Book Review:
Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs and Other Riddles of Ancient History
A Guide to Dating Ancient Astronomical Data

Anatoly T. Fomenko
Tatiana N. Fomenko
Wieslaw Z. Krawcewicz
Gleb V. Nosovskij

Published by:
New Chronology Publishing, Edmonton 2003

This web site presents a completed review of the works currently (circa April 2003) summarized at the University of Canada Alberta mathematics department web site of Wieslaw Z. Krawcewicz under the Downloads Link at the following link.

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1) The first read of the book has been completed at

2) is the web site of Rush E. Allen, a California Profession Engineer, who has been doing research on ancient astronomical, psychological, and spiritual sciences since 1969 The review is being provided to individuals who frequent the site as a heads up for new understanding currently being pursued in academia.

3) First, it must be acknowledged that the work status of the book is not known at this time, however, from the currently reviewed document, it is near completion but lacks a summary. Thus, it is assumed to be in process.

4) has no connections with the authors of the book, and considers it to be a reference source for on-going work at The views expressed in the book do not necessarily agree with the views of the research. Likewise, the authors have no connection with, and their views of the research is unknown. It is clear from the difference in presentation of the same subject matter that the work is unknown to the authors of the Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs.

5) The work presented in the book represents clear advances in understanding of the zodiac presentations of the Egyptians. The volume of effort in compiling the evidence and presenting the story is truly a scholarly effort. The total volume of facts available in one place exceeds any other reference on the subject known to, both in sheer volume and in clarity of presentation.

6a) The central theme of the works of the UA mathematics department has the narrow objective of applying mathematical skill and astronomical knowledge to the interpretation of the times encoded in the celestial compositions of many zodiacs in the Egyptian temples, as well as several other locations. The academic environment must not be excluded in any analysis of Mysteries of the Egyptian Zodiacs, for that is its primary motivating force The implication that a zodiac represents a specific time is self evident, however, the implication that a temple zodiac has been prepared for the narrow purpose of representing a material state of the solar system is not accepted by These zodiacs were acquired from religious temples, and to ignore the state of the religious thought within a zodiac presentation would be a serious oversight. The authors repeat this error of assumption throughout the book. In fact, they emphasize their error in bold print.

6b) "On the other hand, it is impossible to imagine that on a ceiling of temple or inside a tomb, there could be commemorated dates from the future! Therefore, the construction date of a temple or a tomb should be considered to be later than the date encoded in the horoscope found inside it." (pp. 111-112)

6c) For this reason the reader is cautioned when accepting the guidelines to dating ancient astronomical data presented in the book. This does not represent a critique against the approach, nor against the dating procedures employed in the book. The techniques are quite valid from a numerical and materially rational point of view. However, religious temples have more information than the instantaneous material state of the planets along their orbits. The essential thread in all Egyptian temples is the resurrection of Osiris. To assume that the resurrection date of Osiris would have to occur before the establishment of the temple to the resurrection is an absurd assumption. The Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs is a mockery of mathematical logic because of this fallacious assumption.

6d) Modern science acknowledges that the plan of the universe is fixed in the material substance of the stars. The fundamental clock of all ages has been the placements of the planets, which include the relationships of the Sun, the Moon, and Mother Earth to the galaxy, which is the Body of Nut. Time is a construct of the human mind. We become so used to the concept of time that it feels as if it were a material fact. The ethereal nature of time must be worked out by every child born of a woman. If any generation attempts to express time to a generation in the future, they have no recourse but the stars and the movements of the planets along their paths. Once the positions of the planets are known, then the ethereal time of the material universe can be established. That is the principle focus of the book, regardless of the conclusions therein derived.

6e) The principle focus of the necropolises of Ancient Egypt was the Day of Judgment before Osiris. All people went to the Body of Osiris when they died. If Osiris was the history of life that was formed into a perfecting fitting box that drifted down a river and became a tree then pillar of a Kingdom of Byblos, we have no option but to realize that Osiris is the history of life. That is the only way that all of life can go to the Body of Osiris and return to life once again. Thus, the times recorded on the temple walls and ceilings are the times of the life of a particular incarnation of Osiris and the future time when the Book of Life will be restored in the Body of Nut as truth. Truth was the Son of Osiris and Isis, Horus. Thus, the temples dedicated to the Chapters of Coming Forth by Day would be focused on the resurrection of the Historical Truth. To that effect the celestial clock was registered. The time of the clock has to do with the Rising Sun of Horus, not the Falling Moon of Osiris. Osiris, as Moon, is the reflection of life. Horus, as Sun, is the Light of Day. Modern mathematical science has fallen into a deep cavern of rational perceptions that exclude common sense in the interest of edification of the innocent. The Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs is an instrument to teach academic truth to students, but it fails as a science of truth because the authors will not acknowledge that the architects of the monuments knew what they were doing to restore life in the future. (See Excerpts below.)

7) It is the contention of that time is of the essence, but time has no essence of itself. This contradicts the mathematical theories of relativity and space-time employed by modern science, and in particular modern cosmology. Ancient cosmology did not acknowledge the tight constraints placed on time by making it a fourth dimension of material existence. As a result they had to bind time to the stars. Today we bind the stars to numbers, and forget that the stars came before the numbers. From the moment of the Big Bang until the present, modern space-time cosmology acknowledges one material universe merged into an holistic set of equations. The Holy Grail of these mathematical endeavors is to establish a Grand Unified Theory that will tie all the equations together so that a "complete" understanding of space-time and its vectors can be predicted. When this has been accomplished the high priest of modern cosmology, Steven Hawking, declared in A Brief History of Time, "Man would know the Mind of God."

