This essay presents an analysis of the heavens based upon the natal moment defined for a woman child born in Sydney, Australia on March 25, 1944 at 6:39 PM. The technique employed uses actual star positions and celestial myths from cultures of many different lands to associate the moment to the Cosmos and to the ancestors who saw the same stars. As such, it is purely a technique of association. The greater the number of associations that can be made, the more depth can be achieved in the analysis. The associations need to be free of judgment and preconception biases that will skew the result to satisfy some desire. However, we are human, and even the gods have desire, so these biases will exist, and they should be seen in the midst of the cosmic light, without becoming shadows that prevent the true light from being present.

What actually transpires in the process is a kind of Rorschach association test with the images revealed in the associations. The associations present a personality profile that can then be correlated to the actual events of the child's life. Although it uses astrological techniques, and in some cases, astrological meanings, the process is better viewed as a psychoanalytical journey through the mind in the stars. The analysis of the star journey attempts to determine whether the ancient myths and the actual life can be demonstrated to have clear correspondences to the events of the star journey and the events of the life. In the mind of ancient peoples the star journey was a direct representation of Cosmic Intent. They tended to view the journey as the "Dance of the Gods." So, as the journey continues, it is imperative that the journey be taken in the stars before the star relationships are converted to words. The difficulty one has in such an adventure is inversely proportional to their knowledge of the stars, the ancient myths, and the individual for whom the stars are expected to speak. The only person who can fully understand this language of the stars, and the meaning of the myths, is the one for whom the stars speak. That of course is why each individual will see different events in different ways.

Thus, in reading the analysis, pay close attention to the technique employed for that is all any analysis can provide. Then use the information gained to determine the fuller comprehension based upon more complete knowledge than the analyst has to work with. To the unconnected observer, the technique will reveal information about the individual and the stars. To the connected observer, the stars should speak in volumes of hidden secret knowledge. Only the connected observer, whose stars they are, and the Cosmic Creator, who placed the stars, have this hidden secret knowledge. The analyst simply tries to open the ways so that the hidden secret knowledge returns to life for the analysand.

The following zenith chart illustrates the view toward the heavens in
Sydney, Australia at 6:39 PM on March 25, 1944.

Full Zenith Chart (684/555)

The following nadir chart illustrates the view from the heavens through
Sydney, Australia at 6:39 PM on March 25, 1944.

Full Nadir Chart (684/555)

The zenith and nadir charts have some very interesting information.
The positions of the planets are the following.

Planets From East to West
: At the back of the head of Virgo, as seen from the Sun.
Neptune: At the back of the head of Virgo, as seen from the Earth or the Sun.
Jupiter: Between Cancer and Leo under the lion's chin.
Pluto: At the "upper" claw of Cancer.
Mars: At the zenith meridian above the club of Orion and Betelgeuse.
Saturn: At the mouth of the modern Taurus, or between the horns of the ancient Taurus.
Uranus: At the "well" of the Hyades in Taurus.
Moon: Between the whale, Cetus, and Andromeda, under at the rising point of Pisces.
Mercury: Between the whale, Cetus, and Andromeda, beyond the rising point of Pisces.
Comet Encke: Between, Cetus, and Andromeda, above and beyond the rising point of Pisces.
Sun: On the eastern side of the trunk of celestial tree under the Great Square.
Venus: On the western side of the trunk of celestial tree under the Great Square at the wrist of Aquarius and rim of the cup of salvation.

Celestial Orientation Markers and Meridians
Zenith: On the wings of the dove, Columba.
Nadir: Between the Apples of the Hesperides, the knee of Hercules, and the yoke of Lyra.

Zenith Meridian, South to North Horizons:
Ara, the altar of the gods, the beak of the Peacock, Mensa and the tail of Dorado,
South Ecliptic Pole, Pictor the easel, the wings of Columba,
the hind quarters of
Lepus the donkey of Seth, the lake of fire in Eridanus,
the right arm of
Orion, the shoulders and head of Auriga and the mast of the chariot.

