A Close Encounter with Mars
Reveals the Dream of First Father and First Mother
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Spheres of influence? How about these to kick off the New Age?

These spheres of influence are marks along the timed path of the closest encounter of Mars and Earth in over 60,000 years.
During the encounter the Americans were taking away the "Stones Carved Without Hands," and celebrating the life of Bob Hope. And the people around the Red Sea were cursing each other as if an Exodus from Egypt and Ethiopia had never happened.

The first Sphere of Influence at 1:39 AM UT had its zenith south of Ascension Island and west of St. Helena in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Thus, for no other reason than the close encounter with the God of War, Atlantis was rising in our collective consciousness.

The second Sphere of Influence at 9:51 AM UT had its zenith at the Tuamotu Islands, of which Papeete, Tahiti is the most populous. This is the heart of Lemuria in Paradise.

At the same instant the Third Sphere of Influence (1st in second row above) was at the other side of Lemuria at the Red Sea, where the meridian crossed, and the zenith sat between Khartoum and Asmera near a village called Kassala, Sudan, which is east of the Atbara branch of the Nile near the lowland boarder of Ethiopia. The nadir location is pictured in the map below.

It has been 60,000 years, give or take 20,000 years, since Homo Sapiens Sapiens left the highland of Ethiopia looking for the Promised Land and Benevolent Sea.

This brings us to the fourth Sphere of Influence when Earth had its closest encounter with Mars. At 12:37 pm on August 27, 2003 Mars backed away from the Earth due to lunar mass effects at both planets. Thus, the central moment at 9:51 AM UT was not the closest encounter of the two planets, it was the closest encounter of the orbits of the two planets. The moment of central lobe of the curve of Mars to Earth distances placed the location of the Mars zenith projected to the Earth in Oceania west of the International Dateline in the Fiji Islands at the southern reaches of Micronesia.

At 3:36 PM UT the Moon passed between the Earth and the Sun, and a New Moon signaled the beginning moment in the endless cycles of the Moon. This moment technically signals the beginning of the Jewish New Year and the first day of Tishrei 5764, however intercalation effects of the Jewish luni-solar calendar and daily accounting practice places the new moon of August 27, 2003 on Elul 28, 5763 AM, two days before the beginning of the Jewish new year. In the Islamic Calendar the moment of the new moon occurs on 28 Jumada II, 1424 AH with the new year of 1424 beginning on March 5, 2003. The Islamic accounting is based upon a visual sighting of a new moon crescent by approved clerics. Thus, the Islamic calendar ritual does not allow prediction of the start of a new month, and an error of one day can easily result by using celestial markers. Clearly a lunar crescent would not be visible on the night of August 27, 2003 due to insufficient separation between the moon and the sun.

Finally, the last Sphere of Influence occurs at 10:24 PM UT over the heart of subequatorial Africa near Lusaka in Zambia on the meridian of Rhodes in the Aegean Sea and East London in South Africa. The meridian split the continent of Africa, where Man began the journey to Mars millions of years and several species ago.

Judgment Day appears as August 27, 2003, not December 21, 2012. On the same day that they memorialized Bob Hope, they moved the stone carved without hands from out of the sight of the judges of man. This they did out of the sight of First Father and First Mother.

Now that we have come full circle, one fact is sure. The next time around will seem like an instant in time, for now we know the way to Heaven and Perdition, Rolling Stones or not.

Where your treasure is, there your heart is also.

In the pursuit of triviality, modern man judges his ancestors to be brainless beasts who thought with their hearts. But the evidence of 60,000 years is that those who know their hearts know what is on their minds. The converse is also self evident. Those who do not know their hearts have thoughts not worthy of the mind they corrupt.

Yet, on February 1, 2003, at the New Moon when the Year of the Goat began, a spaceship made an unscheduled landing in Palestine (Texas) as Jupiter crossed the Leo Cancer Boundary on its way toward Praesepe in the mouth of Cancer. At that time the loss of Columbia was proclaimed as the announcement of a New King because the Highest Israeli the world has ever known was taken to Palestine with Jupiter on the limb of the shadow of the Earth.

The lesson we were taught was to be specific in prayer. The emblem on the patch of Columbia was that of a Sun Rising at Palestine as the names of seven brave souls shoot a star on the way to Seventh Heaven. The drawing clearly said, "Red in the morning, sailors take warning." Thus, beyond the view of Mars and Uranus and the Earth in Aquarius (Rational Son and First Born Son, First Mother and First Father) as seen from the Heliocentric coordinates that gave us the third Sphere of Influence, we see a vision of trouble, where Paradise Lost resides at the Crossing of the Red Sea. In 3300 years, man has not understood the errors of the ways of Righteous Men. Yet, precisely when the Earth is as close to cosmic rationality as it was when Man left Ethiopia, Man moves the mountain carved without hands out of the Alabama Judgment Hall.

What does this mean?

It means that man does not need the Covenant of God to assure his salvation any more. Man has proven himself a better judge than all the ancestors. He has crossed the Reed Sea and has found the Promised Land. The First Father looked down from the Father's Land we call Uranus, and all he could see was the light of his children gathered together at Apollyon, the Lord of the Bottomless Pit and Rev. 9:11, with the Sun and Jupiter dominating the brilliance of the Lord of the Lion of Judah.