8) In the desire for prophetic accuracy, modern cosmology and ancient cosmology are equal. However, a serious split occurred in the path of ancient cosmology with the publication of Tetrabiblos by Claudius Ptolemy in the second century of the Roman Era. Ptolemy declared the ancient cosmology to be impossible of understanding, and it must be abandoned for the sake of science. In taking this stance the New Age Science empowered the emperors of Rome to carry out a separation of Church and State that has been the evolutionary path of Western Civilization and Western Science. Without going into the details here, it can be said that what Ptolemy meant by the "sake of science" was that science must be rational above all else. This is a very difficult thesis to reject, and yet, it must be rejected for the sake of the sanctity of science. If the sacred cow of science has no sanctity, then it is neither sacred, nor rational. Before Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos became the Bible of Cosmology the ancient astronomers always acknowledge that the stars moved under the force of a Creator, not by the force of the Julian Calendar. They also acknowledged that it was feasible to communicate with that Creator at a one on One level. Clearly, the modern science that has evolved from Ptolemy's approximations and Julian's calendar has dealt a serious blow to the understanding of the Grand Unified Truth, even as Steven Hawking pursues the Mind of God. The temple zodiacs presented in the Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs were expressions designed by priest architects to demonstrate how the one on One communication process works for the generations to come. They also prove that Ptolemy's approximation and the modern material sciences are a redaction of the Whole Truth. And it is a self imposed impossibility to piece together a Grand Unified Theory of the Grand Unified Truth through a process of redaction. The truth is that the universe is at once and for all times a spiritual and material essence. The spiritual was encapsulated into heaven's day dream of Nut, and the material was encapsulated into heaven's night dream of Geb. These encapsulations configured the body of history into the body of Osiris and made it possible to reincarnate past consciousness of the spiritual and material truth to the future consciousness of generations to come. That is the dream of all religions, and the temples empowered by the dream carry the visions of the dream on toward eternal life.

9) Any science that denies the spiritual essence cannot succeed in transferring to its initiates the Holistic Image of creation, regardless of the perfection of its rationalizations. Ptolemy made approximations so that his truth could be accepted. It was a simple matter of pragmatic expediency in a world that had become dramatically self centered, as all roads led to Rome. Ptolemy led the way in striping the Celestial Robe of Nut and Geb (Eve and Adam) from the Zodiac, and the result is that two thousand years have passed, and no significant body of learned academics can put the Cosmic Egg back together again, whether in secular universities or on the highest pulpits of Western Theology.

10) This is the most important challenge facing the modern world as the Jihad of Rational Convictions in the heads of suicide bombers with their hearts covered in plastic explosives and ball bearings, faces off with the Jihad of Material Technologies in the heads of academics posted on pillars of ivory and ebony in our secular institutions of high science, or the seminaries of religious doctrine. The split between science and religion has grown so wide, that it is now common knowledge that a universe can come into existence without being created. In the greatest folly of mankind we have rational scientific evidence that the universe is a "free lunch" that came from nothing and will cycle back to cold emptiness in the annals of time and the zero point energy field of quantum mechanics. Between those to extremes of the mathematical calendar is life without meaning. That is why modern mathematicians and material sciences do no build temples to the stars. If these priests of high rational knowledge could understand meaning before law, they would bend a knee, or raise their arms, to the Creator of All..

11) For this reason the great work of Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs must be understood as a redaction of time in a mathematical fantasy based upon desired rationalized results. This distinction should not keep the reader from devouring the information in the book. When it comes to learning about creation, the rational process is just the Wrath of the Lamb. It will kill every Medusa in an attempt to force a New World Order upon a universe that is unfolding as it should. This rational model has no rational basis for its existence founded on spiritual truth. This desire to be godlike is not self born in the initiates who come into the circle of the zodiac. It is given to them by the Creator who placed the stars in a manner to speak volumes about all the processes of initiatory experience. Life is an initiatory experience that leads to eternal life when the initiation is successfully completed, and leads to perdition when the initiate takes an unintended course to holistic imperfection. All these detours are perfected in their own rights, but because they are self focused they deny some aspect of the holistic Grand Unified Truth. The denial is most often simply a redaction of the simplified analysis of events within the stars for the sake of closure in a mind incapable of comprehending Eternity because of some self stated goal. Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs is another such documentation of the folly of the modern rational sciences.

12) That being said, it is hoped that any who come this way will realize that waves a flag favoring the path taken by Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs, and at the same time suggests that while there are many paths toward truths, there is only One Path toward Grand Unified Truth. The simplest logic requires that One Truth have but One Path. If an initiate does not sense and comprehend the difference between a partial truth of the self and holistic truth of the All, the initiate can never identify the difference between the ivory towers of academic pursuit and the ancient temples of cosmic wisdom that were engraved on every exposed wall and pillar with the Signs of the Times. This applies to the University of Alberta and equally. So, let us demonstrate that the Signs of the Times tell us more about ourselves than we can possibly imagine, and at the same moment they depict the Eternal Word of the Creator.


The direction compass should never be redacted from an ancient temple, or we risk psychic and cosmic vertigo. The temples were all designed to carry a cosmic message. The pronaos axis of the Denderah Temple aligned to a vector pointed to, or coming from, the Nile River. Pronaos is derived from the concept of entrance to a great house. The metaphor for this temple, as with any great temple dedicated to the transfer of the greater image of reality, is that the temple carries the message in the life giving waters. It says, "Come to me in ignorance on the material Earth and  receive My Life Giving Waters." The Denderah pronaos depicts the heavens above and below on its pronaos ceiling. The body of Nut on the east and also on the west side forms the hieroglyph for heaven. To the east is the lower world of night where Geb lays dreaming of a new day, and to the west is the upper world of day where Nut holds a flower to the highest ideals. The fundamental goal was to transfer enlightenment to all who entered through the forest of its great columns. The columns represented the Tree of Life in many forms as their engravings depicted on a column for each hour of the day. But, the ceiling represented the highest ideals of the Creator and his Consort, Father Sky and Mother Earth.


Here the body of Nut has been arranged to show the upper and lower pathways to enlightenment. The constellations of the zodiac are the fixed stars through which the Wandering Ones travel from east to west, and as above, so below. It is very important to realize that the journey depicted represents Eternity in the Making. It is the Moment of the First Occasion and the Moment of the Last Occasion. It is a cycle recorded within the body of the Cosmic Mother and duplicated many times in the great temple to Motherhood, the ultimate Sacred Cow. The pronaos zodiac composition begins with Cancer at the knee of the goddess called Heaven. These placements are rich with experiential metaphors and they cry out for interpretation, as a form of prescient consciousness. That is the essence of Cancer for it was the house of the rising Sun where Khephera brought Ra out of the serpent of the night. The path beneath the zodiac houses depicts the birth of conscience, which was symbolized as Horus and Thoth standing behind Ra. Horus is the emblem of spiritual consciousness. Thoth is the emblem of rational wisdom, or science. The contractions of consciousness and science carry the ancient meaning in the word conscience. There can be little doubt that the reincarnation of conscience in the flesh of the children is the goal of all temples. This goal is no longer a principle in modern secular institutions that teach tyrannical rational laws without allowing the initiate to apply common sense. The test of common sense is hidden in the commencement ceremonies of the great educational institutions. Utility of common sense begins after commencement exercises are finished.

