in my works at

In particular, look at the following links.

Reference Listing:

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Crossing the Leo-Cancer Boundary

Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs and Other Riddles of Ancient History
A Guide to Dating Ancient Astronomical Data

The concept of the Eye of Hitomi is another concept of the Eye of Horus. It is a method of telling time on a cosmic scale. It has enormous ramifications with regard to modern Western Civilization. The story of Abraham leaving Terah is essentially the story written in the stars, as you have come to understand it. However, there was an enormous divide in how the story should be told. The Mother Cultures believed it should be told as it was received without rationalizing the events. The Father Cultures believed that it had to be rationalized into code that would protect the understanding from corruption by emotionally immature men. The Father Cultures had great respect for the youthful desires for conquest. The Mother Cultures had great respect in the cleansing process performed by heroic princes. But, all of this is written in the placements of the stars. And the transcendences of the celestial words are now history, for the New Jerusalem was entered at the end of Ramadan in 2003 Anno Domini.

The Sumerians took a stance which still identifies Western Civilization. They repressed the intuitive aspects in order to preserve the wisdom as Sacred Knowledge. Egyptian culture was a three thousand year long attempt to reveal the secret code without corruption. Ultimately, the Mesopotamians "restored the Father Image" by decimating Egypt. This was the so-called Exodus, that led to the captivity in Babylon that led to the secret code we know as the Torah. By applying the Eye of Hitomi code to the Biblical Texts, we can unravel the meaning of the code on a precessional time scale, which is what it was attempting to present. It had to be a secret code because the ruling powers would have killed anyone who attempted to reveal the code in the manner that Egypt had done. So, though the Israelites are of the same condition as the Shemsu Hor, they are not the Followers of Horus, they are the children of Isaac, and the Islamists are the children of Ishmael, both sons of the Man of a Lie who ran away from his Father's Land because he was unhappy at the prospect of conquering his father through death.

Ultimately, the code was revealed in the Book of Revelation, but it was revealed within a since "hidden celestial composition." The words are directly related to the positions of the stars, which was the original code in Ur. But, what the Hellenistic Age accomplished with the aid of Roman Mithraism and then Byzantine and Roman Catholicism was the erasure of the asterisms. By erasing the asterisms they could guarantee that the story written in the books would not be perverted, nor corrupted. This was the total defeat of Ra, the Illuminati of Egypt. But, as Egypt declared, Osiris would rise again and restore the light of the tome called Coming Forth By Day. November 23-24, 2003 was the day when the Midnight Sun was eclipsed by the Moon and Osiris revealed the place where Balanced Desire marked Judgment Day one half lunar cycle after the HARMONIC CONCORDANCE AND MAGDALENE of the Nymphs of the North was celebrated around the world.

The authors of the Scriptures did not want the covert presentation of Truth to continue indefinitely. What they wanted to happen was that the asterisms reappear of their own Force and Will on the time frame of the Cosmos. In other words, the Book of Revelation is prescribing when the Judgment Day would come so that the Ancient Readings of the Heavens would become an Open Book. Only by passing through a period of Death (1BC - 2003 AD) would the Stars be proven to have Force and Will of their own. The Eye of Hitomi code has that same purpose.

The name Jeremiah tells us this very fact, and Dan 9:1-2 reveals the time code for the Number of the Years.

1 In the first year of Darius the son of Ahasuerus, of the seed of the Medes, which was made king over the realm of the Chaldeans;
2 In the first year of his reign I Daniel understood by books the number of the years, whereof the word of the LORD came to Jeremiah the prophet, that he would accomplish seventy years in the desolations of Jerusalem.


