SiLoamNet is presently publishing an essay titled The Astro-Archaeology of Consciousness if you are a recognized authority on the subjects, of astronomy, consciousness, psychology, astrology, theology, archaeology, you are invited (consider it a request) to submit a review or rebuttal for publication consideration.

SiLoamNet prepared a fifty two page paper for presentation at the 1998 meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration at the University of Virginia on May 29, 1998 titled "The Scientific Method as Presented in the Hunefer Papyrus of the XIX Dynasty of ancient Egypt." The present web page of this essay is under development.

If you would like a copy of this essay before it is converted to hypertext format on the Internet, please send and e-mail requesting the Hunefer Papyrus Essay with the appropriate return mail information, or open an MS Word document version at the following link. Hunefer Papyrus Essay in MS Word 2000 Format. This document is 2.1 mb in length, so consider the communication time required to download the file.

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