The legends of Egypt tell us of the rebirth of the Sun, Ra, as Khephera raises the Sun Disk in the morning. This is the essential message of the Egyptian Bible, the Chapters of Coming Forth By Day (Budge's Book of the Dead). The goddess of Motherhood, Hathor, has a dream of raining enlightenment. To accomplish that dream, Motherhood has to reincarnate flesh with the spirit of Truth. The birth of the flesh is depicted in the upper register, while the birth of the spirit is depicted in the lower register. Between Cancer, at the knee of the Cosmic Mother, and the twin children of Ra, Shu and Tefnut, is the description of Hathor's dream. She has the desire to give truth of origins to her son, Horus, with the aid of love and wisdom. These are symbolized on the first barque. The maiden pouring water represents affection. The maiden with the atef crown represents wisdom.

Shu is the rational offspring of Ra, as symbolized by the metaphorical element air and a feather. Tefnut, is the daughter of Ra and the First Mother of metaphorical waters. Cancer is primordial conception and Gemini is the first union of of rational emotions as cognition. But, because life is a process of reincarnation, the upper register is a duplication of the past, which is illustrated in the spirits of the lower register. The New Aeon is the Harpcrates adolescent with his finger at his mouth on the bow of the barque of two queens, or possibly the Nu and Nun from which Ra-Heru-Khuti (Horus of Two Horizons) came forth at the moment of creation. Then comes Ra as creative cognition, Thoth as rational records (scriptures) and Osiris as physical records (dna). The procession is here lead by Sekhmet, the Teacher of Righteousness with a papyrus staff in her hand. These images are clearly religious in nature, and they may, or may not, carry zodiac time information.

The primary objective is to get the idea across that the zodiac houses can be used to assist in the journey of life. This was of paramount importance to the ancient cultures because they did not have the technology to keep civilization in lock step order. The free will of the ancients was far less restrained than the free will of modern technologically enriched civilization. If they forgot the dream of Hathor, the whole civilization would crumble in a few generations, at best. That is why Egypt spent so much wealth on maintaining their necropolises. The necropolises of Egypt were her museums and history books. The Book of Life, which was the Chapters of Coming Forth by Day, gave Egypt the potential of Eternal Life as a culture, and as such, a purposeful for life. This message was not ignored by Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs, it was not understood at all. Modern science sees no purpose for existence.

Using the pronaos columns as a city of twenty four elders, we can redact the complete meaning of the eastern entrance zodiac from Gemini to Aquarius using the masculine evangelistic words of Mark 14:13-15. And he sendeth forth two of his disciples, and saith unto them, Go ye into the city, and there shall meet you a man bearing a pitcher of water: follow him. And wheresoever he shall go in, say ye to the goodman of the house,  "The Master saith, 'Where is the guestchamber, where I shall eat the passover with my disciples?'" And he will shew you a large upper room furnished and prepared: there make ready for us. And when the meal of heavenly manna is completed the journey out along the western wall under Capricorn to Leo is echoed in the words of Luke 22:13-16. And they went, and found as he had said unto them: and they made ready the passover. And when the hour was come, he sat down, and the twelve apostles with him. And he said unto them, With desire I have desired to eat this passover with you before I suffer: For I say unto you, I will not any more eat thereof, until it be fulfilled in the kingdom of God. The pronaos presents a light into the modern world, and the path to that light clearly had been known by those priest-architects who engraved the hallowed halls of the temple to Hathor, which means House of Horus, and Mother of God.

The dating of the temple can be confirmed by the zodiacs in the pronaos and the Upper Room as the times before Cleopatra was bitten by the sacred serpent and the last Pharaoh of Egypt ceased to be embodied in the King of Egypt at the death of her son, Caesarean. They were both engraved on the outside of the temple wall's she helped to construct with the wealth of her realm. This confirms the dating of the temple's construction to the 120 BC-100 AD period, as the Egyptologists claim, and not to the week of April 26, 1168 as discovered by the works of the Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs,. It demonstrates the potential for fallacy of mathematically rational theories. Rational facts are not necessarily truthful facts when it comes to cosmic perspectives because the cosmos is a Spiritual Entity and a Material Body known by the names Father Sky and Mother Earth, Khephera and Hathor, Shu and Tefnut, Nut and Geb. The vessel of Life Giving Waters is cast into desert of arid plains when the rational mind fails to provide the life fulfilling compassion as the need arises. This failure became global when Antony and Cleopatra lost the Battle at Actium. The masculine rational laws of Rome and Israel then denied the wisdom of Athena and Hathor as Sol Invictus converted the gardening need into the tyrant's quest, and Joshua stopped the sun for about a whole day in verse 10:13. And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is not this written in the book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day. Since the First Dynasties of the Ptolemaic Era published the Septuagint Bible, Ptolemy clearly had access to the holistic truth in Alexandria, rather than the annexed Ptolemaic Egypt of the Greeks and Macedonians. The fact that he denied holistic cosmology is evidence that he was a puppet in the political schemes of the dispassionate Roman Empire that had yielded under the weight of the Law Givers. Tetrabiblos, like Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs was prepared to please the establishment, rather than tend to the nurturing of the budding Garden of Urania (Venus) depicted on the vessel of life giving waters. The cause of these rational oversights is redaction of the holistic image for the sake of expediency; the devil knoweth that he hath but a short time. Expediency is a usurpation of eternal life.

The master craftsmen placed the description of reincarnation at the winter solstice on the pronaos ceiling zodiac at Denderah. This side of the temple ceiling was dedicated to the principle of the resurrection and reincarnation of the Heavenly Father within the physical body.

The image of reincarnation is presented between Capricorn and Sagittarius. Tauret holds a "chain" of eight links in this image. The eight loops have not been verified, but if the image taken from Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs is accurate, we can interpret the eight links as the Eight Kings of Revelation 17:10-11. And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space. And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition. The meaning of the eight links and the eight kings is related to the Seven Spirits of God. When the ego over extends its rational convictions it becomes a lord over a place that has no existence. Thus, reincarnation requires that the ego cease its course and that consciousness return to the body as common sense. This is the resurrection of the body and the reincarnation of the mind of the Creator.

The seven stars around the slaughtered "Bull of My Mother," which is the Golden Calf, are to be associated with the Pleiades, the Little Dipper, and ultimately the Big Dipper of Seventh Heaven. The Orion image on the third barque in the upper register between Cancer and Gemini clearly shows the "ladle" of seven stars at the hand of Bootes. There are three ladles including the Pleiades, Little Dipper, and Big Dipper.