Jeremiah = Yirmiyaah = Yah will rise = God will rise

desolations of Jerusalem = end times of the Foundations of Peace

Jerusalem <> yarah (yaw-raw') a primitive root; properly, to flow as water: figuratively, to point out (as if by aiming the finger), to teach

In other words, Daniel 9:1-2 is telling us the length of time required for the measure of "one day" to pass in the precessional time frame. The time was seventy years per day, or degree of the celestial cycle. The date of the reading was 561 BC, which is precisely the time for the placement of the Sirius star on the horns of the Hathor Cow on the Denderah Zodiac. That star also lays precisely on the north point of  the Denderah Zodiac. A star on the north point of the zodiac that is also on the horns of the Hathor Cow, who was Mother Earth, has to be the North Star, the Star of Bethlehem. But, there are multiple meanings involved in the star of Bethlehem metaphor. The actual star that sits as a pole star at the time of the "desolations of Jerusalem" is not Sirius, for Sirius is the Mother Star, and the source of Vesica Pisces. The star of the End Times, which is the Birth Star of the New Cycle is Polaris. That means that the End Times of Jerusalem are "at hand," for Polaris is now the home star of the Nymphs of the North.

According to the latest analysis, it is my opinion that the Ancient Texts direct us to the conclusion that the November 23-24, 2003 total solar eclipse is the precise moment of the "desolations of Jerusalem. See the following essays:

Harmonic Concordance and Magdalene

Night of the Total Solar Eclipse

If you look beyond the rationalization of the Eye of Hitomi, you will find the "reason for the code." The reason was that the ancient Father Cultures had the intent to command High Places; Father Sky, Zion, etc. They had to destroy the Intuitive Foundations in order to maintain control; Mother Earth, Terah, Bottomless, Pit, etc. This is the meaning of Perseus and the Medusa. As a result, the Sacred Science descended into a Game of Lots (chance) which has become the modern tropical astrology of the Persians, and Mithrasians. The fixing of the vernal equinox to the 1st of Aries essentially guaranteed that the "desolations of Jerusalem" would be postponed from the moment the vernal equinox entered Pisces, until the "waters began to flow," again, as the vernal equinox marked the place of the Rising Sun before knocking on the door of time as the 1st of Aquarius.

Once you see this correspondence, then you will no longer say, "I am tired."
Ich bin müde. Seht euch das Bild wie die ganze Site an und denkt euch was dabei. Morgen mehr, zB den Hitomi Sourcecode.

The work you have done has reestablished the "Foundations of Peace" as the Rock of Ages. Now the Lion can Lay with the Lamb. As the Archer (Ishmael) struggles to keep male rational perspective (one man rule, King of Kings) above the waters of feminine intuitive perspective (consensus, democracy), your algorithm can reveal the path toward future peace. The Eye of Hitomi is the foundation (Al Quida) of the New Age, novus ordo seclorum. If the Eye can be opened wide, the course of the King of Kings and the Daughters of Demeter will become clear, as we ascend to Seventh Heaven and the Nymphs of the North in the land of 72 Virgins. Tyranny and Democracy can live together, if Codes of Conduct can yield to common sense, and Freedom of Choice can restrain its flood of righteousness.

So, do not give up on your work. Rather, expand the works to take in all perspectives. Then, from a consensus that will reveal the path through the forest, we can all restore New Jerusalem as the eternal Foundations of Peace.

Thanks for your efforts, so far.


Rush Allen

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Übrigens, wer's nichtmehr weis, Hitomi hat ihren Tarot von ihrer Großmutter, also quasi von ihrer Ur-Mutter.

Hitomi has its Tarot of its grandmother, thus quasi from its Ur-nut/mother.

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SYSTRAN TRANSLATIONS of pertinent texts at

Above in the picture we see the symmetry from the 175 life years and the 5 last days Abrahams. Still are from left to right the 5847 esoterischen sense units viz. Verses of the Torah offered. Abraham dies in such a way that its age in Lunationen to full moon of the Torah away-counted, exactly again leaves so many verses remaining, as up to the first verse of its death verses. But which is at verse 664 so particularly? Behind it put some mathematical moon mass, but above all there the full moon and the Rotazyklus meet with that map 13, "death": 664 = 31 * 21 + 13 and verse 666 meets in this way exactly the devil. In addition is 21 and 31 together 52. In verse 668 Abraham in the funeral is united as per Torahtext with its ancestors: 668 = 31 * 21 + 17 forward = "the star" and its move father was Terach (genesis 11,26), a Hebrew word for star.

