As this short adventure into the foundations of Stonehenge is concluded it might be worth while noting that the birth of the present Prince of Wales occurred when the zenith passed the exact celestial moment identified by Stonehenge as EXCALIBUR.

Prince of Wales has EXCALIBER credentials.
As the zenith meridian chart above shows, the recording of the birth of the present Prince of Wales occurred at the moment of EXCALIBUR. But we should also note that the actual zenith occurred under the celestial Round Table with the Queen aligned to the meridian of EXCALIBUR. So, we should expect that this Prince of Wales will be subordinated to the Queen at the Table Round for the time that she is the pillar of Camelot. Delayed gratification will be the price paid by the Prince of Wales for the coming kingdom awaiting England's Rose.

Prince  must struggle with the wolf to stay above the table.
As the Centaur struggles to keep the beast (Wolf, Lupus) from getting on the sinking Cosmic Barque at the Nadir of the Prince's birth chart, so the Prince will be destined to hold at bay his own true love as the barque moves on without him. The measures of time were at work in the Lion's mouth (Pluto) and at the location dedicated by the monument at Stonehenge (Saturn). Neptune and Venus were with the Virgin and England's Rose on the north meridian as viewed from the heavens above. Mercury (wisdom) was being born of the Virgin while the Sun (enlightenment) was in the house of the celestial son which rules with an iron hand (Libra). Mars, at the Achilles heal of the Cosmic Father and Jupiter at the firmaments of both the ecliptic and the galaxy complete a vision of difficulty in achieving the status of Ruler of the Round Table. But, by virtue of the zenith chart, it should be clear from the location of the Moon at the true 1st of Aries and Uranus at the intersection of the firmaments of ecliptic and galaxy, that the reflection on EXCALIBUR will not be denied, and this Prince of Wales will keep the way of the Cosmic Barque. These are charts of destiny designed before Stonehenge was a dream in the mind's of men, to be carried out by a king whose duty it is to usher in a new Platonic Year.

Delayed gratification is the message of the Crone and the Mother. Can we find the Maiden's message?

I will make you king.

The maiden with the title of Princess of Wales died on August 31, 1997 at 4:05 AM. No one seems to have taken notice, but the moment she died, her zenith was aligned precisely with the birth zenith of the Prince of Wales. The death of the Princess of Wales meant a rebirth of the Prince of Wales. She had came to prepare him to become a King. Saturn sat upon the passageway to the bottom of the sea, it was the "end of time."

Is this a sad ending to a legend, or was something else at work in the heavens?

I will give you a king.

Saturn was aligned with the falling Princess in the zenith sky at the fateful moment, while Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune watched the Gateway of Gods under the Once and Future King on the wings of the Eagle, for the Princess had been chosen to give birth to a king. Pluto and Mars flanked the Balance as if to say it was the moment of eternal judgment of the rational being. Venus, on the nadir meridian was at the heart of the Virgin expressing love for the mother of Princes. The regal lights in Leo are an echo from Stonehenge, for the Sun and Mercury occupy the causeway of the ancient monument, as the Moon prepares to enter the Kingdom of Heaven and leave the ancient house of the senses. Thus, enlightenment (Sun) and wisdom (Mercury) reflect (Moon) on an ancient kingdom which is coming again. The message is that Diana came for a purpose and fulfilled her purpose with complete agreement by the heavens and the ancestors. Her time was complete.

Into Heaven's Kingdom

Before the sun completed its rise on the day that Diana died, the Moon moved from the House of Feelings into the Kingdom of Heaven, as a reflection of that great spirit which was born in Diana. In life she was the Princess of Wales, while in death she became the Queen of Hearts. When her spirits had passed the bottomless pits of boulimia and self despair, she pulled on the handle of the ancient EXCALIBUR sword. Thereafter, she became a Queen of a Princess to all England. In the end she was taken to a lake just like EXCALIBUR. When her soul was cast upon the sacred waters, a brother's hand reached out to prepare a place for her. Any one with the heritage of Stonehenge, or the dream of EXCALIBUR, can go and visit with the Queen of Hearts for generations to come.