Unless the Eighth King is successfully defeated by the child of the new Aeon, the process of reincarnation will stay bound to rational material reality. Tauret is the constellation Draco which holds the axis of the ecliptic. Thus, those who stay in Tauret's domain will simply fall around the Sun for eternity in habitual cycles of life and death. If the Love and Wisdom in Hathor's Dream can be instilled into the flesh of the child of the New Aeon, then that child will experience the reincarnation at the Top of the World in Seventh Heaven.

Reincarnation occurs between Capricorn and Sagittarius where the Archer and the Centaur are joined with the Two Wings of a Great Eagle and the Horus Falcon of Truthful Consciousness. The two faced Sagittarius sees before and behind, the future and the past, and is clearly a male ready to step upon the celestial barque of salvation. The centaur has two tails. The physical tail is straight. The spirit tail is curled upward and contains seven links. Having shed the crown of the Eighth King, the Wise Sagittarius is given the crown of the Wisdom of Osiris, the atef crown.


In order to begin a cyclical journey we must cut into it at some juncture. This would be the entrance and exit of the temple pronaos. Thus, on the composition we are being told to go through the door where Hathor's head rests as a Holy Grail on a closet of darkness. Shining down upon her "Jug Head" is the radiant sun in the form of the Aten at the moment the mother's life giving waters begin to flow.

The first global attempt to push the rational image of One God upon the peoples of the world was that of the Pharaoh Akhenaten. His priests built a city they called the Horizon of the Aten at Akhetaten, modern El Amarna. The axis of that city was declared to place the horizon of the Aten, which is the meaning of the city named Akhetaten, at the Moment of the First Occasion. The specific date for the alignment of Akhetaten with the axis of the galaxy is October 1998, when the Milky Way will surround the horizon of El Amarna, Egypt. When we think in terms of heaven above and heaven below, that places Akhetaten at the union of the two lands, which was the stated goal from the founding of Egypt, until this very day. All dates prophesied by Egypt have referred tot he arrival of the Glory of the Lord from the beginning oth Egyptian Culture. This galactic axial alignment was also the theme of the design of Stonehenge.

But, where is Geb? The answer is written between the two sets knees of the Cosmic Mother, Nut, in the pronaos at Denderah. The answer can be found with the aid of Cancer through the tomb called the House of Horus. The motto of Cancer is "I Feel." Thus, the door to heaven above is through the feelings acquired at the knee of the Cosmic Mother. Those feelings are the reincarnated sensual experiences of millions of years of the evolving human genome. Of that truth, there can be no doubt. Once there is doubt in the feeling of Cosmic Benevolence, the heavens becomes a tyrannical place where truth is just a rational conviction in a mind blocked by the bull headed ideals of a survival of the fittest mentality. Life, has little firm conviction beyond the fact of change. Yet, within the journey of life is every experience under heaven. That is why the priest architects placed Cancer at the knee of the Cosmic Mother, with enlightenment raining from her womb to her Jug Head resting upon the threshold of a tomb. All truth must come from her benevolence. There are no options, for all life is born of the life giving waters before reincarnation of the spirit wisdom of the past, which is the Father in Heaven. The Father, Khephera, returns to the womb when the Sun sets on the west wall at the exit to of the pronaos. This womb is the tomb from when he came, in the past, and will come again in the future. The spirit of truth is not confined to the annals of some epoch. The spirit of truth is eternally cycled in the flesh through the genetic reincarnations of birth. This cycle can be broken if the process is interrupted by a usurping rationalization based upon conviction of untruth.

When the journey through Heaven is complete the goal is that the initiation on the Mother's Knee will give the wings of enlightenment to the child born in a celestial dung ball of darkness. We are all the refuse of dead stars. But, if we can pass on to the generations to come the Grand Unified Truth exactly as it was given to us, then we will become one with the Cosmic Father. If we redact the Grand Unified Truth in a manner that blocks the path through feelings of willful accomplishment, then our presence in heaven will be lost in the perdition of denial that becomes the paradigm of youth until the reincarnation of the holistic truth at the womb of Nut. That process requires a mockery of a trial aimed at elimination of rational convictions based upon personal desire which is the emotional Bull of My Mother in the puppy love of youth. The Sacred Cow must be terminated if reincarnation is to become an experience. Perfect benevolence must be denied so that truth can be acquired. When truth comes, it is wholly benevolent, and thus, the Bull of My Mother is reincarnated as reborn consciousness of the Father in Heaven.

The placement of Khephera with one wing at the womb of Nut is saying that She is He, and vice versa. From the watery edge at Cancer to the Bull of My Mother at Khephera is a circuit of the Kingdom of the Heavens when the journey of truth passes through the essence of time and imagination. The image of genitals is depicted as the left wing of the Divine Scarab. The right wing of the Divine Scarab is the reasoning born of sensual experiences when the Son returns to the Father. Enlightenment comes by being born in the cosmos, and birth in the cosmos comes from being born of the enlightenment of the ages recorded in the human genome and DNA of the body. The first birth is of life giving water transferred from mother to fetus. The second birth is of life transcending spirit transferred to the child through the Manna from Heaven as it passes through the collective mind of man. These entities flow in opposition to the rational mind, for they flow towards the giver and away from the receiver.

This is the first great lesson of the House of Horus called Hathor. Love is not rational, though it is wise. Those who would seek totally rational solutions to creation must find a place in nonexistence where their fantasies can be their only reality. Rational existence can have no children, for rational existence is just a usurping mind. But, to achieve cosmic enlightenment and earn the wings of a great eagle,  the initiate will have to learn how to crawl before it can fly, and it must shed the rational goal of self creation during the transcending process. If there is any doubt in this truth, then it is best to go sit in a closet and turn out the lights, for that is precisely what the self rationalizing mind will do when it chooses doubt as an approach to enlightenment. Experience will teach of the Lord of All. And though pleasure may not be its course, the resurrection from spiritual death is its destiny. This is the legacy of Osiris, the first born son of Nut. It is not the mathematical certainty of the cycles of planets, or the expression of those cycles in horoscopes.


