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So lets look at the whole heavens around the north axis of the ecliptic on December 21, 2012 and then decide whether there is any evidence to suggest why that date was chosen to be the Alpha/Omega of the Maya.

13 Baktun, Solar System

The north ecliptic pole (NEP) centered chart above shows the scientific positions of visible stars and planets around Mexico City at sunrise on December 21, 2012 at 7:08 AM local time, or 2:08 PM Universal Standard Time (UT) at the meridian of Greenwich, England. Every modern constellation has been drawn with an asterism which represents the name of the constellation. These asterisms are not declared to be the ancient asterisms, but they go a substantial distance further in identifying possible subjective views of the heavens. They are a tool to communicate the cosmic subject within the cosmic object.

The ecliptic is shown as a dark grey circle with the planets in their appropriate positions for the moment identified.  The planets move clockwise around the NEP in Draco (point right thumb at Draco). Crossing through the ecliptic circle is a red arc which shows the position of the horizon. Nearly parallel to the horizon arc is the arc of the galactic plane, with the north galactic pole (NGP) marked above the NEP. A second blue circle represents the projected equator of the earth, with the north celestial pole (NCP) marked at right angles to the NEP to NGP direction. The intersections of the equator and ecliptic circles are marked with the autumn and vernal equinoxes in line with the NEP and NGP locations, while the summer and winter solstices are marked midway between the equinoxes and ninety degrees to the NEP and NGP locations. The north celestial pole is marked at Polaris on the polar circle. The north pole moves counterclockwise in steps of one millennium for each point on the circle. Notice that the sunrise occurs at the winter solstice, and the shadow of the earth (umbra, penumbra) falls on the location of the summer solstice. Crossing the ecliptic on the horizon from the northwest to the east is the section of the Milky Way that Jenkins has attributed to Mixcoatl, and Quetzalcoatl. The important position of the galactic serpent is the mouth on the east horizon at the equatorial circle. The view from Mexico City shows the feathered serpent laying on the ground from east through north to the northwest. Relative to the earth, it is standing upon its mouth at the equator with its tail going past the north pole, precisely in the shape of Mixcoatl. Here is how Jenkins described this scene in the Aztec myth describing the creation of the Fifth Age.

Jenkins, Miscoatl, MirroredBefore the first sun had risen, before the first dawn, the gods assembled themselves at the ceremonial city of Teotihuacan. For four days they performed penance around a sacred fire, symbol of the divine center. Their sacrifices were intended to conjure the world into being. It soon became clear that a very great sacrifice would be necessary to succeed in such an ambitious endeavor. So, in a blissful moment of inspired self-sacrifice, two of the deities hurled themselves into the fire. The gods then halted their rites and looked around for where the sun would rise, sensing that the immolation might have been enough to create the dawn. One of the gods, Quetzalcoatl, faced the east, and there, off in the distance, the sun rose just over the horizon. Thus, the world was made through the self-sacrifice of two deities, through offerings to the central axis mundi. The first act of cosmogenesis, of creating the world, had been accomplished. The drawing of Mixcoatl has been mirrored left to right. The view shown here is looking up at the heavens from within them. It is common practice in celestial based mythologies to flip the monuments to reflect the view looking toward the earth from beyond the stars. In that way, the images are correctly positioned on earth, and they illustrate the view as seen by the gods. Then the words, "as above, so below" are visually accurate. For our purposes, the graphics will be shown from an earth view which will assist in a search of the stars for the asterisms. The reader will have to imagine the mirror view from beyond the stars, and is encouraged to do so to better understand the monumental art as a representation of the heavens.

Look again at the sunrise chart showing the galactic serpent. Can you see the image of the words, "One of the gods, Quetzalcoatl, faced the east, and there, off in the distance, the sun rose just over the horizon?" When you look closely at the whole of the heavens, and not just a detail at the solstice, you can see an image of First Father (Ophiuchus) pulling a serpent out of the mouth of Quetzalcoatl. Further around the ecliptic we see the Jaguar (Leo) and First Mother (Virgo) spanning the autumn equinox. At the summer solstice stand the twins, and under the Milky Way is Orion, one of the self-sacrificing gods. Near the spring equinox is the moon in the cosmic ballcourt where the asterism of Andromeda takes a hip shot with the moon resting on the upward bounce of the Pisces ball near the spring equinox. Andromeda is a second self-sacrificing god. Between the circlet of Pisces, which is the fixed ball in the cosmic ballcourt, and Andromeda, is the Great Square, which is the ladder and temple in the cosmos.