Nadir Meridian, South to North Horizons:
Ara, the altar of the gods, the tail of Scorpio, the bow of Sagittarius, and the Galactic Center,
Serpens at the right hand of Ophiuchus, the arm of Hercules
with the Apples of the Hesperides, the foot of Hercules and the head of
North Ecliptic Pole, Polaris in Ursa Minor, the saddle of the Camel.

Before examining the details of these celestial connections to the date and location and any correspondences, look more closely at the following zenith and nadir blow up details.


Blow Up of Zenith Chart (684/555)



Blow Up of the Nadir Chart (684/555)


Let us begin by looking up. This is the direction directly on the zenith, and represents the primary orientation to the heavens. Here we have a location for which Egyptian and Biblical references are available, so lets consider them for a moment.

Denderah Zodiac and the Zenith Meridian

On the Denderah zodiac we see birds in two forms. First, and foremost, Columba is symbolized in the Horus falcon resting on the stalk of a bulrush. This is an Egyptian symbol for the tree of life and the bearer of its truth, the conforming son of Isis and Osiris, consciousness of Upper and Lower Egypt. The falcon of Horus wears both the upper and lower crown. Like the story of Noah and the dove released from the ark of the flood, the principle message of Columba is that when truth regarding the Tree of Life is forthcoming, the Prince of Peace will fly to relieve the stresses caused by the floods of life. Matthew 5:9 tells us the relationship of the symbol of the child Horus on the bulrush, Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. In a temple dedicated to Motherhood, the symbol for the child of Isis and Osiris sits squarely on the axis of the temple, which is the meridian which runs to the Nile, the Egyptian metaphor for life.


Zenith House of the Dove

The meaning of Columba is quite full and revealing. When thirty nine of the forty stars visible to the naked eye are connected it reveals a dove carrying materials to build a nest. The very nature of the action of the bird tells us it is in eternal springtime. The substance in the beak of the bird can be directly associated with the concept of nest building. Birds do this in the season of spring, when the sun begins to rise above the equator. This eternal springtime is the goal of all creatures who look toward the future and the hereafter. The objective of carrying the twig is to build a nest and to pass on the blessing of life to another generation. It is the path of the genetic seed of the nest building Dove that is the symbol of the Tree of Life. This is in clear contrast with the misinformed notion that life proceeds as a struggle for the "Survival of the Fittest." Fitness is a struggle, but the Dove does not struggle with the twig, the Dove desires the continuation of life. This fact and the Dove's position directly over this woman child's birth location connects her to the Holy Spirit which is life's comforter.

Rev 2:7
He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches;
To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life,
which is in the midst of the paradise of God.

Of all the constellations in the heavens, this is one of a rare few that leave practically no stars unplaced when its asterism is drawn. Compare the stars with and without the asterism drawn, and share in the fascination of the Old People who caught fish and collected lily bulbs in the Milky. To look toward Columba and not see the fundamental message, "be fruitful and multiply," is to be blind with eyes that cannot see. To listen to the fable, "a little birdie told me," and not understand, is to be deaf with ears that cannot hear. This is the first death. It can be overcome with the message carried by the Dove, which says that it is time to build the nest. This Dove lies in the heavens under the Milky Way precisely on the zenith meridian which intersects the location where the ecliptic and the Milky Way cross as the sun rises above the Milky Way. This song bird sings, "Younger than springtime, are you. Gayer than laughter are you." If nothing else were learned in this natal chart analysis, it would have been worth the journey to the stars.

The second bird form on the Denderah zodiac is shown at the ankle of Orion. In this position, the bird is a representation of the Phoenix, for the point where the bird's beak touches the leg of Orion, is the location of the primordial Alpha-Omega of the celestial clock. In order for truth to come to egocentric man, it is necessary that the Flight of the Phoenix be completed. The Columba to Phoenix transition represents the reawakening to profound truth after the release of false identity. But, very important, is the fact that the truth is brought by a bird in paradise down under, for that is the beginning of salvation. This is the meaning of the zenith point. The child born under the Dove is a Peacemaker, and a Child of God. The Horus image is placed directly on the axis of the temple, and it says that the objective of this temple is preparation for the life to come. The Denderah temple was dedicated to Motherhood.