Before the rational mind can exist it must be capable of the functions of the head. That is why the arms and head of Nut are deep within the temple's entrance area. At the mouth of Heaven we witness the giving and receiving of the gift of the Feathered Sun Disk. This is the Mother's Son, or the concept called Reason. It is at the house of Aquarius that the compassionate "I Know" and the Mother's Favorite Son resides. This is the end of the journey through the Mother's World and it is marked by the lady with a star with a hand touching the eagle's wing where a planet called time, Chronos, Saturn, marches with Mars standing upon a goose which means son, with a sacrificial lamb behind the goose. Across the pronaos stands Venus with her scepter of flint resting on the combined image of a whale and a goat as Capricorn. The whale is Cetus, and represents physical strength, while the goat represents rational ability to climb high mountains. The motto of Capricorn is "I Use." This is an example of the use of planets to carry profound enlightenment to initiates of this zodiac. The sacrificial lamb is the metaphor for the death of Aries, the "I Am," and the rebirth through Pisces, the "I Believe," of the Mother's Favorite Son, Reason. A mother's work is complete when she has given wings to a reasonable son, for Love, as Venus, becomes an essence of utility, as the "I Know" of Aquarius and the "I Use" of Capricorn resolve the mystery of the inner depths of the Cosmic Mother's temple as the journey of the Good Samaritan is reflected in the stars and on the pronaos ceiling above the eastern wall.

Elsewhere in the temple to Hathor are the words, "I am my son's daughter. I am my father's mother." This enigmatic expression encompasses five human generations and the two states of mind written across the body of Nut in the pronaos. The mother's son is reasonable rationality. It is signified by the icon for Mars standing upon a goose with Saturn and Venus ahead. The goose is a hieroglyph meaning son. The father's  daughter is the beast of compassionate burdens. She is represented as Venus with her staff of inspiration touching the tail of Capricorn. Capricorn is also known as the Cornucopia of the heavens. And, it is the compassionate burden of Mother Love that physically nurtures a father for the sake of his great granddaughter. Love is the matriarch of the five generations of Hathor.

Yet, when the man-child kills the Bull of My Mother he is simultaneously reincarnating the Heavenly Father. By breaking the bondage to the material maternal world the way opens for the man-child to become a man. This is where the Golden Calf is consumed in the sentiment of the past as a guide for the life to come. This is the message on the ceiling along the west wall of the pronaos. To be creative and a god in its own right, the rational mind must break with the nurturing bondage of mother and assume the responsible burden of father. This is the path of balanced judgment through Scorpio, Libra, and Virgo to Leo, the Kingdom of Heaven on Judgment Day. The true spirit of Love and Wisdom can be reborn to a Virgin on Judgment Day, but it is not a certainty.

But, Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs placed a hard mathematically rational boundary on the analysis that blinded the authors to the two bodies of Venus at the arms of Nut. This they did in spite of the clear advance they brought to the analysis of zodiacs that Venus is often shown as a dual feminine icon. Venus by Mars and Saturn represents the compassion of Aquarius for the rational lamb of Aries at the End of Time. Venus alone by the cornucopia of Capricorn says, "All you need is love." Time and rational being (Saturn and Mars) wait for no man, but love endures all. The scepter of flint in the hand of the eastern Venus maiden is hidden in the scepter of Saturn touching her shoulder, and in the wing of the great eagle toward which she clearly directs all truly rational perspectives. When a man loses his head by virtue of the material belief in rational fantasy, the lamb must be sacrificed so that the scapegoat can be released in the wilderness. This is a metaphor meaning come to the use of the senses. Saturn is repeated in the crescent crowned falcon above the head of Capricorn. Beyond the scapegoat of Capricorn is Tauret, the Mother of the Sun, and an alter ego of Hathor with a chain on the remains of the Bull of My Mother. Reasonable love is the most rational enterprise in all creation, even though it can be long suffering, non-judgmental, and unconditional. If mothers did not know this truth before they gave birth, then there would never be any life at all. This truth is carried in the DNA of the human genome as a physical message which rises in the non-rational intuition of every heartfelt desire as the echo of Osiris, and the experience of the ages. To the physical organism, love is not an option. Only the rational mind can accept or reject it bondage. The capacity to properly choose the course of love and reason is the reincarnation of Osiris in the body of a living soul. Rejection of the sentiment of this most fundamental of all theological tenets is the purview of the spiritually dead, whether by mathematical precision, or by other laws of rational indifference.

Father Flanagan's deep concern for Omaha's needy prompted him to establish the Workingmen's Hotel, a shelter for derelicts and drifters. By 1917, he saw the need for a similar establishment for youth and founded "Father Flanagan's Boy's Home" which evolved into the present Boys Town. The two head ends of Nut say what Boys Town is famous for having declared, as well. "He ain't Heavy. He's my Brother." This is where the Flight of Isis restores the sentiment within her brother, Osiris, and gives birth to a Child of the New Aeon. In Isaiah 40:31 we hear the same echo regarding faith in the Holy Spirit of Love. But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Yet, love has its downfall, as shown by the headless man on the eastern zodiac. Rational truth avoids love, and that is why the rational first born son must be sacrificed. This aspect is echoed in Revelation 12:12-14. Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time. And when the dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth, he persecuted the woman which brought forth the man child. And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent. The constellation Serpens Caput is the "face of the serpent." At the head of the serpent on the west hand of Ophiuchus is the Northern Crown, which is a laurel wreath, and it has been used to symbolize heavenly rule for millennia before the Roman Empire placed it on the heads of the emperors. The serpent is above Scorpio (half a time), and the "Fleeing Serpent," Hydra, stretches under Virgo across Libra, Virgo, and Leo (times, time). The Egyptians show the place of the woman as lion walking on a serpent, as it is drawn by the embroidery of the stars. The so-called "Secondary Virgo" in Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs is not other than the place where the woman goes along for the ride. It is the place made for her in the wilderness. A place where feelings and senses rule, as opposed to the rational laws of men. This process of making a place for her is as ancient as mankind, for it is a desire that crosses genomes of many species. Without the preparation of the place for the woman with the wings of a great eagle, the human species would not survive. For this reason, Hathor is shown as a cow resting on her laurels, knowing that the fruits of her womb are the Children of God.

The circumcision of the man and the Paschal Moon occur at the Claws of the Great Red Dragon. If the man-child with the iron hand is born of the Virgin, then desire will cease to be unbalanced, as the harlot of Babylon is banned from the place of Motherhood. This is the fundamental tenet of civilization. Upon this tenet all civilization rise or fall. For to do otherwise is Barbaric. This is an experience that cannot be comprehended as an adolescent striving to kill the "bull of my mother." Yet, somehow the vast majority of children span the gap between child and parent, jut the same. Unless an adult can connect the dots in the body of Nut, they cannot find the place made for the woman who gave birth to the man-child. The gravest fault of modern science and theology is that the process of connecting the dots is taboo. The authors of Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs stumbled with great difficulty to find a few gems of celestial wisdom by the use of rational logic. But, if they had been like little children and connected the dots, the whole story would have been as clear as a Saturday morning cartoon program. Adults are not children because adults live in the realm of the Eighth King, and though they be of the Seven Kings and Seven Spirits of God, they must go for a little while as a prelude to cooperative and compassionate creativity that comes with the humbling experience that life is too short to argue with the heavens. They will last billions of life times, while the ego last but a few moments day by day. The ancient goal was to overcome the self depriving ego and reach for eternal life. When the ego is not the result of unbalanced desire, the organism can fulfill its destiny in Seventh Heaven beyond the eighth gate of Perdition.

