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Galaxy with solar constellations.

The Great Pyramid of Khufu  essay is used to introduce SiLoamNet as it is interpreted from an astroarchaeological point of view. The result clearly indicates that the Egyptians utilized the scientific method in implementing their Sacred Science. The interpretation is simple and profound. The goal of the pyramid complex was to establish a prediction that humanity would return to the stars when the vernal equinox reached its lowest location along the ecliptic path. Their interpretation has been misunderstood for four and a half millennia. Now that the ancient secret code has been revealed civilization will be freed to recognize Egypt as the land of the founding ancestors of modern civilization, and all theological scriptures of Western Civilization.

Easter Island Mystery Solved The people of Rapa Nui prepared a "Rosetta Stone" in the form of a heiroglph covered staff called the Santiago Staff. This staff contains the secrets of the ancient Polynesian cosmic wisdom. Like the Great Pyramid of Khufu essay above, this essay reveals that the celestial wisdom was global. This is not surprising, since the ability to see the stars is a global condition. What the Rapa Nui people erected on the Southeast Pacific island of Rapa Nui was equivalent to the Khufu pyramid in celestial metaphors, they did it on the lonliest island on the planet, 2000 miles from any other inhabition. Their monuments are nothing less than the ultimate cosmic time markers used by all the world cultures before and after Ancient Egypt. In the twenty six thousand years it takes the vernal equinox to pass around the ecliptic, only when it is at the bottom of the path will Rapa Nui be "Te Pito O Te Henua" (Navel of The World). That would be sufficient purpose to establish an outpost colony on the island, to mark the beginning of the new cosmic cycle, and keep track of the celestial wandering of the earth for all time to come. We just happen to be the descendants of the ancient cultures who now have the hallowed opportunity to witness the event. Rapa Nui has risen from the bottomless pit, and the souls of their ancient departed ancestors are ascending the celestial staircase. This essay is the answer to the "year 2000" problem, it says plan ahead.

Mayan Mystery Solved As an application of the principles of the Astroarchaeology of Consciousness, this essay illustrates some of the material correspondences for Mayan mythology. In the September/October issue of Archaeology was an article titled, "The New Maya," by T. Patrick Culbert, a professor of anthropology at the University of Arizona. On the centerfold of the magazine were six story board vignettes from the video, "The Popol Vuh," based upon the Mayan codex of the same name. Three of the vignettes can be shown to represent the complete galactic home of the Mayas. The Mayan myth is a metaphor, just like E=Mc2. Unlike the mathematical equation, the Mayan metaphor does not exclude the subjective perspective, since the individual culture interpreted the material state. This subjectivity, although technically not exact science, can be approached using scientific principles, if we look for the material correspondences upon which the mythology is based. These correspondences tell a story which the Mayan Masters were telling to the Mayan Apprentices, for the sake of the culture.

Yes Virginia, Santa Claus is Coming Tonight Western civilization has been consumed with the spirit of Santa Claus for as long as can be remembered. This essay demonstrates how the ancient astroarchaeology transformed the spirit of seasonal giving through the ages of Scorpio to Pisces, over a period of 17,000 years. Today, our lack of knowledge of the heavens results in the perception that Santa Claus was created for the sake of consumerism. By applying the ancient understanding of the heavens, we can determine the path taken by Santa Claus as he comes down the celestial chimney every year. This passage is more than five times older than all the Hebrew Bible, and at least three times as old as Ancient Egypt. Santa Claus is particularly important in 1997, for this year marks the beginning of the new Platonic Year, and his chimney is precisely aligned with the Christmas season for the first time in twenty six thousand years. This is so, because the story of Santa Claus and the Great Pyramids are designed based upon the same astronomical sources. The essay was written for teenagers and young adults who have not properly interpreted the meaning of the Christmas elf. The essay is light, yet profound, and it gives directions for finding the legend in the skies at Christmas time. When you understand how Santa Claus does his works, your life will be profoundly changed for the better.

Son of Man Rises Over JPL This essay describes the cosmic events occurring at the time the Pathfinder spacecraft landed on Mars at 10:07 AM PDT on July 4, 1997. Correspondences are drawn between the design and construction of the Great Pyramid at Giza, the passing of comet Hale-Bopp, and the Heaven's Gate ritual suicide in San Diego on March 23, 1997, as well as many familiar scriptures from the Bible. The essay is an example of analysis of personal moment star charts. Eight specific star charts are utilized to prove that the ancient scriptures of civilization predicted the precise cosmic moment when the biomass on the planet Earth would ascend to a star.

Jacob's Ladder is Raised Again where it had been placed in the sky from the bottom of the galaxy to its starry halo in the dream of the patriarch. Visit the ladder and understand how long the stories in the stars have been apart of Western traditions. Look closely at the figure of the galaxy above, and you can see the spirit the dream Jacob had while resting at the place called Siloam.

Ancient Aspects of the Zodiac have been written and rewritten for over 10,000 years. Visit these aspects and find the keys to the Pearly Gates which are at the entrances to Heaven. On your way to Mars and Cosmic space take a moment to return to the ancient epochs on Earth when civilizations believed the Creator spoke through the stars, and find for yourself the place of Jacob's Ladder and the circle of animals which became a street of gold clear as crystal.

