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Since its "birth mother" provides all its needs, the zygote does not discriminate the six directions around its being. They are one in the utopian uterine environment. When the birth mother releases the umbilical bond, the child must begin to find an orientation to the world of the "Big Picture." This process is then both aided and abetted by the environment, because the near utopian environment of the womb is lost. Experiences in the earliest stages of childhood become the "rational" building blocks with which a psychic empire is eventually constructed. In cultures which are "close to the land," the child is given a means of orientation to the world of the "Big Picture." In cultures where rational tyranny is the rule, the child is programed by external powers, who keep the orientation secrets hidden. These external powers become the father images of the culture. This is a fundamental cultural difference between the West and the East, the Modern and the Native. The father image of Western Culture takes the infant at birth and attempts to place the child into the niches of the culture. The goal is to maintain the culture, rather than the child. If the culture survives, then the child survives. That is why Freud had to "discover" the unconscious mind which had not been properly preserved. The mother image of a Native Culture focuses on the needs of the child. If the child's needs are met, then the culture's needs will be met. This is a process of utilizing the unconscious mind without rationalizing. The former is a Sky Father perspective, while the latter is an Earth Mother perspective.

With this very brief introduction to the archetypal phenomena in the rational mind, we can begin to understand why astronomy was so important to the ancient peoples. This position identifies the Spiritual Being(s) as being non-essential in this process in order to develop the astronomical orientation. The spiritual orientation is the ultimate "Big Picture," and is absolutely essential for it. So, to spiritualist friends, patience is requested, as an attempt is made to bring into rational focus what living with Earth Mother gives without thought. In the greater world of Spiritual Being(s), truth and wisdom flow like the waters of Niagara and the morning dew. Their messages are so clear that one wonders why they even need to be spoken about. The answer is, because that an arrogant little boy has set out to rape Mother Nature. He is ravenous for her sustenance, but does not remember that she carried him when he could not imagine her being. Science, by definition, and definition alone, must proceed forward in a rational manner. Not that Science is correct, and Mother Nature is mindless, but that Mother Nature must nurture every Horus in the garden, even the wayward sons.

The galactic plane can be viewed in the "galactic big picture." Within this image we can see the objective of life; which is to raise the rational man from the abysmal waters to the heavenly fields. In other words, to get science out of the pits! But, we cannot see this objective if we are disoriented, or if we see only that which is within our own hearts and dreams.

Galactic Big Picture

The concept of the angles between the galaxy and the equator or the polar axis can be viewed in a figure illustrating the "galactic angles." While we are on this subject, do you suppose that there once was a connection between "angles" and "angels?" The "galactic big picture" suggests that, maybe that is where the angels are today. All that is needed to see them is a trained eye. And that is why we have to get oriented to the "galactic big picture." In the orientation process, place yourself at the center of the world and align your body and mind to the planes and vectors shown below. These are the sacred directions and the sacred pillars. They are sacred, because without them, a whole universe could get lost in the chasm of the irrational mind. That chasm is for us the tyranny of the modern rational scientific perspective. 

Orientation References

The diagram above illustrates the three planes of the heavens within one geocentric cosmic sphere. The solar ecliptic plane is the path of the earth around the sun, and approximately the plane the planets traverse in a counterclockwise direction. The planetary movement can be imagined by pointing the right thumb toward the constellation of Draco, near the north celestial pole, and using the fingers of the right hand to define the progress of the earth (sun in the geocentric view) and the planets in their solar cycles. We use the earth's solar cycle as a unit of time, although the cycle is slightly less than one leap year of 365.25 days per year. The day is the length of time it takes the earth to rotate from high noon to high noon. Since the earth rotates about it own axis while also orbiting the sun according to the right hand rule described above, it takes an extra 3 minutes and 56 seconds for it to go from high noon to high noon, compared to the time it takes for the stars to pass the same high noon, or zenith meridian. That time adds up to 365.242 days between vernal equinoxes, and 365.256 days for a complete trip around the stars. The difference represents 0.01417 days per year of westward movement of the equinoxes. A complete cycle of years would take approximately 25,776 (365.25/0.01417) years per sidereal cycle at the epoch 2000 precessional rate. In 46 BC, when Julius Caesar established the leap year calendar, the precessional rate was almost exactly 26,000 solar years per cycle of the equinoxes.