I will bear a King.When Diana was born, her zenith aligned with the lucida of Virgo, and Neptune was under the Virgin's legs. In Leo, two kings and a warrior prepared for her majesty to be fulfilled. Above her, directly on the zenith, was the hunter (Bootes, Greek Diana, and Plowman on Denderah) searching for someone to be the mother of an heir . She did her earthly "home work" and delivered on that quest, with an heir to spare. But, the stars say that her true destiny was to bring back the King in the Sea. He is Neptune, Poseidon, Ptah, Seker-Asar, the Moai of Rapa Nui, but most importantly, he is the king whose sword lay below the Round Table in ancient Stonehenge, Arthur is his name.

If all of this were made up, it is extremely unlikely that a mortal could paint a picture that so closely resembled the original Camelot which was born on the British Isle so long ago. The location chosen for Camelot was not arbitrary, any more than the choice of a mother of princes. For, you see the top of Camelot had visited the Salisbury plain in 6000 BC, when a Swan flew over head. But, when it returned in 2850 BC, the people realized that this land was a land of destiny. Below the land of the Heavenly King a sword was stuck in a stone. Anyone who could grasp the meaning of that stone bound sword and release it from its material bondage would be placed at the head of the Table Round to become an eternal royal.

Born to return EXCALIBER.Was it fate, coincidence, or were the ancestors defining the way of the spirits of the living? Look closely at the nadir point when Diana was born, and you will have the answer. From the heavenly perspective looking toward Diana's birth point on Earth and beyond, we can see the end of the river where the stone holding EXCALIBUR and the body of Osiris passes above the Ben Ben stone from which the Phoenix ascends. Like the Phoenix, Diana was the Holy Grail who came to carry the sword EXCALIBUR for the distance of one lifetime. Had she been born earlier, lived longer, and died later, her story would not have been the story of England and the lands where she now lives eternally as the Queen of Hearts and the Legend of England's Rose. It was love that killed Diana, and it was love that made her the divine spirit she had been. The evidence clearly indicates that her spirit was reincarnated from souls in the soils of the Salisbury plain. She found the golden treasure of King Sil, and she rode the golden horse to the top of the world. Long live the Princess of Wales, the Mistress of EXCALIBUR.

There she goes.If you go looking for the spirit of Diana and EXCALIBUR, you must be capable of living a dream. No matter the sacrifices, no matter the benefits, a dream is a fallacy unless it can be turned into a stone. This is the message behind Stonehenge and every other great monument. Life is short, far too short, but a memory is forever, and the memorial stone is its retreat. When you can read the messages in memorial stones, you will possess the key to treasures once beheld, and the sword EXCALIBUR you can again behold.

Once there really was a spot, known as Camelot. It is a place containing the highest imaginable heights and the lowest imaginable lows. If ever you should venture to follow that road and seek to travel on the wings of eagles, take with you a special sword. Its name is EXCALIBUR, and it can only be used by knights and ladies who occupy the Cosmic Table Round. It is not particularly hard to grasp the sword EXCALIBUR, but it is impossibly difficult to control. Listen to Diana, and she will tell you, life is like a candle in the wind. It is too short to save, and too expensive to hide. Though your candle may burn out, your legend never should. Give everything you have to your legend, and it will work feats of incredible magic within your soul, and the soul of all who follow you for thousands of years. EXCALIBUR is not meant to be controlled. EXCALIBUR is a dream that controls the dreamer. It is the flight of the Phoenix and the Eagle. Get aboard and let it be.

A Comet Bids Bon VoyageAs final verification of Camelot in the sky, let us visit the present location of EXCALIBUR and see what it has to say. The remote location known as Rapa Nui (Large Paddle, Easter Island) sits on the cosmic axis of the sword EXCALIBUR. This is the land of the Moai which arrive on the shores of Rapa Nui. They are the ancestors who speak from heaven below.

