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This trip through the rationalization of Maya metaphors was taken to demonstrate that good rational intent and application of the scientific method is the basis of the Maya myths. Now we need to connect the myths to the cosmos to realize that the Maya did not invent this mythological journey from their hallucinations, they experienced it through their eyes and the wisdom of the precession of the equinoxes, or more appropriately the dance of the gods which they knew as the ball game in the cosmos. The celestial source relationships for the previous two sets of three vignettes taken from the Maya codex of the Popol Vuh are explained at Life is not a spectator sport, Hunahpu. The essay shows that the ballcourt is at the bottom of the ecliptic path at the axis of the galaxy in Pisces. The famous hip shot taken by the hero twins is in the asterisms of Andromeda and Pisces from the east to west fish. The recumbent First Father is the asterism of Sculptor. The crack in the turtle's back and the man with the jug of water are the asterisms of Pisces and Aquarius. The doubters and the believers are the two fish in Pisces. The head of the king is Cepheus sitting on the Milky Way above the cosmic pit. The pyramid, or axis of the temple is located on the bottom galactic axis when the vernal equinox reaches its lowest position in Pisces, and it is a ladder from Sculptor to Cepheus, symbolic of a fall and a restoration of a king. That is the position where the northern vernal equinox precesses into the "land of the rising sun," in 2012.

In Appendix 6, Jenkins indicated that the Egyptians did not know about the cosmogenesis of 2012. His conclusion is based upon the false understanding of Bauval and Hancock. Jenkins claims that the Egyptians did not know about the conjunction of the winter solstice with the center of the galaxy, when he should have realized that Bauval and Hancock were fooled by cosmic tricksters. They believed what they wanted to believe more than they believed what they had read. The Egyptians were waiting for the moment of the first occasion to return. Bauval and Hancock kept looking back into the past, but not far enough back to get to the place of return, 24,000 BC. That date was even beyond the imaginative rationalizations of Bauval and Hancock.

For our present purposes let's review the statement Jenkins made regarding the conjunction of the winter solstice and the galactic center with respect to Bauval and Hancock and the Egyptians. "I am surprised that this was not the central doctrine that they found (B&H). Instead, the Maya were apparently the Ancients who were clued into the conjunction of the December solstice sun with the Milky Way and the Galactic Center as a precession-defined era of transformation for humanity. Although the extreme meridian transits of Orion were most certainly interesting to ancient astronomers, the 2012 solstice-Galaxy alignment is a more compelling Zero Time of the precessional growth cycle. Why? Because of the role played by the Galactic Center in the astronomical alignment of 2012. Since this specific idea is not found in the Egyptian material, yet is the highest expression of Maya cosmological science and universal precession wisdom, an Egyptian source of Maya knowledge, as some researchers believe, is not likely. In other words, the Maya were on to something the Egyptians missed. The Maya tapped into an understanding of the cosmos that is beyond what the Egyptians accomplished, and they did it independently." (pg. 364)

Valley of the Kings

Jenkins is correct in the conclusion that the Maya acted independently and were not using knowledge received directly from Egypt. But, it is very easy to prove that the Egyptians saw the importance of the galactic center and the birth of First Father. The Valley of Kings is where Egypt buried their kings. The zenith alignment of the Valley of Kings when it began to be used as a burial place went directly through the dark rift of the Milky Way, at a peculiar opening of the dark rift. This is the location where the fox's tail turns black. It is the zenith location for Teotihuacan, and the birthplace of god kings.

Cosmic Mother First Fire The proof that this is not pure conjecture is the image of the goddess of pregnancy in Egypt. She was known as Tauret, and her image was a pregnant hippopotamus with a crocodile cloak. The pregnant hippo is the constellation Draco, and the cloak is the Milky Way. Tauret represents the ecliptic axis surrounded by the galaxy. A stronger presentation of precession is difficult to imagine.

Thuban, the pole star of the Egyptians was connected to Orion's belt via the "air shafts" in The Great Pyramid at Giza. Looking east through the pyramid, Orion comes from Tauret, and looking west, Orion returns to Tauret, after his struggles on earth. Orion is the cosmic mother's son. He stands like Atlas in Greek mythology supporting the ecliptic plane. On his back he wears the cloak of the Milky Way. The myth of Tauret and the precessional knowledge she represents are of very great antiquity.

