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WASHINGTON (July 11, 2003) - The discovery of a gaseous planet 13 billion years old and 5,600 light-years away could change theories about planet formation and about the evolution of life, astronomers say.

More than twice the size of Jupiter, the object is the oldest and most distant planet yet discovered, astronomers said Thursday.

The planet orbits two stars, a pulsar and a white dwarf that linked together about a billion years ago. They are in the constellation Scorpius within a globular cluster called M4 that formed billions of years before the Sun and the Earth.

''All of the stars in this cluster are about the same age, so the presumption is that the planet is that age also,'' Harvey Richer, an astronomer at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, said at a National Aeronautics and Space Administration news conference.

The pulsar, a rapidly spinning star, was discovered in M4 about 15 years ago. Astronomers shortly afterward found that it was gravitationally bound to a white dwarf, the remnants of an ancient, sun like star that had exhausted its hydrogen and helium fuel. There was suspicion that yet another body was orbiting nearby, but the planet was not discovered until astronomers studied data from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Alan Boss, an astronomer at the Carnegie Institution in Washington, said finding such an ancient planet is a ''startling revelation'' because it means planets could have formed within a billion years after the universe was created in the so-called big bang, far earlier than most theories have stated.

''This means that 13 billion years ago, life could have arisen and then died out,'' said Boss. ''This has immense implications.''

Astronomers in recent years have found 107 other extra-solar planets - planets outside of the solar system - but all of those are about the same age or just slightly older than the sun, 4.5 billion years.

It was thought that planets could not form until there had been at least one generation of stars after the big bang because the planet building requires heavier elements, such as carbon, silicate and iron. These elements, called ''metals'' by astronomers, are thought to have formed during the life cycle of the early stars when hydrogen and helium were burned in fusion fires.

The sun is a third-generation star, but the M4 stars are believed to be in the first generation after the big bang, some 14 billion years ago.

Boss said our solar system has about 30 times as many heavier elements as M4.

Harvey said the discovery suggests that astronomers should now search for planets in the more ancient star fields, which includes systems like the M4 globular cluster.

''The door is open now to start looking in the metal-poor clusters,'' he said.

Steinn Sigurdsson, a professor of astronomy at Pennsylvania State University, said that based on orbital measurements and other data, astronomers can infer a history for the M4 planet.

He said it is believed the planet formed about a sunlike star near the edge of the globular cluster. Over time, the star and its planet were gravitationally captured by the pulsar, which was then a neutron star with another star as a companion. As the sunlike star was sucked into the mix, the companion star was ejected from the group. This left the sunlike star and neutron star bound to each other while the planet orbited both.

Eventually, the sunlike star burned up its fuel, bloomed into a red giant and then collapsed into a white dwarf. The neutron star, with its greater density, sucked in material from the collapsing star. This caused the neutron star to start spinning at 100 times a second and emitting radio signals, turning into a pulsar. It was the clocklike pulsing of these radio signals, picked up by radio telescopes, that led to other observations and the discovery of the complex.

Sigurdsson said there were enough heavy elements in the M4 complex to have formed some terrestrial planets, like Earth and Mars, in orbit of the sunlike star. He said it is theoretically possible that life could have formed on those planets some 12.5 billion years ago.

But when the sunlike star was pulled into orbit of the neutron star, any planets near the sun would have been destroyed. Only the gaseous planet, orbiting some 2 billion miles out, would have survived.

''Over a billion years ago, any near-in planet would have been wiped out,'' said Sigurdsson. ''But it could have been stable for 10 billion years before,'' plenty of time for intelligent life to have formed.

If there was intelligent life on such a planet, he said, it was destroyed as the parent sun was pulled toward the neutron star.

''They would have seen it coming,'' Sigurdsson said of creatures that may then have been living on that planet.

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If we look closely at the placement of the First Life Possibility we see another amazing correlation to the ancient texts. It is located precisely on the ecliptic meridian of the Cave of Hades, wherein lies the Flag of Egypt, and the hieroglyph for neter, or god.

Rev 12:1-4
1 And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:
2 And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.
3 And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.
4 And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.

This location corresponds to a New Beginning after receipt of the Red Crown of Egypt. This is the destiny of Osiris-Orion, to be born again. It is also the destiny of all substance in Creation. Eventually the consciousness of existence embodies itself within the substance as a living soul receives the life giving waters and the eternal fire of spiritual understanding.

It is the holistic view of creation that identifies the existence of the False Priest and the True Priest. For, when we look at life through a field of view narrowed by self perspective, all we see is a mass of confusion.

