S i L oam .N et: Offers a full color collector's edition of
Yes Virginia, Santa Claus is Coming tonight.

This collector's edition is a booklet formatted in an 8.5" x 11" binder See details in the description of the BOOKLET.

SU International
Order Form:
Booklet Yes Virginia, Santa Claus is Coming Tonight

Number of Copies:
________ Collector's Edition  $ 15 each.  Total CE _________
________  S & H                   $ 3 each.   Total S&H ________

                                                                                Total Charge  _________
Payment:  Check _____  Money Order ______
Payment:  Mastercard ______    Visa  ______  
Card Number  ________-_______-_______-_______,
Expiration Date: __________________
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Ship to address:      
Name: ________________________________
Street: ________________________________, Apt. ________
City:  _________________________________, State _______
Country: _____________________________________
Non-USA orders subject to additional shipping charge.
(Europe $4 each, Canada $2 each)
Allow 10-14 days for delivery.

Mail or FAX or e-mail Form to:
SU International
1342 East Chapman Avenue
Orange, CA 92866  U.S.A

Phone: 714-998-5902
FAX: 714-998-0121

California Reseller No. SR EA 24-795759

Print a copy of this page to use as an order form and FAX back to SU International, or mouse drag the complete form above and copy it into the e-mail letter document, where it can be filled out on line before you send it.  

e-mailto: siloamnet@siloam.net

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