Cosmic Birth Canal
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You asked: Could you explain to me why the Pleiades/Pisces Chi-1Psa3/Cygnus to Aquila is a birth canal? Do you mean that all ETs are coming from this region of our night sky?

The Milky Way has two visible regions on either side of the central bulge, as seen from the solar system. The bulge is the cosmic womb, and it has substantial naked eye color. Going west (clockwise) from the bulge the Milky Way passes under Virgo through Argo to Auriga. At Auriga there is an Opening in the Sea of Reeds. Then above Perseus the Milky Way picks up again and thickens the further west we travel back to the central bulge.

If we start at the Opening in the Sea of Reeds and go either way the Milky Way gives the impression of a caiman or crocodile half submerged in a pool of water. Just before the bulge both branches have "open mouths," as if they were consuming the Frog in the bulge. The smaller crocodile is the female, while the larger is the male. This is a simple association with earthly experience. However, the mouth of the female crocodile has a Swan, an Eagle, and a Fox in it. Additionally, on the back of the eagle, Aquila, there is a man-child, Antinous, Etana, Zeus, Horus, Quetzalcoatl, etc. The child carries a flail and wears a crown. This man-child is the resurrected First Father (king) in traditions all around the world, and dating on the record at least as far back as the Saraswati civilization in India, over 8,000 years ago, with archeological evidence that the Australian Aborigines and the Pacific Peoples of Melanesia trace the stories back 30-60,000 years. Since the female crocodile has the man-child and the other creatures, she is carrying her children in her mouth. Deep in the mother's mouth at the most secure place in all the river is Cygnus. In the middle of her mouth there is a dark region where cosmic dust blocks that light and caused the Incas to wonder, "Why is the fox's tail black?" The following image reveals the winter solstice of 2012, and shows why the Maya say First Father will come out of the mouth of First Mother.

The Pleiades is the location where the two crocodile tails meet, and the Pleiades represent the attachment of the embryonic child. The legend of Quetzalcoatl is that of a caiman, a serpent, and eagle, and a restored First Father. The Maya Popol Vuh is the best place to find a drawing of the birth canal. But, the mouth of Tauret, the Egyptian goddess of material birth, is shaped like the mouth of the female crocodile in the Milky Way.

We are all raised with images from the past. Some are consciously taught. Others are passed on unconsciously in fairy tales and scriptures. Still others are passed on in the Jungian archetypes of the collective unconscious mind, for which the only evidence of their genesis is the equivalent images recovered during psycho analysis of many different people. Those archetypes that can be recovered with sufficient imagery that are taken from memories of the sky can be fully restored when we make the dot-to-dot connection "as above, so below." Carl Jung did a lot of work on the human archetypes, but he never connected a single dot in the sky. The mundane and sacred sciences of his day placed taboos on such drawings as Graven Images. This during a time when ancestors were considered to be superstitious. The truth is that we have weak imaginations because we are bound by technology and scientific rationalizations. The passage from the Seven Sisters to the Northern Crown releases the Wall of the Ruler that an overly rational mind sets up as a barrier to consciousness. This wall keeps psychoanalysts very busy.

Today we are narrow minded technocrats. We think in terms we learn consciously in school, such as Frank's gravity vector toward Cygnus, or Alan Guth's expanding universe, and we project our conscious experience to the stars as a means to communicate. But, before modern technology the ancients projected their conscious experiences, as well. Here we see Quetzalcoatl coming out of First Mother's mouth with some "advanced technology" looking deceptively like a flashlight. The idea is that of a flashlight, but there is no evidence that the Maya had accomplished such technology, just that they had the intelligence to imagine its usefulness for "seeing in the dark." That is how we came to have so many myths. The Greeks were masters of myth, and they were the best celestial librarians. However, they failed to keep the "sacred order" and turned the sky into a Hollywood production. Socrates screamed, "Fowl!," as in bird brain, and they gave him a hemlock cocktail for his ranting condition. The cocktail stopped his ranting condition in the flesh, but Western Civilization never forgave the doctors of the ancient sacred science, and his rant continues. So, when I say that the female branch is the "birth canal" I am relaying the fact that our ancestors saw many births (gods, ET's, etc.) through the female branch. The male branch did not give birth. However, the legends all reveal that Father Sky myths rule in the Arc of Creation which is the male branch from Ophiuchus to Gemini along the great ark with a dove flying from its bow sprit with twigs of a tree in its mouth. We see the Arc of the Creation, and Noah's Ark when we look "up" toward Olympus and Zion.

My interpretations of the crop circles relate the ancient view. Thus, if we see something and it correlates with the ancient myths with respect to a celestial region, then we are being contacted by an extraterrestrial force (ETF) in the same way as the ancients. After several thousand years the cosmos develops a personality where the celestial regions will "speak with a local voice." If you have ever owned a car for a long time, then you know the experience of a car with personality. It becomes difficult to separate our experiences from the "car's spirit." And if the car has strong memories attached to it, we treat it like it was an Old Friend. People who know the stars by name have Old People traveling on the Way of the Dead speaking to them all the time. At first glance it is spooky, not because the sky is a threat, but because we question our sanity. Eventually we accept our insanity and the "ghosts" disappear as the eyes of the "gods" and the "Old People" begin to dance in the sky. That is when it becomes a Hollywood Production of astronomical magnitude. It is also the signal that a flood of Biblical proportions is coming.

