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I believe this is what Masse had done. For the years and dates of the birth of the Ali'i, the ones who "reigned" and came from the stars, whose names meant the celestial event at birth from Eclipses to Super Novae, which is how the Hawaiian people knew their Ali'i were from the Gods. He believes that this must be true of all myth from Quetzaqoatl to Romulus and Remus. You have all of the stories recorded in your charts and on your sites.

I am assuming that you could not open the page I sent. It was a .tiff, from the Adobe Photo Deluxe, reduced to send in an email. Is there a better way you can think of for me to send this to you?

Hi Shawn,

The Hawaiian web site is the astronomy group. Your are right that they don't get it. But, what my goal has been is to link all the star stories I have found to maps of the sky. The way the Hawaiian Astronomy site does it is a brute force method. They selected certain sections of the sky and then prepared a linking page within the graphic. The planetarium programs allow the user to click on any star and get detailed information. Redshift actually links to an astronomical encyclopedia.

I had lunch with Walter Cruttendon of the Binary Research Institute. Walter has set up a research institute regarding research on the existence of a dark star companion of the sun. This is ancient Yoga mythology. The Yoga myths are essentially the same as other myths in the sense that they are the manna from heaven. The dual star system and the dual psyche system are archetypes of creation. In our conversation I mentioned the implementation of PC and PDA based software that would allow direct interconnections with personal place, celestial place, mythological correspondence, and spiritual alignment (water, earth, air, fire). A person could chose one of the four corners of the world, or the zenith-nadir and a menu would pop up. Then the user could choose astronomical, astrological, mythological, or scriptural information retrieval. That is what the Hawaiian Astronomical Society (HAS) has begun. We cannot be too disappointed in the child being born. First the material perceptions are developed, then the mythological associations are attempted. That is where they are. The cultural traditions and the scriptural references will become more feasible as they proceed. The development of these later capabilities will not happen if the people are not led to the understanding. That is the hard job; lengthening the ears of comprehension.


I cannot read some Adobe Photo Deluxe files. The attached MS Word Document, ho'ali'i child.doc, demonstrates Kamakau's description of the birth of the ho'ali'i child. I am currently working on the Maya Elders Warning, which has a preliminary web page as the Circumcision of Kobe, which I have notified you of before. On deeper analysis of the time period from August 16-December 15, 2003 it is becoming very clear that the moment of conception/birth/circumcision is at hand. The HAS analytical process is motivated by "Short Ears." We must not forget that the "Long Ears" are composed of sequences of short hearings. The analysis of the time frame of the Maya Elders Warning period is a "first time" for me. My analyses have always locked at the "now" with only a projection of the "now" (Short Ears) to the future and the past (Long Ears).

Since it is clear that this process is tied into your own "hearings," I am giving you premature links to the unfolding messages. You can see and hear the words of the gods. Without further introduction, refresh your image of Kamakau's description of the birth of the ho'ali'i child. Here is the attached file, just in case you cannot read Word documents.
MS Word Document, ho'ali'i child.doc

Masse et al, in preparation: quotation
The major symbol of Hawaiian chiefly power, the 'aha ('aha, 'sparkling breath'), visualized by Hawaiians as a sennit cord likely representative of a long-tailed comet, was assigned to specific chiefs at the time of their birth and/or at the time of circumcision at around 7-8 years of age. The names of these 'aha have been preserved (Kamakau, 1991, pp. 155-159), and it is clear that the literal translation of these names signify historically recorded celestial events (Table 1). Stories and hula dances were created for these young chiefs which animated the celestial events and in which the newly born chief played a prominent role. These encoding processes were an attempt to rationalize and explain the celestial events themselves, and especially represented a conscious effort to stress the relationship between chiefs and the celestial heavens, thus perpetuating royal power and lineages. For example, as stated by the notable mid-19th century native Hawaiian Historian, Samuel Kamakau (1991, pp. 153-154):
Many were famous for performing this operation [of circumcision], and their stories are full of thunder and quakes, lightning, mists and rains, and of countless signs by the gods in the heavens above and on the earth below. At the time when these wondrous things were seen, the crowds knew that a royal chief, a ho'ali'i, had come forth. The signs appeared on two occasions-on the day of his birth, and when he was circumcised…[T]hese signs in the heavens would show when the ho'ali'i child was born.

