Did the Australian Aborigine leave a record of their journey to the Land Under the Land?

This is an on-going study of the rock art of the Australian Aborigine. The objective is to determine whether the rock art can reveal messages regarding the origins of the people. The following charts summarize the data acquired by precessing the heavens in the western Pacific.

The rock art clearly shows the Pleiades. However, if we interpret the mound to be the horizon, then the handle of the Pleiades is oriented down as it would be seen above the eastern horizon, below the bowl. When we examine the Pleiades throughout a complete Platonic cycle, it is clear that the rock art does not duplicate the heavens. It is possible that the Aborigine were not careful while inscribing the rock, or it is possible that the simple figure tells a more profound story. If we assume that the artists were elders teaching the navigational skill of the ocean traveling ancestors, then precision would be far more important than an idle sketch to pass the time would require. The elder may be telling a story with regard to time and place, where the handle of the Pleiades is seen vertically below the edge of its bowl. By searching the earth for a place where the handle is under the bowl, as depicted, we must move north of Australia.

On a hunch, a search was done at Raiatea in the French Polynesians because the Marae to Oro on Raiatea is known as the Vatican of Polynesia and prior work has demonstrated that the alignment of the altar (marae) carries important information regarding the location of the Milky Way. The details of the Raiatea site can be found at an earlier story of the Pacific Sea Peoples.

When we look eastward at the rising of the Pleiades in 2001 AD, it is clear that the handle alignment is not vertical and more importantly, it is 25 degrees north of east. From this we can conclude that the encoded time is not the present, or within the last few centuries.. As we go further back to 3000 BC, the alignment improves vertically, however, it sits on the 90 degree east azimuth position, and not to the right of it as shown on the rock art. At 4000 BC the alignment is fairly good and it is six degrees right of east. Going back as far as 10,000 BC the handle tips way off vertical. Thus, the location we are searching for is near Raiatea and 4000 BC.

These charts show the Pleiades at 10 degrees north latitude in 2001 AD and 5 degrees north latitude in 4000 BC on the Raiatea meridian. The vertical orientation of the handle is fairly good on these charts. The 2001 AD orientation is clearly inappropriate due to the Pleiades being at 67 degrees, or 23 degrees  north of east, while the 4000 BC orientation is nearly a perfect rendition of the rock art reference, being 7 degrees south of east. It is clear from the 4000 BC chart that we should be looking for some event around 4000 BC if the rock art is recording an historical event.

A primary use of the stars for the peoples of the Pacific Ocean had to be the same as migratory birds. As navigational aids, the equatorial location of the earth is of great importance. So, assuming that the ancient navigators understood the scientific principles required for ocean travelto assume otherwise would be arrogance toward the known fact that they crossed the oceansthen we move to 0 degrees latitude and align the handle of the Pleiades. When we do, we find that orientation is nearly perfect between 4500 BC (8 degrees S of E) and 5000 BC (11 degrees S of E). Does this represents an ancestral date for some cultural event, or does this represent a navigational aid? The fact of the navigational purpose should be self evident─though academics deny the possibility because they do not teach the stars. The poles and the equator of the earth are mandatory knowledge for ocean, desert, and celestial navigation. The elder could have been parroting tradition of a more ancient seafaring, or desert crossing, way of life, or more likely, the elder was passing on essential information for salvation of the soul. So, take for granted that the elder had to teach the younger how to function in the material world, and lets look for the more profound message that the elder needed to convey a spiritual message to the younger. If we look toward the Pleiades around 4500 BC we can find an event that has been recorded in the myths of all the peoples who surround the Pacific Ocean, from Japan to Chile, from Teotihuacán to Thailand, from Easter Island to Hawaii, from Tasmania to Alaska. The spiritual event is known as the moment of the Rising Sun, or the moment the sun came forth in the Land of the Rising Sun. In Teotihuacán, the Pleiades are central to the calibration of the First Fire Ceremony of the Maya and their ancestors in the city where men become gods.

Here is the Moment of the Rising Sun celebrated throughout the world. The sun is not shown for clarity at the vernal equinox.. In the period near 4500 BC the northern vernal equinox rested precisely on the equator of the celestial sphere (vertical red line, 0˚ dec.), the equator of the galaxy (left blue diagonal), the equator of the solar system (right green diagonal) , and the horizon at the equatorial longitude (0˚ lat.). Four equators are present at one location for the earth sphere, the celestial sphere, solar system sphere, and the galactic sphere. Just below the horizon, with one arm above it (raised 8˚), the great Orion begins his ascent from the Duat of Egypt, from the Land Under the Land of the all the peoples of the world. This set of locations, and its antipodal location between Sagittarius and Ophiuchus are the only locations on earth, in the heavens, in the solar system, and in the galaxy where an individual can unite the four elements of the ancient world. This is a moment of unification of all the spheres of influence; planet, body, mind, soul─earth, water, air, fire─material, physical, mental, spiritual.

