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A close encounter of Ares with Antares; the Rational and the Not Rational.

In a message dated 6/29/03 7:06:06 PM Pacific Daylight Time, Lapauila writes:
Hello Rush,

Have you heard of this asteroid? I began to follow the ephemeredes to see the path of this asteroid. I noticed that it was over the back of Ursa Major and followed it through the back of Monoceros, and on the back of Canis Major going through the star Wesen at the back tail end of Canis Major. It continues onto Argo Navis, through the front or bow of the ship. It appears that here it makes circles going back over Wesen and back to Argo. It comes closest to earth February 2004. I checked from June 29th, 2003 through February 29th, 2004. Since there are four pages of coordinates to follow the asteroid path " it may take me awhile. I don't mind the learning process as I have had a good teacher.

You must love the discovery that comets and asteroids offer! It is like reading the books of heaven and the asteroids/comets are the "cosmic yellow marker pen."

ahui hou, Shawn

Hi Shawn-Pele,

As I showed, excuse me, as Pele showed us, in my last email, the whole of life's journey is overwhelming to the conscious. That is why consciousness is not given eternal perception. Rather, consciousness is given the opportunity to "intuit" eternal being. The choice to "intuit" is the choice to go through the Gateway of Gods on Judgment Day. Thus, if the stars are on a journey measured by time, then all life must be on that same journey. The Master can create time. The mortal can only consume time.

Zeus gained Olympus when he killed his father, Chronos. Yet, Chronos is the name of Time. Thus, Zeus spent eternity in the act of killing Time. Who has not fallen for that ego trip?

So, I decided to listen more closely to Shawn-Pele and follow her wandering star. The attached images will show you what I found. I will not tell you, in words, what the images mean. But, if you acknowledge the passing of Mars at its closest encounter with Mother Pele in 75,000 years while a ribbon is wrapped around a Cosmic Tree, I think you will be in awe of the Dream in Pele's Heart since Ares encountered Antares.

Thanks for the Shock and Awe! I needed that.


The days of asteroid 2003 MS2 are marked by red spots over hundreds of years.
This is what happens when consciousness takes in too big a swatch of time.

The crossovers occur at the hand of Virgo and at the Sign of Jonah.
Those with a little intuition will see the Magic Wand in Time's every dream at the hand of the Virgin Mother.

It is up to us to "Stop the World" to realize we are simply a Moment in Time as the Ruler arrives at the Kingdom of Heaven.
July 4, 2003 is less than two years since All Hell Broke Loose in the Land of Columbia and Liberty. But, during this span of cosmic consciousness, Chronos-Saturn returned to the Heavens Above, and Zeus-Jupiter retrograded at the Leo-Cancer Boundary as the Earth and Mars came to a Close Encounter without precedent in 75,000 years. The Journey of the Son of Man had completed its course.

On the day 2003 MS2 dropped beneath the firmament of the Earth, it marked a moment of celebration that was at hand.

The simple truth in black and white, is that we are all in a process of receiving a Run Around.

To understand what has been transpiring in the last 22 months we need to find the Man-Child and the Old Man at the arm of Aquarius, where the King of the Sea rides the Good Samaritan's Beast. But, the true mark of a man and a beast is the place where Love rises into Heaven Above. That place is at the Morning Star when Venus crosses the Cosmic Firmament in the heart of consciousness that Intuits "As Above, So Below." For, on the eve of the Coming Forth of Independence Day 2004, asteroid 2003 MS2 sat on the Door of the Horizon of Khephera announcing Jupiter's crossing of the Leo-Cancer Boundary.

An unmanned and unnamed asteroid with the tag 2003 MS2 has come as a messenger to tell us that we have been in prison by virtue of our cold cold hearts. The Red Planet encountered the Great Red Dragon in July 2001 as it regressed toward Antares. But, during its subsequent retrograde it visited the Cup of Aquarius and in the span of three years from the time Ares and Antares got together, a Yellow Ribbon was tied around the Old Cosmic Tree.

What's it all about, Alfie? That's right. It is about the movement of Love from the Land Under the Land to Heaven Up Above. So, get on the bus for a close encounter of the Rational and the Not Rational, but do not forget about Ur-an-US. There is a dream going on up there, and it beckons all who would intuit its call to Tie a Yellow Ribbon around the Old Cosmic Tree. Can you hear all the Old People cheering on the b-US?

Mars was on a journey of three years from Desire at the Great Red Dragon through Compassion at Mother's Favorite Son that has taken 75,000 years to rationally comprehend. When the ribbon ceremony has go on, Mars will have returned to the boundary of the Virgin and her Dream of Kingdom Come. Love was never forgotten, for Love is the Eternal, yet Not Rational, Dream of the Great Red Dragon. Love will consume every Man-Child that passes through the Judgment Hall, unless the Man-Child acknowledges that life is a process of being born of a Virgin. What has been forgotten is that the Cosmic Message must be intuited as a close encounter with a Rational Being. All things rational are but Dreamtimes of a Man-Child who set out on a journey to Seventh Heaven, when he had no idea what it meant to be Rational, or Not Rational.

Long ago the trip toward Seventh Heaven was inscribed in the monumental temples of Man, as shown here from the pronaos ceiling of Hathor's Temple at Denderah. With Khephera's front  door at her knee, while fearing the confused message of Mother's Jug Head that unites death and birth, a creature called Son of Man set out to find a rational form of Love, Wisdom, Motherhood, and Truth, as he waved good bye to what he was seeking. The Rational Man-Child looked desperately throughout the whole of the Cosmic Expanse and the Great Beyond. What caused the despair of 75 millennia? He went to war against the Sacred Cow. Her emotions were the very force that sent him out in search of Seventh Heaven.

Rising off the Bow of Argo Navis from Maat's Feather on October 14, 2003, the asteroid passes through Hydra and Sextans and between the Head of Virgo and the tail of Leo to arrive precisely at the north axis of the galaxy on January 10, 2004. The Ribbon is tied around the axis of the Cosmic Tree by the Man With the Upraised Arm on February 7, 2004. The asteroid peaks at Kochab in the cup of the Little Dipper on March 17, 2004, and encircles the handle of the Big Dipper and the Plow by May 13, 2004, as it crosses its own path in the Lotus Flower in Virgo's Hand. After passing through the Heart of Virgo it crosses the meandering stream on August 4, 2004, three years after the 911 Call that brought the meaning of Shock and Awe to a world unaware of its own destiny. Thus, we know who it was that brought War and Peace to the Land Under the Land. The Old People have called her the Queen of Sheba, the Teacher of Righteousness, Sekhmet, Nut, Eve, Pele, Virgin Mother, Hathor, Isis, Astarte, Artemis, and many more. But, by any name, Mother Nature is the Mother of God. Her judgment is that only life is worth preserving, everything else is just the dreams of a Man-Child, whether Rational, or Not Rational. Men kill and die for the sake of dreams, and all the while they forget that Time knows no bondages except the self limitations of usurping consciousness.

Now she has returned to Stamp her judgment upon His dream. The towers have been immortalized.
I believe in love. Don't you?

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