Witness the information showing the time period in celestial dynamic action by clicking on the movie scenes below.
If you need to download a *.mov file viewer go to
The Circumcision after mother and children leave the First Mother, with the phallus/sennit cord attached to Hercules by the hand of Virgo using asteroid Phaeton. All of this occurring as Jupiter passes through Leo before next years retrograde in Leo.

Phaeton becomes a man, as seen coming from the Mouth of First Mother, Nut, and the death of Seth/Typhon, circumcision of First Father, and return of Bird-Man transcend to Geb, below.

Circumcision of Kobe is my presently published work on the 8/16-12/15/03 period. It will be updated within a couple days.

End of attached doc file

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Rush : a pastor from Columbia Missouri approaches
the 'clandestine evidence' of a px body as part of the

Words of Jesus....i thought your familiarity of his
choice quotes from Mathew Luke and Mark
might interest you...i'm tuning into the
fact that he says he has received photos...
and using some Greek epigraphy to highlight
the living words in the New Testament.

Hi Bruce,

Here are previews of the Kobe movies from Geb's point of view.
In this movie you can see Seth-Snake (Qusai) take his medicine as C2002 V1 Neat, which is our Nibiru comet from the SOHO-LASCO) photographs. Death is in the offing. Also C2001 O4 Neat heads toward Hale Bopp and circumcises the Ben-ben from the Centaur's Phallus. The four spokes wheel on which Hale Bopp travels is the wheel house of the south pole. When the movie ends on December 15, 2003, Hale Bopp will be in the "blind spot" at the south pole.

This movie shows Phaeton arriving at the Ark of the Covenant on the World Tree. As he arrives, Mars retrogrades to First Father (Uranus = Ur An US), and as the movie ends, Mars is on the vernal equinox (as shown above). Go-Luv-Ka comes from the lance in Andromeda's side and turns to our right and stops at the vernal equinox before heading back towards Aries. Phaeton enters the Great Square when the movie ends. This would be the final step in the Hunefer Papyrus that shows Horus at the threshold of the throne room of Osiris. On the next retrograde of Phaeton, it will do the same return as Go-Luv-Ka. This is a clear lesson that says arrogance (Phaeton) can be taught how to read the "signs of the times." The "Short Ears" can learn if they are not so self enlightened and impatient.

All of these movies are keyed to the Maya Warning regarding the period between August 16 and December 15. They demonstrate the Great Prophesy of the death of the Great Man at the birth of the New Sun. More importantly they are timed and they travel as if the most important locations are the current equinoxes. The circumcision implies that we must let the Sun go. We have held it long enough. As people become aware that the vernal equinox is no longer the 1st of Aries, they will attempt to get to know the truth of their origins (Uranus) and they will develop a rational (Mars) perception of the heavens (Nut) and the earth (Geb). Awareness that has a rational basis can discriminate intent from instinct, consent from assault. Kobe Bryant, like the Cardinal Law of Boston had to be circumcised to demonstrate "as above, so below."

I have not finished the rewrite of the essay regarding the Maya Warning dates August 16-December 15, 2003. It is a really great story about La Dolce Vita.

The famous opening scene, as a statue of Christ is carried above Rome by a helicopter, is matched with the close, in which fisherman on the beach find a sea monster in their nets. Two Christ symbols: the statue ``beautiful'' but false, the fish ``ugly'' but real. During both scenes there are failures of communication. The helicopter circles as Marcello tries to get the phone numbers of three sunbathing beauties. At the end, across a beach, he sees the shy girl he met one day when he went to the country in search of peace to write his novel. She makes typing motions to remind him, but he does not remember, shrugs, and turns away.   

A Christ symbol carried above Rome is Bootes-Hercules, the two heroes that motivated Alexander the Great to free the Greeks, and Remus and Romulus, the founders of Rome.

