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Before we move to the final connection of the ancient and modern records of the Book of Life, lets ponder the position of the wandering star known as Pluto, and several asterisms. Pluto is so far away and so small that it cannot be seen without a telescope. It takes Pluto 90,469.7 days to circle the sun. In ancient times, as in modern, the longest visible cycle in the heavens was the cycle of Saturn, which takes 10,759.2 days to circle the sun. Because of this, all the ancient cultures used Saturn as a metaphor for time. That is the logic behind the choice of the dates for the beginning and the end of the Maya long count. The depth of cosmic knowledge required to conjure the long count is incredible, and we will have to simply accept that this knowledge was gained by experience over many thousands of years. But, lets see if there is any other measure of time which the planet Pluto can be used to conjure up, assuming that the ancestors could not know of Pluto's orbit, for their conjuring.

On the ritual day of the conjuring of the creation, December 12, 2012, Pluto is shown just below the horizon at sunrise in fifth star chart back. It is positioned to rise with the image of the Son of God when Quetzalcoatl releases the image from its mouth. Thus, on the day of creation, the longest cycle in the planetary solar system was present at the rising of the spirit of the Son of God. This is the end of the story of the age of the 5th Sun, and Pluto marks the essential timeline. But, this was a moment of conjuring the creation, where was Pluto at the beginning moment of the story? Pluto is shown in the fourth star chart back at a position known as the Leviathan, the monster which attacked Andromeda, and the whale that swallowed Jonah and took him to the bottom of the cosmic sea. In the Popol Vuh, the location was the turtle from which Hunahpu came to rescue the soul of First Father at the moment the sun began to rise. These images are combined in the composite chart below.

0 Baktun to 13 Baktun, Age of the 5th Sun

These charts tell the whole story of the age of the 5th Sun, for a very simple reason. It is the source of the story, and judging from the position of Pluto at sunrise on September 6, 3114 BC, it is a whale of a story. The goal of the story was to take the cognition of being represented, by the ram, whose name is "I Am," through the valley of death in Pisces to recognition of the Son of God. At sunrise on December 21, 2012, Pluto will rise at the "cross of thieves" before the eyes of Sagittarius, whose name is "I See." As Pluto rises in the east-southeast that wondrous day, the image of the Son of God will rise in the east. To the southeast on the horizon with Pluto will come the crowning moment, for Corona Australis, the Southern Crown will be there too.

It has been quite a trip for humankind, and it has been quite a trip for the Force which set the story in the heavens. But, is there any sign to tell us what to expect? Will we be inundated mercilessly for another 26,000 years of cosmic wandering, or will something happen which will make it all worthwhile? Between the sun and Pluto on December 21, 2012 is the sign of the times. It is a bow of wisdom which points toward the center of the galaxy, as perceived by Mesopotamian astrologers. But, the perception is personal, for the shape of this bow shows that its arrow is pointed from the center of the galaxy toward the man who holds it. This message is quite clear, to one who sees with the heart as well as the head. Self gnosis is incomplete if it is not cosmic gnosis. To the peoples of the east side of the Atlantic, this moment of the bow was perceived as a completion of a re-creation and a covenant in the words of Genesis 9:12-16. And God said, This is the token of the covenant which I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for perpetual generations: I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth. And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud: And I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh. And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth. The words, "it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud," provide subjective evidence that the covenant between Noah and his God was equivalent to the covenant between Hunahpu and his father One Hunahpu. For, when the cloud is over the earth, the wisdom of the ages is revealed.

Jenkins, Mixcoatl, mirroredTo the peoples on the west side of the Atlantic, this moment of the bow was perceived as a "cross of thieves" regarding the completion of the act of benevolence of the gods of heaven. Before the first sun had risen, before the first dawn, the gods assembled themselves at the ceremonial city of Teotihuacan. For four days they performed penance around a sacred fire, symbol of the divine center. Their sacrifices were intended to conjure the world into being. It soon became clear that a very great sacrifice would be necessary to succeed in such an ambitious endeavor. So, in a blissful moment of inspired self-sacrifice, two of the deities hurled themselves into the fire. The gods then halted their rites and looked around for where the sun would rise, sensing that the immolation might have been enough to create the dawn. One of the gods, Quetzalcoatl, faced the east, and there, off in the distance, the sun rose just over the horizon. Thus, the world was made through the self-sacrifice of two deities, through offerings to the central axis mundi. The first act of cosmogenesis, of creating the world, had been accomplished.