The union of the four equators is the harmony of the spheres that has been carried down through the Egyptians in the legend of Osiris. The adjacent image of the Tet, or Djed signifies the importance of the pillar. Life, as represented by the ankh, stands upon this pillar of four horizons with arms raising up enlightenment, as represented by the solar disk. The four elements of the physical, material, rational, and spiritual existence are sufficient to define every potential experience in the universe with regards to the wisdom of enlightenment by experience. Elders have only one asset that youngers seek, experience. In the heavens, these elements of life are identified by the location of the physical body, relative to the location of the planet earth, relative to the location of the star Sol, relative to the location of the mother of the Sun, the Milky Way, whose own location encompasses the All. An elder that can transfer this wisdom to a younger has met his, or her, responsibility for life. This is the fundamental aspect of Orion-Osiris. He holds up the light of the four elements of life and provides this enlightenment for the children who chose to recognize him as the "Lord of All." In this position, Osiris is the symbol of all wisdom and enlightenment, and his example is the most fundamental example to give to the generations to come. Now, in Egypt, by design, there were built great temples. These temples carried the celestial message for more than three thousand years. The message is simple and to the point. Life, for all it ups and downs, must be lived within the stars, or else the individual will be lost in a lake of fire as the emotions oscillate without enlightenment through states of depression and euphoria within the disharmony of the spheres. In our modern world of specialization the disharmony of the spheres goes by the designation, insanity. When we fail to guide our children to harmonize with the cosmic spheres, we are preparing them to live within the perdition of insanity, where the birds copulate with the fishes, and drugs bind the body to the irresponsible action that destroys the dreams of tomorrow.

The altar on Raiatea is dedicated to Oro, who has a very strong connection to Orion, and thus, to Osiris of Egypt. Of all the stars in the sky, none have helped guide the human race, and probably all other species as well, as the asterisms of the one known in the south Pacific as the Great Bailer, and to Egypt as Osiris, to Mesopotamia as Gilgamesh, to Mesoamerica as Hunaphu, to the Hebrews as Moses, to the Christians as John the Baptist, and to Islam as the journey of Muhammad. Without any exception, or equal, the location of the vernal sun above the shoulders of Orion represents the place where a child can begin the journey to becoming a god. Orion, Osiris, and Oro, as with all the rest, tell us to "remember who we are," for it is the dreams of the past that guide us to harmonize in the future.

We should not be surprised that we find this result, for our own ancestors were very spiritual people, and the Aborigine still are. It has only been for a few centuries that they have been known as superstitious savages. The evidence clearly points the arrow of time at the true savages, and they are the ones who deny their own spiritual origins. One fact is undeniably clear, the Native Cultures of the whole world throughout all the ages have held the spirits of their ancestors in high esteem. Why? Because in the days before institutional education and the mechanization of our senses through technology (watches), we, the younger, learned from our elders, who learned from the stars. They, the stars through the elders, taught us what we needed to know using the God given graces of our own physical being and an abundant creation. They, the stars and the elders, were our heroes and our gods. They offered to us the potential of divinity if we could find their way to the Land of the Rising Sun. Institutional education is designed to pass rational information into the mind of the child without any interference from the conscious spirits of the neophyte. To accomplish this transfer at the ever increasing volume of knowledge the students are forced to acquiesce to the institutions, who are neither mother nor father. And though these educators are honest and caring adults, they have to economize their time by instructing large numbers of students without the spiritual presence of the individual child being allowed to surface. Spiritual ascension is held in abeyance until the rational expression can be put into the mind of the child. The promise of reaching the Land of the Rising Sun, which is a metaphor for the Parousia that comes when a mystery of life is unraveled into consciousness, has grown so large and so pervasive, that few children strive to reach the top of the modern mountain of light any more. They find caves of specialization and cease to grow in a land of incompetence for cosmic spheres. Without rising up over the mountain to peek into a "some day isle," the modern child is destined to fall under the command of God Angry Eyes. She is the one who has the dreams of her children on her mind, and boils over when they refuse to help those dreams come true. Hell hath no furry like a woman scorned, and ten fold if that woman is scorned of her own children. All of the knowledge ever gained about the cosmos does not exceed that one fundamental revelation expressed when the northern vernal equinox rises on the shores of the hallowed land in between heaven above and heaven below. It says, "Raise up the body of the serpent and come into enlightenment."