The cycle of the precession is shown in the figure above as the movement of the North Pole between 2000 AD and 8359 AD. The vernal equinox is shown in its epoch 2000 location. This is the present location of the "tabernacle of the sun." In 8359 AD, the planes of the galaxy, the planets, and the equator of the earth will be aligned at the "tabernacle of the sun." This is the alignment of the altar of Taputapuatea Marae to Oro on the island of Raiatea in French Polynesia. It is the essential reference point for the whole culture, and thus it is known today as the Polynesian Vatican. With the angle between this altar and the Milky Way overhead, Polynesians could determine their exact position in precessional cycle. The orientation of the galactic plane oscillates over the years with the periods shown in the following figure. The position of the Polynesian Vatican altar is shown as the top most points in the graph, representing the closest alignment to the poles (6.3 degrees). In this epoch, the north pole actually lies in the stars of the Milky Way. During the millennium and a half before the founding of Ancient Egypt, the Milky Way was farthest from the poles (54 degrees). The angle made by the Milky Way when it passes overhead is one of the easiest orientations to see with the naked eye, and it provides a direct indication of the movement of the heavens. Knowing this angle would provide the key information for northern orientation in the mid Pacific Ocean north or south of the equator.

Westward Leading, Still Preceding 

This cycle is called the Platonic or Great Year. The equinoctial year is the tropical year to which our calendars are fixed. The sidereal year, for an orbital journey from and back to a fixed star, is no longer in use in pragmatic geocentric social cultures. But to the ancients the star year, or sidereal year was sacred. Egypt used the star Sirius to synchronize itself to the cosmic clock. Sirius has a period of 365.2500 days between heliacal (solar) risings. Thus, the sacred Egyptian calendar was a leap year calendar.

Knowledge of the sidereal year was absolutely necessary for navigation of the earth by the oral celestial legends. That was a material reason why the precession of the equinoxes was held in highest esteem. To forget the sidereal yearly calendar also meant abandonment of ancestors, for their stories were based upon stars, not upon the number of earthly cycles around the sun, or any esoteric calendar. When we use an esoteric numerical count of solar years, the concept of cycles of life is replaced by the concept of infinite time. This elimination of cycles prevents the spirits of ancestors from becoming part of future experiences on earth. That was a primary physical-spiritual reason why the precession of the equinoxes was held in high esteem. When the wisdom behind the celestial stories is understood as archetype source material, cosmic-spiritual reality becomes "self" orienting, i.e. a religion. And it keeps knowledge of the precession as a central theme for conscious existence.

Recall, if you will, the words in the song of the three kings of the orient, "westward leading, still proceeding, guide us with thy perfect light." To people who understand the precessional wisdom, these words say that wisdom moves from east to west, rather than from west to east. In the heavens, this is movement from left to right. In his book, The Myth of Replacement: Stars, Gods, and Order in the Universe, Thomas D. Worthen calls this precessional orientation "right running." He traces the "right running" phenomenon to the oldest texts in the Rig Veda. What develops from the precessional understanding is the revelation that the planets are moving in opposition to cosmic time. This opposition resulted in a great cosmic identity crisis. Astrology and its child astronomy are "left running" sciences. Each declaring the other to be incomplete. If we follow the Lion Leo, which, by the direction of its strut has the aspects of a "teacher of righteousness," we will go in the direction of the precession. In Egypt, it was classic pose for a monumental statue to be leading with its left foot. The probable reason is that, from our perspective on earth, the gods in the heavens move to our right, and thus lead by the left foot. When the heavens start to declare righteousness, it is time to examine the spiritual uses of the precession.  



