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The following charts show the evening of the vernal equinox March 22, 48 BC and the morning after.

Pashal01.gif, above, shows the dusk skies in the west. In the weeks before the vernal equinox arrived, the constellation Andromeda would have been falling beneath the horizon. As the equinox arrived it would have been clear that the vernal equinox was no longer in Aries because the Sun had set and Aries was still above the horizon. This moment could not have been missed by a culture that used the stars to establish their calendars.

With Venus as an Evening Star, it signaled the End Time of Aries. Astrology was the Mother of Science during those days, and it is beyond comprehension that the astrologers would not have been anticipating the arrival of the New Age, They would have searched the heavens looking for a "Sign of the Times." March 22, 48 BC provided signs in abundance. Thus, the date was locked down by the Jews, Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, and Romans. However, Athens was gone and the glory of Greece was rapidly becoming just a memory. Thus, the great Father of Greece had to be properly encrypted so that he could rise again. This is the message they found in the signs. We have absolute proof of the importance of this moment, beyond the Denderah temple. The Julian Calendar was initiated within one or two years of the event. The effect of the Julian Calendar was the resurrection of the Great Father of the Arians, and the dependence of the Occidental World on the Sothic calendar in numbers of days, if not in heliacal risings of the star, Sirius..

Paschal02.gif, above, shows that Venus had come to a "stand still" at the Pleiades under Algol, the Demon Star at the Medusa's Head. This occurred at the Full Moon of Spring, the Paschal Moon. It is very important to realize that the Paschal Moon during the Age of Aries always occurred in Libra. Libra was the Judgment Hall of Osiris. Thus, when the Eye of Osiris arrived at the Judgment Hall on the first day of spring, the Day of Judgment was at hand, and only the living would know of the decisions made on that day. Also, note that Mercury had gone retrograde at the west line of Pisces, as a Lord of Morning, with the turn around occurring 14-15 days after the equinox, which would be the next New Moon. Thus, the moment is the death moment of the King of the Jews, or at least, the God Head of Greece.

The vision provided on the eastern horizon as Venus conjunct the Pleiades is recorded on Paschal03.gif, above, and in Rev 12:1-2. And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: and she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered. (KJV) The child at the heart of the woman was Zeus-Jupiter, the King of the Solar System. With the rising of the Full Moon, it was clear that Chronos (Saturn), had returned to claim his son, Zeus (Jupiter). This is the ultimate meaning of the Paschal Moon (Passover Moon). As the Israelites had marked their houses with the blood of the Ram, it was time to become Fishers of Men.

However, the entering of the vernal equinox into the House of Death and Resurrection at Pisces was not viewed with the same anticipation as entering the House of Self Identity at Aries, or the House of Salvation at Aquarius. The metaphorical meaning behind Pisces was "bondage," for the Princess was bound to a stone at Death's Door (Great Square). What to do? The people were not going to accept death as the "living metaphor."

Paschal04.gif, above, reveals the answer. Mars was a Lord of Morning, along with Mercury. But, Mars was the father of Romulus and Remus. Thus, the Romans had a great say in the events of the Signs. The king of the Romans would save the day. But, Rome was without king, for it was a Republic. However, the wisdom of the Coming Age spoke of a New King Born of Judgment. Clearly the heavens would have led the astrologers to see the leader of Rome (Mars) as the Savior. Rome was locked into a destiny they did not comprehend. The Magi from Persia had not been wiped out by Alexander's Armies, on the contrary, the Persian Armies had become the soldiers of Alexander. The religion of the Zoroastrians was far more scientifically precise and developed than the liberated religions of the Greeks. Thus, the fall of Athens was seen as part of the Cosmic Plan, and it was necessary for the astrologers, magi, priests, and Levites, to give the New Age to a New King of Kings that though dead, yet lived.