Look again near the tail of Quetzalcoatl is a man with a sword and something in a sack. The Greeks called this asterism, Perseus, and in the sack is the head of the Medusa. Perseus is the prince who, by personal responsibility mounted to heaven over the bull Taurus. In the Greek myths the Medusa's head was a menace, but the native American myths present it as the sacrificial heart of Andromeda being taken to the Way of the Dead, after being cut out from the body lying upon the altar of the Great Square. This is in direct contrast to the Abrahamic religions which abandoned the sacrifice of Isaac, as unrequired by God, after a ram was provided as a substitute. This metaphor says that the "I Am" (the celestial ram's name) should be sacrificed, not the flesh of the family, or the real body. In the native people's tradition, self-sacrifice was the main proof of self worth.

Today, Abrahamic cultures (Jew, Christian, Muslim, Mormon) see physical self sacrifice as a barbaric ritual, and that perception was clearly demonstrated by the reaction to self-sacrifice occurring during the Spanish conquests. It was self-sacrifice that allowed the Spaniards to rule most of the Mesoamericans, not superior technology. The religions of the native Americans taught salvation through physical self sacrifice and animal sanctity. The combination of Abrahamic substitution on the part of the conquerors and the Andromeda like self sacrifice of the native peoples made the bloodshed of the genocide a very one sided affair.

The Abrahamic substitution of a ram caught in the thicket is demonstrated in the constellation Auriga. Isaac, who would be Orion, was spared sacrifice at his father's hand. These Abrahamic and Mesoamerican events all occur at the tail of Quetzalcoatl near the meridian of the Quetzalcoatl rattle, the Pleiades. The ceremony of the "first fire" duplicates the celestial vision as an earthly ritual. That is why it was performed at midnight when the Pleiades were on the zenith meridian. When the Pleiades is on the zenith meridian, so is the opening in the Milky Way and the asterism of the prince, Perseus, stepping above and through the opening. This is where the sacrificers ascend into heaven. Directly south of the Pleiades is the constellation of Fornax, the furnace, or the true "first fire" at the bottom of the underworld. This is in slight contrast to Jenkins's idea that the "first fire" ritual was performed diametrically opposite the day of zenith passing of the sun in 2012. First, it should be understood that the zenith passing day of the sun can never occur with the sun in the Pleiades, because the Pleiades is off the ecliptic. The conjunction of the solar zenith passing and the Pleiades on the zenith meridian at the same time, is a relatively short term event at any specific location. For example, near Mexico City at latitude 19 degrees 55 minutes north, the event occurs in the year 2012, give or take fifty years. Thus, the "first fire" ceremony as a cosmogenesis event must be taken seriously as a time marker for any temple at that latitude, which Jenkins recognized. However, the Toltec "first fire" sacrifice is a community sacrifice as well as a solar sacrifice. That duality speaks to the salvation of the soul as well as the epoch when enlightenment was lost.

In this particular situation, the ceremony would represent the sacrifice of the old sun and the restoration of the new sun as the "first fire" of the age after the 5th Sun. But, the "first fire" ceremony is a ritual self sacrifice which duplicates the heavens on earth at the same precise moment; as above, so below. The value of self sacrifice by individuals for the sake of a common culture cannot be under estimated. These points are being amplified to demonstrate that the rituals of the Mesoamericans were duplications of the images in the heavens, especially the pyramid sacrifices where a living person would give up a beating heart to satisfy the need to focus on the Great Spirit. On the surface, we can all be thankful that the image of the ram sacrifice was adopted by the Abrahamic cults. But, deep down within our souls, there is a sense of lost commitment which the Mesoamericans never felt. In our world, the loss of commitment has led to a very litigious culture overflowing with law suits and disrespect for human neighbors, pitiful respect for nature, and no respect for the stars.