Messier Object 4

A globular cluster such as M4 gives scientists the opportunity to intuit wisdom that they seek. But, like any wizard's wand, the intuition of the best astronomers is still just a form of magic. No matter how hard we attempt to force a perspective on reality, we at simply projecting the desires of the Great Red Dragon on what we perceive. That is the action of Osiris and his wife, Isis, attempting to allow "Free Will" to choose, when the outcome was determined prior to creation. If this statement were not true, then the scientists in the AP report would never have made the statement, "This means that 13 billion years ago, life could have arisen and then died out,'' said Boss. ''This has immense implications.''

The immense implications are that a True Priest is one that informs us of Higher Truth when he does not possess the very truth he speaks. Because of this, all science is the voice of a dual priesthood, one sacred and holistic, and one personal and materialistic. Life cannot reach the ultimate objective of Cosmic Consciousness if the paths of either priest are ignored. Thus, we must go on the journey of Ares and Antares, the rational and the not rational awareness.

In the 3300 years since the humanists attempted to break the Bondage In Egypt to the Graven Images of Heaven Above and Heaven Below, we have learned how to conquer the the Great Hall of Records. But, does our material science provide truth regarding creation, or does our material science lead us to a perception of destruction? That is why Antares was placed where it is relative to the other Eyes of the Gods at the Gateway of God. It is a light at a place to be born. That place is the Heart of Desire, in the constellation called Desire and Scorpio and Great Red Dragon. Desire is the instinctive force that leads to the Not Rational" consciousness from the abyss at the Cosmic Womb. The path is through the woman clothed in the sun where desire stands instinctively ready to devour her child as soon as it was born. The child of the woman is consciousness. Desire is the force to consume. We are simply the psychic content of the consumption of our desires. We see what we want, and deny what we do not want. That is why Sacred Science has been abandoned to Material Science. Mankind has fallen from grace.

The journey of material life begins when a feeling arises from the abyss, or the flooded plane of our emotions; Cancer-Khephera. Theses are all archetypal burial grounds of past life experiences; Scorpio-Norma. When they are triggered by some sensation they come out of the Cave of the Dead and trigger a desire to be born. It is up to the person who receives the sensation to judge the sensation regarding life or death. All rational children look back at their emotional origins in a personal dream of reaching some place where they want to be. But, what they cannot see is the motivation behind their desire. For that vision they have no alternative but to experience the original sensation of the ancestors who passed on the desire in the First Place of sensation. 

When the rational mental approach overwhelms the intuitive emotional approach men climb mountains of their own choosing. Yet, no rational pursuit can get the personal quest beyond the valley of death to the Gateway of God without vanishing in the Valley of Death. The only way beyond the Valley of Death is through the emotional approach. We fall in love, have children, and pass on the experience of life to the children who follow. This is a simple truth known to use through material birth. But, when we look back at birth the emotional truth that drives our emotions is beyond our comprehension until we get through the Gateway of Gods. Here is why it is beyond our comprehension.

We measure time using the movements of the planets, which are all falling into the sun. The great dream of Mother Nature is not that we fall from the stars, but that we be raised up with love wisdom, and truth. As falling stars we concentration on the perception of the End Times with the intent to avoid death. Yet, by our backward perception we "kill time" and life passes us by. We must look before we leap, and if we look backward we must see all the way around to the point of the next beginning. At that union of the Two Lands life take on a heavenly perspective. None of this could be happening if it had not been intended at the Moment of the First Occasion.  'This means that 13 billion years ago, life could have arisen and then died out,'' said Boss. ''This has immense implications.'' Astronomer Boss withholds the "immense implication" because they represent the perceptions of death and mortality. This perception is a False Prophet, because death is not permanent. If that were so, then the Sun could not be a third generation star. Life is. Death is not. If we choose fear of death as our "guiding star," we are hung up on backward perceptions. Associated with Cancer and Gemini is the approach called the Gateway of Men. Her the Rational Overrules the Not Rational as the dream of the Great Beyond reappears as the archetypal echoes of days gone by.

Such is the nature of all rational thought. It is just a Window of Appearances. What we perceive cannot be reality, yet it can be truth. If the whole of reality should come down upon our consciousness in a single perception, we would be swamped. Thus, all rational consciousness is that which follows the antediluvian beginnings. Noah and Gilgamesh both made great arks and saved life as the disembarked from the Ark of Creation "two by two." In other words, we begin with feeling and arrive at thought as we cross the Cancer-Gemini boundary. This is how Khephera raised the morning Sun. It says we must follow the ancient adage; know thyself.