At that time, Gaias Julius Caesar climbed to the throne of Heaven and Earth. Within twenty months of the "heavenly sign" the Romans were under the auspices of the calendar of the New Ruler. The rationality of such a calendar the world had not known. Caesar was espoused to Cleopatra by child, and he had taken her back to Rome. They were contemplating a New World Order in which Caesar would be the Father of the King of Kings, and Cleopatra would be the Queen of the King of Kings, and the Queen of Sheba, the New Isis. She and her son, were drawn in bas relief on the external wall of the temple to Hathor. The son of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra had become the New Aeon and was named the King of Kings. Much of this dream became temple reality after the loss of the father of the King of Kings, for Caesarean was only a lad of three years when his father fell at the feet of the statue of Pompey.

Whether Julius Caesar understood the meaning of the Denderah zodiac can not be doubted, given that he established the Julian Calendar after taking a boat trip to Denderah with Cleopatra, and after she brought forth the next Pharaoh of Egypt, and she was living in his palace in Rome as they prepared the way for the New World Order. The most powerful man in the rising great Republic was teamed with the wealthiest nation and woman in a clear effort to rid the Hellenistic World of disorder. On the autumn equinox of 48 BC the greatest man and woman alive journeyed to Denderah and conceived a new King of Kings. Nine months later Caesarean was born just after the date of the solstice on June 23, 47 BC.

The "liberal thinkers" of the Republic were exactly like the liberal thinkers of today. They were motivated more by greed toward chaos and anarchy than by order and conservation. Thus, this marriage made in Canaan was not going to happen on Earth as it was in the Heavens. There can be no doubt that the Magi from the east had seen this king's fortune on the rise. And, lets us not forget that the Ides of March is the Full Moon's Day. Four years after the Paschal Moon of 48 BC the Father of the King of Kings was dead by the liberating forces of an infant democracy, yet it is the calendar that he established that has lived on for perpetuity. The events that surrounded the conception of the Western World were heralded by the stars of the vernal equinox of 48 BC, as recorded on the circular zodiac at Denderah. A more profound moment in Western Civilization does not exist. Even the coming of Christ out of the denied life of the King of Kings, does not overshadow the events of 48 BC. The Christian Epoch has been an attempt to get right with the cosmos, but the wandering stars on the vernal equinox of 48 BC foretell the birth of the Rock of Ages which is the great Revelation of the birth of Chrestus, the Kindness of Creation.

Let us not get ahead of signs of the times. Pachal05.gif, above, shows Mars at the cup of Aquarius and Venus as a Morning Star as Seker-Asar (Lazarus, Sculpter) rose with the New Moon. Caesar would have heard the astrologers of Persia, the priests of Egypt, and the Levites of Israel, as the pontiffs of Rome proclaimed the destiny of the New Age. Like Bill and Hillary Clinton, these Royals would have known that they were somehow special in the whole scheme of the Universe. Thus, the marriage of Rome and Alexandria was looked forward to by all theologians as the "Wisdom of the Ages" being carried out by the earthly union of Julius and Cleopatra; as above, so below.

For at least four years they marched to this tune with the new Julian Calendar doing something that had not been anticipated. The calendar was intended to remove the ambiguity of the Signs of the Times and lock the whole world to a common measure of time and place, i.e., common knowledge based upon common sense. The calendar of Rome was to set the stage on which all commerce and wars were to be carried out. It was a stroke of genius drawn directly from all the Holy Books. But, there was a twist that the sages failed to take into consideration. The goal was to establish a calendar that lasted forever. Prior to that time all calendars began upon the ascension of a New King. So, it was appropriate that Caesar and Cleopatra should have the initiation of time on their behalf. But, this time the calendar would be eternal, and thus the king's time could never end. To accomplish this feat, it was necessary to halt the movement of the Sun. This would play into the hands of the Persians and the Jews, for Joshua had stopped the Sun for about a whole day. In other words, the new calendar kept the Persians and the Jews on top of the world.

