Hi Rush!

How are you?

This is Matt from the Yowusa boards.
I wanted to ask if you could perhaps give myself an 'assessment' with regard to the zodiac, as you have done for Lynnette.
I think my birth was at about 01:30am in Oakville, Ontario, Canada

take your time, if you want to do it anyways.
My birthday is March 2nd, 1971. Pisces obviously!

Your information is still baffling to me, but I am trying to fathom it. Slowly of course.


Dear Pisces Obviously,

It would appear that you have a very ancient strain in your genes.

Look carefully at Dagon, for you and he have a lot in common.

Land of the Beginning Again at the edge of the Inland Sea, where a Great Tree sprouts a seed branch.

The Stars Above the Horizon at the top of the Great Cosmic Oak at Oakville.
See Fixed Star in alphabetical order at Anne Wright's web sight for any specific star listed below. As you read her interpretations, keep in mind the embroidery presented here to establish the "Original Word." Just begin to see that there are connections between the dots.

Seventh Heaven awaits your glance, with the meridian at the Virgin's head (Zavijava) and the Lion's Tail (Denebola) it passes through the Hunting Grounds and Phacda

Stars seen from the angels through your special place. This is how the heavens dreamed as they thought of you at the Moment of the First Occasion, when you began to take in the Life Giving Air of earthly existence.

There is that guy with the Fish Hat with a staff between the mouths of two fishes and the nadir meridian on his mouth..
It would appear that you have some Anannaki in your past who has a desire to Open the Mouth and speak of the way it was.
Behind the head of First Father the nadir rest centered between the Phoenix and the Stork. These are birds of magic and birth.
Keep your eye on the little bird giving a message to the Serpent in the Deep. You can learn a lot from that little birdie, for he has a branch from the Tree of Life in his mouth, and he is the Horus we have followed for more than 60,000 years.

Looking south the meridian passes through the Eyes of the Dead as Jupiter and Neptune join in rising with the birth of a new Dagon, as the Feather of Truth slips down beneath in the southwest horizon. Clearly, with two kings on the east, and Nibiru's Jolly Roger on the meridian, we are dealing with one who can handle the message of death and resurrection.

Standing high in the west the Twins watch as the Great Man slips away with the Eye of the Bull. He is El, as a young man.

In the north we are given the King kissing the hallowed ground at the top of the obelisk of Dagon, while a Swan flies past Chi-1Psi3 Pisces, where a man with a blocked head descends into the depth of Dagon's Well. The star formation brought you a message. The message is that you are not Pisces, you are First Father, Geb, Dagon, Osiris, Adam, the man with the water, El. In other words, not only did Lynette find out who she was by virtue of your connecting the dots at Wiltshire, but you were given a message directly from the very location you had discovered while wondering about Chi-1Psi3 Pisces. Were you seeking an answer? Or was an answer seeking one who would speak from the heart? Amazing?

Directly on the east point at birth, the Father of Many Nations shoulders the burden in his bosom. In this way, you shall conquer, as you lift up the Serpent in the Wilderness. Upon the knee of First Father Rising, Mars learns to read while Venus crosses the Fountain of Youth, where a child ascends on the wings of an eagle.

Now that you have seen the Right Hand of the Father, consider the Herculean task of measuring the placements of all the stars in the heavens and then establishing what they mean so that future generations can be free to play under the Heavenly Hosts. These constellations were fully worked out before Abraham left Ur, before Adam fell from grace, before Neanderthals ceased to play in the garden. Somebody had to be paying attention, but we can be sure that it was not us.

Maybe now the Gateways of Men and Gods will mean something you never dreamed they would mean.
But, never underestimate the power of a Phoenix to bring Great Men down to Earth, and the power of a Stork to carry a New Child from the ashes of civilization. That which is before your face was fully known long before the first letter was included in an alphabet..

Kiss your lucky stars, you have returned to the Land of the Imperishables where
and have personal meaning that gives you more that a covering of scales.
Wear the matt of heaven for you have rolled the Rock away.

Weigh with the scales of air, and wear the scales which venture forth in the Life Giving Waters.

You now have a new name. Aquarius Obviously.


How it all began. A Message from the Bull of My Mother?

This led to a Cosmic Birth Canal in which, as it turns out, the messenger from Oakville had been born.

The result of the journey was discovering the process of Taming the Dagons of Desire, where a Fisher of Men was placed upon a high pedestal whose foundation was Cosmic Earth.

Of course, if we had known all of this ahead of time there would have been no need to consider the RETURN OF DAGON, where the Pillars of Hercules revealed the meaning of and .  Now that we have gone full circle, it should be clear that All Was Known before the man, whose name is I Know, spilled the Life Giving Waters upon the mouth of First Father lying on the backs of two magical birds of death and resurrection beneath two magical fishes of death and resurrection, where a flying horse carries the Blocked Head of a falling king back up to the top of the Great Tree in Oakville. The moral is simple, if way pay attention to the Imperishable Stars, we will have a better sense of reality than if we pay attention to the Eighth King with a Blocked Head. The stars are magical, because therein is life. And life, for whatever else it become, it begins as a miracle when First Father comes out of the Mouth of First Mother. She is not saying "I told you so." She is the intuition that says, "You were born for this." The twigs in the mouth of the little bird tell us that death and life are temporary, but the Word of God inscribed in the embroidery of plausible deniability between the imperishable star will never pass away. The little bird does what comes "Naturally," I goes to prepare a place for life to come. There can be no better advice. So, listen to the little bird and become a Shemsu Hor as you follow Horus as many billions have done before. How can we possibly be at the End Times if that little bird is still building a nest? You see? We are in a Cosmic Birth Canal.

Here is the ultimate proof that the Connect the Dots crop circle at Wiltshire was "constructed" by the hand of Dagon and the Anunnaki. CONCEPTION OF THE SUN OF THE SUN.