At any rate, whether the current encounter is a birth or not, is still open. But, if it is another birthing event based upon some 17,000-60,000 years of myths, then I asked, "What is coming?" As far as the sky is concerned, the Age of Pisces needs to be born. It was aborted when the Romans rejected the New Age vision of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra at the Temple to Hathor. The ancients all believed that the End of the World would occur in Pisces when the vernal sun fell farthest from the galactic plane. According to the Egyptians, and the last living Son of Ra was a first born son of Julius Caesar, once the vernal sun began to rise, the "midnight" and "winter solstice" point in the journey of the sun would be passed and a New Day would begin as Osiris "opened his mouth." In the midst of the Arc of the Covenant under the female side of the galactic cloud between Taurus and Sagittarius is the Bottomless Pit where life ends with death. This is the flight path of Isis, who brought Osiris back from the dead. This is a magical journey where terrestrial consciousness is remerged with celestial awareness of extraterrestrial forces. In the midst of the arc a tree grows like a pillar on the top of which sit a queen and king, and at the bottom a fallen man with a woojoo stick in his hand receives life giving waters at the mouth of the fish, Fomalhaut.

All of this is happening now. As far as human experience is concerned, this is the most famous birth ever anticipated by humanity. The birth is illustrated in nearly every great culture known to man that has any correlation to the heavens. So, if we pass through these birth times and ignore the 1st of Pisces, then our age would have been a "cosmic abortion." Those of us who can relate to "old cars" are also sensitive to the "Old People" and their posthumous apprehension that humanity has totally forgotten them and their visions of the heavens they desired to share with us. Those of us who can relate to Zeus and the gods, say, "Duck and cover!"

The Hellenistic Age that gave birth to the Roman gods was the last age when humans watched the celestial productions with an ear for the voice of the heavens. When they reverted to the earth centered heresy of Aristotle and Claudius Ptolemy, the mystery of "as above, so below" was trashed, as Socrates took his revenge. Since then, the heavenly aspirations have all become covert. We tell the same stories, but deny the stars from which they came. We "know" that humans are the only intelligent beings in existence. But, a few people keep looking and listening to the "silent stars" in the hope, or curiosity, that we have intelligent neighbors. Rest assured, the Old People had more neighbors than they could count. And they could not count on many of them. It was these demons, jinni, devils, and omens, that were erased out of fear. In other words, when the vernal equinox passed the Chi-1Psi3 grouping in Pisces, doubt began to rule the visions of the heavens. The effect was to close all the eyes of the gods. The dreamtimes ended precisely on the schedule written in the stars. The phallus of Osiris had been swallowed by a fish.
If we want to learn history, we pick up a book and read it. That is where Osiris went, a Kingdom of Byblos, i.e., books. Before books people used to lay out under the stars and read the oral traditions that had been handed down for tens of thousands of years. Each star gave an "eye of a spirit" recorded in the oral traditions. Thus, seeing the Pleiades, Chi-1Psi3 Pisces, Cygnus, Aquila, or the child in swaddling cloths, would be reminders of stories they hadn't told for some time. The stars would open the eyes of the story tellers, and the children would listen as if the stars were the "eyes of gods." And if the story teller forgot the lines, he/she simply had to look back at the stars and his eyes would be opened to the Fables of the Ancients.

This kind of vision irks modern scientific souls because we teach that star stories are lies, and this sends technocratic souls flying off to some adjacent star in vehicles they have yet to imagine. We tell the children that authors of books created the stories out of their imaginations. But, that is the lie. They did not imagine the stars, they imagined intelligence coming from the heavens through the embroidery in the dot-to-dot tapestry, precisely as you found in the crop circles of Wiltshire. So, if someone wants to believe that spaceships are coming with high technology extraterrestrial force fields, there is no difference between today and yesterday. Look back at Quetzalcoatl's "flashlight.

Only the vehicles of space travel have changed. The actions in the sky appear to remain the same. If this is true, the ramifications are so profound that all the stars in the expanding universe of Alan Guth could not contain the wisdom therein. Why is the Pleiades to Aquila region the cosmic birth canal? The stars said so, that's why. Think about it. We see spaceships coming where the ancients saw sun boats coming. We expect Aquarius to bring a New Age. The Great Pyramids of Egypt mark the time when Osiris will be born again as Horus in the New Cycle of the Ages as Hapi (Aquarius) restores Geb (Sculptor) to the throne room of Nut (Virgo). What goes around comes around, whether we pay attention or not. It is easier to build a field of pyramids on earth than it is to put a Hubble Space Telescope in orbit around the earth. But, a thousand years after the Hubble Space Telescope has gone blind and been consumed by the atmosphere, the Great Pyramids will be communicating with the extraterrestrial intelligence in the stars. And children who have forgotten the stories of the Old People, as they always do, will tell the same stories in their own way. They will sing proudly, "I did it my way!" The tapestry of the dot-to-dot embroidery represents the ultimate proof that there are connections to extraterrestrial intelligence in the cosmos. Some have yet to reach earth, others have come and gone many times. At Ch-1Psi3 in Pisces, the Old People said that doubt would take us down until the "Sun Began to Rise." But, after the Sun Begins to Rise, the Old King will pass the Fountain of Youth and ride a flying horse to the Swan Song at the Eagle's Nest.

Need a flashlight?

The ancients carried an eternal flame.


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