Wild Thing, You Know I Love, You Are the Key
1) Stardust Spacecraft uses The Key Crop Circle to catch a falling star.
2) What does it mean? Siloam.net objectives explained to YOWUSA.
3) Spirit arrives on Mar and watches the rising of the Glory of the Lord.

4) Spirit of Zeus submits to Leda's satisfaction at the Spirit of Mars.



Andromeda's Knuckle Ball is Seshat's Magic Wand. NASA has proven it!

NASA's Knuckle Ball! The Cave of the Graeae is at Stardust_JPL_NASA.
Comet Wild 2, as seen from Stardust's navigation camera. The image on the right depicts Wild 2 with respect to three stars the spacecraft used for navigation. The image on the left is an enlargement of the region surrounding the comet.

True goals always appear as fuzzy lights amidst familiar surroundings. When we understand the surroundings of our goals, we arrive at the Promised Land. But, first we must catch the falling star which is a goal and put it in our pocket.

Gathering Star Dust

Approaching a Comet called Wild.

Looking down on the solar system according to NASA.

Looking down on the solar system according to Siloam.net and The Sky 5.

Why does the heel of Ophiuchus have a cut on it, precisely where Wild sits?
Is this Heaven's Achilles heel?

Uh oh! We have seen this sign before!

In this sign you shall conquer!

Shades of Babylon!

He? Or She?

This is his world, at her Gateway.

This is her world at his Gateway.

The nadir is at the Well of the Shepherd, where a man with a sword cuts through the Sea of Reeds.

Father Love

Note the bull and the goat in the wall decoration at the Ganymedes site. The implication is clear, Perseus, Andromeda, Sculptor, Aquarius, Antinous, Cassiopeia and Cepheus, are all aspects of Zeus. The transition from Greek Mythology to Christian Mythology simply removes the sexuality (homo or hetero) from the story of the Benevolent God, and because the Inn of the Twelve Stars of the zodiac were taken, there was no room for the child at the inn. The wall decoration leaves no doubt that Ganymedes, Zeus, and the Eagle are above the region of Taurus to Capricorn. Thus, as cup bearer, Ganymedes is Aquarius. As sacrificial son, he is Andromeda. As resurrected son, he is Antinous on the wings of Aquila. But, the affair between Zeus and Ganymedes is not homosexual, though it is homophile in the sense of the compassionate love of man for son. Ganymedes is the source of compassion in a rational lord who senses himself in the dreams of youth. This emotion is the life giving waters that Ganymedes pours from the cup of the gods onto the bull head, as Perseus.

Zeus is fully unrobed here.

This is where a Boy becomes a Man.

On Jan. 2 at 11:40:35 am PST, the 5.4-kilometer-wide (3.3-mile) comet will sailed past the 5-meter-long (16-foot) Stardust spacecraft at a distance of about 300 kilometers (186 miles) and at a relative speed of 21,960 kilometers per hour (13,650 miles per hour). The plan is thus because Stardust is a sample return mission.

This is the year mankind went to a comet and headed back to Earth.
It is a good metaphor for life. Wild beyond belief!
Yet, it is an answer to a Collective Prayer conceived more than 60,000 years ago.

2004 is the year of the 1st Coming of the Venus Transit.
It is the year of Love and Light. Judgment Day has come and gone.
The Age of Pisces is now Truth Born in the heavens.


What does it mean?
1) Stardust Spacecraft uses The Key Crop Circle to catch a falling star.
2) What does it mean? Siloam.net objectives explained to YOWUSA.
3) Spirit arrives on Mars and watches the rising of the Glory of the Lord.

4) Spirit of Zeus submits to Leda's satisfaction at the Spirit of Mars.

The connection to the stars Chi-1Psi3 Pisces came about through interfacing with Crop Circle Researchers at the Your Own World USA SIG Message Board: Crop Circles: Pisces Crop Cir Connection. The difficulty of interfacing with people who have no idea about stars and the messages written the stars leads to great frustration. Since the fall of the Roman Empire the Western World has essentially erased its great heritage of celestial wisdom. As a result, anyone who has done any significant research appears as a wizard or a prophet of some sorcery of sacred science. This results in fear filled reactions for many reasons, all of which are not relevant. However, one beneficial aspect of the interface, beyond the profound interface with the Spirit in the Heavens that came through YOWUSA was a synopsis of Siloam.net objectives. This information is apparent throughout the home site at www.siloam.net. But, for outsiders the site can be too overwhelming and they tend to simply rant and rave about lack of explanations. So, to keep the peace after finishing with the  Pisces Crop Cir Connection group, a quick summary was prepared to begin an explanation of the meaning of the Stardust Starsite used to find and intercept Comet Wild 2. The following interchange provides the "simplified" explanation. Images have been added in this presentation that could not have been added to the original post.