Hunahpu-Seven Macaw, Sagittarius, mirroredThe Maya myth tells of the battle between Hunahpu and Seven Macaw. The image of the event is shown here, as Seven Macaw grabs the body of Hunahpu, and he, in turn, tries to defeat the bird with a blow gun. This is more than a metaphor for excess rationality and unperceiving bodily function. This is a statement that rational knowledge is not a substitute for physical experience. It is a "cross of thieves." It is a statement that the ivory towers of all educational institutions must be aware of this Lord of Xibalba, which is subliminal rationalization. Many times we set traps for ourselves when we search for knowledge rather than wisdom. Knowledge is a form of self gnosis which does not give to that which is to be known, the capacity for self expression. In other words we act as if we are "know it all's" with perfect paradigms, of which we speak. The subliminal rationalization is that repeated rational methodology is truth because we "know" the path of the rationalization. We may have learned such truths as verbal expressions, without physical or spiritual awareness. Seven Macaw is a brightly colored noisy bird with a big mouth. The name Seven implies that the bird represents rationalizations of all the spirits of creation. Seven Macaw is the Maya metaphor for a "know it all." Over rationalization is a common trap we fall into as a means to prove questionable conjectures. More than a few naive initiates to many cultures of the world have "lost their heads" to this Lord of Xibalba.

Defeating Seven Macaw

If we look for the image of Hunahpu and Seven Macaw in the stars, it is fairly clear that Sagittarius could be holding a blowgun, and the bow in the clouds could be the fowl from the underworld, known as Seven Macaw at the "cross of thieves." The first battle of the 5th Sun was with the desire to "cast third part of the stars of heaven to the earth at the tail of the Great Red Dragon. The last great battle of the 5th Sun is with self gnosis. In other words, when we reach the level of self understanding, our rationality has a head lock on our physical existence. We perceive that our knowledge is knowledge of something other than ourselves, but we carry it as if it were uniquely ours in a form of self gnosis. The inability of mainstream scientists to understand ancient cultures is a direct result of their mentors having lost at the battle involving the Great Red Dragon and Seven Macaw. In the typical proof of the error of spiritual sciences, rationalizing material scientists attempt to use material laws. But, the material laws do not apply to the spiritual sciences, and any attempt to apply the wrong set of laws is ill conceived. Enlightenment requires the sacrifice of the deities of self desire and self gnosis, at the feet of First Father. So, in a blissful moment of inspired self-sacrifice, two of the deities hurled themselves into the fire. The gods then halted their rites and looked around for where the sun would rise, sensing that the immolation might have been enough to create the dawn. When self desire and self gnosis are put aside, enlightenment can proceed on wings like eagles. This is the creation meaning of the winged sun disc.

Jenkins got caught by Seven Macaw in his attempt to prove that the "dark rift" of the Milky Way at Aquila was the essence of a whole culture. All his discoveries pointed to the same message which he found at the galactic/ecliptic intersection. All of us who have tried to unravel the ancient mysteries have gotten caught in the same way, usually many times. Bauval and Hancock seem to tangle with Seven Macaw on a regular basis. They find a choice tidbit, and then tie it into their emerging paradigm regarding "Sep Tepi" in 10,500 BC. Jenkins' work soundly defeats the 10,500 B.C. Sep Tepi date, and proves that we are currently at the moment of the first occasion. The Maya long count calendar may be the only numerical evidence available which can be used to pin point an exact correspondence to the Egyptian moment of the first occasion, Sep Tepi. It is in the numerical precision of the Maya that the ultimate defeat of Seven Macaw at the cross of thieves will be accomplished.

To avoid Seven Macaw, the mystery religions and cults ask paradoxical questions, or tell impossible tales called myths. We have shown that the Aquila/Antinous asterisms are the king coming out of the mouth of Mixcoatl at the galactic/ecliptic intersection. But, the Inca myths tell us that the hummingbird flew on to the place of the rising sun. If we look at the right side of the figure above, we can see the hummingbird flying back toward the equinox meridian. This meridian intersects the top of the galaxy, the top of the solar system, and the intersection of the celestial equator and the ecliptic at the vernal equinox when the vernal equinox is at it lowest position relative to the galactic plane. That means that the vernal sun will begin rising for 13,000 years. This is the true cosmic place of the rising sun. It is the beginning of the new cosmic cycle, the longest visible cycle to the naked eye, and the ritual cycle which decodes all the ancient mysteries. Thus, the hummingbird has gone beyond the condor to reach the rising sun, and it tells us that the vernal equinox is the ultimate measure of cosmic time.

The first asterism to the right of the equinox cosmogenesis place is the swan of Cygnus. This is also the northern cross, and it is another "bow in the clouds." This is the "cross of salvation." The Cygnus bow is shaped to shoot its arrow in the true direction of time, as measured by the precession of the vernal equinox. If you examine the arrow in this bow, or the head of the swan, if you prefer, it points to an answer to the second great riddle of the Incas. It tells us why the "Fox's tail is black." The "Fox's tail is black, because it is in the mouth of the First Mother, or the mouth of the Feathered Serpent. This answers the riddle of the riddle. A priest would ask an initiate the question, so that the initiate would search for a satisfying answer. When the initiate connected all the images of the temple to the location of the Fox's tail, the initiate would be a great priest, in fact, the initiate would be a son of God who mounted the stairway of the stars by his own study and observation. That is why the "Fox's tail is black," for the initiate of the Maya priesthood must follow the Fox to the land of the Rising Sun. Initiation is about finding the enlightenment at the moment of the First Occassion.

