Time Lines and Guide Lines in the Denderah Zodiac, Is it the Book of Q?

Precautionary Note: This essay was first written on May 7, 1997. Subsequent research has added significant data to the thesis of this essay. The essay was originally intended as personal research notes. The reader is, therefore, asked to be patient with the current rendition, for it has not been prepared for general browsers. The essay is not intended for publication by any other individuals. However, all are welcome to evaluate the presentation, and make comments. A short essay supplement has been prepared which may help in relating to the purpose of the temple at Crossing the Leo-Cancer Boundary.


In the last century before the Christian Era at Denderah, Egypt a temple was built containing a monument that summarized the wisdom of Western Civilization. That monument was, and is, the circular zodiac; commonly known as the Denderah zodiac. Important dates of the human story are clearly marked on the monument. Within the iconography of the glyphs is written a message of profound value that was intended to create a new religion. Political conditions at that time resulted in the destruction of the wisdom and the people who espoused the New World Order it represented. Thus began the Age of Pisces, whose children we are today.

Figure 1: Denderah Zodiac Photograph, Louvre Inventory D38, (R.E.A. Bitmap M&B666A2.bmp)

Modern research in biblical archaeology has concluded that the four gospels of the New Testament were redactions of a common source called the "Book of Q," after the German word "quelle" meaning source. The gospels represent the foundation of religious thought as transferred to Western Civilization at the beginning of the age. It is important to realize that every age for the last ten millennia has founded a new religion. All of them have used the same source for their doctrine. That source is postulated, by this author, to be the illusive "Book of Q." What is revealed on the Denderah zodiac and the gospels is a continuation of a tradition that dates back many many thousands of years. Before civilization began, humans had looked to the stars for guidance in their lives. Evidence that lunar calendars existed in 30,000 B.C. has been found by archaeologists. According to research by Frank Edge, evidence indicates that the Hall of Bulls at Lascaux, France may have been constructed as an equinoctial marker in 15,000 B.C.

The cinemascope of stars has lead birds to migratory breading grounds since they first began to migrate. As rational creatures, we become totally engrossed in our literal translations. We forget how to do things that we were given as instinctive methods when we were first born. These instincts are a result of genetic information which is transferred by birth in the womb. They are the basis upon which all rational behavior is developed.

Figure 2: Migrating Birds Recognize Asterisms in the Sky

Results from a scientific study was printed in Scientific American in August 1975. An article entitled, The Stellar-Orientation System of a Migratory Bird, illustrated tests to determine whether migratory birds recognized the sky. The important aspect is recognition, rather than cognition. The study showed that birds learned the positions of stars to help guide them along migratory routes of thousands of miles over open ocean. Migratory birds learned their flight route by experience. In other words the previous generation would lead the next generation over the flight plan that they had taken before. Birds that were taken from their nests would not orient themselves to migrate, since they had not gone on the migration trip before. The conclusion was that the birds learned the star patterns in the sky. In particular they learned the polar star patterns. This has the added effect of requiring the birds to rationalize their trips.

Migratory birds have to distinguish between a stellar pattern at the southern most point and a pattern at the northern most point. Additionally, they have to distinguish the pattern based upon the time of year and the time of day. The circumpolar stars provide the orientation, while the non-circumpolar stars provide destination information. Without going into detail, it should be quite clear that the human species also "knew" the stars before they "knew" how to write.

The religious philosophies of the Orient are predominantly sensual based religions, including Ancient Egypt. By distinction, Judeo-Christian-Muslim-Mormon religions are knowledge based religions. Since animals and the ancestors of homo sapiens followed the stars, it is clear that any rational cosmology or theology must have its source in the stars. In fact, it can be further stated that any modern religion that does not have a celestial base is not a religion, but rather a philosophy. True religion must practice astroarchaeology to be cosmic.

An example of a non-celestial based religion is Scientology. Scientology is psychology that expanded into a religion in order to develop a power and a financial basis. However, for all the psychological wisdom, and there is much in Scientology, it ignores the origin of man. At best it associates the concept of evolution with origination. Saying that evolution is the source is equivalent to saying that a wheel is rolling because it is rolling. A religion requires the existence of a Supreme Being, with the power to control the creation which it caused to be evolving. As a result, all true religions must have the creation of the cosmos as a rational initiating act of the Supreme Being. This fact transcends through time in the religions of each age. With a common thread for interpretation, and a common set of stars to read, all religions should be traceable to the ultimate source. That source rests in asterisms in the heavens, which is the "Book of Q."

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard. Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun, Which is as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, and rejoiceth as a strong man to run a race. (Ps 19:1-5 KJV) This tabernacle of the sun is its position at the vernal equinox of spring, when it rises due east everywhere around the Earth. But the stellar location of the vernal equinox is not fixed, it precesses approximately 50 arcseconds westward ever year. Gravitational effects of the moon and the sun cause the spin axis of the Earth to wobble in a double conical gyration over a period of approximately 26,000 years. In ancient times, this period was called the Platonic year, or the Great Year. Awareness of precessional movement is at least as old as the artwork in the Hall of Bulls at Lascaux, France. We have not found understandable evidence of prior records of star movement, but it can be reasonably assumed that the Hall of Bulls was used to identify the location of the equinoxes hundreds of years, while they moved.