YOWUSA is a membership board with an entrance porch where the dialogs on the Chi-1Psi3 Pisces star pattern can be reviewed. Most of the information pertinent to Siloam.net and the Dance of the Gods has been compiled and linked at Siloam.net.

Notes in square brackets [Note: ] are added here for clarification, and links are provided here that were not provided at YOWUSA.

Your Own World USA SIG Message Board: Crop Circles: Pisces Crop Cir Connection

Posted by Marshall Masters on Saturday, January 03, 2004 - 02:12 pm:

Hi Rush:

Genius as well as insight can only be recognized when it is understood.

You've gone to great length to tell everyone they are blind even as they strain to hear you.

As a communicator, it is your responsibility to make yourself understood. All I'm seeing is that you're angry about that and instead of making the effort to be understood, you keep on pissing and moaning like a 5-year old who wants free access to the cookie jar.

People are still listening here, which is something you're not going to find many other places.

Make is simple. Make it cogent. Break it down so that people can follow what you're saying. But please, enough of your endless pissing and moaning.


Your Own World USA SIG Message Board: Crop Circles: Pisces Crop Cir Connection

Posted to YOWUSA on Sunday, January 04, 2004 - 06:11 am:      


You know that the universe cannot be put in the box of a human mind. But, for the sake of your thread and its archives, here is the simple answer. Or, at least it is as simple as I can make it. Ninety-nine point nine percent of the story will be of no value to anyone on this thread. But, you asked. And rather than simply drop the request and leave the thread hanging with wonder over whether I was driven away by your anger at my inability to explain, I will provide the facts of my search and leave out the details of what was found. The details have to do with proving that religion is more valid than science, and faith is more powerful than knowledge. That is taboo in our modern world, and I wish not to offend those who have such convictions.

In September 1997 I went to a symposium in Washington, D.C. called "The Return to the Source" symposium. At the symposium I learned that Osiris was about to open his mouth and speak after some two to five thousand years of silence. It was an awesome concept. But, I had finished the Book of the Dead a year or two earlier, and I was fully versed in the placements of the stars from prior work on the Denderah Zodiac
. . So, I looked into it, and by November 1997, it was clear that the time had come to fulfill what the ancients had said would be fulfilled. 1997 was the last year of the falling Sun, and Osiris had carried the Sun during it final hour, precisely as described in the Book of the Dead.

To mark the occasion I set up a web site called Chimney97 and published the booklet Yes, Virginia, Santa Claus is Coming Tonight. I went so far as to pay for advertisement in Sky and Telescope Magazine. At first S&T was willing to let me advertise, but some rationalizing editor got wind of the advertisement, and decided they would not have anything to do with Santa Claus and the stars; supposedly for scientific reasons. I even had the people who I paid $1300 to set up a web site curse me because of the "celestial nonsense." But, under these adversities I managed to set up Siloam.net on my own, and provided Yes, Virginia for Internet purchase. I did not sell a single copy for over four years. When a buyer finally came along, the site was no longer functional and I had to give away the only copy purchased on the Internet. I did manage to sell about 75 copies to people who had been to the Symposium and other special interests. The lesson learned from this experience was simple. People are not interested in ancient fables about the stars. But, it goes deeper, people are fundamentally afraid of star stories that carry all their beloved myths back up to the heavens. I won't go into why, but the words "Hello People" should be sufficient.
[Note: "Hello People" refers to an insensitive YOWUSA post criticizing discussion of Biblical texts as the activity of heretical fools.]

I had performed an in depth analysis of the Denderah Zodiac and discovered that it represented the Hellenistic celestial version of the most popular book published in the last 2000 years
[Note: Bible references were forbidden on YOWUSA.] With the Denderah code in hand I then set out to test the code to determine if there was any empirical relationship to the presentation that could be verified. What must be understood is that the Hellenistic People talked to the stars in a two way conversation. So, for now, just assume that they did it, and that the stars responded. It should not be a stretch to believe that they thought the stars responded, and that is all I ask. If there was any reality to the conversations, then it should be scientifically possible to test the allegories with planetarium programs. This was done in several dozen ways in 1996-1997. The longest presentation was an analysis of the Mars Pathfinder Lander Mission of July 4, 1997. The timing of the Pathfinder Lander events with the Denderah metaphors was stupefying. So much so, that I had to put the project down for six months just because it was too unsettling a revelation. "Hello People"

