Yes Virginia, Santa Claus is Coming Tonight


When we reach that age that we begin to doubt our beliefs in imaginary beings, life often brings us great trauma. Not because our beliefs were incorrect, but that our new found knowledge disagrees with them. This essay was written for all those mature children who knew their childhood beliefs were true, but never found out how to verify them, or reconcile them with adult beliefs. The land of make believe is the most important land we ever travel through, because the future is in the land of make believe, regardless of what we ever come to know. When we stop believing in the unknowable, we stop growing, and become adult like. With the information provided here, all can be like little children, and grow unto eternity.

The artwork and results presented in this booklet were developed over three decades through research in the field of astroarchaeology, and with the help of various astronomy computer programs during the last decade. The connections of the asterisms for the constellations are the result of work performed by the author using these astronomy programs, while referencing a myriad of books on constellations, asterisms, and mythology. A Twentieth Century seminal work in recovering the embroidery of the constellations was performed by H. A. Rey for his book The Stars, A New Way to See Them published in 1952. Rey presented many asterisms as they were first conceived thousands of years earlier. However, he specifically denied the ancient mythology in favor of a modern numerical perspective. After twenty eight years and many nights under the starry heavens with Rey’s constellations, an old way to see them has been reborn. None of the constellations presented herein are original, and only a few of them are Rey’s, for they were all obtained by interpreting ancient myths as literal descriptions of pictures embroidered in the heavens. When the heavenly needlework is fully understood, it becomes clear that we owe a lot to our ancient ancestors for their ability to visualize the spirits in the sky.

Scientific proof of the astronomical assertions made in this booklet are self evident. All that is required to verify any asterism is to find a clear moonless night when the specific star patterns are visible, and perform the embroidery which Plato spoke of in the epic dialogs of Timaeus. According to Plato, by 350 B.C., Ancient Egyptians had recorded the passage of time through the Platonic Year for over 17,000 years. As Plato implied in Timaeus, it is still evident that very many of the truly great myths of Western Civilization have their origins in our perceptions of the stars. Yes Virginia, Santa Claus is Coming Tonight was prepared with the specific purpose of reflecting on that year of years which bears the great philosopher’s name, and reminding us all that this gift we call life is worth celebrating every day, and, most importantly, during that magic time when mythical love is around every corner.

Our ancestors looked forward to the very times in which we live. In their inspired mythological science, the heavens described their whole cosmic experience. It was a simple matter for the living to sew crystalline threads through the stars to bring back ancient kings and heroes. These ancient peoples began the story telling in order to enrich the heart of childhood for tens of thousands of years. When their method of communicating with their ancestors is understood, it is possible to hear them say, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Happy New Platonic Year.”

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