The Cygnus "bow in the clouds" occurs where there is a "cloud over the earth." The celestial earth is the ecliptic path or plane. When the "tabernacle of the sun" at the vernal equinox is at its farthest distance below the galactic cloud, that is the moment defined in the covenant with Noah. That bow is in the middle of the body of Quetzalcoatl, where the Fox and the Hummingbird reach the moment of the rising sun. Thus the second cosmogenesis of Exodus is the same moment as the cosmogenesis of the Popol Vuh. The distinction is that the relationship between Gemini, all animals two by two, and Sagittarius, the bow of gnosis, implies that the zodiac message is meant by Genesis. This is the fundamental meaning of the Thieve's Cross and the struggle between Seven Hunahpu and Seven Macaw. The Popol Vuh is unambiguous in declaring that the way back to the First Father is through the Caiman Tree as Quetzalcoatl and out of the mouth of First Mother. Cygnus is the "first" asterism in the mouth at Quetzalcoatl. The meaning is quite clear. Gnosis and rational understanding are not pathways to truth, only experience in Mother Nature will reveal truth. The Popol Vuh and the story of Noah agree, that the way to reincarnated life is through the cosmic waters of the galaxy to the swan of satisfaction.

This truth is so obvious, that one wonders why it has to be said in all the great rituals of humanity. The answer to this enigma is the loss of the head of First Father. All youths pass through the Xibalba Be of adolescence, when denial of ancestors is mandatory to develop self identity. But, this passage is confounded by many tricksters, the most dominant being head strong (Maya) or stiff necked (Exodus) behavior. Once we get through the adolescent passages in our lives, they become barriers to returning to youthful arrogance. But, that is another trickster, for arrogance is just the excess faith in the self to get through the game of life. Hunahpu is One Hunahpu returning to pass through an arrogant adolescence in order to recover the loss of the use of a clear head. Here is where Western Culture ventures deep into Xibalba, and far fewer return than should. The perches placed along the modern Xibalba Be, which is also our road in the underworld of subliminal motivations, keep many a cocky person from reaching the birth canal of Mother Nature and seeing the true light in the superliminal world, where "free will" is just an extension of "cosmic will."


13 Baktun, Ecliptic Plane

The uniqueness of the 2012 solstices and equinoxes is that they align with the solstices in the same plane as the ecliptic and celestial axes while the equinoxes are in the same plane as the axes of the ecliptic and the galaxy. In the northern sky centered on the ecliptic axis is Draco (left), with Polaris at 90 degrees to the plane containing the ecliptic and galactic axes and the equinoxes. Here we see Cepheus, the king, and Cygnus, the swan. The swan was a symbol of satisfaction to Greece, for Zeus changed into a swan to satisfy Leda. From that union were born the twins Castor and Pollux. The same type of event gave birth to Hunahpu and Xbalanque. The eternal celestial story line is that the old king, (Cepheus) passes from the previous age, with satisfaction that a renewed king (Antinous) is coming as his old self (Ophiuchus), to be with his queen (Virgo), after being rescued by their twins (Gemini).

At the winter solstice (left, below), One Hunahpu and Seven Hunahpu straddle the ecliptic/galactic intersection, with the Son of God shown on the eagle in the mouth of Quetzalcoatl. At the summer solstice (right, below), we see the twins approaching the underworld. Hunahpu (Auriga) strives to save lost sheep, and Xbalanque (Orion) is the backbone of the cosmic turtle. When drawn so that the ecliptic plane is level, Orion appears to be holding up the ecliptic. He is the turtle's back, and the turtle is a metaphor for the slowness of precession.

13 Baktun, Equinox Plane

When we center up the heavens at the spring equinox of 2012 (left, below), it is clear that this is the true moment of cosmogenesis. The plane of the vernal equinox passes through the trunk of the Tree of Life. At the top of the tree in the prior age is the head of One Hunahpu in the form of Cepheus. At the bottom of the Tree of Life in the New Age is the body of One Hunahpu, with his feet in the "First Fire," which is the holocaust of the prior age. This is what the world had been waiting for, ever since Hunahpu and Xbalanque went to Xibalba to retrieve the spirit of First Father. To the winter solstice side of the tree is the reborn king in its western branches. The salvation path is up the trunk to Cygnus on the back of Pegasus.

13 Baktun, Solstice Plane

On the autumn solstice (right, above) of 2012 we see the First Mother and First Father back in the land of maize with the jaguar. Here in the land of the Jaguar God and the Maize God, One Hunahpu returns to Happy Hunting Grounds. The Popol Vuh is a story about creation. It is one of many versions of the Greatest Story Ever Told. This book was not written by human hands, it was seen by loving eyes, and passed on for many generations in rituals, legends, and myths. It was written at the genesis of the cosmos.