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In the mirror image of the galactic-ecliptic intersection above Orion is the Gateway of Men the Egyptians called Rostau. It shows a man with no head under the head of a bull. He protects the Children of God from the Bull. This is the Labyrinth of the Minotaur. Above Orion the Shepherd, Auriga, climbs a mountain in an attempt to get back up to Seventh Heaven. Between them four wandering stars form a doorway through which the Sun and Moon and the planets Venus, Mercury, and Saturn have passed over the last six months. The comets 2002 T7 Linear and C01HT50 Linear-Neat mark the door above and below the path of the planets under the galactic plain. The asteroids 1 Ceres and 3200 Phaeton are also on either side of the ecliptic, but 3200 Phaeton is just over the galactic plain on the ecliptic meridian of the intersection of the two plains. Through this Window of Appearances the Mother of God, Ceres, looks toward the aspiring son, Phaeton. This is the Gateway at Rostau recorded at the pyramid complex in Giza over 2400 years ago. Beneath the feet of Orion a comet called C200 V1 Neat sits right before the face of the Seth Animal, Lepus. Behind Seth rises the Isis Animal at the brightest star in the sky, Sirius. These two have more to do with the saga of the death and resurrection of Osiris than Orion has with Osiris, for Seth put the Old Man's experience and sent it down a stream of consciousness, while Isis went searching on a sentimental journey with the hope of restoring her lost companion, a man of great emotion.

This Gateway of Men can be opened when a Rational Being properly analyzes the Not Rational Being. In modern terms a man comes to terms with his emotions, and a women comes to terms with the need to anticipate intent. The stars show the Cow of Ceres (Hathor) peering through the open Window of Appearances where Jupiter had gone and now had arrived at the Mouth of the Lion. In other words, Hathor got her son to go back and revisit the words of Sekhmet. By the time the Sun, Venus, and Mercury join Jupiter in Leo and move on to the Virgin's House, the planet Mars and Earth will conjoin at the cup of Aquarius in the closest proximity sine homo sapiens sapiens began the journey toward Seventh Heaven over 75,000 years ago.

The mirror image of the Gateway of Men has been shown as a reversed perspective from the Earth in order to demonstrate the simple verse of John 1:27. He it is, who coming after me is preferred before me, whose shoe's latchet I am not worthy to unloose. If we were free to go way beyond the galactic fringe above Orion's head and through the door formed by the four wandering stars, we could look back toward the M4 Globular Cluster at the galactic center which would look as we see it on Earth. This we can do on the scale of the Not Rational. If we look toward M4 and see the demise of ancient stars, we are simply projecting a fear of death upon the heavens. We "know" death. But, the truth is otherwise. Death cannot be known by any being, and no non-being can know, at all. Thus, astronomer Boss is simply expressing a confused emotion because he could not interpret antediluvian emotions.

What are antediluvian emotions? They are the Jungian archetypes carried by the genes as instinct and learned behavior. The flood is clearly described in the images at the Jug Head of Hathor. The antediluvian period for all living organisms is the time frame before birth of the organism. The flood occurs at birth. Whether the organism comes to an understanding of the creation of birth is entirely up to the organism. As the organism gains the capacity to set aside the antediluvian instincts it can begin to be reasonable only if it "knows itself." That is the problem the man with the Big Dipper on his mind is facing. Since he does not comprehend the future, he looks back to avoid death. This, of course, is the quickest way to get killed. Thus, a Judgment Day must come before the lost soul will turn itself around and face the future.

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Flipping our point of view and looking through the wall at Orion-Auriga-Taurus-Gemini we will see where the Earth is relative to the Sun. At the published moment of the AP release of its article it was 2:55 am on July 11, 2003. The planet Earth was under the feather in the Archer's cap, where we would see the umbra and penumbra of Earth's shadow if the Moon were in eclipse. During the previous three months the Earth passed through Libra, Scorpio, Ophiuchus, and Sagittarius. Now it was poised to cross the wilderness beneath the child in swaddling cloths on the eagle's wings laying in a manger. Why a manger? Because the axis of the galaxy is in the house of wheat which has been called Bethlehem. During that same period the earth passed through the Thieves' Cross at the bow of Sagittarius it passed over Globular Cluster M4 and under Quaoar, the Kuiper Belt Object (KBO) that told us that Pluto was one of its kind, and not a planet like Earth. At the moment of the AP article publication the Moon and Pluto formed the crossbeam as Quaoar and comet Ikeya Zhang formed the long beam. The comet sitting on the Cross of Thieves is the one called the Ishmael Comet.