Coming Forth by Day at Ares Vallis During the morning of July 4, 1997, a sign of great wonder was made visible at the Mars Pathfinder landing site. It signaled the beginning of the next Great Year, as the vernal equinox prepared the way for the sign of Jonah. Astroarchaeological research has been completed, and reveals the moment the biomass from Earth established ambulatory communication with another star. If you have read the prior essays, you are ready for recognizing the past as it becomes part of the future. For it will be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the place where Monotheism was born and the place where Pathfinder landed in a Martian floodplain called Ares Vallis are one and the same.

Birth of Monotheism A sign from the heavens above the floodplain of Ares Vallis when the vernal equinox and the sun arose at the Martian horizon on July 4, 1997 duplicated a message repeated throughout the history of Western Civilization. The sign of Jonah and the whale rising as a story board in the east declared the rebirth of a cosmic awareness that has come and gone many times. When the vernal equinox was at the same location on Earth as the sun was on Mars that day, a new concept of cosmic awareness was born. That concept included the whole galaxy as its central essence and as it single unifying principle. This moment represents the beginning of Monotheism and its intolerance for polytheism and hedonism, and any other form of Paganism, for it marks the flight of the Angel of Death over Egypt. For the next thirty four hundred years, Western Civilization would run away from the ultimate cosmic truth, in a vain attempt to fulfill its destiny implied by the concept righteousness as it withdrew itself out of Egypt. Here is the story leading from the Land of Bondage, which caused feminine intuition to be outlawed by Aryan masculine rationality. Every aspect of modern civilization owes it being to the people who attempted to unite the whole earth into One World Order. They failed in their attempt, but their attempt has been the inspiration that separates the East from the West to this very day. Visit the site and understand that feudalism, fascism, communism, and democracy, are the descendants of God Kings, Kings of Kings, Ruler of Rulers, and the Dazzling Brilliance in the Sun-Disc.

Queen of the South Rises in Judgment  This essay is in process. It will discuss the retreat from the intuition of Armana back to the rationality of the God Kings, and the new vengeful deity of Israel. Egypt will attempt to defeat conquest by the masculinity of the Aryans, and Ramses II will declare victory over the infidels at the Battle of Kadesh, as Egypt holds on to the holistic ancient celestial tradition of reality. However, the effort will be in vain, as Thebes is destroyed by the Men of Ninevah in 663 BC. The ten days of the week of Egypt will give way to the seven days of creation, the seven spirits of God, and the seven wandering bodies in the heavens. During the period from Akhenaten to the destruction of Thebes, Joshua conquers the civil calendar of Egypt and eliminates the thirty six decans and the five epagomenal days of the children of Nut and Geb. In their place came the twelve tribes descending from Isaac through Jacob, the son of Abraham and Sarah, and the twelve tribes of Ishmael, the son of Abraham and Hagar. The former being derived from the twelve day hours of Ra, and the latter from the twelve night hours of Osiris. The struggles between these tribes are still the longest fought in modern times, as well as ancient, for they are the cosmic Yin and Yang. To overcome the excess rationality of sons of light in Israel, a prophet will come with a new dogma that will sweep a full third of the world's people. Muhammad will proclaim the judgment of the Queen of the South and the Bull of My Mother in the form of Allah, and will again wait for judgment day, as the sons of darkness regain the throne of the ancient world.

Ceremony of the Buffalo and the Eagle An essay presenting the history of a YMCA Indian Guide tribe while connecting the past and the present.

Astroarchaeology News --- These articles represent discoveries of archaeological importance which are directly connected to star positions. In some cases they are the result of detailed personal star chart revelations. The essay Coming Forth by Day at Ares Vallis illustrates astroarchaeology in a superior moment of communication across 4500 years. A great sign occurred on the floodplain at Ares Vallis which directly reveals the wisdom of ancient divination systems. These essays provide evidence of ancient understanding through the use of current personal moment star charts with interpretations of their correspondences which are news of an astrological nature. They reveal actual information recorded by ancient peoples thousands of years prior to the current readings. Because the ancients left artifacts on Earth which correspond to the celestial locations, it is possible to uncover significant archeological information that cannot be retrieved from pot shards and grave remains. This technique is not used by modern archaeologists, because the vast majority of modern archaeologists do not have any understanding of astronomy, ancient or otherwise.

SiLoamNet is presently publishing an essay for referee review titled The Astro-Archaeology of Consciousness if you are a recognized authority on the subjects, of astronomy, consciousness, psychology, astrology, theology, archaeology, you are invited (consider it a request) to submit a review or rebuttal for publication consideration at the time the essay is published.

SiLoamNet prepared a paper for presentation at the 1998 meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration at the University of Virginia on May 29, 1998 titled "The Scientific Method as Presented in the Hunefer Papyrus of the XIX Dynasty of ancient Egypt." If you would like a copy of this essay before it is converted to hypertext format on the Internet, please download the MS Word document through this link Hunefer Papyrus.

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