And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is not this written in the book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day. And there was no day like that before it or after it, that the LORD hearkened unto the voice of a man: for the LORD fought for Israel. (Josh 10:13-14 KJV)

How could they stop the Sun? Paschal06.gif, above, reveals the secret. The heavens show that the original 1st of Aries carried Lucifer, the Light Bringer, as Venus went retrograde. Venus stayed in Aries for 26 five day periods, or approximately 130 days. The message was clear. Always place the 1st of Aries at the Morning of the year. In other words, the Vernal Equinox and the 1st of Aries would be One for eternity. To accomplish this it was necessary to have a calendar that locked the heavens so that it was no longer necessary to use the stars to measure time. That is what the Julian Calendar accomplished. As a leap year calendar, the seasons of the Sun would be the mark of the calendar reform. From that moment on, only the Kings of the World would know what time the stars declared. All the people would have the comfort of knowing what day it was, but they would not have access to the "Signs of the Times." In this way they would not be subject to the whims of any mortal king who would change a calendar to suit his fancy. This was the major change that resulted in Rome becoming a great empire. Without the coordination of the Julian Calendar, all the provinces would have been camps of rebellious barbarians. The calendar stopped the Sun, and placed Rome at the center of the world.

The pontiffs kept time, though they had some difficulty getting the process started because they held a leap year every third year. The Roman logic was so poor that they could not comprehend the zero period, or first year. Thus, the leap year occurred after three years. The logic was that if it occurred after four years that would be a five year period. At any rate, the pontiffs of Caesar Augustus straightened everything out by eliminating several leap year counts so that the Julian calendar would get back on track. Then in 1582, it became clear that the Paschal Moon was moving such that it came before the equinox. So, the Roman Pontiffs again did their job of keeping track of time, and they modified the Julian Calendar into the Gregorian Calendar, which will only need to be adjusted one day every 3300 years, or so.

The net result of locking the calendar to the seasons was the retention of the 1st of Aries at the vernal equinox, and the tropics of Capricorn and Cancer at the latitudes they still proclaim. This gave the Zoroastrians and the Jews what they wanted, the eternal rule of times of our lives. They did not have to believe in life after death, because they had usurped the Signs of the Times, and they could not be killed as long as the 1st of Aries sat upon the vernal equinox. It gave the Pagans and the Romans what they wanted; the power to carry out commerce and war. In order to keep this eternal calendar, it was necessary to get rid of the comprehension of the stars. That meant that the embroidery on the heavens would have to be erased. That meant that the Land of the Gods of Greece would be sacrificed. Zeus would be reincarnated as Jupiter, and Rome would measure time in accordance with edicts from the Middle Earth Sea.

With the death of Zeus and the erasing of the Graven Images of the constellations a memorial to the days of the Journeys to Seventh Heaven would have to be constructed as a reminder of the decisions made for the sake of the Masses. A special ceremony would have to be held every year to mark the death of Chrestus, the kindliness of the Swan of Zeus, and the reincarnation as Jupiter, or else the wisdom of the Solar System would fall into perdition. To avoid "Death's Door" the Wandering Mind of Man said goodbye to Death, Love, Wisdom, Motherhood, and Truth, as it set out on the dream journey to Seventh Heaven. The ceremony that was traditionally held during the spring was the resurrection of Osiris, and now Zeus had gone to Osiris. So, on the coming of the Paschal Moon the Western World has celebrated the death and resurrection of Osiris-Zeus ever since. The names have changed because children are more selfish than benevolent, but the astrologers are still telling the same story. As long as one believes that the vernal equinox is the 1st of Aries, the Paschal Moon will be in the Judgment Hall of Osiris.

The circle of the Denderah Zodiac shows Venus standing as two Wandering Women under Aries. She came to the I AM twice when Western Civilization struggled to find a kingdom for a Man-Child. She told them that the I AM must never be forgotten. From March 22, 48 BC (Julian 1703972) until March 22, 2003 (Julian 2452721) is 748749 days, and 2050 heliacal risings of Sirius. (Julian Dates) During that time we have forgotten the meaning of the embroidery in the heavens. Yet, every day we speak with words of wisdom that are clear archetypes of The Way We Were when Sirius was known as the Great Provider and Western Man first set out on a journey without death on its way. To forget this diversion from reality is certain death through subliminal bondage.