The rejection of the woman which brought forth the man child is a statement regarding the process of rational perception. Rational minds strive to place memories in order by conceptual redaction of the perceived imperfections in the temples of My Father's Business. Of this mistake, all the authors of Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs are guilty. They tried to rationalize temples built with the labor of love. In the process, their dragons of desire cast out the mother of the man child called reason, and with the bath water, so went the truth about Future Ages. This mistaken procedure was given to Western Science when Ptolemy wrote in Tetrabiblos that comprehension of the whole of the heavens was impossible. This denial eventually stripped away the robe of the Milky Way and all the other suns, and left Sol alone with nothing but a loin cloth called the zodiac. Tropical astrology was Ptolemy's gift to Rome in the astrological rationalizations of Tetrabiblos. Denial was his gift to the Creator in the Almagest, which became the first Bible of the secular astronomers. When all the stars are put back on the embroidery of the cloak of Sol, then the brilliance of arrogance will fade in a vision of Cosmic Love as Hathor's words return to the eternal reality.

Ptolemy did not kill love and truth as an act of conscious desire, any more than Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs has done. Rational Science, as practiced since the Roman Tyranny came to inhabit the earth and the sea, "knows" that there is insufficient time to resolve all questions, so it redacts and leaves out the small voices that ask only to be remembered in a conscious state. By using imagery and hieroglyphs the priest-architects kept the small voices alive in the product of their imaginations. Because these small voices speak volumes about the details of creation the ancient Sacred Sciences were far superior to the modern redacted versions. In today's world, where wars are displayed on prime time televisions in nearly every important house on earth, there is simply not enough time to tell the truth because the cost of building temples to truth is perceived to be too great, and the sound bite-photo op process is too impatient to speak the truth. Revelation 12:12-14 tells us that the Sacred Mother Wisdom of the ancients gave birth to mundane rational science and he usurped her benevolent position in the interest of expediency. That same lesson is echoed in the whole design of the last great temple built to honor the Sacred Cow of Motherhood. In fact, it is clear that the Ptolemaic Dynasties did not fail to survive, they found the path through the Valley of Death between Aries and Aquarius. That is why Venus was placed at the entrance to the inner most sanctuaries of the temple to the House of Horus. Utility of compassion was the answer and that message is written in the eye witness accounts of the spirits of the stars of Aquarius and Capricorn, the Good Samaritan and his beast.


And though this journey from Alpha to Omega has been grossly redacted, again, it should be evident that the academic use of the planets to tell time in the cosmos is not the sole purpose for which the "ancient astronomers" built temples for the edification of their children. There goal was to raise sons and daughters of men and women on earth to become Gods and Goddesses within the Two Lands. This is a journey of Family Values, and family values alone. And, it should be quite apparent that a culture that places rational science above cosmic significance is building and edifice for doubt in a closet of darkness. The words of John 1:1-15 put the entrance to Hathor's Temple into a rational perspective. Yet, for most, they put the candle of the dream of the Grand Unified Truth under a bushel in darkness without faith, hope, and love.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God.  All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. There was a man sent from God, whose name was John.  The same came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light, that all men through him might believe. He was not that Light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light. That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world. He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.  He came unto his own, and his own received him not.  But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.  And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.  John bare witness of him, and cried, saying, This was he of whom I spake, He that cometh after me is preferred before me: for he was before me.  

This correlation of a cosmic temple aimed at the divine future of its builder's children is not meant to edify, or to justify,  a monolithic perception of scriptures. It is simply a redaction for two points of view regarding the exact same Oneness. The works represented by the current state of Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs are to be viewed, in this author's opinion, as a means to an end. If the cosmic truth can be explored under the rational metaphor of solar system times, then the greater meaning of the Signs of the Times will have a celestial dung ball within which the seed of truth can grow. The total value of Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs grossly outweighs the trivial meaning presented and the stench of the implication regarding the way Egyptologists' measure of time. The authors have done a great service in collating and correcting rationalized images of the ages. Yet, if the mathematics department of the University of Alberta should declare that these works of a university mathematics department are the Grand Unified Truth, what would become of the department? We do not build great temples to cosmic truth any more. Rather we prepare places where small time thinkers can build Towers of Babel made of ivory reaching as high as the heavens so that the youthful initiates will begin the journey in the belief that the top is not out of sight. If a small time thinker can see heaven, then the initiates are more likely to believe they can get to the same perspective. It is up to the child who climbs every tower to its top to learn that the ladders to heaven begin when a conception of the heart reaches the reasoning mind and is converted to useful accomplishment in the processes of Eternal Life, for what goes around, comes around. Love given in any form will return in abundance for the giver.

If Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs and Other Riddles of Ancient History: A Guide to Dating Ancient Astronomical Data can pass on that message through unintended ambiguity, then the processes of a university education program will have the same potential as a temple to the Grand Unified Truth. No university is the end all for learning. It is simply a first step in a life long process. In this way, the Goddess called Heaven will give simultaneous birth to the Son of Hathor, and the Daughter of Khephera. As it was in the beginning of civilization when people looked toward the stars and saw evidence of Cosmic Intent, so it is in the present civilization where Annuit Coeptis declares the same glory of Creation that is blindly echoed from Alberta in the Land Above the Land through the mathematical minds formed of academic excellence. In this case, as with all academic pursuits, the end justifies the means even if the end is a dark closest in a Cosmic Womb. For, out of that experience will come the means for the acquisition of all forms of wisdom and truth. That means is the power of the Mother's Son called Reason.

As long as the children keep their hands to the plow and connect the ALL the dots, there is no telling where the winding path of truth's journey will pass through the wilderness. Yet, it must eventually lead to Heaven Above, where a place has been prepared for the future Mothers of God. For that reason any who would pursue heavenly desire should take the guideline for dating ancient astronomical data and eat it up. It may appear to be the refuse of ruminating beasts, but it contains the manna from heaven in the shadow of a compassionate conservative creation waiting to be reincarnated within a loving heart through the door of a reopened mind.


1) The authors should reevaluate the data based upon the assumptions that the zodiac represented observations of planets.