Traditions must be fabricated within the cycle of the solar year to preserve the archetypes of ancestral spirits for the future. This type of tradition is profoundly esoteric, compared to empirically watching the stars return to the origination points of the ancient stories (26,000 years shorter, too). Loss of precessional consciousness has the effect of eliminating the memories of our origins. That loss is only partially overcome by the modern esoteric myth of resurrection and reincarnation. Originally this esoteric construct was a visual experience to ancient viziers. Cosmic time moved from Leo through Taurus and Pisces past Sagittarius and Scorpio back to the Virgin on the top of the world. It was as clear as night and day. This probably gave birth to the archetype that correctness is "right running."

Ancients unwound the "right running" precession by orienting their sacred sites to locations in the heavens. We do not honor our dead in the way the ancients honored their dead. Because of this loss of esteem for archetypes we become self centered, or egocentric, and eternal life moves beyond our comprehension. By restoring the awareness of the "right running" precession, we can bring back to life all the souls who preceded us in this cyclical cosmic journey, and make a place for ourselves in the "life to come." When this cosmic enlightenment returns, the ancestors who will be there when the living to witness the rising sun, and who will be valued for the lives they lived, will include ourselves. That has been the goal of theological dogma since long before the invention of writing, as evident in cultures of current indigenous peoples of the world. We are the "Wandering Ones" lost in a wilderness, whose sciences have "set us free" from the cosmic "land of bondage." 

In a lifetime of 72 years, the change in star positions is only one degree. One degree is a navigational error on earth of 60 nautical miles [nm] (69 statute miles, 111 km). This error was within the margin required for navigation; for other signs, such as birds and fish at sea, or mountains on land, would be used to make corrections. But try to imagine the effect of the 416 nm error introduced 500 years after a navigational myth was created. This effect would be so great that a navigator who did not know the movements of the heavens would be hopelessly lost. The western Pacific islands were inhabited 30,000 years before Christ. People who had maintained the navigational legends would have been required to make corrections for the precession of 47 degrees, or 2820 nautical miles, and that is a substantial material reason  for establishing the sacred importance of the angle made by the Milky Way and the earth's axis or equator. Not only would they have been spiritually isolated from their ancestors, they would have been hopelessly lost at sea. We have overcome the "lost at sea" problems which Columbus faced, but we have not overcome the loss of respect for the accomplishments of our ancestor's. The forefather's of the Polynesians kept the message of the most northern position of the galaxy alive in their culture for more than one complete precessional cycle. The alignment of the of the altar of Taputapuatea Marae to Oro on the island of Raiatea in French Polynesia carried information regarding the ancient "eye witness" account of the movement of the heavens for at least one full cycle!

Julius Caesar may have established a pragmatic calendar for his time, but when we go to his Tropic of Cancer, or Tropic of Capricorn, we will not find the stars he knew to be there. Today, the tropics are located in Taurus and Sagittarius. The Tropic of Gemini was never recognized by Western Civilization. However, the Hawaiian legend of the "Land Below the Land" demonstrates that the Polynesians recognized the Tropic of Gemini and the Tropic of Sagittarius as the places where the sun stopped rising and falling, i.e. the solstices. We Westerners realize the solstices occur at mid-summer and mid-winter, we no longer realize that the stars once mattered. The legacy of Rome is our geocentric perspective, which has since degenerated into an egocentric perspective, because of the disorienting effects of our sciences. What had been a living world to our ancestors was turned into a rock of ages, and became a passion play about "right running."

The ancient traditions around the world prior to Rome were defined in galactic coordinates using the fixed stars. Spiritual up was the direction defined above the galactic plane, not above the equator or the ecliptic. To understand the ancient sciences, we must grasp the consequence of the decrease in cosmic perspective we have inherited since Rome. It is because of the precessional shift in galactic coordinates that much of the ancient folklore is misunderstood by modern cultures. That shift of precession will eventually realign itself.

