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Ramesses makes a name for himself.


In his Ramesseum, the Great One's write his name;
Ramesses II (The Great).

Thus it was that the Tree of Life was assigned to the most powerful, the most gifted of sight, the most long lived Pharaoh who ever reigned. Yet, Western Civilization chose an Exodus from the land of Egypt, because she was bonded to the Tree of Life.

The dynasty of his father Seti I saved Egypt from the heresy of Akhenaten, but thirteen hundred years later, the Asiatics conquered the "Bull of My Mother," in the name of Rome and Mithras. Caesar Augustus, an adopted son of Julius Caesar, had the last Pharoah murdered, because he carried the name and genes of the true Caesar, and the lineage of Egypt. The child was Caesarean, the son of Julius and Cleopatra. To this day we describe the unnatural birth of a child by the same name, for that is how Caesar Augustus became Emperor of all the Roman World.

Another two thousand years would pass after Caesarean's death, before the sun began to rise again. These happenings were predicted in the papyrus of Nefer Rohu, a priest of Egypt before the Great Pyramid was built (circa 2450 BC). All the "Native Peoples" of the original pristine cosmic order, where Asia was Father Sky and Egypt was Mother Earth (Shu and Tefnut to Egyptians, Ouranos and Gaia to Greeks), predicted the coming of the Cosmic Father of Asia, and the putting out to pasture of the Cosmic Mother of Egypt. On Easter Island, this cosmic war was the legendary battle between the Short Ears and the Long Ears. In their rendition, the Long Ears were buried in a great ditch by the Short Ears. The return of the Long Ears was predicted by the people of Easter Island, the most remote place on earth, to begin when the sun begins to rise. This is a metaphor saying that beople who will listen will cause the sun to rise in their hearts.

How did a culture living over 2000 miles from any inhabited island know what was happening in Asia? All that is required to see the original stories written in the Ancient Sites of our Cosmic Parents, is a clear dark night when the story board of the heavens shines above the Pool of Siloam, and below the Elysian Fields. The stars do not mandate any belief, they simply keep on shining, for those who would look to the heavens, and choose what to believe.

I bid you bon voyage, with the reminder from Nefer-rohu. "Reconstruct, O my heart, thou bewailest this land in which thou didst begin! To be silent is a repression."


Prophesy of Nefer Rohu

Here is the source of the messianic prophesy of Nefer Rohu (circa. 2500 B.C.)