When we put together all the rock art of the Aborigine from every continent in the world we will uncover the unmistakably obvious wisdom---Elders desire that their Youngers learn to live healthy and happy lives on a globe that wanders in the Milky Way. In the adjacent image we see the moment when our star reaches the Land of the Rising Sun as it comes into the Cosmic Day at the turn of the equinoxes. The eight little star charts depict the Pleiades at the moment of Tet over the span of 200,000 years. If this analysis is correct, then the rock art is a chalkboard of an elder who instructed his students, not in an institutional environment, but as apprentices in the laboratory of life itself. As the years go by, different teachers come along and add their own graffiti as they attempt to pass on the wisdom of the ages. The apparent lack of order in the graffiti is not the evidence of a savage mentality, it is the evidence of a process of utilizing the resources at hand, over and over again, to say the same fundamental moral; pay attention while life is at hand.

In Australia, the vast expanse of virgin land has preserved many artifacts in their original state, probably as a result of sanctifying the location of the learning experience. But, before we destroy the modern system, just consider the simple fact, we have over 6 billion people on earth, and there are not enough virgin rocks for instruction of each child who would desire to reach the Land of the Rising Sun. But, if we can teach patience to the children, a greater percentage of them can find the fabulous truths regarding the 3rd Rock from the Sun. She has been good to us. If she had abandoned us along the way, then who would go seeking for the mysteries in the graffiti of the ages gone by? The time has come for us to return the favor and be good to Her, once more. That was, after all, the most sacred message of the ancients. We can do it, if we simply remember to pay attention to our senses. Those are the instruments that show the way to Her Land of the Rising Son, and there is no other way to get there. It is a little more difficult to accomplish the task when the Common Knowledge that life begins after death is so abundant. We all are born into a world where a virgin must be sacrificed in a lake of fire, so that the child within us can become a god. The rock art shows us that with a little Common Sense we can achieve a face of enlightenment while there is time to preserve the message and the hallowed place known as Haviki i taputapuatea to the peoples of the Southwest Pacific, and the Promised Land to the shepherds in the deserts of Asia Minor.

Many children have wondered why Orion has no head. Did David take it with hem when he slew Goliath? Did Herodias receive it upon a charger? According to Mark 6:25, "She came in straightway with haste unto the king, and asked, saying, I will that thou give me by and by in a charger the head of John the Baptist." But, those who gain control of their dreams and come to understand the meaning of a rising son will see that the head of Orion is a four part cosmic sphere. Through his example all children are given an opportunity to share in the light that comes with the Rising Sun.

Exod 2:16-22
Now the priest of Midian had seven daughters: and they came and drew water, and filled the troughs to water their father's flock. And the shepherds came and drove them away: but Moses stood up and helped them, and watered their flock. And when they came to Reuel their father, he said, How is it that ye are come so soon to day? And they said, An Egyptian delivered us out of the hand of the shepherds, and also drew water enough for us, and watered the flock. And he said unto his daughters, And where is he? why is it that ye have left the man? call him, that he may eat bread. And Moses was content to dwell with the man: and he gave Moses Zipporah his daughter. And she bare him a son, and he called his name Gershom: for he said, I have been a stranger in a strange land. (KJV)

We are all born strangers in a strange land. But, by Gemini, it need not stay that way forever. For when the sun sets with the Tet, a cosmic hero will have turned from one side to the other as he follows the Seven Sisters into the Duat where they will guide the Sun Boat until a new dawn and a strange enlightenment will come as it has always come throughout the ages. As the Seven Sisters rise in the east, they announce the coming of the greatest hero the world has ever known. Yesterday the Aborigine spoke of Oro and his journey between the two lands. Today we speak of Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, Moses, John and Jesus, and Muhammad . Tomorrow we will speak of another named divinity, but by any name the message is the same. Life proceeds from the Tet, and it proudly holds up the enlightenment of a world filled with serpents, both demons and angels. The great mystery of life is not in the solving. The great mystery is is the praising of tomorrow. Make no mistake about the rock in Red Gorge, it tells us what we knew it would say. "The sun will come up tomorrow. So, be there, and help the Seven Sisters on their journey of Cosmic Conception, for they are at the place where the human mind reattaches itself to the Cosmic Womb."

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