Proof that the Wandering Ones are the Chosen People of the Lion of Judah?

Read the text by scrolling the page on the first migration to learn the cosmic route, then return and follow the birds by connecting to the stars. Enjoy the journey before the opportunity is gone.

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Migrating Birds Recognize Asterisms in the Sky

Results from a scientific study were printed in Scientific American in August 1975. An article entitled, The Stellar-Orientation System of a Migratory Bird, illustrated tests to determine whether migratory birds recognized the sky. The important aspect is recognition, rather than cognition. The study showed that birds learned the positions of stars to help guide them along migratory routes of thousands of miles over open ocean. Migratory birds learned their flight route by experience. In other words the previous generation would lead the next generation over the flight plan that they had taken before. Birds that were taken from their nests would not orient themselves to migrate, since they had not gone on the migration trip before. The conclusion of the study was that the birds learned the star patterns in the sky. In particular they learned the polar star patterns. This has the added effect of requiring the birds to rationalize their trips. Can anything less be expected of men and women?

Migratory birds have to distinguish between a stellar pattern at the southern most point of their journey and a pattern at the northern most point of their journey. Additionally, they have to distinguish the patterns based upon the time of year and the time of day. The circumpolar stars provide the orientation, while the non-circumpolar stars provide destination information. Without going into detail, it should be quite clear that the human species also "knew" the stars before they "knew" how to write. So, this little journey is truly of "cosmic proportions."

The philosophies of the Orient are predominantly sensual based religions, including Ancient Egypt's. By distinction, Judeo-Christian-Muslim-Mormon religions are knowledge based religions. Since animals and the ancestors of homo sapiens followed the stars, it is clear that any rational cosmology or theology must have its source in the stars. In fact, it can be further stated that any modern religion that does not have a celestial base is not a religion, but rather an abstract philosophy. True religion must practice astroarchaeology to be cosmic, or the following generations will not be able to complete the migratory journeys of life. Thus, as the migrating birds journeyed from pole to pole, so all the Peoples of the Earth are among the Wandering Ones. We wander in search of the Kingdom of Heaven, and now through the power of modern astronomy programs it can be conclusively proven that we are the generation of the Chosen Ones by compressing the journey of 200,000 years into a few clicks of a mouse. This mouse tail has a tale to tell.. Of all creatures that inhabited the earth, it is only those homo sapiens sapiens living since 50,000 years ago, and 50,000 years from now that can truly live in that place of the Great Sphinx which was the predecessor of the Lion of Judah.

Click on the following images of Leo and pretend you are a cosmic traveler like a migrating bird, or a migrating star, as you journey with the autumn equinox looking for a sign from heaven that it is time to move on to greener pastures. Each image presents the autumn equinox when the vernal equinox aligns with Aquarius and the north celestial pole was, or will be, in the constellation of the king, Cepheus, for more than 8,000 years. That puts the celestial axis in the Kingdom of Earth for nearly a third of the period for the migration of the polar stars. These stars mark the Ages of Aquarius from 99,999 BC to 80,353 AD. This is the cosmic hour celebrated as the day of the coming of the mother's favorite son, when the compassionate "I Know" rings out joy and salvation to the world, for then the tabernacle of the vernal sun begins to rise and the mystery of life yields to the glorious Parousia at the coming of day. This is the location where Osiris gives the helm of the Sun Boat back to Ra, the Creator of all. As you journey, keep an eye on the lines between the stars in the day section of the sky within the house called the Kingdom of Heaven, and ask if you feel like you were chosen to see the glory that the heavenly light provides. If you can, then you are one of the Chosen Ones who wander with the stars. If you cannot see the light of Cosmic Day, then retrieve the helm of the Sun Boat from the unconscious mind of the darkened ages and assume the inheritance given to us all by whatever force placed the stars on their journey to show us the way to our dreams.

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Now go back and watch what happens to the head of Virgo, and realize that "She Who Faces Her Lord" has but a short time to do so. Follow the birds back to 99,999 BC and watch Virgo's head as you follow a mouse's tale.

And, if you can see how distorted the Virgin's head becomes from time to time, consider what the head of the male twin in Gemini is doing. He is Castor, who sees the female head, Pollux, approaching rapidly from the east. But, by the time he gets his own head on straight, she has gone off to join the Heavenly Bull, and he has a serious crick in his neck. This tells us two great morals. First, a woman does not use her head for thinking. She uses it for a journey of dreams, while a man can't get his mind off of her, as he tries to catch her before she gets away; too soon oldt, too late smart. The second moral is like the first, for it says, "As much as things change, the more they stay the same; as it is above, so it is below." Now follow the birds back to 99,999 BC and watch the Gemini heads to realize that men and women travel in orthogonal paths to each other, and they only get their head's on straight when the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand and they walk together along the Milky Way.

I just thought some people might like to know where we have been and where we are going, before the time to accept the Kingdom of Heaven has long passed away. Do you suppose the great pyramid builders of Giza had a similar story to tell when they carved the Sphinx on the banks of the Nile? They wrote a book called Chapters of Coming Forth by Day, and the neter of human experience, Osiris, stands by the door of morning in the Duat so that we would never forget. Nevertheless, because every star is on a journey, the heavens will lose their capacity to remind us who we are. And when they do, all we will have left are the books that told us how it was during that Golden Age when the Lion of Judah was the tabernacle of the autumn sun, and human beings were the Children of God.

This story is brought to you by He who rolled the cosmic dice and accomplished precisely what was intended at the Moment of the First Occasion. And never forget that Isis knew His name before man could light a fire. Bon Voyage!

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