Besides having a shape quite representative of the constellation Draco, she is represented in the adjacent vignette with one hand holding an ankh, the symbol of life, on a symbol which could easily represent a virgin womb. Her right hand holds what appears to be a flame. This is most likely the first fire of inspiration. She is symbolic of the virgin birth which all enlightenment must pass through, if true learning is to take place. The sculpture of Tauret has duplicates of the virgin's symbol, and a peculiar pucker in the mouth. If we allow the mouth to be a crocodile's mouth, then it represents the sanctuary which baby crocodiles return to when danger is present. A more secure place than your mother's mouth is difficult to imagine, especially for a baby crocodile. Tauret is a symbol of the security of the nurturer in the cosmic cave. The peculiar pucker in the mouth is a very clear duplication of the peculiar opening of the dark rift in the Milky Way at the tail of the Fox, shown exactly on the zenith at the Valley of Kings, and at Teotihuacan. The shape of the Milky Way from its opening at Perseus on the east horizon to the crocodile's mouth at the ecliptic near the galactic center was not ignored by the Egyptians. In fact, it was central to the whole process of cosmic birth and precession. The Maya image of Mixcoatl is the cloak of Tauret. Therefore, the Egyptian archaeological record verifies the work done by Jenkins in the Maya Cosmogenesis 2012!

Return to the SOurceIn the Ptolemaic temple at Denderah, Tauret is shown in a central position between Ophiuchus and the Jackal walking on a plow (Little Dipper in Ursa Minor) on the circular zodiac. Ophiuchus is shown as Ra, the First Father of the Egyptians. The balance of Libra next to Ra, clearly says that the Judgment before Ra occurs in association with Libra and Ophiuchus. If the outcome is found for the Prince on a throne with a flail, shown above the balance between Ophiuchus and Draco (Ra and Tauret), then the spiral path of the Denderah zodiac moves through Virgo and on to Leo. But, if the outcome is found for the jackal, then the path goes back to the center through the "virgin" Tauret on its way back to Cancer. The princely path is not a shortcut to Leo, it is a proper passage if a rational judgment is in favor of the prince, as the reward of the "kingdom of heaven." On the other hand, if a material judgment is against the prince and for the jackal, then the whole spiraling process must start from the very beginning, or at the cosmogenesis point of origin.


There are three distinct locations marked on the Denderah zodiac. These locations represent the cosmic or world center, the ecliptic center and the celestial center. The world center is interpreted from the fact that the jackal's back front foot is the center of the entire composition of the circular zodiac. Thus, the center of the composition is the metaphor, "center of the world." The scope of this essay does not allow for complete development of this idea, but, substantial research has been done to verify the concept that the center of the composition corresponds to a mandala as an image of the whole world, and it functions as a cosmic clock, as well.

The principle intent of the circular zodiac is to depict the clock of precession and its meaning. To accomplish that, the architects placed all the figures such that they appear to be oriented in the direction of precessional time, and opposite planetary movement. They go counter clockwise as drawn, and as viewed looking upward at the whole ecliptic circle. The breast of Tauret-Draco is at the location of the central ecliptic axis. This is a direct correspondence to the constellation Draco in the heavens. The architects placed the celestial axis at her breast, to suggest that she nurtures the solar system. Opposite the central position from the ecliptic axis position is the central axis of the celestial sphere. This angular relationship defines a specific time in the precessional period of 26,000 years, and a specific time of year. The date which can be worked out geometrically that precisely fits the data is the winter solstice of 561 BC, or the beginning of the Persian Empire under Cyrus I (the Great) after the death of Nebuchadnezzar.

Nebuchadnezzar Knew the Cosmic Boundary

The Denderah zodiac is celebrating the recovery of self rule during the Ptolemaic years after the Assyrian and Babylonian period of tyrannical occupation. Cyrus I brought with him the celestial mythology of Ahura Mazda and the Zoroastrians. The image of Ahura Mazda was a winged sun disk, and the axis of 561 BC goes directly through the icon of a man with a solar disk standing at the winter solstice location. The implication is that the Assyrians and the Babylonians did not have the same image of the heavens as the Egyptians and the Persians. However a boundary stone placed by Nebuchadnezzar is a composite of the constellations, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Aquila, and Ophiuchus. With this direct representation, it is clear that Nebuchadnezzar had a focus on the same intersection of the ecliptic and galactic planes as the Egyptians and the Zoroastrians; the winter solstice of 2012 AD. Time is not available in Nebuchadnezzar's representation, so it is an eternal boundary marker of his creation.

The primary interest in this area of the heavens is the idea of creation and cosmogenesis. The heavens show a dot-to-dot image of a child king on the back of a large bird. From Babylon we are given the legend of Etana. A prince who rode an eagle through the clouds of A Prince Flies to Heavenheaven. This opening in the clouds is the dark rift referred to by the Maya as the mouth of First Mother. The record is quite clear, the dark rift was recognized around the world as the location where a new kingdom was brought forth. Since it is located above Sagittarius and Scorpio, it is enlightenment over self gnosis. It is not intended to imply that the Maya received their celestial wisdom from the Levant, or Egypt. But, we should not be oblivious to the fact that the 18th Dynasty of Egypt had conquered the whole Levant region all the way to Persia. The conquest of the Middle East came after Pharaoh Thutmose I read in the message of the Sphinx that he would be made king of Egypt if he cleared the sands from the Sphinx. Thus, the 18th Dynasty was a return of kingship after some previous catastrophe. The 18th Dynasty subsequently lost their empire to the very kings and princes they educated in their ways of Amun. In 323 BC, Alexander restored Egypt to her former glory and established Alexandria, Egypt as the new center of Western Culture, repeating the prior redemptions.