Now that the cosmogenesis scene of the Eastern and Western Hemispheres can be seen in common, what of the moment? So, now what? Are the Maya silent on this point, or have they shrouded in secrecy for thousands of years the answer to this question? When humans behaved like the Leviathan, they trashed the world, because of their knowledge. Now that the Maya secrets have been revealed, will the peoples of the Western Hemisphere rise from the Land of Shadows and smite the peoples of the East because of the sacrifice of the sons and daughters of the Olmec, Toltecs, Incas, Maya, Aztecs, and all the native peoples of the Western Hemisphere?

The answer to these questions are available, since neither the East nor the West have been silent on this matter. The city of Teotihuacan is the New Jerusalem of the West. Within the sacred city of Teotihuacan, the answer is written in the path of these later day saints which was known as the Way of the Dead. When the Way of the Dead lies perfectly parallel to the Milky Way on its zenith around 4400 AD, the head of the image of the Son of God will be directly on its zenith. Between now and then, the East and the West will come to know each other. But, first, the peoples of Western Civilization will have to recognize that they are peoples of the East. The First Peoples of the West were massacred in unprecedented genocide, first for the sake of the gold in the conquered material domains, and finally for the lands. Though the gold was taken away, the Eastern Hemisphere conquerors failed to appreciate the spirit in the land. That spirit rose up and stole the hearts of the conquerors. Now, the truth can be revealed and the spirits of the vanquished can rise from the Land of Shadows and become an everlasting part of the life to come.

Listen to the prophet of Western Civilization as he prophecies the return of the Maya moment of cosmogenesis in Revelation 6:1-10.
1. And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see.
2. And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.
3. And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see.
4. And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.
5. And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.
6. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.
7. And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see.
8. And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.
9. And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:
10. And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?

John's words echo the spirits of all conquered peoples. But, listen again with a cosmic ear and you will see that the lamb with the power to read the little book from the heavens is the "I Am" of Aries. The one sitting on a white horse with a crown and a bow is Sagittarius, by virtue of the cloud of the Milky Way being strong at the bow. The one on the red horse with the power to take away the peace pipes of the native peoples is the desire in Scorpio, which is red by virtue of its brightest star, Antares. There should be no mystery why the one on the third horse carries a balance. This horse is Libra. Who is black because of the distance from the cloud of the Milky Way. These three are on the road of the merchants of wheat, barley, oil, and wine, which is the path of the wandering stars, the ecliptic. Now as to the one on the pale horse, this one can be identified by the powers it has over life and death. This is the one who stands by the gate with the ability to give or take away life. All that is required for the pale one to do his work is to give voice to the cosmic mother. This one on the pale horse was Zeus and Ophiuchus to the Greeks, and First Father to the peoples of the West. The peoples of the 5th seal are the same as the peoples of the 5th Sun whom John identifies with the words, "under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held." How powerful were the conquering peoples of the East, when the ones whom they conquered carried out measures of self-sacrifice for the sake of their perception of the "word of God, and for the testimony which they held." They did not die in vain, they died so that the purposes of the original intent could be fulfilled. Whether the conquered souls fully understood their purpose in the Creator's plan on an individual basis is as hard to measure, as the individual awareness of the conquering souls to the genocide which they were performing to fulfill that plan. But, the undeniable fact is that the words of Revelation 6:1-10 are an echo of the moment known to the peoples of the West as 13 Baktun and the Maya Cosmogenesis of 2012. The original peoples of the Western Hemisphere were prepared for the completion of the works of the Great Spirit.

Jenkins, Cave-FireIn closing this peek into the mind of the cosmic conjurers, we need to understand the flames before the caves in which we dwell. The conquerors from the East Hemisphere may have taken the material gold away from the native peoples of the West Hemisphere, but they could not take away their values. A world where human values were measured by equivalent ounces of gold was not understood by the peoples of the Western Hemisphere. They measured human values by a much higher standard, in accordance to the heat and spirit of the heart. Those values were established in the four days before the age of the fifth sun. On the first day, which is the period of enlightenment of the 1st Sun, material substance was granted to existence. Here is the place that the peoples from the east shores of the Atlantic had sunk before conquering the peoples west of the Atlantic. Their desire for gold stifled their desire for any other treasures. On the passing of the 2nd Sun, physical beings were given the capacity to maneuver freely within the material cave of creation. Athletes treasure this abode the highest. On the passing of the 3rd Sun, memories were recorded within the physical beings and gave birth to the imagination and the mind with the capacity to conjure the "dream time" in the heavens. Here is where the academics place their highest treasures. On the passing of the 4th Sun, a cosmic esprit de corps enveloped the minds and bodies of beings suggesting the possibilities of being all. Here is the treasure of priests and shamans who cherish spirituality of being One.