The Sea Monster is Cetus, who can be seen in the two images above, and the lost brothers are Andromeda and Sculptor.

But, it appears that Go-Luv-Ka, Mars, and Phaeton are paying the Tribute for Rome's transgression. The way the tribute is paid is by Phaeton changing course to release the bound sun so that it can proceed through Aquarius in an "as above, so below" mode, contrary to Tropical Astrology, Western Scriptural Law, and the modern calendar which is based upon the Invincible Sun, Sol Invictus.

Matt 17:24-27
24 And when they were come to Capernaum, they that received tribute money came to Peter, and said, Doth not your master pay tribute?
25 He saith, Yes. And when he was come into the house, Jesus prevented him, saying, What thinkest thou, Simon? of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? of their own children, or of strangers?
26 Peter saith unto him, Of strangers. Jesus saith unto him, Then are the children free.
27 Notwithstanding, lest we should offend them, go thou to the sea, and cast an hook, and take up the fish that first cometh up; and when thou hast opened his mouth, thou shalt find a piece of money: that take, and give unto them for me and thee.

The circlet of Pisces is the "piece of money." The new evidence is that the circlet of Pisces is also the wand of Seshat!

The Magic of Reincarnation of the Heavens (as above, so below) occurs under the Great Square at the circlet of Pisces, or the star of Seshat's wand under the inverted horns of the Cosmic Mother.

End of email to Raphael



This is follow-up to you after the Raphael email information above. is my essay on the reincarnation of Zeus and is also the story of the circumcision of the ho'ali'i child.

The most important fact of all the celestial "coming downs" is that reality is defined by the celestial realm. The human mind is not capable of holding total Cosmic Consciousness within the organism of the brain. That fact requires that all cultures "bind" the kings to the stars. The idea presented in the analysis by Masse, et. al., you gave me misses the point. These encoding processes were an attempt to rationalize and explain the celestial events themselves, and especially represented a conscious effort to stress the relationship between chiefs and the celestial heavens, thus perpetuating royal power and lineages. This is a "short ear" perspective. When we take the time to listen, it becomes clear that time can only be measured by dynamic celestial relationships, because that is all time represents; the changing heavens. When we establish numerical systems without the hula dance, we break the bondage to Egypt and Havaiki. For that severing of the human bondage to the stars, the Chosen People have suffered enormously. The suffering is caused by arrogance in the "short eared" behavior of the Aryans (Noble Ones). To break the bondage to the stars is to assume that individual identity can be more valued than universal identity. This is the fallacy of all Phaetons. It is this fallacy that is the central theme behind all the stories of the birth of Chrestus, Divine Kindness.

Circumcision Above:
The time period when the Earth transfers the dream of substance to Mars/Phaeton (phallus and sumbilical cord are cut).
Note the mother and children leave the Virgin (asteroids), and then she diverts Phaeton to Hercules as soon as it reaches the sun, then the events "visualized by Hawaiians as a sennit cord likely representative of a long-tailed comet" become celestial fact, as the Sun is born and the Great Man is stimulated, and the hand of Virgo cuts both "cords."

Exact Moment of conception/copulation/circumcision.

Circumcision Below:

Death of Self Identity and circumcision of the Cosmic Phallus as the Ben-Ben is cut free for the Bird-Man's restoration as king beyond the End of the River. (Comets traveling from Lepus to Fornax and through Apophis under the Ben-ben triangle of alpha, beta, gamma hydrus.

Restoration of Time's Correspondence:

The Piece of Money is transferred as the spark of rebirth.
Note the Umbra-Penumbra circlet as it passes the elbow of Aquarius.
This is the Earth's shadow, and thus the position of the earth relative to the sun on the ecliptic.
The shadow passes Uranus and then passes Mars. Uranus is First Father, and Earth is First Mother.
Thus, the First Mother reveals First Father as the son (Mars) returns to First Father and then restores the Signs of the Times.
Phaeton arrives at the Great Square for the rebirth of Truthful Cosmic Consciousness of a Compassionate Creator. Three comets with "long tales" are also drwing attention to the 1st of Aries, which is a lie in the sky.

