Yes Virginia,
Santa Claus put Humpty Dumpty together again!

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Santa Claus Puts Humpty Dumpty Together Again

How Santa put Humpty Dumpty together again.

(1) Gemini = Girls and Boys.
(2) Auriga =
Santa with reins, a sleigh, and five reindeer, counting Taurus .
(3a) Perseus = Taking the
doubting little boys and girls to outer space.
(3b) Aries = Recognition of
loyal little boys and girls.
(4) Cepheus and Cassiopeia = Santa and Mrs. Claus sitting on the chimney.
(5) Andromeda =
Santa coming down the chimney with a bag full of goodies.
(6a) Pisces, Aquarius =
Stockings and a cookie with a drink by the hearth.
(6b) Fornax, Sculptor =
Resting by the fireplace.
(7) Pisces Astrinis, Capricorn, Pegasus, Aquila =
Swimming, walking and flying coursers.
(8a) Sagittarius =
Wisemen bearing gifts.
(8b) Antinous = Return to the North Pole by the
Once and Future King.

(8c) Cygnus, Lyre, Vulpecula = Swan song to any sly fox who puts Humpty together, again.