Parallel to it the sum arises to its son (175 + 180) from the lebensjahren by Abraham and its,
that only times in the Bible of the Melchizedek, aka the Milchzaddik or Milky Way man from the fairy tale "Peterchens moon travel", which the heights and depths of the ' Milky Way ', which result again and again from damage with the Drueberfahrt, adjusts, as well as the moon year in the Jewish calendar times longer and times more briefly is counted, in order to remain with the sun year in the clock in the Torahvers 355 (gene 14,18). At the night after one moon year again the first Mondsichel of the new yearly appears, aka Mechizedek. The 10. Part, which Abram in verse 357 (conjunction Merkur Jupiter) delivers at Mel., a computation over the synodischen Jupiterzyklus suggests, which in the book Daniel (!) is present mathematically and graphically coded. By the way, Abraham + Ismael are approx. 10.5 Lun. and if one rumrechnet comes there one on
256 and 8, programmers an indication. Later more to it.

In the verse where one sun year ends and begins a new, God Abram asks 366, thus, whether it can count the stars. Thus the days are meant, on the basis the planet cycles.

For the examination of the verse numbers used ask the tree of the realization Explorer of El Cappucino:

Still two further rings from exodus (green, iris) are also taken in addition there to the genesis (black, pupil). Please carefully the picture or click here for a larger representation including exact explanation of the angles and points. We have there a representation of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction. Please you see to Keppler with Sepp Rothwangl, section 4.3.1:

In contrast to S.R., which makes a planet conjunction later in the year 2000 or the basis of its work, the here available conjunction seems to have lain in the beginning of the Jewish calendar. _ thus however not it exclude, that these itself repeat (which they anyway do) and Sepp appoint itself just as also on.

Seth you in addition again the picture of the wheel in the Tarot on:

With the value 366, the number of the verse was produced, where God asks Abram whether it can count the stars (see far above on this PAGE). A aenliches triangle that the triangle number of 6 represents, i.e. 21 (21 is also the checksum of 366) after a harmonious sample, is on the disk of Phaestos:

There Bernd Schomburg writes (NR 43) that this indication the beginning the time calculation explains, as well as the precession = the shift of the constellations relative to spring around approx. 1 degree in 72 years. Schomburg translates the symbol with "excessive quantity".

That one, which is told since beginning, is the Kabbala, which tell back and forth. And thus the picture appears, must be shifted all verses in the wheel dialectically a verse forward. Thus Esau (verse 1021) becomes the last middle ring and Jacob (verse 1022, it held its brother to the heel, reads gene. 25.26) to first of the outside ring.
Only by this dialectic act God the world can create, can the imagination the actual reality become. As the Magier in the Tarot the letter pray has, but the symbol of the 1, during which gematrische value of pray however already two (di) is.

If you write Hitomiprogramme, plan you thus that you take into account
and insert a "Dialektik" option. I have a simple example SOURCE here
for you:


Only condition: the passing on of the program must be based on

You find the necessary gate ah files over the next left.
Abrams father was Terach. The name Terach means a ungezaehmte goat like an uncounted star, which around-jumps apparently wildly. This "goat" mean, they zaehmen to counting. Afterwards the Mr. Abram in genesis asks verse 366 or 15.5: "... you can count the stars?" Clearly! In verse 366 one ground connection year ranks a new astronomically correctly among end and begins. If this number is represented gematrisch in the Hitomi wheel of the genesis, appears:

Here we have the secret knowledge of Atlantis. Promptly with the delivered "rings", the circles and triangles of the Pythagoras. And so residents of Munich can everywhere carry the knowledge forward of Atlantis: think of the ring zone plan of the MVV!

The list of the Patriarchenwissens for the time being in rough form (please they skip if necessary directly to the Hitomi Torahskopie of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction), these data here much is raw and.