Thus, we must work to preserve the meaning of the temple at Denderah, or the day will come when we will not remember a thing about who we are, and why we fight over the Bull of My Mother. The cosmic location of Jupiter was "Nailed to the Solstitial Cross" by four uas scepters during the year when Rome became the New Order of the Ages out of the chaos that was the Hellenistic Age of Liberation. Focused at the intersections of these scepters is the mystery of time and the design of the Rock of Ages, the calendar of Western Civilization.

Time and Rationality pin the staff of Jupiter to the ecliptic pole (EP) at the breast of Tauret, for rational time is the goal of an eternal calendar, and Saturn and Mars are the gods of time and rationality. The breast of Tauret is the axis of the ecliptic (EP) in Draco, and that axis measures all times and kingdoms on Earth. Fatherhood and Wisdom pin the staff of Jupiter to the top of the world. The gods are represented by Sebek and Mercury, for the former is the Father of the Most High, and the latter is the lord of wisdom. The primary wisdom of all fathers is to know thyself. Thus, the staff of Jupiter is pinned to the axis of the Earth and the celestial pole (CP) about which all daily cycles spin. This is the Journey of the God Fathers. The four scepters of Saturn, Mars, Mercury and Sebek, pin the Lord of the Solar System to the location of the highest and lowest Sun at the solstitial axis. This is not a coincidence on the Denderah composition. Whether it was a coincidence at the Dawn of Pisces has been the debate of the ages for 2050 years, and counting. The debate is between the Liberals and the Conservatives; those who would usurp the rule of Cosmic Intent, and those who would be bound by its dominating paradigm.

The staff of Orion, the Wandering One with the cock at his heel and his tail between his legs, aligns across the composition with the staff of the Creator, Ra. The implication is clear, for it says the Son must return to the Father and do the will of Nature's God. The Great Return is defined by the human genome and the memories preserved in the Great Hall of Archetypes of the human collective unconscious. This is the Lord of All. This is Osiris, and the destiny of all who wander through the valley of death. Orion's tail, cock, flail and staff say, "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me." (Ps 23:4 KJV) These words are echoed on the monument, and the Septuagint Bible, from which they were taken was the Guiding Light which caused the image to be engraved on the stone as a reflection of the words. The staff of Orion is pinned to the staff of Jupiter by the true north-south meridian running from the Queen of the South, Capricorn, to the star between the horns of the Sacred Cow to which the temple was dedicated. The line runs from the Humble Shepherd to Sirius and provides the prime meridian of the Julian Calendar with its numerical alignment to the sidereal period of 365.2500 days. Thus, the hidden scepter of Seshat is the driving force behind all the other scepters of the monument. Her scepter is the Magic Wand of Inspired Imagination that stretches the cord at the inauguration of all the temples to the Word of God. Her inspiration is the guiding light that places Hathor behind the image of the Father of the Most High symbolized by the goddess holding the Staff of Life behind Sebek holding the Staff of Enlightenment.

It is on the crook of the Creator (Ra) that the Word is Written which places youthful consciousness (Horus) between the Cosmic Paternity of history (Sebek) as the Virgin Birth through Isis restores the Creator's Dream of truth called time.

For this reason, the center of the Denderah composition is pinned to the double staffs of Venus. As the focus of all attention, the Denderah Zodiac is telling us that time and reality do not define the Journeys of the God Fathers and those who would be God Fathers. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. (Rev 13:18 KJV) In other words, it is not fate and substance that dictates the journey called life, it is the quality of the dream. The dream of all God Mothers is that the Man-Child will get it right. She cannot say what it is to get right, for that will destroy the virgin dream. But, on the passing over of the Paschal Moon, the Queen of Sheba will stand in Judgment with Osiris and Ra, for she is the Lioness and Teacher of Righteousness, Sekhmet, and she becomes the benevolent Mother of God when she senses that righteous will has been accomplished. Rest assured that her test of all the Solomon's of the World is a test that only the greatest of men can pass beyond. When they do, they are born of the Virgin just like Jupiter was during the year when the Paschal Moon was locked to the Rock of Ages as a reminder of the coming of Judgment Day recorded from the heavens on March 22, 48 BC.