The tradition of the resurrection of Osiris had guided the Egyptians, spiritually and materially. Their river flowed from south to north, and they buried their dead with heads to the south. But the resurrection story also contained a secret wisdom that the "chosen few" received to relate to the "getting of one's head on straight" and the overcoming of "cosmic vertigo" caused by physical birth into a bewildering world of self. Self perception is lost when it does not recognize existence of Cosmic Being before and after perception of self, e.g. Jung's perception of mandalas. The resurrection of Osiris represented the realization by the self, or ego, that the Cosmic Being has powers of conscious relativity beyond physical boundaries. Through experience, memory, and tradition, we bring back the spirits of the ancestors. Cosmic experience is the goal of any search for truth, and it is a revival of Cosmic Intention, as well as Cosmic Occurrence. When Cosmic Truth is found, we become aware of ancestral consciousness through reincarnation of a prior spirit. On extremely rare occasions unprecedented experience occurs that causes evolution to proceed more like a spiral than a circle. We evolve. When the evolutionary spiral coincides with celestial messages recorded as star positions, potential for Cosmic Communication transcends material existentialism.  

Story of the Prodigal SonCultural alignments to the heavens can cause, as well as find, Cosmic Communication. By expectation, we see what we want to see, before we see what we do not want to see. (Freud's wish fulfillment.) This can produce an egocentric bias. Truthful interpretation of hand writing on the cosmic walls was proof of cosmic communication with the Creator of Cosmic Being, but individual mortals have creative powers within that Cosmic Being to evolve Cosmic Perspective. Writing which carries a message always brings back prior experience (Osiris), and thus, the reincarnation of ancestral archetypal material. The highest form of record keeping, literally and materially, is within the medium of the "fixed" stars. That was the medium used by ancient viziers. They recorded their sacred science on the Creator's blackboard as conforming sons who had received enlightenment from Cosmic Suns, within the Disk of the Sun, our Milky Way. Most times it worked to the prolonged benefit of a culture. When it failed, the culture failed. That was why so few Spaniards could overwhelm the many Mesoamericans. Native trust in Divine Benevolence had not allowed the perception of the arrogance of Western science. By the time these native cultures saw the "new" handwriting on the cosmic wall, they had gone to the land of shadows. 

During the 18th Dynasty of Egypt, there was an institutionalized movement to convert the concept of Upper Egypt from south to north. By the accomplishment of that conscious relationship the celestial messages would all be understandable as they are viewed with north as up. The traditional return of the experience of archetype material (Osiris) had been required to "get one's head on straight." Akhenaten, and subsequently, all monotheistic theology as we know it today, tried to "tell it like it is," and "tell the children what they wanted to hear," with the same symbolism. What his utopia minded priests were confounded with was how to pass their truth (Maat) on from generation to generation, if the children only listened to what they wanted to hear. As it turns out, they could not pass on their inherited truth, just traditions. If they had remained oriented with south as up, more people would have found the chosen path to heaven via Osiris (Orion), as Sculptor (Ptah) and Antinous (Horus). It was as simple as starting at the bottom. When this perspective is reached, the mundane evolving world and the divine created world become diametrically opposite, for the entrance to heaven is through the spoken word of Ptah at the bottom of the Cosmos. By building temples to the mundane, Akehenaten followers lost their chance to perceive that life is not always what it appears to be, and death's sting is of no consequence to the living. The assumption of self-righteousness eventually beget the impiety for which Socrates was given a hemlock potion. We are the result of that convicted (Socrates) and that convinced man (Akhenaten).

After 1300 years, the Egyptians rewrote the story of Akhenaten, and his subsequent anti-Pagan monotheistic followers (Zoroaster, Mithras, Moses), within the story of Christ. This time, the story was synchronized with the landing of the Eagle (Aquila) on earth at the celestial equator in 1 AD. The celestial story predicted the ascension of the Son of Man two thousand years later on the Chariot (Auriga) of the gods. Because of heroic idealism, today's Christian story still denies the ancestors, in favor of the egocentric child. That elevation of the egocentric child is the process by which fathers pass on archetype experiences from the past. By telling the children what they want to hear in myths carrying powerful and profound metaphors, more wisdom can be passed on to the child. If the mind of the child cycles the heavens in the precessional order, it will witness the death of the ego and the resurrection of wisdom, precisely as written on the celestial wall, and in the scriptures. The critical message written on the celestial wall is that of a prodigal son. The Son of Man rides a chariot that follows the planets in material reality opposite precession, but knows nothing of the learning process of his ancestors. The Son of God overcomes death on the wings of the eagle as consciousness of the ancestors is restored in the precessional direction. This was also the central message of the Mithraic Mysteries of Rome, and practically every native culture of the world. It is a story of common sense hidden behind a veil of secrecy, to protect the innocent, and preserve the memories of the deceased. 