On the previous star chart for the moment of creation, the planet Jupiter is shown at the head of the bull under the feet of Perseus. Just below Jupiter is the Pleiades (top of d in Pleiades). When we see Perseus and the Pleiades in their appropriate asterisms, we can understand why so much attention was paid to the Pleiades. This is the place where it is possible to cross the opening in the cosmic wall and arise through personal responsibility and self sacrifice to the upper world above the galactic plane. Jupiter was the ancient ruler of the solar system, and the implication is that the sacrifice of Jupiter will sustain the cosmos for another great cycle. (See Ambilac charts for the latest ideas on the exact time for the end of the Fifth Sun, and the idea of Jupiter as the marker for the coming of creation at the Giza pyramid complex.)

This northern image of the heavens needs to be studied in greater detail, if we are to unravel the mystery of the origins of the Maya long count calendar and meaning in the Popol Vuh. But, it should be quite clear that the story of the hero twins is more than just an hallucination. It is a story of a place where men can become gods. All that is required is a full awareness of the messages encoded on the cosmic wall. One of the first things to look for in any mythology which sets a cosmic clock is the ancient god of time. That chore was carried by Saturn, because, of the visible planets, it takes the longest time to circle the heavens.

13 Baktun, Saturn Rises with First Mother

In this close up of Virgo, we see that Saturn is positioned between her knees and her feet. This is a time location of a woman giving birth. Saturn takes approximately twenty-nine years to circle the heavens. The movement of the winter solstice due to precession is one degree every 72 years. Thus, Saturn could be near the legs of Virgo at least four times during the time it takes the solstice to move one degree either side of the ecliptic/galaxy conjunction. Saturn is the first indicator of birth, but it alone cannot pick the date. We need some help from the additional planets to see if the date of the cosmogenesis can be tied to the long count date of, December 21, 2012.

In a close up of the winter solstice in the next chart, we have sufficient information to choose the 13 Baktun date. Note that the sun is at the winter solstice, and the ecliptic/galactic plane conjunction. That is the day the annual sun begins to rise on earth. Also, because of the quadrature of the equinox and solstice points, the vernal equinox is at the bottom of the ecliptic relative to the galaxy, thus the vernal sun is also beginning to rise. This moment includes all three sunrise moments in the cosmos, daily, yearly, and precessionally.

An important point is the positions of Venus and Mercury. Since they are above the sun on the horizon, they are both morning stars under the feet of First Father. Thus, we found Jupiter in Xibalba at the Pleiades, the Moon at the bottom of the ecliptic in the ball court of Pisces, representing two temporal celestial gods sacrificed in the depths of the galaxy. We find Saturn marking the moment of birth at the First Mother in Virgo, while Venus and Mercury are morning stars supporting the feet of First Father with love and wisdom. All of this occurring while the sun begins to rise in all the cosmic cycles. If we were to choose a moment to call the "moment the sun begins to rise," it would be extremely difficult to find a more precise alignment. So, it can be concluded that the Maya chose the 13 Baktun date because the stars in the heavens said it was the time when the sun begins to rise.

13 Baktun, First Father Rises

Mixcoatl, as an AsterismBut, we have left one visible wandering star out of the story, lets look again at the previous chart and see where Mars is located. Mars is between Capricorn and Sagittarius under the eagle whose neck crosses the dark rift. On the wings of the eagle is the image of a suffering youth who has been rescued from some times of trouble. This youth is the spirit of First Father being returned to the upper world from Xibalba. It is the spirit of youth that the First Father/Ophiuchus takes out of the mouth of Quetzalcoatl as a serpent. Also, represented in the Mixcoatl image are the ecliptic/galactic intersection, the eagle, and the child holding some kind of new cosmic light. Not convinced yet? Look at the chart again and notice there is an asterism called Delphinus by the flail in the child's hands. How hard would it be to see in this asterism the hummingbird that hid in the feathers of a great condor as they traveled off to meet the rising sun. Still not convinced? Then find the fox called Vulpecula. Can you see why the fox's tail is black? The tail marks the opening in the mouth of the dark rift, where the children of kings become gods. If that is still not enough, then search for Lyra, and Cygnus, the Swan of Greece, for this is truly a location of a most incredible swan song for any cosmogenesis. Move all the planets and the stars throughout their courses, and you will find no more agreeable spot in all the heavens, than this place where a new youthful father returns to be part of the beginning again. The youthfulness of the father comes by virtue of the raising up of his son to be like himself. Hunahpu understands One Hunahpu by virtue of equivalent experience; walk a mile in my shoes. Hunahpu becomes the sun, because he is the new cosmic light to the community on earth. On a celestial basis, the constellation Auriga rises at the summer solstice in 2012. The myth tells us that this is a meaning of Hunahpu becoming the sun.


