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What is SiLoamNet?

SiLoamNet is under development. It is becoming an interactive learning resource for acquiring understanding about the evolution of human thought on the concepts of science and religion. More to the point it will present the evolution of scientific theology and sacred science as simultaneous and equivalent experiences of  the human mind

To illustrate the depth of human experience consider the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt. This pyramid was designed by the priests of Egypt approximately 2600 years before Christ. The monument is one of the most long lasting of all the great monuments of civilization which attest to the fact that some people were adept at communication with the Force that created the cosmos, and the resulting inspiration for life.

These great monuments were not designed as tombs for Pharaohs, as modern archaeologists would have us believe. Rather they were designed in the same spirit as all of the great temples and cathedrals of modern religions. These pyramids were constructed to give back a sense of honor for the gift of life.

Great Pyramid of Khufu at Giza, Eastward View

Proof of this statement is revealed in the intricate details of their construction. Nearly all of the pyramids of Egypt have an "entrance" passage on their north face. This passage typically runs parallel to the north-south meridian and descends at approximately a 26 degree angle. In the Egyptian celestial mythology, this passageway represents the route ancient souls take in becoming the generations of tomorrow. It projects through the planet to the top of a triangular asterism known as the Ben-Ben stone, or the place of the "First Occasion." It is a clear statement of the Egyptian belief that everything on Earth came from the celestial vault known as the heavens, a fact which modern science has proven beyond a shadow of doubt. At Giza, the region of the sky around the north pole never goes below the horizon, and is symbolic of the realm of eternal life, from whence kings and ancestors can return to Earth as spirits reincarnated into the flesh of youth.

We can see the route of the ancestors coming down from the north in the view of the Great Pyramid looking east. The descending passage goes to a chamber under the pyramid. Within the underground chamber a passage points toward the modern constellation called Sculptor. That constellation was called Geb by the Egyptians, and he was the spirit of the earth. It was also called Ptah in his aspect of the Great Sculptor of the cosmos. Between the projections of the descending passageway and the horizontal passageway is the region of the sky from the Ben Ben stone in the southern constellation Hydrus, through the Phoenix, to Geb. This is the ancient message of resurrection for which the monuments are most famous. Geb holds a Uas scepter, which has been interpreted to be a scepter of flint. This scepter has the power to resurrect the dead, and release captives from their tombs to live inspired lives once again.

To leave the underground tomb chamber, it is necessary to dig through the bottom of the pyramid to the horizontal passage leading into the Queen's Chamber, representing the placental womb, the marsupial pocket, or a mother's bosom. Passageways off the Queen's chamber point to the eternal locations of the mother of Egypt. She had many names. Her most famous name was Isis, the wife of Osiris who founded the celestial realm of Egypt. She is "the mother of all living" and her powers of intuition nurture spirits within the organism of her being to give miraculous birth to royal children. Her passageways do not exit the pyramid, indicating that life does not mature in her womb.

To escape the womb chamber it is necessary to go back through its horizontal entrance passage to be symbolically born again into the Grand Gallery. This twenty eight foot high corbelled ceiling chamber proceeds upward toward the constellation of Lepus, which the Egyptians called Seth. Seth was the spirit of personal identity, and is most commonly called the ego today.  Here in this magnificent chamber is where the fulfillment of life's journey is carried out. This chamber has no direct connections to the outside world, and it is aligned with the spirit of selfishness in the constellation of Seth. Modern Egyptologists have named it the "Grand Gallery," but it is most likely that Egypt knew it as the Chamber of Children, for it is here that life's experiences unfold.