The natal zenith meridian mapped to the Denderah zodiac aligns with the point where the Cocky Man begins the walk through the wilderness. While the natal zenith meridian in the stars aligns with the Dove and the shoulder Orion. The stars align to the temple axis and to the time axis. That is why this natal chart represents the Mother of All Living, and the Mistress of the Mystery of time. The first witnessing of truth is the beginning of the Flight of Isis, when she turns in to a Kite (Columba) to rescue the soul of her fallen husband. Osiris was the man now called Orion, and legends say he wandered in the celestial wilderness, where his voice still cries with a message of a kingdom lost by forsaking truth.

Full Denderah Rock of Ages and the Zenith Cross

If we project a line from the ankle of Orion through the breast of Tauret and on to the other side of the Denderah monument, we are identifying a specific time in the precessional year. It is the moment when the vernal equinox reaches the bottom of the ecliptic. The winter solstice is on the northern intersection of the ecliptic and the galaxy. The autumn equinox is at the top of the ecliptic. And the summer solstice is at the southern intersection of the ecliptic and the galaxy. This was an incredibly important location to the ancient people, in fact, no other point in time has captured the attention of the human race with the same degree of importance.

The zenith meridian drawn on the Denderah zodiac helps to express why this moment was so critical. It shows the end of the flight of Columba at the Phoenix, Osiris/Orion's walk into the wilderness, his trial and death, and the eventual resurrection after the passing of the wise man, Sagittarius. Below the foot of Orion is a serpent with the Atef crown of Osiris on its head. This is the crown of rational experience. In its form on the Denderah zodiac, it represents wisdom in the underworld, or the Duat of Osiris. Orion, is the man walking in the wilderness, thus this is the serpent in the wilderness. This serpent is the constellation Hydrus that is on the circle of the south celestial pole that surrounds the south ecliptic pole. The head of Hydrus is the apex of the Ben-Ben stone, from which the Phoenix rises at the roots of the World Tree, just down stream of the Furnace (Fornax) in the celestial river, Eridanus. Thus, this is a very powerful metaphor written on the celestial vault and documented in scriptures around the world and around the Platonic Year. The natal chart draws attention to the process by virtue of the meridian cross location.

In the eternal struggle to deal with the Serpent in the Wilderness, human cultures have been grossly divided. The rationalists say you must keep the lower self down, and do not let it impede progress; "Don't be sentimental!" The emotionalists say that the lower self needs love and affection, and rivers of blood flow from their hearts under a flood of tears. The materialists say that it should be turned to stone and become a foundation to build upon. The spiritualists say that the serpent in the wilderness represents cosmic communication rising out of ignorance to become the basis for all intelligence and dominion. To the spiritualists, the goal is to raise up the serpent in the wilderness.

Rational Perception Slows Progress

On the Denderah zodiac, the meaning of Apophis is significantly different than the meaning shown in the rationalist perspective in the above vignette with Seth at the bow of the Barque of Ra. Seth's work is being aided by subliminal serpents under heaven, and supraliminal jackals above heaven. To the rational Seth, the objective of progress above the material sea is accomplished by solving problems one at a time. This technique creates folds in the unconscious mind called tradition and dogma, which support progress of the voyage. Without memories, there is nothing to support rational progress. Once a rationalist "learns" knowledge, all of his progress is supported by what had been learned in the struggle for dominion and passage of time. A close examination of the vignette and the heavens tells us that Seth is defending his own dream that has perched precariously on the bow of his barque.