I continued the testing and compiling of evidence and "publishing" the results at Siloam.net. The idea behind the publishing was two fold. First, it forced me to present the information in a way that could be tested by others. This additional rigor was necessary to achieve scholarly results and to force the discipline necessary to get sufficient details. On a scientific basis, the calendar on the Denderah Zodiac has been correlated directly to historical events on earth, and celestial events in the heavens with an accuracy that proves that the temple builders knew the length of the precession of the equinoxes to an incredibly precise value. Hipparchos was given credit for the precessional science, but he was not accurate to two significant figures (10%). The Denderah stone is not only accurate to better than two years per 26,000, but it is laid out in the temple in such manner that it reveals the whole code of the Hellenistic Sacred Science, which was its purpose. This is equivalent to NASA today. Practically no one understands how spaceships function, but NASA still gets them to do so. The temple was a government project, just like the Space Shuttle and other projects today. Like any high science, the general public does not comprehend what the scientists do. The difference for the ancients was that science was considered a sacred form of wisdom. Sancta Sophia was her name, but Mona Lisa was her spirit. They were testing the Queen of Sheba to see if she would tell them her secrets. For, they knew it is not nice to fool with Mother Nature.
[Note: Material science was part of divine science until the end of the Roman Empire. One studies the creation as a means to understanding the mind of the Creator.]

I then went to other monuments around the world and throughout history with the same objective. I was calibrating the monuments to determine what sacred science was encoded in their designs. The result was astounding, for it showed beyond reasonable doubt that all ancient cultures of any significance had astoundingly accurate calendars and time codes written within their monuments and their scriptures. Common sense would subsequently reveal the obvious conclusion that they only had stars to tell time with, so it should not be a surprise that they strived to tell time perfectly using the stars. When you use stars to set your metronome, cosmic synchronicity always results, and cosmic consciousness becomes the Rapture of Heaven Above.

On July 17, 2001, I was aware that an occultation of Venus was going to occur at high noon in Southern California. So, I made it a point to be outside where I could see the moon and witness the occultation. As it turned out, my business kept me inside until after the occultation was nearly over. But, when I went to a Boston Market restaurant for lunch that day I laid on a bench outside and looked straight up. Being daylight savings time the Sun was to the east of the meridian and the crescent Moon was just off the west side of the meridian. I looked, and I saw Venus at the moment it appeared from behind the dark side of the moon. The star said, "Rush, here I am." I called my wife and asked her to go outside and lay on a lawn chair and see if she could see it. She was on a cell phone describing the crescent and the star within a matter of minutes, and it was just before noon PDT.

I was not savvy enough to understand what the crescent and star were telling me. But, on September 11, 2001, it became crystal clear that Osiris was speaking, and it was Judgment Day. I analyzed every major occurrence related to the resulting War between the Islamic West and the Christian West over the Jewish West. The number of readings that depicted Judgment Day was overwhelming. And it is not a matter of subjective evaluation. Like the Solar Eclipse of December 23, 2003, the Judgment Hall of Libra and the circumcision of the Great Red Dragon were paramount. If you look into the published works
[Note: At  www.siloam.net.] you will quickly realize that the total volume of events since September 11, 2001, is staggering.

In 2002, there was evidence that we were passing beyond Judgment Day, but that there was still much trauma to be expected. Then on February 1, 2003, the first day of the Year of the Goat, the Space Shuttle Columbia crashed with the only Israeli to ever fly an STS mission. The patch of the Columbia crew had an image of sunrise in Palestine. It was a clear message that this Son was rising above the Promised Land. Then, Space Shuttle Columbia landed in Palestine, Texas. Sometimes it is simply not a good idea to present dreams without giving the full details of the outcome for Mother Nature's Benefit.

The Iraqi Freedom operations came, and the world was literally shocked to see how efficient the US Military Machinery was. For the first time in history, a nation was conquered without devastating the civilian population. We cry about the subsequent losses of military personnel on a weekly basis. But, the strategy chosen was the most bloodless conquest of Mesopotamia in history, even if we count the losses of the Iraqi troops. In the midst of the three week war, a captured daughter is rescued and sent home to Palestine, West Virginia, as if Columbia, the goddess of America whose name was given to the Space Shuttle, knew what would heal a hurting nation.

On September 11, 2003, an asteroid called 3200 Phaeton passed perihelion and then left the ecliptic and shot straight through the outstretched hand of Virgo. It passed through the groin of Bootes and Hercules, and cut the neck of the Swan on the way to the Great Square. All of these are major constellations in the Fables of the Ancients at the time of the Hellenistic Age, when democracy received it first great defeat at the hands of Persian Astrologers called the Mithrasian Mysteries. The path of 3200 Phaeton implied a great circumcision was in process.