The reason why the Maya called the bow of Sagittarius a "Cross of Thieves" is understood when recognize that the bow in the archer's hands is a blowgun and the bow string points its arrow at Sagittarius. The meaning of this is the same as the man with the Big Dipper waving good-bye to Love, Wisdom, Motherhood, and Truth in the pronaos of Hathor's Temple. Wisdom is a dreamer. A great dream for sure, but all searches for wisdom come to an end when it is realized that the human brain cannot contain all wisdom. That is when the adage "know thyself" is understood. At this Moment of Truth the meaning of the Child in Swaddling Cloths on the wings of the eagle becomes Not Rational Truth. We experience the limits of our own mental capacity. Since there is no room for the child in the inn of the rational mind, we accept the virgin birth for the first time. Intuition kicks in and Mother's Benevolent Dream becomes a perception of reality. It is a virgin birth for many reasons, including the relationship between Virgo and Antinous. But most importantly the Virgin Birth represents the choice made by Wise Men to worship the child without a father. In other words, wise men realize that all knowledge does not come from the experience of truth within the present physical body. Instinct and intuition are forms of experiential truth that comes through the womb from past lives as the genetic experience is given to the inexperienced child. This is more than a "leap of faith," it is an act of acceptance that life after death is the only way that an organism can evolve. This capacity to "use" the God given abilities of genetic experience is what breaks the bondage to self limiting paradigms and releases the wise from bondage to material existence. This breaking of material bondage is not a fall into chaos, as can be expected when we deny untruth to preserve rational paradigm, it is a release of the limited perceptions caused by the misunderstanding of death. Clearly, there are two birth processes that occur at the Gateway of Gods. First the organism must be born of the flesh. Then the wise organism can be born of the spirit of truth.

To witness the revelation of the wisdom of the solar system's place in the galaxy that is a manger on a turbulent sea over an abyss, toggle back and forth several times between the view from beyond Orion back to the Sun and the view toward Ophiuchus from the Sun. As you toggle not the following correspondences "as above, so below."


Messages at the Gateways of Gods and Men

 Correspondence with Galactic Perspectives

Galaxy > Above  Above Below Below
Ecliptic > Above Below Above Below
1  Great Shepherd on mountain with Father Figure X      
2  Quaoar with joined hands of Twins X      
3  Pluto with hand of male Gemini X      
4  Mercury at female twin with circumcision of Scorpio/Libra X      
5  Jupiter and Leo with Juno and Virgo x      
6  Libra with Cancer x x    
7  Lupus with Canis Minor x x    
8  Saturn and Venus with knee of Father Figure x x    
9  Sun and Venus with feet of Father Figure        
10  Crushed head of Hydra with head of Centaurus   x    
11  Angel of Birth with Angel of Death     x  
12  Taurus with Sagittarius, the protective Cherubim     x x
13  Earth with Head of Taurus (Mother Earth with Hathor)     x x
14  Galactic Center with club of Orion   x   x
15  Northern Crown with Orion       x
16  Red Crown (Ara) with Orion and Canis Major       x
17  Peacock/Ibis (Thoth) with Lepus (Seth/Typhon)       x
18  Cetus with Pisces Australis       x
19  Capricorn (Scapegoat) with Aries (Noble One)     x x
20  Aries with Aquarius     x  

Many of these correspondences have been noted in ancient texts. Most notably is the relationship of Osiris and Sagittarius. Osiris was restored to life by Isis and then cut to pieces by Seth. After which, he stayed in the Underworld to guide people back to Heaven Above. This story is written by the stars of Orion and their correspondence with the stars of Sagittarius. The placement of Mercury and Quaoar are quite profound, but this information is very temporal, and would have been of less value to authors of the Books of Life because the wandering stars only provide time messages to those who witness their placements. The long durations of the asterisms provide the best approach to preservation of the dreams of man.

In the scope of cosmic time scales we will never be able to recover the detailed dreams of any creatures that might have lived on, or near, the planetary systems in Globular Cluster M4. Even so, we can be sure that life, regardless of where in the universe it springs forth, it will self reveal the magnificent works of the self created Cosmos. "This means that 13 billion years ago, life could have arisen and then died out,'' said Boss. ''This has immense implications.'' The profound implication of this inherent order is that there was Intent to Create long before there was substance within Creation. Formation of the universe 15 billion years ago during a Big Bang event seems most unlikely, though not impossible. For if the Intent to Create is more than the collective imagination human souls, a Creator must strive to carry out a Will to Live. That Will to Live is the greatest secret hidden on the vault of the stars for all to see. The more probable explanation is that the Creator, a being capable of Intent and Nurture, and thus, male and female, keeps cycling Life Force throughout the generations of stars. When additional substance is called for the Creator draws it from the Zero Point Energy Field. When substance must be withdrawn the Creator simply calls in the Intent for a later return. A conscious man who sets out to reach Seventh Heaven is simply doing that which the Creator intended in the beginning.

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