The Bestiary of Christ, Louis Charbonneau-Lassay, D.M. DoolingAll of these periods had to pass before the age of the 5th Sun could be born, for during that final age, enlightenment of the meaning of creation was to become a treasure to behold. That treasure was the gold of spiritual truth held in the scriptures and legends of the peoples of the Western Hemisphere. That treasure the conquerors have not been able to find. It is not that the ancestors of the conquerors had not learned of the age of the 5th Sun, for its echos are heard throughout the Book of Life known as the Bible and its antecedent and subsequent scriptures. The Old Testament stories were derived from the same cosmic perceptions, and the beasts of the four Gospels and Revelation are symbols of the ancient metaphysics, with the ram being the sacrificial conscious which must set itself aside, so that the cosmic vision can be perceived. (Ezek 1:10, Rev 4:7)

To the Maya it was understood by the analogous journey of two generations of brothers who wandered into the underworld of Xibalba, and lost their heads, save one called Hunahpu, which means One Lord. The Bible stories all have the same origins as the Popol Vuh. However, their Biblical light had descended into darkness and the darkness comprehended it not when the descendants of the Indo-Europeans came West in search of value. The value the conquerors searched for was only half of what the cultures they conquered had given to the Great Spirit. For the conquered, the value of self-sacrifice was the fire which led to the rewards of an eternal creation. And the rewards of all creation were bestowed upon all living before the Age of the 5th Sun as fire and earth. From this day forward, we have to remain aware of what we have been witnesses to. That is the meaning and the legacy of the Age of the 5th Sun, which will become history on December 21, 2012 as anticipated by those mortals who understood the Maya Cosmogenesis of 13 Baktun.

They were people of the New Age, living well before their time in a world where dreams were equal to life, and life was but a dream. We are all cast upon this rock with a death sentence inherited by birth. Those who recognize that destiny before it is fulfilled can become the sons of God, while the life giving waters still flow. Those who venture into the underworld in the hopes that some merciful Lord of Xibalba will allow them some sense of victory to defeat the sentence of death will live in tribulation and despair, until the fires in their souls vanish. The story of One Hunahpu and his son Hunahpu tells the winners of the game that it is to be played with total commitment for the sake of the life to come in the generations which follow in the footsteps of the ancestors. Compassion for the sufferings of life is the secret they reveal to all who would proceed beyond the Cosmogenesis 2012. The time and the message were encoded in the New Jerusalem known to the Maya as Teotihuacan during the Age of the 5th Sun.

Bal CourtWhen Hunahpu played the ball game, the moment of the salvation was clearly marked. The temple in the heavens is the trunk of the Tree of Life. Its asterism is a Great Square. Under the Great Square is the goal of the creation, the vernal equinox of 2012, or the next generation of the cosmos. Hunahpu is shown with a hip ring representing the galaxy, so that he is the axis of the cosmos. At his left leg is the ball. If we look to the heavens for this image, we will find a young man carrying a pitcher of water to give drink to an old man lying by the side of the road. The old man was the young man's father, whose experience had been lost to the lords of selfishness. The time when the cosmic ball reaches the front leg of the man with the pitcher of water is 4400 AD, when the vernal equinox crosses the forward leg of Aquarius. On that date, a vision will pass over Teotihuacan revealing the secret of the Maya, and indeed the secret of all compassionate souls. In 4400 AD, the north celestial pole will return to the house of the king, Cepheus, and the Son of God will live again in the New Jerusalem of the Western Hemisphere.

New Jerusalem at Teotihuacan

It is the vision of a child coming out of the mouth of First Mother, the vision of the life to come. From the day Teotihuacan was founded around 1 BC, when the child sat squarely on the equator of the celestial sphere, the zenith of Teotihuacan has been proceeding from the mouth of Quetzalcoatl. But during those days around 4400 AD it will be possible to lay parallel to the Way of the Dead and see a perfect reflection of the key to the secret of the Maya aligned so the thoroughfare on earth is as it is in heaven. Then the compassionate son, Aquarius, will declare his historic expression, "I Know." What Aquarius knows is not the knowledge of Seven Macaw, it is the feelings of all souls of the faithfully departed, and the souls living with the knowledge that one day they too will go to the Way of the Dead and be a memory for generations to come. Aquarius has the answer to John's question of the 5th seal; How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?

Old Jerusalem Ujuxte, GuatemalaThe great thoroughfare of Teotihuacan may not survive to see this great vision in living stone monuments, unless the modern civilizations take pride in their ancestors, the way the founders of Teotihuacan took pride in theirs. For, you see, Teotihuacan was not the first city aligned to the return of First Father as his very own son. Over a thousand years earlier in a small settlement along the Pacific coast of Guatemala is a place long forgotten until archaeologists rediscovered it in 1997. It is called Ujuxte. In the days of Ujuxte habitation, their urban grid laid parallel to the galaxy directly under the child on the wings of the eagle in the mouth of Quetzalcoatl. Here is the view from above the heavens looking down through the stars of the Milky Way onto the urban grid which lay parallel to it. In the very center of the village, a man is trying to bring back the spirit of his ancestors, so that he can love them for another generation. He is confident the staff of life will be passed on from his ancestors on one horizon to the bread of life on the other horizon. This is not the message of a savage people. This is the message of a civilization that knew the meaning of the age of the 5th Sun.