Between the moon of Uranus named after the Titans, of whom Uranus was the Father, and Saturn, who was a son and the Father of Time, we see everything of importance beneath Uranus toward the Sun. The name Titania gives us another clue. Maybe Uranus is not First Father, but the unforgotten love for First Mother, Urania, the dream of Heaven Above. In which case, Saturn would be at the Gate of Perdition, or the Land Before Time. This would represent a Judgment Day of most importance to Man, for it would be the vision for man when he left the Highland of Abyssinia (Ethiopia) where the Coptic Church claims that the Ark of the Covenant has been retired on an Island in Lake Tana! In other words, not the Day of the Last Judgment of Man, but the Day of the First Judgment of Man when he resolved that the Garden of Eden Was Good. Eden and Aden are located where the Red Sea touches the Land Before Time, Africa, and the Land of Hades, Arabia, where the female children of Urania are still bound in the darkness of burqas. This place east of Aden/Eden has been known to chop off the hands of a young maiden because the flesh of her skin did show. Never mind that she was reaching for a flower, the land east of Aden is a territory where a woman's best graces are forbidden as the cause of man's fall. Here is the place where Eve first saw evil in man. Not much has change in the 60,000 years since Mars last came so close.

The siblings beyond the range of Uranus/Urania are Neptune, the Lord of the Sea Peoples, and Pluto, the Lord of Darkness. What do these Wandering Stars have to say by virtue of where they stood on this Judgment Day? First comes the Lord of the Sea Peoples. He sits ready to enter the forehead of the Archer. In other words, the vision of the Sea Peoples is coming to Ishmael. The vision of the Sea Peoples is best expressed in the sacrifice of virgins, and in the dance of the Hula. The maidens of Lemuria were honored because of their beauty and affection, a far cry from the darkness of a burqa.

And as for Pluto, the namesake of Hades, the brother of Jupiter-Zeus who abducted the Vestal Virgin from Seventh Heaven, it is clear that the Virgin Mother, Demeter, has him under her feet. Hades stands at the door of the Judgment Hall? The Queen of Sheba has finally come to Judge the Great Man of the Sun, Solomon.

Let the vision from Uranus sink in as deep as you can. We did not choose the names of our planets. The orbits of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto have been known to Man for less than a combined three hundred years. Yet, 60,000 years after man left Eden, the rational lord, Mars, and the material mother, Earth, are as close to each other as they have been since Man became Man. The astronomers will place the credit for the names of the planets on men they wish to honor. Was the logic behind the placement of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, in any way planned by these astronomers who would be extremely hard pressed to see the vision of Urania? If not, then those names were chosen by Urania, not Man!

So, what does it men to us? It is simple; we need not be responsible for all that there is, we need only be responsible for what we can see. The rest of the universe is unfolding according to a Grand Plan. That Grand Plan is self evident, but it can only be seen by those who do not put themselves above all creation and its plan. Only the Sea Peoples can see what is above, for they look in wonder from a wobbly earth. The arrogant Asiatics "know" what they cannot know, and that makes eight kings out of the substance of seven. When the Peoples of the Desert look upon the sea, they see only a reflection of themselves in a self seeking creation.


It does not matter the name of the man, nor of the god. What matters is that we say what we mean and mean what we say. Seven Wandering Stars, Two Fishes and Five Loaves, ventured to ride the Chariot of the Gods. They wrote their dream message on the Wings of a Dove, who they named after the Goddess herself. Columba is her brother. What in Hades were they thinking? They created a prayer that they would be given Palestine by virtue of their accomplishments in the sky, while on the ground war continues for control of the Promised Land. Prayers are answered, and their prayer was to be a memory for eternity. Now we know that their prayer was answered on the Day of the Goat, which places them with the sacrificial lamb. They were an earthly reminder that Seventh Heaven is not where we are going, it is where we come from and return to! Prayers have the power to get us through the journey among the heavenly hosts with, or without, the binding measures of time.

Judgment Day, August 27, 2003, caught the imagination of Man, but all he heard was the "sounds" of a sibling planet rushing by in the silence of the stars. On August 26, 2003 the verdict came down from NASA that the cause of the unscheduled landing of Israel's first astronaut in Palestine was due to foam falling upon the Dove's left wing and rupturing the integrity of the heat shield they would need for a safe return to Earth in the bodies their human mother's gave them.

We should be reluctant to deny the timing of these events. The prayer on the patch and the unscheduled landing in Palestine were timed with universal perfection. The advent of Judgment Day as seen from Uranus/Urania when Mars passed by are a fitting memorial of those days when man set out on a journey from Abyssinia to search the whole world for the Promised Land.

The journey was recorded on the pronaos ceiling and in the circular zodiac at Denderah from Cancer to Khephera, symbolically representing the reincarnation of the dung beetle from the dung ball burial in the earth to the arrival of the life giving waters in the rainy season. Yet, the preciseness of the message and the wholeness of its expression were beyond the grasp of the mightiest nations on the Earth when Mars and Earth had the closest encounter since man became man.

The journey from Cancer to Khephera is a story written on the walls of caves beginning over 50,000 years ago. Thus, the journey has always been understood. It is just the forgotten memory of First Father's Intent. The closest encounter of Earth and Mars has called us to look at the Moment of the First Occasion and decide. That is what Judgment Day has been all about from the very beginning of time. Judgment Day will never change. All that will change is the incarnations of the Intent at the Moment of the First Occasion. The incarnations are the Sons and Daughters of First Father and First Mother.

As the journey continues, it is the mortal objective that the Sons and Daughters receive life in more abundant forms than it was received by the Fathers and Mothers. When that objective ceases to be transferred through the generations, there will be no wars. But, while the process is deteriorating in the hearts of Man, Wars and devastation will proceed from cold hearts bound by the paradigms of thieves, as the Great Shepherd's desire overcomes the Good Shepherd's Intent.

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