On the Denderah zodiac, the atef crown tells us that the serpent in the wilderness is evidence of rational wisdom. But, even more, it says that it is the rational wisdom of the cosmic mother, or of all mothering in the past lives of nurturing parents. These are the "tales of old women," which motivate the dreams of youth. In the aspirations of Motherhood a dream is faith and hope built upon metaphor and future potential. This serpent must be raised up to the upper world, and all of its folds unwound. The goal is clearly shown in the crown of the mother as the Kingdom of Heaven, represented by Leo, straightens out the serpent under its feet. Thus, the spiritualists say the goal is accomplishment of the dream, so that the children of the next generation, as shown on the grandmother's arm, and on the lion, will arrive in the Kingdom of Heaven striding toward truth. Truth is represented by Horus, which is the celestial house of Columba, and Noah's dove, the preparation of life to come, and the starting point of the Flight of Isis. In short, the cosmic message, "be fruitful and multiply," carries much meaning. The ancestors and the Old People have answers that need to be brought to consciousness, to build the nest responsibly by raising the serpent in the wilderness. Within the subliminal knowledge of the Crone is the fundamental truth. A Hall of Records exists under the paws of the Sphinx, and each individual must lift up that subliminal message in the serpent below to the supraliminal world of the serpent above in order to reach the Kingdom of Heaven. That is the secret of the Sphinx, and humanity learned it from a little bird called Colomba.


So lets read the message of the Flight of Isis that was written on the celestial vault over Sydney, Australia on March 25, 1944 at 6:39 PM. Refer to the zenith chart at the top of this essay. Or, if reading it on the Internet, click on the zenith chart links and then click the back button to return to the word description. This process cannot be accomplished by using the words alone, it is visual interaction that carries the message, for the message is hidden in the connections of the dots before the face. This is the process that raises the serpent up in the wilderness, experience of truth in action. Without direct experience, all esoteric stories are just words under the Seth's Barque of Ra, where enlightenment in the Kingdom of Heaven cannot transcend the darkness in the wilderness. Communication is key, and no author can cause communication without the help of the reader. Avoid the tendency to just accept the words, and sweep the serpent under the ship of progress. The goal is to transfer to the unconscious subliminal self, the mechanism revealing the Flight of Isis as a physical, material, and spiritual experience, as well as a rational experience in esoteric words. If it helps, imagine that you are in the Temple to Hathor and a priest is explaining the meaning of the vignettes and hieroglyphs on the temple walls. In doing so, you would be fulfilling the purpose of the temple, and raising up the serpent in the wilderness.

Just below the east horizon of the zenith chart sits the planet Neptune. If we had been viewing from the center of the solar system, we would see that the planet Earth is in conjunction with Neptune. Thus, the first sign taken from the Ancient Greek myths is that the material world of Earth has gone to the bottom of the sea, ruled by Neptune. When the Earth rose above the horizon, the King of the Sea rose with her. Just remember that this is the Flight of Isis, which passed over the foundation stone of the cosmos. In the Greek myths, Neptune was Poseidon. The Greeks said that Poseidon was the Shaker of the Earth.

While at the eastern perspective of the zenith chart, note that the first star of the head of the "Woman Clothed in the Sun" touched the east horizon, and the Virgin of Heaven had just begun to rise. Who is this heavenly lady? She is Mary, the mother of Jesus, Isis, the mother of Horus, Rachel, the mother of Jacob's son Joseph, and too many other mother's and virgins to count. The zenith chart begins with the east horizon at the autumn equinox, rises to the summer solstice on the zenith meridian, and then falls to the spring equinox, with the winter solstice under the horizons.

The following ancient perception of Virgo is particularly appropriate for the present chart. It shows the time when the summer solstice was centered on the same location as the eastern horizon of concern here. The natal chart is precisely one quarter of a Platonic Year form the time memorialized by the vignette to Nut and Geb. As we unravel the star chart, it will become clear that we have traveled from the sea to the mountain and back to the sea, in the precessional direction shown in the ancient vignette. The Sacred Moment of the First Occasion is identified by the vernal equinox at the west horizon of the natal chart. The alpha-omega of the vignette is deep in the Chasm below the reclining Geb, precisely where the west horizon sits in the star chart we are analyzing. Thus, the Earth sat where the sun is shown in the vignette. The Earth is at its highest position relative to the galaxy. If we allow this vignette to be a metaphor for the times identified in the natal chart, then the earth is at the dawn of a new day. If we apply the readings of the natal chart properly, then the journey illustrated in the vignette will also come true, and we will sail from darkness into light.