From a scientific perspective, the precession of the equinoxes is just as important to humans as the locations of the polar asterisms are to migratory birds. When the first attempts were made to civilize the year to engraved images of stellar positions, movement of the equinoxes defeated the calendar markers. In his book The Secret of the Incas, William Sullivan demonstrates the fact that the Incas knew that their stellar based religion was going to come to an end. Sullivan did not present any evidence that the Incas understood that the movement of the stars was cyclical. Many researchers in the history of Egypt have shown that the Egyptians abandoned or reoriented temples which had been designed as seasonal markers. In Sacred Science, de Lubicz, concluded that the themes of the temples of Egypt progressed through the ages of Gemini, Taurus, and Aries.

Figure 3: REA Denderah Zodiac Paraphrase

The Denderah zodiac is clearly dedicated to the Age of Pisces. If any understanding of civilization over a span greater than two thousand years is to be gained, it is absolutely necessary to know the length of the Great Year. The present concept of New Year being on January 1 was inaugurated by Pope Gregory in 1582, after his advisors demonstrated that the leap year Julian calendar had gone out of alignment to the stars by ten days. Organized religion may be ridiculed by free-thinkers, but the need to organize is inherent to civilization.

Today our Gregorian calendar is expected to be used for eternity. It only needs to be adjusted by one day every three thousand three hundred years. Because of our technologically based civilization, we measure years with numbers of seasons and have no need to look toward the heavens. Time is provided by computers with such accuracy, that we take it for granted. The concept of time is so engraved in our imagination, that we are dumbfounded by the realization that time does not even exist. Our scientists have merged time and space into a common set of equations with the appellation of "space-time" to signify a higher essence called reality. Regardless of the mathematical precision of our "space-time" coordinates, both space and time are imaginary. They are concepts that our teachers have passed down to us in order to help us to learn, by rote, the knowledge of modern civilization. Chinese, Jewish, and Muslim calendars are living examples of other methods for marking the passing of the seasons. These calendars are based upon events in the heavens, just like ancient people and other creatures did 30,000 years ago. Being can only be understood in a relative sense. Where a being is with respect to another being is the only measure of "space-time." Einstein’s celebrated theory of relativity is proof of this fact. We can choose to ignore this fact, but it does not cease to be the core essence of existence.

This brings us to the profound importance of the Denderah zodiac. It is first a cosmological clock! It is second a record of civilization! It is third a mandala of life’s passages for any individual! Freud and Jung have recognized the correspondences between individual psychology and mass psychology. These modern sages of the human mind have rediscovered the unconscious mind and have found it to be ubiquitous in the individual and the masses as the so called collective unconscious. It is a small step to go from individual consciousness to collective unconsciousness, but it is a giant step to go from collective unconsciousness to Universal Will. That is one reason why psychology fails to comprehend the true nature of faith and religion. But there is another reason why psychology cannot take the giant step to Universal Will. It is a matter of economics. Who needs a psychiatrist when it is possible to talk to the Creator of the cosmos? Psychiatry tends to relinquish objectivity when it comes to the acknowledgment of Universal Will because the psychiatrist needs the wealth of patients in order to meet the material demands of the practice. This failing also applies to religions when they degenerate into wells of compassion rather than fountains of inspiration.

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        Figure 1: Denderah Zodiac Photograph, Louvre Inventory D38 
        Figure 2: Migrating Birds Recognize Asterisms in the Sky
        Figure 3: REA Denderah Zodiac Paraphrase

        Figure 4: Denderah Zodiac Elements
        Figure 5: Fourteen Ecliptic Constellations
        Figure 6: Scientific Cosmic Perspective and Egyptian Cosmic Metaphor

        Figure 7: Giza Complex, 2450 BC
        Figure 8: Star Ways of the Great Pyramid at Giza
        Figure 9: Calendars of Western Civilization Stop the Tabernacle of the Sun
        Table 1: Precessional Calculations Using Denderah Zodiac Photograph

        Figure 10: Mithras Sees the Gateway to Heaven
        Figure 11: Birth of Libra

        Figure 12: Celestial Time Indicators
        Figure 13: Balance of Reason and Truth
        Figure 14: North Galactic Pole at Zenith above Akhet Aten (El Amarna, Egypt) 1996
        Figure 15: South Galactic Pole at Nadir below Akhet Aten (El Amarna, Egypt) 1996
        Figure 16: Out of Egypt have I called my son. (Matt 2:15 KJV)
        Figure 17: Constantine’s Shield Guards the Throne
        Figure 18: Papyrus of Hu-nefer, Reign of Seti I, 1306-1290 B.C., He Has Risen
        Figure 19: Conflict of Consciousness
        Figure 20: Vernal Equinox March 21, 30 A.D. Relative to March 21, 1997
        Figure 21: Solar Eclipse Revealed the Fable of the Ancients
        Figure 22: At the Nadir Meridian of Constantinople, the Earth Rested on the Balance
        Figure 23: Sixth Millennium Chatal Höyük, Anatolia
        Figure 24: Seal of Solomon
        Figure 25: Eclipse of 646 AD Superimposed on 1900 BC Records of Venus
        Figure 26: Meaning of the Nadir Site
        Figure 27: Creator of Heaven
        Figure 28: Journey Through the Duat

        Figure 29: Before the cock crow, thou shalt deny me thrice. (Matt 26:34)
        Figure 30: Before the cock crow twice, thou shalt deny me thrice. (Mark 14:30)

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