In closing, let us return to the gods of the solar system and see if this vision of the salvation of cosmic consciousness of the First Father is supported by the wandering stars. The following two charts were centered on the planet Uranus at the first and last sunrises of the Age of the 5th Sun. On the first morning, Neptune, the Greek god of the sea was under the feet of Antinous, the child on the wings of the eagle, known to the Native Americans by many names, all which symbolize an eternal salvation through the mouth of Quetzalcoatl, who is always ready to deliver the message from the Tree of Life to all the children of First Father. On the last morning, Neptune can be found at the front leg of Aquarius, as the Good Samaritan pouring water on an old man beside the solar road. It would seem that Neptune supports the Maya idea of the age of the 5th Sun being the age of redemptive enlightenment when the wandering children return to the First Father.

0 Baktun, First Father reaches the Tree of Life As mentioned above, the two charts are centered on Uranus. This name is derived from the Greek god Oranous, the First Father of the Greek pantheon. According to the Greek legends, Uranus was defeated and emasculated by Chronus, who is father time. In these charts, Father Time sits atop the trunk of the great tree as the king, Cepheus. Uranus came to be known as a god of the underworld, but we need to recognize him as First Father in the underworld before time. On the day of the first sunrise of the 5th Sun, the planet Uranus was located on a line from the head of Cepheus, through the head of Andromeda, through the east side of the Great Square to the bottom of the galaxy and the feet of the man in the depths of the underworld. There lies the image of a man holding a staff in his hands. This celestial place was known to the ancients around the world as the axis of the Great Potter's wheel. Upon this wheel were fabricated all forms, including living souls. The Great Potter's goal was to allow the living an opportunity to reach the field at the top of his creation. The price was well known in ancient times to be the thirty pieces of silver which are the days of the moon's cycles. To purchase the Great Potter's field, all that is required is to learn the backdrop of the heavens marked by the thirty days of the moon. Time was then measured by the number of moons. The significance of Uranus on the east side of the trunk of the Tree of Life between Cepheus and the Great Potter (Sculptor) on the first morning of the age of the 5th Sun, is that he was beheaded and emasculated at Andromeda and sentenced to the underworld, to be born in the fire of the Phoenix.

13 Baktun, First Father still waiting at the Tree of LifeBut, look at the chart for the last morning of the age of the 5th Sun. Uranus is in a position which is nearly identical. The material reason for this is that the orbital period of Uranus is almost a perfect integer fraction of 13 Baktuns. It takes 0 Baktun, 4 Katun, 5 Tun, 4 Uinal, and 8.4 Kin, or 30,688.4 days for Uranus to circle the solar system. In a period equal to 13 Baktun, Uranus cycles the heavens 61.00025 times, and its mean position is 5.4 arc-minutes further east than it was when the 13 Baktun period began. However, the view of Uranus is dependent upon the position of the earth, which can cause the apparent orbital position to vary by more than 7 degrees. During the period from sunrise on September 6, 3114 B.C. to sunrise on December 21, 2012 A.D., Uranus will have changed position in orbital retrograde by 1.39 degrees. This means that during the whole period of the age of the 5th sun, Uranus, the namesake of First Father, moved 1.39 degrees in the direction of precession so that it sat precisely on the east edge of the asterism of the trunk of the Tree of Life. The "coincidence" of the symbolism of the First Farther staying at the Tree of Life during the whole age known for enlightenment seems to carry the message that the Tree of Life is what he protected from the errant consciousness of his children, for he waited until the wayward children returned to their roots. In any case, the accuracy of this celestial detail which synchronized to the Maya 13 Baktun long count is astonishing, to say the least, and miraculous in its implications.

If we concede to the Maya perception of galaxy as First Mother, and give her the Greek name Gaia, then it is clear that First Father was Uranus, and his intention for the creation of the 5th Sun was fulfilled precisely as outlined in accordance to the records kept by the Maya and celebrated through the scriptures of the Popol Vuh. The spirit body and soul of First Father were placed at the roots of the Tree of Life, and the messenger, who is Mother Nature and symbolized by the canopy of the Tree of Life, is the body of the Feathered Serpent, Quetzalcoatl. Out of the mouth of the Feathered Serpent the Most High constellation of the ecliptic draws the spirit of the ancestors of us all, that is the memory for which Quetzalcoatl is the redeemer child. This redemption is a re-dreaming of the original intent as perceived by the ancients. After the redemption, the ancestors will have finished their work. Future works will be the responsibility of the redeemed.

The whole objective of any cultural path is the return of the living generations to the generations of the past. This is accomplished by the transfer of experience through the generations in the form of myths. By attaching the myths to the stars, the cosmic spirits have an opportunity to get involved in the conversation. More importantly, the myth becomes more than just a story, it is a game played with spirits within their own reality. Within the myths are the most profound messages for each culture. But, across the cultural lines, we recognize that the highest examples of any myth are identical from one culture to the next. The reason for this is hidden in the name One Hunahpu, which means One One Lord. What goes around comes around.