Intuitive Perception Crosses the Cosmos in Half a Day

Rising above the eastern horizon on the zenith chart at the same moment was the Lion of Judah, with the planet Jupiter at its mouth. This is the king planet of the solar system, and the Little Book, which was read by the Lamb in the Book of Revelation, began at this same location.

Rev 13:1-3
And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority. And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast. (KJV)
zenith chart

Upon the sand of the sea a crab crawls backward in time toward the Kingdom of Heaven. Upon the upper claw of the Crab is the planetary body, which symbolizes eternity, Pluto. This is also the god of the underworld, and the gateway through the bottomless pit begins with the beast on the sand at the sea. Together, these two planets on the zenith chart tell the essential message behind every scripture ever written, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven." The motto of the Crab is derived from its metaphor of a crawling creature that feels its way in the land and the sea, "I Feel." We all start our journeys of life with nothing but feelings.

Along the celestial beach are a girl and a boy walking above the galactic plane. Sitting on the intersection of the ecliptic and the galaxy at the boy's foot is the planet of rational being, Mars. Though he has been identified as the god of war, it must be understood, that by war is meant, a perception worth fighting for. That kind of perception is a rational perception derived from personal knowledge, or rationalization of the self. As the zenith chart shows, the god of rational bearings was sitting upon the zenith meridian. Due to the brightness of their heads, the motto of Gemini is, "I Think." The constellation represents the birth of cognition on the way to rational being.

Just below the ecliptic at the snout of the bull is Saturn, the ancient master of time. In the zenith chart the bull is shown with a large head and horns that stretch from the feet of the Charioteer in Auriga to the Pleiades under the foot Perseus. The oldest known design of the bull of Taurus can be found in the Hall of Bulls cave in Lascaux, France, painted over 17,000 years ago.

The path of ancient aurochs went to Mount Olympus

The question arises as to the meaning of the bull. In the Hall of Bulls at Lascaux, the artwork illustrated aurochs, an extinct species of bovines. But, they were more likely to be cows than bulls. The ancient motto for Taurus is, "I Have." In the masculine Taurus, it represents the territorial nature of the male of the species. In the feminine Taurus, the motto, "I Have," expresses the milk of the bovine ready for the suckling calf.

Neb-Maat-Ra and Seshat establish the teple of heaven.

From Ancient Egypt, we have the expression, "The Bull of My Mother." In the Catholic Mother Church, we have the Papal Bull. But, there is one symbol that identifies the lady of Egypt, who was always present, when creations and foundations were begun. Her name was Seshat. Her hieroglyph is inverted cow horns over a seven pointed star on a wand. Seshat was the fairy godmother to Egypt. She represented the miraculous character of truthful intuition. When she touched a mortal with her magic wand, the process of enlightenment would fulfill the mortal with the words, "Eureka, I've got it." In the present analysis of the zenith chart Seshat is represented by the measure of time which is Saturn, and she stands within her hieroglyph to initiate a new beginning with a proper stretching of the cord and placing of foundation stones. We will come to know this moment, when Uranus, Saturn and Mars were conjunct at the horns of the "Bull of My Mother," and the cosmic autumn equinox above the falling Orion, as the birth moment of a woman child who will reestablish a stone from the Tree of Life in the Edenic garden of Australia.

