Scorpio-Centaur Supernovae May Have Left Their Marks

Background on our Local Bubble   
A plot of the sunís course through our galactic locale shows that the sun has been traveling through the Gouldís Belt interior in a region of very low average interstellar density for several million years. The sun is unlikely to have encountered a large, dense interstellar cloud in this relatively benign region during this time. Although our solar system is in the process of emerging from the Local Bubble, the sunís trajectory suggests that it will probably not encounter a large, dense cloud for at least several more million years. The consequences of such an encounter for the earthís climate are unclear; however, one wonders whether it is a coincidence that Homo sapiens appeared while the sun was traversing a region of space virtually devoid of interstellar matter.

In the mean time, here are the dance steps over the past and next 100,000 years.
They show that we are doing a Tango with eternal Desire as the temporal Donkey-Man
distorts the perceptions of cosmic time with a little toe tapping along the Way of the Dead..
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