Find the top of the WorldIn his discussion of the creation of the long count and the area near Izapa, Jenkins concludes that the death of Seven Macaw represents the release of the false center at the north celestial pole markers in favor of the center of the cosmos at the Milky Way. The replacement for the polar deity, Seven Macaw, was the story of the two elder brothers and the twin sons of One Hunahpu and the identification with the new generation at the winter solstice of 2012. Paraphrasing the Popol Vuh, Jenkins makes the following statement. The "fall" of Seven Macaw, a key event in the closing of the previous World Age as testified to in the Maya Creation myth, involved his separation and increasing distance from his ancient polar home. The equivalent meaning of Stella 25 (left) alludes Jenkins, because he sees the battle in action, not the purpose of the battle. Nevertheless, Jenkins makes the following observation of Stella 25. Seven macaw is standing firm on his perch, striking a victory over Hunahpu by snatching his arm.

Had Jenkins looked at Stella 25 in full color detail, he would have realized that he was tricked into believing that Seven Macaw is alive on his perch. The arm of Hunahpu was wrapped onto the body of the dead Seven Macaw by a long serpent drinking from the subliminal waters of life under the "polar perch." Only the serpent is alive. It holds the spirit of Seven Macaw to the pole held by Hunahpu. The left hand of Hunahpu "stands" as a foot for Seven Macaw on the third perch. A makeshift wing section was implemented with the serpent to replace feathers lost for Hunahpu's arm during the battle in Xibalba. Perched on the head of Seven Macaw is a vulture. A clear indication that all the bones of Seven Macaw have not been picked clean. Also, there is a perch tied on the head of Seven Macaw with the serpent. This is the fourth perch being supported by Hunahpu, and the whole reason he propped Seven Macaw up on the pole. This is the intention of the whole mythology. This perch is the perch of the spirit of Seven Macaw. Hunahpu is attempting to get the next generation on the Tree of Life to jump to the perch and avoid the belly of the caiman on its way to the opening of the mouth and the fall through Xibalba. Experience tells us that the next generation must go their own way. But, if the passing generation does not give a sign, the next generation will be lost. The sign is the battered and beaten Seven Macaw. When the next generation finds itself in the position of attempting to orient their own subsequent generation, then the dead old bird of Seven Macaw will begin to be understood. At that juncture, the generation to come will be saved, for the serpent around the vulture's perch of Seven Macaw has the life giving waters from the cosmic underworld. Seven Macaw sits on the third perch, but in the perch of the rational being is bound the spirit of the after life. The first three perches are the elements, earth, water, and air. The fourth perch is held aloft by the rational father as an encouragement for the future generations to search for the spirit behind the meaning. It is the highest perch, and it can only be found by winning the battle with the rationalizing mind. The struggle for rational truth is never ending, but the spirit of the battle is the search for truth, and that is the ultimate victory for any generation. Humans become divine, one generation at a time.

Jenkins is very close in his celestial analogy, although it is far too narrow a perspective to relate the great Popol Vuh to a legend about the passing of stars around Izapa, as Jenkins concludes. The Popol Vuh is a legend about the whole of creation, not some village on the highlands of the Pacific Coast of Guatemala/Mexico. If Jenkins had taken the proposed meaning of the 5th Sun to be the return of the sons to the ways of the fathers, he would have recognized the little bird on the top of the Tree of Life. Hunahpu made Seven Macaw an example for the New Age, and he has set up the perch precisely on the line of the solstices in 2012, which is the meridian to the north pole. Thus, the little bird on top of the tree of Life is a symbol for the coming age. This idea is fully supported by taking an holistic perspective of cosmogenesis, and not the perspective of the position of the winter solstice.

Look for Seven Macaw to Point the WayIn the adjacent star chart for sunrise on December 21, 2012, we can show the exact correspondence of Stella 25 to the north polar axis at the commencement of the new cosmic generation. First, note the numbers around the constellation Draco at the twenty six millennial markers for the polar axis during the Platonic year. The beginning of the 5th Sun according to the long count was 3114 BC, precisely where the Big Dipper, a.k.a. Seven Macaw, is closest to the north polar location. There was a star close to the pole at that time called Thuban, in the back of Draco.

From 3114 BC until 2012 AD, Mizar and the whole asterism of the Big Dipper is a polar guide. During the early years in the Southern United States there was an underground railroad along which Negro slaves sought freedom in the north. They guided subsequent freedom seekers with a myth and a song called "Follow the Drinking Gourd." The "drinking gourd" was the Big Dipper. It told the runaways which way to go. Thus, throughout the whole period of the 5th Sun, the drinking gourd, a.k.a. Seven Macaw, guided the Maya peoples to the lands they were searching for, where death would not confine them to an eternal cave.

When the Seven Macaw/Big Dipper asterism was finally replaced as the primary orientation asterism for the northern latitudes, an amazing thing happened. The two edge stars opposite the handle are on a line which is an extended tangent to the circle of the north pole. Thus, though he was dead, Seven Macaw was still the best pointer toward the top of the world. At the end of the age, the pole star would be the one which Seven Macaw points to. In this metaphor, even the dead can speak. This is the fundamental moral of any ancient myth. The ancestors can speak to their offspring. There is no doubt whatsoever, that the peoples from Alaska to Tierro del Fuergo believed their ancestors could speak to them throughout the ages. We may look with our Eastern oriented eyes, but we cannot see the obvious. Tierro del Fuego means land of the fire. Thus, the fire at the bottom of the galaxy and the land at the bottom of the earth, are one land.

