A Message from the Bull of My Mother?
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In a message dated 9/12/03 3:35:47 PM Pacific Daylight Time, bruceraphael@earthlink.net writes:

Rush: came across this link to Matt Rock's unique appraisal
of 6 crop circles all with a similar star key pattern to Pisces...

I'll study where in the field this structure is relative to
the coin and west wall..


Hi Bruce,

Here is the "evidence."

Remember we see what we want when we look up to the heavens.

We are what the heavens see looking toward us.
The zenith shows Jonah jumping from the boat of the fishermen, because he was afraid to go to Nineveh.
The nadir shows Nineveh, and Nibiru's steed.

Don't let the desire for a good fish story catch you with the hook in your mouth.
Nevertheless, we may be witnessing signs of the rising Sun.

More coming.


Click here and on the charts to step through the sequence.

CONTACT!  Canadian Crop Circle
Researcher Matt Rock Identifies the
Constellation Pisces as Point of Origin
for English Formations

YOWUSA.COM, September 4, 2003
Marshall Masters

Composite Comparisons
As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Rather than spew verbiage, I will now present a composite analysis that will say it for us all.

Figure -1: The Pisces Connections                         (Click on Image.)

Figure 0: The Elysian Field content.                     (Click on Image.)

Image Andrew King Copyright 2003 Two images of Chi-1Psi3.

Figure 1: Chi - 1Psi3 star formation in east Pisces.

Figure 2: Zenith at the eye of the Whale of a Tale.

Figure 3: The Nadir at the Donkey Man (Nibiru) on the mound of the Skull and Bones beneath the antipodal position of the Chi-1Psi3 of Pisces has the meridian circumcising the Phallus of the Beast of a Man.

Figure 4: The "True Cross" of the North, where the symbol of resurrection is a Swan in the mouth of Quetzalcoatl does not come until after the End Times have passed. Since the Age of Pisces has never been recognized, there can be no True Cross that represents the End Times of Doubt. We must believe in Beginning Again before we can pass through the End Times. Obviously, the 1st of Aries at the vernal equinox will stop all correspondences with the Horus of Two Horizons and the body of Osiris will be a sightless Throne of a Queen of Sheba, forever.

Figure 5: A close look at the Celestial Correspondence of the Crop Circles from Pisces reveals TRUTH.
= horus = hours = time = past-present-future = Stretching of the Cord = Truth.

Figure 6: When the Wand of Doubt falls, the Wand of Beginning Again carries the 1st of Aries
beneath the trap door in the Wooden Horse of Troy.

Figure 7: The image of One becoming Three is the story of Pisces.

Figure 8: The houses of Taurus and Aries are places of the looking back. The house of Pisces is the place where the Eye of Ra (Intent) oversees hidden sacred writings (Cognition/Logos) understood by the maiden with a beast in her hand (Intuition).
Beware of the usurpation of Venus, for she is Mercury under the feet of Perseus, and her wisdom is the Mark of the Man and the Beast, where a Bull looks back to the past, sensing the End Times of the I Have, and a Ram looks back to the future, sensing the End Times of the I Am. At the Eye on the east fish a trinity of three primordial beasts awaits the coming of a New Day. At the circlet of the fish that first comes up, a Comforter stands with a beast in hand. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. The angle between the two staffs "under standing" the Lamb of the "I Am" is equal to 666 years on the Rock of Ages known as the Denderah Zodiac in the Chapel to Osiris, whose phallus was consumed by a fish in the Circle of Life. The date memorialized on the Rock of Ages is the primordial moment of something known as the Julian Calendar. This Cognition became scripture and the calendar of the Age of Pisces was locked to the moment when the Vernal Equinox passed the Fish where One becomes Three at Chi-1Psi3 in Pisces. That moment initiates the Moment of the First Occasion of the times of the Calendar of the Christians. The current War in the Middle East and in the Elysian Fields of Camelot is over whose measure of time should schedule the course of History, Anno Mundi, Anno Domini, Anno Hegirae. Yet, these measures all stretch the cord of Seshat. She is the cause of and the Mother of Time. She is the Magic of Beginning Again. She declares the Moment of the First Occasion as the moment when the Vernal Sun begins to rise. Any guesses as to when the Horus of Two Horizons crossed the bottom of the furrow of Maat? Try October 23, 1998 on a planetarium program. Or try August 27, 2003 when Mars and Earth crossed paths closer than at any time since man began to be Man. Or try any moment when we first begin to believe that Anno Horus has begun again.