Listen to the messenger they sent between the time the Prince and Princess of Wales were divorced and she was taken into the sky. In the fifty years from the moment of the royal births, comet Hale Bopp worked its way from the prima donna  of the Peacock through the Merlin (Sagittarius) beneath the sea. For a brief moment the comet broke the surface of the cosmic sea, as the couple agreed to go their separate ways. He would be with his ancestors, and she would give up the throne. The comet circled back toward the Once and Future King after the divorce, on its way to a princess bound. Diana had chosen an earthly course, for her heart was not in the crown. As the comet passed the zenith of the Prince's birth, thirty nine people gave up their earthly bonds to catch a spaceship headed toward Heaven's Gate. By the time she passed the day of her birth, the brilliant image of  a Queen Diana had dropped like Orion beneath the cosmic sea. Then on the day of fate, the comet boarded the Cosmic Barque. We cannot be sure of the fate of the thirty nine who rode  a spaceship towards Heaven's Gate, but we can be quite assured that Diana had found her ship of fate. The ship of King Arthur cruises on with her spirit ensconced aboard, and by the time  the comet passes the Ben Ben stone where she was born, a New Cosmic cycle will have begun again. Diana was the Phoenix and Huntress who searched high and low, for the grace and beauty she desired to behold. Though she never found the heaven that she sought, she left behind a monument to the hunt on a sacred lake in North Hampton. On Rapa Nui, the Moai statues declare the day that the cycle of the cosmic Round Table is to begin again. At Salisbury, a ditch and monuments at Stonehenge divine the kingdom to become. Life, itself, is but a short dream, but it is a dream that can live forever and ever and ever on the lake of the king and swan (Cepheus and Cygnus).

Pick up you bed and walk, if you would fly like the eagle.Just remember that what you say, either for good or ill, will live on after you. So say it with gusto and your voice will be forever heard throughout the land. When Diana died the moon moved into Leo. On August 11, 1999 the sun went out at Cornwall while the moon moved into Leo again, at the same moment a shadow fell upon Stonehenge to declare the dawn of a reborn Camelot. Then the Queen of Hearts spoke to a mourning world, for at that very moment, the Virgin rose in the east carrying the spirit of England's Rose. Will it also become a moment when a mourning nation began to recognize the great heritage with which they have been blessed, or will England have to wait 18,000 years to see that Swan Lake is more than just a song? Three times the sword EXCALIBUR of England was the mistress or master of the world, once when Stonehenge was built, and once when Queen Victoria reigned. In both these ages, the sun never set on the British Empire. Now EXCALIBUR has saluted a third time, as England's Golden Child ascended on the wings of an eagle to that Kingdom in the Sky. With a flail in its hand, this is the Child Divine.

During the age that built Stonehenge the whole world created monuments to life. The Great Pyramids of Egypt were constructed at the same time. All around the earth human civilizations were spreading the Good News. The ancient Good News declared that it was possible to unite the two lands and create a heaven in between. Along the Nile the land in between was called Kemet (Egypt). In the Pacific the land in between was called Havaiki i taputapuatea. In England the land in between was called Camelot. It is not a very big place after all, but to live in Camelot, you must take a ticket to ride. That ticket is an imagination which creates a dream worth living. The ticket can be found in a magic sword called EXCALIBUR awash in the emotions of a rational- material world. If you should ever find the sword in the stone of material being, it can only take you up, for there is eternal love buried in the souls of ancestors at the bottom of the Cosmic Sea. And their eternal love will flow as a fountain of youth for a Kingdom to Come to any Child Divine possessing the sword EXCALIBUR.


Goodbye England's rose;
may you ever grow in our hearts.
You were the grace that placed yourself
where lives were torn apart.
You called out to our country,
and you whispered to those in pain.
Now you belong to heaven,
and the stars spell out your name.
. . .
And your footsteps will always fall here,
along England's greenest hills;
your candle's burned out long before
your legend ever will.

From Elton John's special arrangement of
Candle In The Wind:

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