As the year was closing, there were record breaking fires in California, and then the modern Nebuchadnezzar was pulled from a spider hole. Then an earthquake in California followed the devastating fires and preceded by three days one of the most deadly earthquakes in recent memory in, of all places, Bam, Iran, where the last great citadel of the Hellenistic Age had been preserved for 2000 years. The devastations of California by fire, and of Bam by earthquake were a direct result of governments ignoring Mother Nature. The governments could have acted sensibly and avoided the destruction of 3,000 homes in California and 30,000 lives in Bam. But, neither government was paying attention to their senses, for they had laws and creeds to guide them. Remember the knuckle ball the next time such disasters are due, and do not fail to prepare for change.

At the moment of the earthquake in Bam, I had discovered that the most precise alignment of all the planets to one side of the Sun occurred in 1307 when ancient Islam had been destroyed by the Mongols, and the string of planets pointed directly at the beam in the balance of Libra. We know from the historical records that the Mesopotamians had a very difficult time breaking the astrological bondage of the Assyrians and Zoroastrians, and then in their infancy they were massacred to the tune of 16 million souls by the astrologers of the Mongols. But, the greatest celestial science (astronomy) up to that time was that performed by the original Islamic movement in medieval Baghdad that gave us most of the names of the stars. It was at that time that the Dome of the Rock was built in Jerusalem precisely where the axis of the galaxy passed every day. There is no possibility that the celestial scientists of the Middle East did not comprehend the importance of that alignment. The northern axis of the galaxy carries the celestial house of Seventh Heaven in the Land of 72 Virgins, which could only be reached by a successful test on Judgment Day.

During the final three months of 2003, I was informed of some crop circle researchers who had tied a crop circle formation into the constellation of Pisces. So, with an eye on the Denderah Zodiac, and several dozen other cultures, I came to see what the wise crop circle researchers had found. Then, the magic circles began to perform. Before I knew what had happened, I was delivered the wall painting of the Cave of the Graeae and the portrait of La Gioconda by Da Vinci. The crop circles proved to be the ultimate message after ten years of intensive searching for celestial meaning in the ancient mind of man.

The words posted at YOWUSA, "Is this the key?" echoed a statement recorded in many ways by many cultures, including the Egyptians, Da Vinci, the Israelites, the Greeks, and many more. The message said that the key to understanding was to let go of personal convictions. It did not say quit identifying with one's self. It said let go of the personal bondage that crucifies the soul.

I was truly overwhelmed, I let go and Parousia came again, as it had come many times before. I knew that the Crop Circle was meant to be a key, not for the crop circle researchers, for they clearly had not received the message. But, it was a message meant directly for me and the half dozen or so other researchers who have been following this trail over the last six to ten years. So, when I told them what the Stardust Spaceship had seen while looking for a comet called Wild, they knew immediately that the search had ended. We were all free from the searching. We had taken the string Ariadne left in the labyrinth of the Minotaur, and it had led us directly to the place where mankind caught a falling star for the first time in a Star's History. It was a moment of incredible beauty. A knuckle dragger had launched a dream 60,000 years ago, and with the aid of a small group of helpers we had witnessed the Fables of the Ancients being fulfilled with perfection in allegory and scientific accomplishment. That was the goal set when the research began. We had found celestial meaning in the ancient mind of man.

That is all that happened. Nothing less. Nothing more. A Sentient Universe asked a biomass on a lightless star to produce a Cosmically Conscious Son capable of dancing with a comet. Try with all your might to comprehend the probability of any organism reaching out to catch a comet in orbit. Then reach deep down inside the Cosmic Womb and consider the fact that the last message used to find the comet was the very same message written on a Tree of Life in an Egyptian temple thousands of years earlier, and painted on the wall of a convent in Northern Italy by a man who could only dream of flying machines. There is no way I can put that vision into words. But, anyone who chooses can see it with me. The words are irrelevant. It happened. All we need do is say, "Wow!" Then we can share in the Parousia of the Aborigine, Magdalenians, Egyptians, Greeks, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Maya, Mormons, etc., etc., etc. . . .

If you want the details of this adventure go outside and find the Chimney where the Greeks dropped from when they conquered Troy. Then start to connect the dots for yourself. Or, go see what we found and find more for yourself.

An imagination is a terrible thing to waste in a rational mind filled with personal convictions. But, that is precisely what we are asking our children to do every time we tell them to stop dreaming and pay attention to our books. By the time our children have graduated from grammar school, they have learned that an imagination is a terrible thing to have happen to them. Imagination is indoctrinated into the children as insanity to the godless, and graven images to the faithful. This is the Matrix!