2) The temples were clearly designed with future intent as their objective. The temples at Luxor show ram headed sphinxes lining the causeway through the pylons. This has been ignored, especially in light of the high fucus on the constellations of Pisces and Virgo at the Denderah temple.

3) From the very beginning of the astro-archaeological record we find evidence of prophecy. Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs needs to acknowledge that prophecy was the intent of the zodiacs. With this in mind, the dates found by the technique employed can be very revealing as to the ultimate meaning of the temples.

True Equatorial RA: 04h 51m 37.0s Dec: +20°29'33"
Angular diameter: 00°32'34" Azm: 249°41'08" Alt: +60°51'28"
Physical ephemeris Phase: 12.48 %, Phase angle: 138.62°
From Sun: Angular separation: 41°42'50" Position angle: +262°52'
RA: 04h 48m 52.1s Dec: +20°05'07" Azm: 249°43'19" Alt: +60°34'20"
Phase: 67.612%, Apparent magnitude: -4.07
From Moon: Angular separation: 00°17'10" Position angle: +239°43''

4) The authors need to know more about the stars. In several places they claim impossibilities without knowledge of the facts. The excerpts of some of the "impossibilities" are provided below. I personally witnessed the occultation of Venus by the Moon at 11:55 am in Santa Ana, California on July 17, 2001. With a cell phone in hand lying on a lunch table bench outside a Boston Market Restaurant I called my wife and told her she should go outside and lie on a lounge chair and look straight up to see if she could find the moon. Within thirty seconds of starting to look she found the Moon. And she reported that there was a bright spot next to the Moon. What she saw, and where she saw it from are shown in the image here. It is very important to understand that she is not an astronomer, and has no interest in astronomical wisdom, whether modern science, or ancient theology. Nevertheless, without any training or optical instrument she found Venus. To conclude that the Egyptians who had more than three thousand years on the record as star gazers could not predict locations of planets is absurd. The problem lies not in the authors of Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs, but in the lost capabilities of an education system that taught by experience through the apprenticeships of initiates into the methods of ancestors called Osiris. Modern academic institutions are ivory towers of rational impressions with department heads more concerned with the ability of students to parrot answers than to observe events. This is the very problem the ancients feared when they read the legend of the death of Osiris and of his becoming a pillar in a Kingdom of Books. Educators of wisdom know that books cannot reveal truth, just the redacted words about truth.

5) As an aside, the Moon and Venus depicted above were located between the horns of the ancient bull of Taurus asterism as it was drawn in the Hall of Bulls at Lascaux, France by the Magdalenians over 17,000 years ago. The celestial evidence tells us that the Hall of Bulls was really a Hall of Cows Coming Home to the constellation Cancer. This is the very same constellation placed on the knee of Nut in the pronaos at Denderah, and above the constellation of Leo in the Osiris Chapel. This is evidence that the Egyptian celestial wisdom was in excess of 12,000 years old when Egypt was founded in 3100 BC. But, we should not see fault in the mathematicians for their lack of knowledge regarding ancient celestial matters. Numbers were not the game played on the cave walls at Lascaux, or on the zodiacs of Egypt. The game played by these ancient cultures was the game called life, and not temporal life, but Eternal Life from the past, in the present, and beyond the future.

6) Along the same lines on more than one occasion I had the opportunity to show Venus to 10-14 year old boys as part of an Indian Guide Campout. At least a dozen boys watched Venus pass through the southern meridian some twenty degrees below the zenith between 9:00 am and 10:00 am on November 11, 1999. These observations were made in a culture that looks down its nose at people who look to the stars for enlightenment. What could be seen by adepts and masters in a culture that held the heavens in the high esteem the Egyptians held Nut must surely have been many times greater. Thus, before mathematicians at snow bound universities proclaim impossibilities in regard to celestial prophesies, they should practice what the ancients preached. The records of ancient cultures clearly show that all the ancient masters knew their stars, and they had hundreds of star names and locations fully memorized. If this were not the case, then we would not have inherited a full set of asterisms and myths regarding the stories in the stars. It is fully arrogant of mathematically adept academics to claim that empirical methods employed by oriental cultures could not provide them with the capacity to predict the motions of the heavens. That, in fact, was the meaning of the phrase, acquiring the Eye of Ra. Prophesy in ancient time began with predictions of the motions of the stars. Calendars and global positioning satellites have put an end to the eye witness apprenticeships of Ancient Days, when enlightenment was the subject of the Chapters of Coming Forth by Day.

7) If the human eye can witness Venus and the Moon throughout the day, then it would be impossible to conclude that the Earth was flat. Implementation of this knowledge base would reveal the daily, annual, orbital cycles of the planets, and the relative cyclical durations. The accuracy of short term cycles would be somewhat limited without clocks. However, the accuracy of long term cycles would be enhanced by temples and monuments pointed to celestial locations for hundreds and thousands of years. The pyramid complexes at Giza and Teotihuacan are absolute proof that the ancients knew the number of the years for the whole precessional cycle thousands of years before modern science "discovered" the ancient truth through the works of Hipparchos and Ptolemy. The evidence suggests that the circular zodiac at Denderah was designed with scientific data more accurate than that of Hipparchos. Yet the astronomers, Egyptologists, and mathematicians of modern science reject prior science based upon the redaction of their own rationalizations. The evidence supports the suggestion of a Book of Q as the source of theological and scientific wisdom with an accuracy having a residual error of less than 5 years per 26,000 years in the precessional period at the time of the zodiac's design.

8) Thus, the first order of business for the authors of Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs is to acknowledge that they have just begun to scratch the surface of the meaning recorded within the Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs. If they can open their minds to the facts of the ancient cultural use of archaeoastronomy, they will begin to understand their own limitations. When these limitations are known, they can be overcome. Until then, Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs must remain an investigation into the folly of modern mathematical minds.

9) The second order of business is to realize that the modern Jihads of Islam and Christianity are a direct result of the way the ancients interpreted the stars. If the modern theologians and scientists could get their heads together, they would see that imprecise star gazing has caused more destruction of human civilization than any natural event of our environment, including the Great Plagues and other epidemic diseases. If the magnitude of this statement could reach the Ivory Towers of conceptually snow bound academics, then they would have a powerful cause to continue their works and finish the Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs in a manner that will connect the ancient world with the modern. In so doing, they will have resurrected Osiris in accordance with the Cosmic Plan.  Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs is a project that cannot be completed until arrogant self aggrandizement is removed from the field of study. Humility was the essential message written on the walls, columns, and pylons of the ancient monuments. Humility is what we gain when we fly close to the sun and realize how much we have preferred the dark belly of the Serpent of the Night. For now, Cancer will stay at the knee of Nut as a reminder that we are all Children of the Universe.