Now take a closer look at the celestial "pole" in the hands of One Hunahpu in the star chart. The right arm is on the line to the polar axis. Thus, the right arm holds the pole, just like it is shown in Stella 25. The two arms of One Hunahpu hold a great serpent which was taken from the mouth of the Milky Way at Quetzalcoatl. That serpent is a symbol of the spirit of the cosmos which is the fire in the fountain of youth of the cosmic ocean. The left hand of the asterism of Ophiuchus/One Hunahpu has a perch in it, as shown in the inset. It is that perch that is tied to the head of the dead Seven Macaw. The fathers would have the sons follow in their footsteps, and be perched in their hands.

This idea in the human civilized societies is not lost. The idea that the stars reveal such a message is lost. That old bird Seven Macaw is a trickster. We sing songs, "Put your hand in the hand of the man who calms the waters," and we fail to realize that that song was first sung by the stars. If the Maya revelation says anything, it says, "Take a look at yourself and you can see others differently." Seven Hunahpu is the wise man, the "know it all" of the human species. One Hunahpu is the man who knows himself. These two are the examples of kingdoms and empires, which have been utilized since men first decided to become "sons of god." All the wisdom of the cosmos is of no value to people who do not know who and where they are. That is why Seven Macaw was tied to a perch after his demise. Humanity was not about to lose their identity, they were about to become aware of the eternal world which was conceived when the arm of the man on the cosmic beach aligned to the top of the world. This alignment was perceived to be a sign that it was the original intention, that mankind would come to know the Great Spirit.

Extend the line to the celestial pole at the right arm of One Hunahpu/Ophiuchus across the polar regions, and it will strike the summer solstice of 2012. Around the summer solstice we can see that the twins gave up the pole of the solstice to an image of a man climbing a mountain guiding a she-goat and several kids to the top in Auriga, and a man fighting a bull at Orion. Another man carries a long knife with which he opens the rattle end of Quetzalcoatl. These are Hunahpu and Xbalanque, the sons One Hunahpu and nephews of Seven Hunahpu. They have reached the land of the rising sun at it highest position relative to the earth. Thus, Hunahpu/Auriga becomes one with the sun at the summer solstice. A line extending through the arm and forehead of Hunahpu/Auriga is on the same line as the right arm of One Hunahpu/Ophiuchus; the father and son are one.

All we can be absolutely sure of, is that the ancestors who first began to tell the stories of the stars lived before us. They left us with a tradition about monsters and angels who acted with trickery in ways that were hard to understand. But, if we tried, we could understand, and we could pass the messages on for the sake of posterity. So, follow the head of the king down the caiman tree to the eagle's wings and on to the head of the serpent. Above the head of the serpent is a laurel wreath tiara at Corona Borealis, a symbol of the Milky Way with its central bulge shining brightly. Adjacent to the tiara is the crook in the hand of a man in a corn field. Here is the Maize God, who owned the pillar of earth before the battle with Seven Macaw began. Seven Macaw was simply a dipper pouring out abundant milk from a Great Mother, as a guide to help maize children become kings.

The integrity of the Popol Vuh has been shown to be scientifically objective, when it comes to timing the events of the creation myths. The message of the Popol Vuh has been shown to be filled with at least as much subjective spiritual value as any religious subject of any modern theological presentation. Now is the time to prepare the way for the consciousness of Quetzalcoatl and all the sons of god to follow the 5th Sun into a new Cosmogenesis in 2012. Whether we believe the Popol Vuh, or not, will not change the accuracy of its predictions, for it was perceived as a record of the original intention, which stands on the cycling merits of 26,000 years of historical accuracy. Can any other document come as close to combining the objects and subjects of the cosmos? The Rig Veda? The Egyptian Chapters of Coming Forth by Day? The Torah? The Gospels and the Book of Revelation? The Koran? The Book of Mormon? The truth is that all of these books have the universal cosmology at their core, but only the Popol Vuh contains the numerical accuracy to connect the objects of the heavens to the subjects of the story line of the Age of the 5th Sun. For that reason, alone, the Maya belong in the Book of Life.

There is a need to effectively honor the peoples who prepared the way to an understanding of the meaning of the 5th Sun. One way we can properly do that is by supporting the ultimate prophecy; that cosmic consciousness in the form of First Father's message will lead many generations of people to become sons of God. It is time for the ceremony of the opening of the mouth, and the acceptance of our common heritage within Mother Nature which came by the word of First Father. That is the perspective of the Maya sacred cosmogenesis which conjured the whole of the cosmos from the Fathers in the north to the Sons in the south, from Birth in the east to Death and Resurrection in the west, from the bottom to top, through Mother Earth and Father Sky, and from the First Fire to the Heavenly Field on the axis of the Milky Way.

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