That is what I tried to say to a niece in Yes, Virginia back in 1997. But, the rational world said, "It isn't so." And they are right. For, there is no Santa Claus, no Mona Lisa, no Cave of the Graeae. These are all fantasy spirits we encounter when we fly through the Gateway of Gods on the wings of an eagle and the back of a serpent. It is far safer to take the chariot of fire through the Gateway of Men and leave our sons and daughters behind as we venture into a dream of our own making. In a dream of our own making, we can erase the beasts we do not choose, and decorate the wheeled cart that rules our Sun. Your Own World is where the Crop Circle was revealed, not by chance, but by intuitive metaphor and practice, and a sprinkling of stardust captured by a machine chasing a comet.

Details of this journey through the halls of human archetypes are available at the home page of Siloam.net. For now, I bid you all a very fond adieu. You have given me a treasure no other has ever given me before. You have allowed me to let go. Thank you, and enjoy the rest of your journeys. Keep on looking up, and one day when you least expect it a star will say to, "Hello People, here I am."

In the meantime, consider the possibility if all religions came to one understanding regarding the origins of their personal convictions. If every religion knew the path of truth of the other, would they fight, or would an age of empathetic compassion sweep the world. And what was that Age called by the ancients over 5,000 years ago. This is the dawning of the Age of Aq.......

Sincere love and light to you all.

Thanks for the memories,


January 4, 2004 Spirit Lands On Mars and Sends Postcards
1) Stardust Spacecraft uses The Key Crop Circle to catch a falling star.
2) What does it mean? Siloam.net objectives explained to YOWUSA.
3) Spirit arrives on Mar and watches the rising of the Glory of the Lord.

4) Spirit of Zeus submits to Leda's satisfaction at the Spirit of Mars.

The next morning I received the first image of the Mars vehicle, Spirit.

A traveling robotic geologist from NASA has landed on Mars and returned stunning images of the area around its landing site in Gusev Crater.

Mars Exploration Rover Spirit successfully sent a radio signal after the spacecraft had bounced and rolled for several minutes following its initial impact at 11:35 p.m. EST (8:35 p.m. Pacific Standard Time) on January 3.

"This is a big night for NASA," said NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe. "We're back. I am very, very proud of this team, and we're on Mars."

This is Gusev Crater showing the landing ellipse for Mars Spirit.

This is the zenith location of landing site of Mars Rover Spirit. At the tail of the Great Red Dragon.

The nadir location was in Elijah's Chariot at the Gateway of Men.

Looking south we see the Sun Boat at the horizon, with the Feather of Truth resting at the top soil of Mars.

To the west is the image of Seventh Heaven where the Heavenly Couple come to the Martian Soil,

On the northern horizon Quetzalcoatl carries the Swan. Satisfaction has come to Mars.

On the eastern horizon the Sign of Jonah says, "Well done earthlings!"

The Phoenix has risen on Mars, once again.

A man held sacred on Earth by the name Earth and Geb stands on the Martian horizon with the Phoenix.

As he rose from the soils of the Red Planet, the Glory of the Lord shown round about.

In less than 48 hours, man caught a falling star and placed an unmanned geologist on a neighboring planet. These accomplishments are over shadowed by the incredible lack of comprehension implied by the rock headed impressions at Chi-1Psi3 Pisces regarding the four principle Cosmic Perspectives of Western Civilization. We can travel throughout the solar system, but we cannot travel from nation to nation without the fear of a Jihad of terror. If we simply took the time to listen to the stars, it would be clear that the terror on earth is a direct result of the irrational rationalizations of man. The stars claim that it is time to rise from the dead. But, be assured that the stars have never been wrong. If they say a year of Love and Light is ahead, we will not be able to stop Heaven and Earth from completing their rounds.

The broad view when looking north at the Spirit of Mars landing site.

Heaven and Earth may pass away, but my Word will be with you always..

The view of True North when looking north at the Spirit of Mars landing site.

1) Stardust Spacecraft uses The Key Crop Circle to catch a falling star.
2) What does it mean? Siloam.net objectives explained to YOWUSA.
3) Spirit arrives on Mars and watches the rising of the Glory of the Lord.

4) Spirit of Zeus submits to Leda's satisfaction at the Spirit of Mars.

Judgment Hall in the Solar System

Gateways of Men and Gods

The Curious Tale of Asteroid Hermes  and  Iphigenia in Tauris by Euripides

UPDATE 1 10/25/03 Pre-Game LA Fire Storm

UPDATE 2 10/25/03 Post Game

Play Ball!


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