That message should be sufficient to start any culture on its way to the future, but it describes a point in the future. How do we define a point in the past to begin the age when a father's son will retrieve the spirit of the father so that both souls will receive the reward of eternal life. Jenkins has suggested that the long count calendar began at the material ending and worked its way backward in time to the material beginning. The path has led to the rebirth of the spirit, or the spiritual beginning again. That clearly indicates that the Maya saw the "end times" of the age of the 5th Sun to be the purpose for all creation. This is an incredibly deep metaphor. The only way the Cosmos could approach the "end times" meaning is if the whole process was established with intent! A plan was written on the celestial wall, and it came true. The plan said that the biomass on the planet earth in the solar system of the Milky Way would rise from ignorance and incapacity to become one with the Force that caused the plan to go into action. If civilization comes to recognize that the Maya prophecy for the 5th Sun has come true, for we have landed on the moon, operated robots all around the solar system, and we have put stars in the heavens, then humanity will be more than human. What more could a Cosmic Creator desire than that the spirit of Its desire accomplish these unimaginable feats? Humans have duplicated acts of the Creator, and of the ancients. We do not feel like "gods" because we do not appreciate what the ancient paradigms accomplished.

That is the fundamental message. When it is fully recognized that the feat of getting civilization into heaven has been accomplished, then civilization will be able to initiate a creation of equal responsibility to the one which got it where it is today. The children have enormous possibilities today, that were not even imaginable just fifty years ago. So, lets return to the beginning to see if the beginning has a message for us as we prepare for the adventure into the next five ages of the sun.

0 Baktun, Solar System

At sunrise on September 6, 3114 BC an incredible event transpired. Saturn was under the knees of Virgo, and Mercury and Venus were morning stars at her heart. Jupiter and the Moon were under the galaxy near their locations at the day of creation. The Jaguar was highest at the summer solstice, and the cup of Aquarius carried the Moon at the winter solstice. The autumn equinox was under the foot of First Father, and the vernal equinox was under the feet of the Prince. The sun was between the summer solstice and the autumn equinox at mid season. But, look very closely at the sun's position. On the chart of the first day of the age of the 5th Sun, the sun rose just beyond the pelvis of the First Mother, Virgo! These all indicate the birth of a New Cosmic Age, the Age of the 5th Sun, when the consciousness of mankind would strive to achieve the fulfillment of the cosmic dream to become sons of God. Humans were mere Pinocchio type puppets striving to leave a cosmic Giapeto's store of wooden people and become real boys, and sons of God. This was the dream of the Great Spirit, according to the Book of Life of the Maya, the Popol Vuh.

0 Baktun, a Virgin Birth

Notice the outreaching hand of Virgo, as it extends to gather in the maize at the top of the galaxy (NGP) in this chart. Behind her and under the feet of the Jaguar is a serpent. Above her is a man stepping over a beehive or a rock as he purposely guides his plow and his dogs through the field of maize. Here is First Father as the maize god, placed in a garden of incredible beauty and wealth; a land flowing with milk and honey.

This is how it all began, before the serpent convinced the First Mother to go and find the Tree of Life. They had life, and they had it abundantly. This was the time when Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids were constructed with the exact same message as the Maya age of the 5th Sun. (See Ambilac charts.) How did humanity go from the pyramid builders, who understood the dream time in the heavens, to the cosmic obscurity that prevails today? Was it the serpent in the garden? Was it the Lords of Xibalba, whom they had yet to know? Was it the search for the Tree of Life, whose fruit would make them gods?

0 Baktun, Conception of a Sun

The answer is written in the presence of the rational wanderer, Mars. On the first day of the age of the 5th Sun, Mars was just under the Milky Way at the conjunction point of the winter solstice of 2012, behind the head and back of Sagittarius at the feather in his hat. In addition, the autumn equinox was at the foot of Ophiuchus, the First Father, in conjunction with the star Antares in Scorpio. There is a war going on in these heavens, the rational wisdom of Sagittarius is attempting to shoot and kill the physical desire in Scorpio, who may have bitten the foot of First Father. Is this a sign at the beginning of the 5th Sun of an impending battle over whether reason or emotion will capture the center of the cosmos?