All the great constellations, with the major exception of Hercules, indicated that up was north. With the ascension to the throne of Egypt by Amenophis IV (Akhenaten) the celestial axis above Virgo was called up. This process brought down to earth the ancient sacred perspective. It flipped the ancestral world "right side up" and, because of growing egocentricity, Egypt began to lose its great heritage. At the same time the artistic motivations moved from preservation of ancient scientific traditions to the fulfillment of mundanely satisfying experiences in life. Spirituality and art began movement into ethereal dimensions, as the realistic correspondences of the constellations to Cosmic Being began to fade from the collective unconscious of the human mind (Osiris). By the time Greece reached its pinnacle, and the astrology of Persian Zoroastrianism dominated the sciences, the separation between theology and science was well on its way. When the Roman emperor, Julius Caesar, established the Julian calendar to synchronize the seasons with the mundane calendar, the sanctity of the stars had been lost. Astrology became the material "Word of God" and the purpose of the Word was conscious discussion of the desires of the analysand. In this way the solar years were parted from the cosmic raiment and history made into a game of chance, for which lots would be cast. This destruction of origins was followed two thousand years later by Jung rediscovering archetypes.

Astrology became a fiduciary theology which anyone knowledgeable of the wandering stars (sun, moon, planets) and psychology could practice. Astrology centered upon the concept of fate and predestination, and ancestors were no longer participants in the land of the living. The theological presence of the Word of God was eliminated from this celestial discourse. The Roman's eliminated the galactic references in the discourse outside of their secret society of men (Mithraic Mysteries > Mafia), and their tropical astrology made cosmic spirituality a mundane psychological experience based upon the sun. To "outsiders," Sol Invictus, the invincible sun with its lunar and planetary reflections, became the only form of enlightenment in the heavens, as it cycled through the zodiac around a stationary earth. Thus, the death of Osiris, was as predicted by the Ancients thousands of years earlier. Fortunately, prior experience and wisdom were not lost, they were hidden. 

Spiritual death within the material cosmos was the prediction from which the tradition of waiting for the rising sun was born. The ancient folklore carries the knowledge that the Son of God will arise from death, whether his name is Horus, Etana, Zeus, Ganymede, Jesus, Antinous, Hanahpu, Wiracoqa, or any of the many Native American names. The Christian story is in direct celestial agreement with the ancient wisdom that the Son of God would come from the east down to earth from above and would raise the dead to everlasting life. That agreement made it possible for many of the native cultures to accept its tenets.

An exacting materialistic mind set would declare that the stars carry no spirit other than the consumption of the burning gasses of which they are made. This is equivalent to saying that a college professor spreads chalk dust on the blackboard in his classroom, or that television and movie projectors are just flashing lights. But, it must be realized that communication requires a medium to be accomplished. Science wants to believe that the medium is the message in order to achieve a dominion for the "scared." But, in fact, science kills the message and dominates the "sacred." In Moses and Monotheism, Freud called this phenomenon tribal patricide. 

Our simplistic modern mind is tuned to video games and cinematic presentations that strip us of our freedom to imagine. When we animate the precession of the constellations, we can watch a moving medium that takes 26,000 cycles of the earth around the sun (years) between reruns. The ancient stories from antiquity clearly indicate that some of our ancestors could imagine the motion of the preceding stars and could understand the whole production without the aid of flashing lights. Like us, they could experience less than one degree of the precessional circle through their eyes. But unlike us, they listened to their ancestors who had seen other parts of the cosmic storyline. That is how they put the holistic storyboard together.

What you see is what you get, but quite often there is more that meets the eye than comes into the conscious perspective. These strangers on our horizons are the archetype spirits of the human soul, and the creative dreams of the human mind. The constellation asterisms have been prepared using The Sky IV astronomy program. However, this program only allows precession from 3000 BC to 10,000 AD; a paltry period of time when it comes to the cycles of life.

All the Heavenly Hosts

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