Winter SolsticesA line drawn through the celestial pole and the ecliptic pole defines the line of the solstices. The northern summer solstice line crosses the ecliptic plane of the zodiac closest to the north celestial pole. The northern summer solstice line crosses the ecliptic plane of the zodiac closest to the north ecliptic pole. The winter solstice of 561 BC crosses between Capricorn and Sagittarius on the circular zodiac at Denderah, as shown in the segment to the left. The man with the sun disk tells us that the winter solstice of that year is being identified. This particular winter solstice represented the beginning or rebirth of enlightenment at the end of the Age of Aries when Cyrus I replaced the tyranny of Nebuchadnezzer. If we move forward to 2012 AD, we see the winter solstice at the tail of Scorpio on the Denderah zodiac. The characters on the outer circle of the composition are spiritual messengers. Capricorn and Sagittarius are in the circle of characters that represent the metaphysical element air. Scorpio on the other hand is a transitional character drawn moving back into the physical circle from the circle of air, and represents a return to emotional consciousness, or the element water.

In the ring of fire associated with Capricorn stands Thoth, the archetype of rational wisdom. In the ring of fire associated with Sagittarius stands Neb Maat Ra, the archetype of the complete human. Thus, Sagittarius represents the end of a cycle toward cosmic wisdom, with his forelegs resting on a barque of sagacity. This is not a surprising result, since the name Sagittarius is associated with sage, or wiseman. What is important with regards to Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, is that the baboon representation of Thoth is shown on the winter solstice line for 2012. A baboon Thoth represents instinctual knowledge without human gnosis. Thus, the transition from Neb Maat Ra to the baboon is a new spiritual beginning after a completion of the cycle of human gnosis. That correspondence is further proof that the Maya comprehension of the center of the galaxy passing by the winter solstice representing a new beginning was fully appreciated by the Egyptians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, and subsequently, the Jews and the Gnostic Christians.

Interestingly, the Denderah temple timeline begins in 561 BC, almost precisely when Jenkins suggests that the Maya were determining the length of the precessional year and starting to use the Maya "long count" as a calendar form. This correspondence cannot be used to suggest that the Maya did not discover the precessional rate independently. What can be safely assumed is that the Maya logic for beginning was derived from the stars, and so was the Egyptian idea of beginning. The focus on the winter solstice by Jenkins is valuable, pertinent, and accurate. However, the evidence of the rising sun, associated with the ballcourt and the crack in the turtle's back suggest that the Maya were using the vernal equinox as a cosmic clock, just like the Egyptians. They saw the galaxy as First Mother, just like the Egyptians. They saw the movement from below to above as an indication that First Father was rising out of First Mother, just like the Egyptians. The number of similarities suggest cross fertilization between the civilizations. But, it does not say when that cross-fertilization took place. It is quite possible that the Egyptian expression,"the sun has set twice where it now rises" at the end of the Age of Aries means that precessional knowledge is far older than modern anthropologists and archaeologists are willing to consider. This knowledge could have been available long before any migration to the Americas ever took place. If the migration took place by sea, then the precessional knowledge would have been a necessary component for celestial navigation. If the migration took place by land, as generally accepted, the precessional knowledge would have been necessary for the proper planning of cosmic ritual, and defining personal place on the globe.

The expression, "as above, so below," represents a navigational correspondence. A five degree variance in zenith star location is a five degree variation in location on the earth, as well. When a community defined its zenith legends, it was also describing the navigational information to reach the community's latitude, whether by land or by sea.

In conclusion, Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 is a prelude to a major breakthrough in understanding our origins. The fulfillment of that breakthrough will be a shift in modern paradigms of uncomparable magnitude that will modify the educational dogma of modern science. When fully comprehended, we will realize that our declaration of "superstitious illiterates" is a direct reflection of our incapacity to comprehend what is before our own faces. We are blinded by the self knowledge we project out into the cosmos in the hopes that our dreams will come true. When we cease to tell the cosmos how it should be, then, and only then, will we be able to witness the return of our ancestors as the point of our cultural origins passes through our reflective consciousness. The cosmic point which we are passing through is the location in the garden where the idea of enlightenment first took hold. When the ancestors first saw the enlightenment, is not yet known, for it is still lost in the cycles of the heavens. The result of the enlightenment has been found again. The enlightenment was the Word, as originally expressed by whatever Force has the capacity to place the stars on their individual journeys. That Force is incredibly greater than any force knowable to humans. The cosmogenesis of 2012 will be a realization that the Word was that force, and those that can comprehend the Word, will be given the power to become sons of God.

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