Yes Virginia, Santa Claus is Coming Tonight

During 1997, the moon passed close in front of Saturn every month and caused Saturn to be blocked from view on several occasions. On December 9, the occultation was 43 arcminutes east of the galactic meridian. At 06:11 on December 9, 1997, the galactic meridian crossed the zenith meridian at the ground position for the star chart above. At 06:14, the Moon and Saturn passed the ground meridian directly at the zenith. Thus, Saturn was occulted while the galactic meridian and the planet passed over the ground position. This quadruple conjunction (Earth, Moon, Saturn, Galaxy) is an extremely unusual occurrence, but it is not the most powerful correspondence to Christmas.

Christmas Islands

Approximately midway between Los Angeles, California and Brisbane, Australia is a small group of islands at the ground position of the Saturn occultation on December 9, 1997 (UT). These Islands once owned by Great Britain and the United States are the Christmas Islands. They are part of the Christmas Island Ridge of sea mounts and atolls once used for nuclear testing. This quintuple occultation unambiguously declares the power of Christmas.

This is scientific data which can be evaluated by any accurate astronomical program, such as Redshift 2, or The Sky 4. All that is required to perceive the relationship of the occultation of Saturn on December 9 with the Christmas story are the identities of the stellar and ground positions where the occultation occurred. The celestial story of Santa Claus coming down the chimney at the galactic meridian occurred when Saturn, a.k.a. the Ancient of Days, Cronos, and Father Time, was aligned with the Christmas Isles on planet Earth. As it is above, so it is below. It does not take a leap in imagination to recognize the terrestrial and celestial markers corresponding to the coming of Christmas. Either this was a colossal coincidence, or there is a Cosmic plan, which includes explicit messages that describe the Cosmic cycles, as well as the coming of Santa Claus. Even so, this is still not the clearest correspondence to Christmas.

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