Let us come forward in time to the book that is recorded by John when he was at Patmos as the galaxy surrounded his zenith. In the book, he describes a woman and a great red dragon with the following words.

Rev 12:1-9
1. And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:
2. And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.
3. And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.
4. And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.
5. And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.
6. And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.
7. And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,
8. And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.
9. And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

0 Baktun, A war in heaven

As we can see in this cosmic presentation of the vision of John, the Great Red Dragon is Scorpio, and the woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars, is the same woman where the sun rose on September 6, 3114 B.C. while the moon was opposite her on the path of her crown, the ecliptic. John said that she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne. This man child with the iron hand is Libra. John is describing the birth of judgment and justice. However, judgment and justice do not come without a battle. The battle is with "unbalanced desire," which is the wisdom of the Great Red Dragon. This birth involves the mutilation of the Great Red Dragon and the conjuring of the man child Libra, while the Dragon loses its claws to become Scorpio. With this version of the heavens at sunrise on September 6, 3114 B.C., we can see the conflict which was to be a shadow over the whole of the age of the 5th Sun. The battle over mastering the wisdom of the cosmos would be fought on grounds of gnostic self perception and physical self desire, in which First Father got caught and was killed. Cosmic intent was lost, along with the ancestral record do to selfish rational usurpation.

The tail weapon of the Great Red Dragon, the bow weapon of Sagittarius, and the broken Achilles heel of Ophiuchus all draw our eye to focus on the galactic center. This is a clear message that First Father will get caught up in a battle for cosmic supremacy between gnosis and lust. But, look carefully at the figures with Libra, Scorpio, and the Great Red Dragon, they are drawn for the moment six hours after sunrise on the first morning of the fifth sun. At that moment, on the east horizon, Quetzalcoatl was rising with a child known to many cultures as the Son of God. But, when Mars arose on the first day of the 5th Sun, the god of rationality and war preceded the image of the Son of God above the horizon. Now, go back five charts to the time of the conjuring of the creation's purpose in the chart for December 21, 2012 showing the close up of Mars and the winter solstice conjunction. On the day of 13 Baktun, Mars follows the image of the Son of God above the horizon. On that date the god of rationality and war will allow the image of the Son of God to come into the light of day before him. This was considered to be good advice for many who have seen the vision of John, and understood the meaning of the age of the 5th Sun of the Maya. These great conjurers were not alone in their vision, for in the days before the Giza pyramids were built, there was a story of the posthumous son of Osiris and Isis who would come to restore the original order of the First Father. His name was Horus, the son of Osiris, who was the son of Geb, who was the son of Shu, who was the son of Ra, who was the son of the Sun. Thus, the Egyptian Horus was the fifth son of the Sun, also.

Jenkins, Cave-FireIf you have followed this presentation of the rising of the fifth son of the sun, you will know that you and I share a common soul, if you can feel the expression, "O My God!" How could these ancient illiterate peoples know this information? With all our commuters and war machines, our modern cultures do not know it. Our cultures can "prove" that the ancients could not have had access to such information, for the ancients did not travel around the world. Our culture only discovered the land called America five centuries ago. This knowledge requires information about things that happened over fifty centuries ago, so from our perspective, it is impossible for them to know what we have yet to discover. The answer is in the image of the king in his cave. It is the treasure he holds in his arms. That treasure is the "fables of the ancients." All that is required to understand how the ancients acquired the cosmic wisdom is to understand the meaning of the 5th Sun. That meaning is that the First Father will pass on the truth of intelligent design through the body of the First Mother. The message will evolve within her being, and the children to come will carry the message within their DNA and within their souls. All the monuments of the world do not carry a significant fraction of the information passed on to a child in the mother's womb. Those great monuments were built as reminders that we were not the first ones to conjure the ideas written in the Book of Life. That job was completed before the sun reached the morning horizon of the Age of the 5th Sun. That job had to be done first, in order that the message could be passed on. The message is that the universe is unfolding as it was first intended by the conjuring of a First Father.

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