The signs appeared on two occasions-on the day of his birth, and when he was circumcised…[T]hese signs in the heavens would show when the ho'ali'i child was born. The movies of the "long tale" comets show in celestial dynamics exactly what these words are declaring! Here is the moment of the rising sun as illustrated in the Popol Vuh. The misty horizon is a morning sign, thus the view is eastward, the same meaning as Chapters of Coming Forth by Day, the Book of the Dead, as we mistakenly call the Egyptian version of the Popol Vuh.
Note the inticet rectangles with the dot. This is the Big Square and the capstone, or top step of the pyramid of the soul. Old Men are pouring out of all sides of the four aperture shell that has the lines of Pisces drawn in its split, where Hunahpu-Aquarius pours the "life giving waters." The idea is that compassionate tearful self perception (repentance), lubricates the soul and allows youth to replace rigid rationalization. This is another illustration of the "Magical Wisdom of God."

Western Culture has this same witness of the heavens. But, it also has a domineering father image that binds the Western Consciousness to man declared laws. The Hawaiian culture was not intent on "perpetuating royal power and lineages." They were intent on "perpetuating royal correspondences" with the heavens. Only by sustaining the "as above, so below" correspondence is it possible to maintain power and lineage of any culture. When man's law supersede the Creator's Intent, the man-child has passed First Father and gotten lost in personal brilliance. The Sun has become dark when this happens, for the man-child's consciousness does not include the First Father's consciousness. For this transgression. Phaeton must be circumcised. As the spirit of Phaeton is circumcised, the capacity to witness the Cosmic Correspondence is reborn. That capacity is the moment the ho'ali'i child is born. The research of the Binary Research Institute has drawn allegorical connections to the True Sun and the False Sun. If the celestial story is a direct result of Creative Consciousness, then the existence of a Dark Star must be fact. The Dark Star limits the expanse of the Sun. The Dark Star of human consciousness has the same limiting effect. When BRI proves the existence of the Dark Star, not only will our calendar system be modified, but our correspondence in "as above, so below" will be more perfect. BRI concludes that the precession of the equinoxes is "caused" by the Sun and the Dark Star orbiting around a mutual center of mass. My position is that binary orbital mechanics are part of the precessional mechanics. The gravitational forces in the local star system (luni-solar) are essential to precession. But, whether binary star, or luni-solar gravity influences, the cause is best defined by the Hawaiian principle of correspondences. Why have a precession of the equinoxes? What does it mean? The answer is that it provides the sequence relationship between Creative Consciousness and the result of creation. I agree with all the ancient scriptures that saw the precession of the equinoxes as the timeline for creation. The existence of this timeline is the only way a mortal being can become divine being. With the "signs of the times" mortal can read the plan and fulfill it. By fulfilling the plan, mortals become divine. That is the essence of Teotihuacan and all cities where men become gods. The solar system is the Great City that duplicates the Father In Heaven (Cosmic Intent) with the man-child (Cosmic Cognition) in the body of the Mother In Heaven (Cosmic Medium). If science removes this Cosmic Intent from the affect of the precessional effect, then science is mundane and the road where Phaeton travels. Phaeton can achieve immortality by death that result is restoration of Cosmic Intent. That is the message when the ho'ali'i child is born.
Try to weigh the possibility that all the stars and these "long tale" comets could be organized to repeat a story so ancient that we cannot trace its sources. Try to weigh the occurrence of the planet of material being, Earth, should also be in closest proximity to the planet of rational being, man-child, Mars, that has occurred in over 75,000 years. The chances that these are coincidences is zero!

That is what you are being asked to witness; the impossibility of chance creation.

Enjoy it, and you will carry the image of the moment when the ho'ali'i child was born with your vision of eternity. The Creator cannot expect all to witness such astounding awe. So, you are one of the Chosen Ones.



I apologize for the length of this response.
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