Seth was infamous for having beguiled his brother Osiris into a coffin and sending him down the celestial river. Because ego often gets in the way of experience, the exit from the Grand Gallery is blocked at the top by four enormous granite slabs. Beyond the granite slabs is the King's Chamber, or the chamber of Osiris. This chamber is symbolic of the experiences of life being blocked from egocentric youthful desire through esoteric wisdom. Beyond the subconscious record of experiences is the ultimate truth about life, as well as the pyramid. It is these subconscious memories that are hidden for the sake of future generations. They become vaults of esoteric wisdom in which future generations can find the ultimate cosmic truths. Today these vaults are known as religions. All religions declare that they define a path that leads to heaven, or truth, and attempt to religament those truths into each new generation. So it is also written in the King's Chamber. Two passage ways exit the pyramid in alignment with the stars of the constellation of Orion and the constellation of Draco. These passages tell us that the Egyptian priests believed that a successful life was one with eternal memories. In other words, success was a process of achieving eternal life through inherited cosmic truth

Great Pyramid of Khufu at Giza, Westward View

All of the great chambers have passages which project northward and southward. This is true also of the Grand Gallery. To understand the Grand Gallery fully, it is necessary to look toward the west, as well as east through the pyramid. In the west perspective, the constellation of Seth is looking back down the Grand Gallery and beyond to the intersection at the north entrance passage. The angle of the Grand Gallery and the entrance passageway are equivalent to a reflection of light off of a still pool of water. In the Lion King Simba is told by Rafiki, the shaman baboon, to look into the pool and see if he can see his father, Mufasa. Simba looks and sees himself and then his father amongst the stars. This is the greatest story ever told. It is the legend of the prodigal son. Seth, as unrestrained personal desire of youth, turns back towards his source and realizes that he has repeated the very same events that his ancestors had passed onto him from their childhoods.

Thus the passing of a single day tells the whole story of eternity in the sky. On Earth within the pyramid are the chambers of the Father, Mother, and Child. The concepts these three chambers represent are still viewed as the ultimate places for human psychological development. We are influenced by images of our parents in our own search for maturity. Below the pyramid on Earth and above the stars in heaven is the eternal resting place where the genetic record passes on from generation to generation, and ultimately, from star to star. Anyone who has had a mother and a father knows that the heritage of the body and the mind are passed on through them for all generations. Spirits of past lives encapsulated into esoteric messages through the father and intuitive care of the mother assure that eternal life is an experience that never ceases. When we utilize these archetypes of the mind, we are bring back the essence of a departed ancestor.

Ancient Egypt was founded for the grand purpose of joining the two lands. Initiates read upper and lower Egypt to mean the Nile Valley south and north of Memphis as these two lands. Adepts read the two lands as celestial heaven and celestial earth, precisely as illustrated in the chambers of the Great Pyramid. All human mythology has been designed to allow the egocentric child to grow in its own garden. When enough experience has accrued to the child, it becomes capable of comprehending the cycles of life, and the prodigal sons all come home when they do. SiLoam.Net is a combination of the words sidereal, loam (archaic for earth), and internet. It defines the purpose of this web site in similarity to the objective of the founders of Ancient Egypt. We intend to bring the stars down to Earth, and make stars out of Earthlings.

Esoteric means hidden wisdom. Exoteric means common wisdom. According to the story written in the pyramid complex at Giza, Osiris will begin to speak when the constellation Orion has risen again, and the vernal equinox passes under the Milky Way. When Osiris speaks, the esoteric past will become the exoteric future. This celestial event happens the years 1997 and 1998. It represents the end and beginning of the longest celestial period measurable by monumental structures and starlight on the Earth, and known as the Platonic Year. The exact moment of the end and beginning of the New Platonic Year is subject to measurement errors. Even so, the stars have spoken. They have said that the event is at hand, and it is time to celebrate. Now is the time to look back on the last 26,000 years of civilization and sing Auld Lang Syne, Happy New Great Year!! In their book, Coming Forth by Day, the ancient priests declared every day a remembrance of things past. It takes 26,000 years for the equinoxes and solstices to circle the heavens. And the same message cycles every day to those who care enough to look toward the most ancient scriptures ever written.

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