Regardless of what we think of the thoughts of the ancients, it should be abundantly clear that the priestly cults spent a substantial amount of time thinking about what they were thinking about. That is crystal clear when we realize that they placed Jupiter on the meridian of the temple aligned with the north and south orientation arrow at Capricorn, the Queen of the South. Again, the message is clear. No king, not even the King of the Solar System, can complete a journey until properly and humbly oriented to the heavens. The King Must Return to the Imperishable Stars while standing upon Mother Earth. That is the ultimate and unbreakable Law of the Stars. Everything else is just a journey in the mind. We must Come Down to Earth to complete the Journey to Some Day I'll. All dreams and dominions are pinned to proper orientation. This demonstrates how the Romans nailed the Chrestus of Zeus, or kindness of the godfather, to the Cross of the Solstitial Sun, which had been Zeus in his day. It hurts to give up the liberating mind of dreamtimes, but unless we are bound to truth, no journey can become a memory of reality. That is the Law of the Heavens recorded on the circular zodiac at Denderah as it was seen in the heavens on the rising of the Paschal Moon of March 48 BC. The Queen of She-Ba, though put down at the Pleiades, was standing upon a hieroglyph of "star light" to set the course of the rational laws of Western Civilization. She never left her post. But, without the stars to guide us, we are just voices crying in a wilderness. When the Chrestus Child of wandering human consciousness returns sanctity to Mother Nature, the tears will change from sorrow to joy, and the Age of Death will become the Age of Resurrection. Then the Queen of She-Ba will anoint her Man-Child as a Humble Shepherd is bound between Thoth and Seshat with proper orientation in preparation of solstitial enlightenment.

It was the alignments of the heavens on March 22, 48 BC that set the stage for the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. Once the time of tribulation had passed, the Savior would appear as he had appeared in the heavens before Ahmose drove the Hyksos Shepherds out of Avarice, and began the Age of Aries.

What has transpired has simply confirmed that the sages who foresaw the coming of a King of Kings born of a Virgin knew what they were talking about. The empire which Alexander liberated became the empire dreamed of by the priests of the Levant when Cleopatra became the New Isis.

The dream of a physical Son of God could not be accomplished in the flesh because the dream was a spiritual revelation. First, the Son of Man would have to rise up and be sacrificed in the flesh. Rome was the Son of Man. The proof that this was the belief is the Byzantine Empire established at Constantinople when Constantine followed his mother's advice. Her name was Helena, and she became Saint Helena as a direct result of completing the dream of Cleopatra. The Byzantine Empire was the ancient Hellenistic World.

Many women have come and gone in the Levant. But, it is sure that there were three who saw the vision of Seshat and Hathor. These three were the mothers of Alexander, Caesarean, and Constantine. They wished nothing more than to become the Mother's of God. In the wake of their examples we have the birth of Western Civilization as it is today. East of the Levant there still exists the place where the great Abrahamic dream to become the Father of Many Nations and the progenitor of the King of Kings was born. Now that it has become the story of Western Civilization with more than 6,000 years recorded on temple walls, it is still clear that the City of Babylon has not lost its capacity to dream the great dream. For, in the shadow of the Parthian Empire, the Persian Fathers strive to regain the Land of the Four Rivers from the Infidels 2003 years after the Birth of the King of Kings, and 2050 years after the dream was engraved on the Rock of Ages and on the vault of the heavens. The message is clear. Thoth needs to go speak to his wife, as Hatsphepsut said in her temple at Deir el Bahai upon the birth of Egypt, and as recorded on the temple walls at Karnak. The rational dream is just hot air if the womb is closed to the life giving waters.


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