Figure 9: The Taureans and the Arians converted experience into rational knowledge and the experience of First Father became a pillar in a Kingdom of Books. The loss of compassion inherent in all books caused man to fall from grace as Aquarius sensed a Man in Need of empathetic understanding. Capricorn had the Rational Magic of Mars, and the Earth Passed Mars during the times of the consciousness of the Crop Circle of the Chi-1Psi3 of Pisces. Mars, the god of war and rational conviction, has never been closer to Earth since Man left Africa 60,000 years ago. Truth is in the offing, a bow shot ahead.

Figure 10: We are witnessing a reincarnation of E-See-Co-Wah, the Lord of Wind and Water. Not only can she walk on water, he can swim in the air. He is First Father at the mouth of the fish of First Mother,
where the birds copulate with the fishes in a land beyond the Promised Land.

Figure 11: The Wall of the Ruler at Al Buraq is the doubt in as yet unperceived beings. We do not want to believe, we want to be done with learning. That is the trip of the ego identified with Iscariot and the Chi-1Psi3 of Pisces. Doubt is the tail between the legs of a cocky man, whose fear is the light of a woman under a burqa.

Figure 12: Once we come to realize that intuition is the perception of things yet to be, we open the Trap Door and raise ourselves from the Pits of Self Perception as we ride the Eagle's Wings of recognition.
Sculptor is Geb. Aquarius is Hapi. Geb is First Father. Hapi is First Father. Truth is that the Father and Son are One. A Duck is a Swan with a stiff neck, and an Eagle without an Eye, both can be seen flying from the Phoenix and the Stork at the Fish's Mouth to the Promised Land on the Milky Way above and beyond the Scapegoat and the Archer. There the Duck becomes a Man of suffering with a crown of thorns, and a history of doubt resolved by magical belief.

Figure 13: This power to tread on serpents and scorpions is known to all Cocky Men who stride in Fantasy with the Flail and Wand of History denying the tail between their legs. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Figure 14: All Great Men stretch the cord with Seshat. For, greatness is simply the proof of a fertile imagination, whether in crop circles, or under the horns of the Bull of My Mother.

Figure 15: Two thousand years ago the Bull of My Mother was put down as Perseus rode through the labyrinth of the Minotaur when Mithras conjured a New World Order, and lost all intuition in the process.

Figure 16: After we become humbled by success, we learn that Great Men are just Bull Slayers who desire to ride a Sacred Cow. Great Men learn how to use their instincts without letting their instincts use them to unbalance their desire for greatness.

Figure 17: The Extraterrestrial Forces (ETFs) have always been with us. It is just that we tend to rationalize each ETF in order to maintain our sanity. The result of maintaining sanity is a loss of imagination. The result of a loss of imagination is frozen perspective. The purpose of obtaining a frozen perspective it to get to the place where hell freezes over. The purpose of freezing the trap door to hell is to bake the recalcitrant mind that walks with a tail between the legs of a Cocky Man. When the Queen of Sheba has finished her test, the Cocky Man is a Humble Lamb walking behind a Body of Light. Reoriented by the humbling ETF of great accomplishments, Solomon is set free to follow his instincts without running into a wall every time he imagines things that are yet to be.

Figure 18: Clearly, a man without imagination is a man in need of a dream. The rational tyranny of all men is that they believe their dreams are physical reality. Rational men cannot tell the difference between visions of the head and visions of the heart, because rational men follow Socrates and are at war with their hearts. Putting the ponderings of a woman under a veil is what Aryan Mentality is all about. It is anti-Columbia, and it is anti-Life. The 60,000 years of death are now ended because the Day of Judgment has passed. It is time to return to the womb of the 72 Virgins, and let the Eighth King proceed to perdition. It is time that Three become One, again. If this message does not under stand the Lamb, then the men of Nineveh will rise up and judge this generation, again. What you see is what you get. So, choose life, or place a burqa on your intuition. Islam has judged, and now the judgment comes to Islam. The Magnificent 19 have spoken, yet, Columbia will have the last word, for she spoke before man began to stretch the cord.

Figure 19: Clearly, a woman with imagination is a man in a dreamtime.
But, woe unto any man who believes she knows not what she knows without man.

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