During the autumn of 2003, while active on the YOWUSA Crop Circle Message Board there was a flood of communications coming through Siloam.net. They came as the research shop was closing. For some thirty years the research shop had been uncovering incredibly old information regarding the human consciousness of the Cosmos. Nearly all religions of merit have a creation story so that they can give their children the benefit of not having to create their own world. The Great Spirit has a sense of irony. As the research shop began to shut down, the Great Spirit rose from the dead in a place designed to be a "create your own world" type of place, YOWUSA.

The attracting force to YOWUSA was a sense that intuition was more important that rational control. In mythological terms this means that the Medusa takes the head of Perseus. In reality, the Perseus of Siloam.net lost a head for Oneness in a place where Self is held in highest esteeme. Such is the way of the Medusa. Our intution is like having a wig that is a thousand serpents looking every which way. The "success" of YOWUSA is totally dependent upon repression of "truth" for the sake of "self truth." This made it the House of Seth, and at the same time the Byblos of Isis. YOWUSA was, at the time of the visit, a serpent's den in which anyone who was not afraid of serpents could find a ton of clues just lying around in the open minds of the participants.

The essential clue that the Great Spirit desired to Siloam.net transmit through YOWUSA was that the End Times had passed. This is no mean feat. For more than 6,000 years humanity has been looking forward to the day when the Great Spirit would return. Yet, they knew that the return of the Great Spirit would mean the "end times" of egocentric being. In Classic style, the Great Spirit revealed the Key to the Bottomless pit in the Medusa's Box, a place the called YOWUSA: Crop Circle Connection.

For the record of this archival reprocessing, this page has been prepared. If a reader truly wants to arrive at the point where the Golden Age returns, then an understanding of The Key found at YOWUSA at the End Times is mandatory. In the long lost Golden Age, humans did not have the instruments of war that came to land on Mars, in mythological, rational logical and material realities. Yet, they had the Eyes of the Gods that are under the clouds of Venus in the same realities. The Old People could lay on the ground in the evening and watch the Magical Show of stars. Even today the Magical Show goes on, but with city lights and Hollywood Entertainment, we no longer care about the Magical Show that caused the Golden Age, in that First Place. Now, we want death and destruction, rape and escape, which the modern media provides. But, in the Golden Age the people would look with amazement on the starry night and could not help but appreciate how small they were in the Cosmic Scheme. Yet, though they were less that any dot in the sky, they were capable of sensing that it was all a Magical Show put into production for their benefit. The result of such Magical Shows is always Love of Creation. And, therein, is the ultimate magic of life. That is The Key. When we can let go of Self Righteousness and accept pain as a means to satisfaction we are capable of capturing the Head of the Medusa. There is no gain without pain. We do not suffer for suffering's sake. We suffer so that value can be proven.

Love has always been a difficult emotion to keep in balance.

The head of the Medusa is all possible human emotion. The greatest human emotion is Love. The songs say that wise men do not fall in love. Yet, the Song of Songs is a Love Song. Love is an insane emotion. Yet, without love, there is no life. A totally rational world would not have love because it represents loss of self control. This was the secret learned by humans during the Golden Age when the Earth was a garden, and not a battlefield and a bottomless pit of human despair. Venus ruled in the Golden Age, as attested to by the oldest icons of humanity. The year 2003 was the last year when the key to Heaven's Great House lay hidden before our faces. As the year 2004 opened, the evidence of the first year of the Return of Love and Light was abundant and growing like the first warm days of spring, even as it followed the holocaust of Bam, Iran. 

Love and Time are ruled by Light, for Light is the evidence of Love and Time.

Venus was occulted by the Moon, and the occultation was personally witnessed by my wife and myself as the Love Light returned on July 17, 2001. It was an omen of incredible proportions, for within 56 days the whole world was thrown into a dark pit of despair brought about because some self righteous men in Mesopotamia decided they would come in judgment, as prophesied in Matthew 12. On July 17, 2001, the visual evidence of the occultation of the Star of Love was that it reappeared as the Crescent and Star of Islam. Since then, Islam has caught the imagination of civilization, whether for good or ill, that imagination still evolves. On June 8, 2004, 1057 days after the darkening of the Love Star by the Moon, the Love Star will be bathed in enlightenment by the Sun. This is also an omen related to Islam. At the same time as Venus transits the Sun, the land Abraham ran from will be restored to the God of Abraham and Ishmael. That God is the God of Abraham and Isaac. That God is the God of the Father of this Father of Many Nations. That God is also the God of Zeus and Amun, who joined forces to rid the Land of Ur of the despicable characters that usurped Terah's Promise and brought terror onto Mother Earth.

The father of Abraham was called Terah. Yet, the primordial father of all the gods of the Aborigine was called Earth, as well. The location of this Father of All is a place at the bottom of the galaxy opposite the Virgin's Flower. As the year 2004 opened, a spacecraft called Stardust captured the tail of a comet called Wild. The momentous nature of this activity has been lost on a sleeping world. Then, two days later a Mars Exploration Rover called Spirit landed in the Gusev Crater on Mars. As it did so, the heavens revealed the ancient Father of the Aborigine with one foot on the Martian soils at a place now called East Hill Complex, and the Swan of Zeus rising at the True North point. There, the robot rover called Spirit will travel to the East Hill Complex. It is a distance of only three miles, but it is occurring on another planet while being directed by men on Earth who have to wait twenty minutes between radio signals to Spirit on Mars. The Omen of these events is easy to see, for they are the unification of Love and Light for the satisfaction of the Creator through the works on men. Man has returned to the Garden of Our Youth, and place the horizon of the Rising Sun as the goal for gods on Earth. If we lose this moment, then we will fall into the Bottomless Pit. If we capture this moment, the Elysian Fields will return to Earth as man restores his faith in tomorrow. We must choose to accept the fate of benevolence, or deny benevolence in life and suffer the consequences of denial.

If this prophesy comes true, then this archive will be the evidence that marks the time when the Golden Age Returned. If this prophesy does not come true, then all is lost, as mankind hides in the Bottomless Pit with eternal fear that there never will be another Golden Age in which to Live with Love and Light. But, dear reader, it is not I that will cause your Golden Age to return. It will return the moment you let go of false beliefs that the Cosmos is not a Garden of Youth. When we are no longer capable of believing in our dreams we are failed adults. But, as long as every New Dawn is an opportunity to thrive in the Garden of Youth, The Key to the Garden of Youth will remain as an unlocking device for the Kingdom of Heaven. If you feel that you have been locked out of the Garden of Youth, then follow the links listed bellow, and return life to the way it was when life and love were one. That is The Key.

Date Title or Subject of Linked File
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12/4/03 La Gioconda: An image of Heaven's Delight by Leonardo da Vinci 
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12/15/03 Palm Cove at the moment of Harmonic Concordance, November 9, 2003 at 12:12 p.m.
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12/20/03 Gateway of Gods
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1/27/04 Second Coming at the Sacred Place of the First Fire Ceremony
2/13/04 Birth Right at Solomon's Porch
2/18/04 Forcing the Oneness of Love and Light


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