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Rush: as it would happen, Madeline finally gets some news
from a would-be researcher on cosmic reckonings. you read through this the focus now in
August is what goes on to release us from the Age of
Pisces..this we know to be death and the aspect of
'seeing' into our own God-being and of course
"connecting the dots.."
Mentioned is the 22nd August...
Somehow August will be a tenuous time for some
both emotionally and electrically...some of my other
artistic / shaman friends are feeling a speeding up
of 'mind-traffic' and time around them...
What do you see, oh RA...
Maat at the event horizon of the Sun
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sorry here it is:
Subject: Fw: Electrical August
On Friday night's Steve Quayle SWR talk show, he had as his guest,

> Astrophysist Professor James McCanney. By the way, all of you need
> to get a SWR receiver. And, when you get it, by all means listen to
> Steve Quayle. He is on every M - F at 6 PM CST on 9.475 MHz.
> On the show, McCanney discussed among other things: (1) The real
> reason for the government shut-down of NASA's Hubble Satellite
> telescope; And, (2) The potential for extremely severe weather that
> he predicts for the Aug. 25 - 29 (centered on Aug. 27) period.
> Basically what he is saying, is that the entourage of accompaning
> comets, asteroids, and smaller planetary bodies that are associated
> with the approach into our inner Solar System of Planet X are all
> approaching us from "behind the Sun" and, in the "southern
> hemisphere". The government (incl. the Catholic Church) have
> Observatories down in that area---particularily in the Antartic
> region---that are tracking it. NASA has shut down Hubble and all non-
> government controlled Observatories to all civilian usuage. The
> atmosphere on the planet Pluto is now "expanding", and our Sun is
> throwing off many Sun Flares and Coronal Mass Ejections, because of
> the many comets, etc that are moving in from the south. So far, the
> CMEs have all been directed away from Earth; however, as the "mother
> Planet X" makes its approach, he expects that our electrical power
> grid will very definitely be at extreme risk of becoming completely
> knocked out. And, when it does occur, the outage will be quite
> serious and could extend for a very long time.
> On his discussion of the potential for extreme weather during the
> Aug. 27 time frame aforementioned, he said that this was because of
> a "four way" electrical connection due to the alignment of our Earth,
> Moon, Mars, and the "electrical envelope". I would like to expand on
> this with some comments of my own: On Aug. 22, there will
> be "conjunction" of the Huge Planet Jupiter with our Sun. This is
> the "electrical envelope" that McCanney is referring to. On Aug. 23,
> there will be "conjunction" of the planet Saturn with our Moon. On
> Aug. 27 (actually it will occur 2 days before that and will extend
> for 2 days after that date) there will be a New Moon. On Aug. 28 our
> Moon will be in "conjunction" with the planet Mercury. And, the
> planet Mars will make its closest approach to planet Earth in some
> 73,000 years! On Aug. 29 our Moon will be "on the Equator". And, on
> Aug. 31 our Moon will be "at Perigee". All of this equates to
> extremely high tidal forces on planet Earth, while Earth is
> encompassed within the "electrical envelope" caused by and between
> Jupiter and our Sun. So, all of you should get set to witness some
> pretty severe weather on Earth during this entire time frame!
> Lets just hope, that we are not hit with a CME during this period of
> time!
> Since our government (and NASA) obviously have no intention of
> releasing any of this to the public---particularly as it relates to
> the approach of Planet X---we are left with having to fend for
> ourselves! So, with this as "background", I would like to again
> throw in my two cents worth for your consideration. Please keep your
> e-mail "friends" and loved ones appraised of what is happening. You
> might even want to advise them that that it might be "prudent" for
> them to be ready on a moments notice to "evacuate" away from any
> coast line, for at least 300 miles therefrom, should any
> Huge "planetary body" be observed as an "approaching comet". By all
> means, all of your loved ones should not be caught in any large
> metropolitan areas during the chaotic conditions that will prevail
> during any passage of Planet X.
> Bear in mind, that the potential for severe surface winds,
> earthquakes, and volcanic activity will prevail even though Planet X
> may not pass within some 14,000,000 miles of planet Earth! Everyone
> should have ready access to underground shelters and/or basements
> during the danger period. And, you should be storing all of your
> survival equipment and food and water down in these bunkers.
> Everyone stay tuned for further up-dates as they are received.
> Regards,