10) Now that the cold war years are past, and the concept of Mutual Assured Destruction has given way to Weapons of Mass Destruction and flak vests have been replaced by suicidal bomb vests, and the humane genome has been charted to completion as the cosmos descends into to the ambiguous zero point light field of quantum mechanics, it is appropriate to restore some of the original guiding light that started the whole process of civilization. Mother Nature is not separate from Human Nature. Human Nature is still her greatest accomplishment. The Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs needs to put the desire to prepare a place for the Nature of Mother back within the hallowed halls of academia. To the astute and adept master, Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs has shown that there is more Bull in the Ivory Towers of Academia than in all the asterisms in the heavens. Fortunately, the reparation procedure for Ivory Towers without foundation is well known, for it too was written on the cosmic will. First, the foundation must be secured in the swamp. Then the swamp must be drained so that the birds stop copulating with the fishes. Then great crocodiles can be sent to the farthest reaches of the Sea of Reeds as boundaries of perception. Then all the Eyes of the Gods can be sewn back together in the primordial links of correspondence, again. In that process, not only with all the king's horses and all the king's men put Humpty Dumpty back together again, but the Towers of Babel will again speak with understanding for one and all. This was the whole purpose of preparing great temple zodiacs; to guide wayward children into the arms of the Cosmic Mother and upon the throne of the Cosmic Father, as the man-child called reason carries Truths Light beyond tomorrow. The Age of Aquarius was the reason, and the season of reason has arreived exactly on the schedule declared in monuments designed over 5,000 year ago.

11) Finally, the date of the circular zodiac at Denderah is clearly the transition of a great divinity. What divinity do we remember that ceased to guide the children of Aries when the last Pashal Moon occurred in Libra? It was he to whom the whole temple was dedicated, and to his times. See the Reincarnation for the proof.


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It was already known to ancient Babylonians, Egyptians and Greeks that the Sun changes its position on the celestial sphere. Of course it is impossible to see the position of the Sun with respect to the stars in the daylight but nevertheless it is possible to observe the exact position of the Sun among the stars twice per day. The first time, just before the sunrise when the stars are still visible, we can determine the position on the celestial sphere of the point on the
horizon where the Sun will appear (expecting that the Sun will rise in the same point as yesterday). Similarly, we can observe the position of the Sun just after the sunset. In the course of one year, the Sun completes a circuit of the celestial sphere. This apparent path of the Sun is called ecliptic (because eclipses can occur only when the Moon is on or near it). Of course, the sun’s motion on the ecliptic is an illusion produced by the Earth’s annual revolution about the Sun. (pg. 16)

It will be explained later, with more details, that the zodiacs in Egypt were connected to burial rituals. These burial traditions could be cultivated by Egyptians much longer than usually assumed. Moreover, many fake horoscopes could also be fabricated in nineteenth century when the ancient Egypt became fashionable among reach Europeans. Therefore, when working on a dating of an ancient horoscope, we should be prepared for a possibility that the obtained
date could be much later than expected. For example, it is quite possible that the date of an “ancient” Egyptian zodiac could indicate the nineteenth century even if it was discovered in a very “ancient Egyptian tomb”. The problem is related to the present dating methods of archeological findings from the ancient Egypt, which are very imprecise, erroneous, and often leading to wrong conclusions. For example, using these methods a tomb dated as a very ancient burial place could turn out, as it sometimes really happens, to be constructed in the nineteenth century. (pg. 17)

Not every arbitrary configuration of the planets on a horoscope represents a real horoscope. Planet configurations on the sky are restricted by some laws. For example, Mercury and Venus are always located not too far from the Sun and consequently in proximity of each other. Clearly an artist creating an imaginary horoscope would most likely violate some of these rules. Some knowledge of astronomy is required to design a “realistic” horoscope, but even in such a case, an artist fantast would most probably produce a horoscope, with the date belonging to a very distant past or future. But the Egyptian zodiacs always contain the flawless horoscopes for which solutions exist in a reasonable period of time. So, it is strange that the authors of [5] instead of analyzing the astronomical content of the Egyptian zodiacs indulge into obscure analysis of would-be mystic meaning of their symbols. Maybe, they realized that there are no astronomical solutions complying with the conventional chronology. Indeed, such solutions for the Petosiris zodiacs as well as for all other Egyptian zodiacs do not exist! (pg 28)

Maybe our computations can be considered as an evidence that H. Brugsch was fooled by somebody who supplied
him this not so old coffin and, as a joke, annotated the zodiac using Demotic script to indicate this strange date 1861. At that time it wasn’t a problem to create horoscopes for future dates simply using astronomical books. The story of the Brugsch’s zodiac definitely deserves some more investigation. (pp. 45-46)

With the results in our hands, it is impossible to agree with the popular among Egyptologists opinion that Egyptian zodiacs are mostly a product of fantasy of ancient Egyptian artists and that their astronomical content is completely secondary. In what follows we’ll show that the astronomical contents of the Egyptian zodiacs is surprisingly reach and astronomically precise what couldn’t emerge from a pure imagination only. (pg. 50)

During the last centuries, the existence of partial horoscope was overlooked by Egyptologists and all the previous investigators. It is surprising how it is possible that so many experts were not able to understand correctly the principal structure of an Egyptian zodiac. An explanation to it could be the fact that their efforts were concentrated on individual zodiacs, without an attempt to make a careful and complete comparative analysis of multiple Egyptian zodiacs. The symbolism of partial horoscopes was understood only after comparing all known to us Egyptian zodiacs. We noticed that similar symbols or details appear on different zodiacs not chaotically but in a certain organized way. The further investigation revealed that on Egyptian zodiacs, aside of the main horoscopes, there are also shown planetary configurations associated with the four solstice and equinox points, which we decided to call partial horoscopes. These partial horoscopes appear on almost all the Egyptian zodiacs, not only on few “exotic” ones. ( pg. 90)

Knowing the Sun positions at the Full Moon days and using the fact that it moves on the ecliptic with constant velocity
making a complete revolution in one year, it is possible to calculate the Sun’s position on the sky on any day. Clearly this task could only be achieved with help of a device for measuring time and ability to carry on calculations with fractions, which were accomplished only in the middle ages. (pg. 111)

On the other hand, it is impossible to imagine that on a ceiling of temple or inside a tomb, there could be commemorated dates from the future! Therefore, the construction date of a temple or a tomb should be considered to be later than the date encoded in the horoscope found inside it. (pp. 111-112)