Note that a cosmic autumn equinox is an eternal precessional moment, while at the same time it is eternal springtime for the passing of the sun. For as the former goes right and down through the galactic plane, the latter goes left and up through the galactic plane. Our analysis is moving from east to west, or left to right, because that is the language of the stars. Texts that read left to right are right running. Texts that read from right to left are left running. The sky is right running. The planets and seasons are left running. Astrology is a left running science. Left running texts hide the fundamental message that time is right running. The Denderah zodiac is a measurement of time, and all the icons run to the right, except for Aries, the sacrificial ram in the hand of Perseus, and the headless man at the head of Aquarius. Astrology places the First of Aries as the beginning of time in an endless cycle of years. It is this habitual identity that must be sacrificed to give back the head to the man of Aries. This is the fundamental battle between Mesopotamia and Egypt, that has come down to us as the battle between Israel and Egypt. The temporal mind can see that the planets and the season pass through the stars from right to left. The eternal mind can see that all that appears before the face is not truth. The eternal mind uses reflective consciousness to determine the flight of the arrow of time, and it sees truth before the face of time.

Above Mars and Saturn, the constellation Auriga takes the lost sheep to the top of a mountain, and the north horizon of the zenith chart. The brightest star in the constellation of the Good Shepherd is Capella, the shepherd's light. This is Abraham's ram caught in the thicket of retreating time. Thus, the magic of Seshat has worked again to give light to lost sheep in this mortal world. Her light has a purpose, which is the planet behind the head of Taurus. This is Uranus, the First Father of the Greek gods, Ouranos. So that Taurus gives us the message of magic in the words, "I have the First Father." Which is to say that Taurus carries the intention of material abundance for the mortal soul. Uranus is located at the great circle surrounding the birthplace and passing through the shoulder of Perseus, as he escapes to the upper world. This is the fundamental moral of all First Father myths. The son who listens to the First Fathers will find the way out of the bottomless pit, without suffering the second death of physical depravation. This is the death caused by excessive self perception in the house of the Ram, whose motto is "I Am." Ouronas was castrated by his son Kronos. The Greeks gave Ouronas the name, Heaven, and Kronos the name, Time. Thus, Time prevents Heaven from reproducing itself, or because of the birth of Time, the intentions of Heaven have become lost. Our present intention is to give Heaven back to his wife, Earth, who was called Gaia. If we succeed, then Heaven and Earth will have overcome the damage caused by Time, and the Dove's message of Eternal Springtime will become Truth, once again. This requires that we pass through the valley of death and be resurrected in the hereafter. The "I Am" must be sacrificed and the scapegoat released in the wilderness to fulfill this task. The scapegoat will return with the lost childhood, as wisdom sees the light of day coming over the cosmic horizon. Then the Father, Heaven, will rule from above. But, first, we must release Heaven (Uranus) from the mind of the bull.

Beyond the Ram is the Moon at the location where the asterism of Pisces rises from the ecliptic. The location requires us to reflect on the meaning of that location. There, in the constellation of "I Believe," adjacent to the Moon is the planet of wisdom, Mercury. Reflective light in the Moon and wisdom in Mercury lead to the "Bright Face of Rita." Which is the name given to the Sun in Hindu traditions. The name relates to the "right running" of the celestial motions, in particular the precession of the equinox. On the zenith chart we have reached the point of enlightenment just above the horizon. There, the Sun sat precisely on the eastside of the trunk of the World Tree under Pisces and the head of Andromeda at the precessional entrance to the Great Square. Andromeda has her upper arm stretched across the tree and attached to a rock. The Dove's message is that the Tree of Life, which is proof of the end of the Cosmic Flood, is in the house of Pisces.

As this process has demonstrated, the idea of right running is an ancient process for measuring reality. For, we just traversed the ecliptic from east to west with our feet to the south and our heads to the north, in the "left to right" direction. What this process has shown is the correspondence of the heavenly vault to a child born at that moment. The purpose of our journey was to demonstrate that a child born at the moment investigated was given a profound purpose at her moment of birth. To understand her purpose we simply have to find the name and location where the last planet on our voyage of discovery sits. The planet we have not yet located is Venus, the goddess of cosmic love. She was a morning star at the time of this birth, therefore, we must look below the western horizon to find that she was in the hand of the Beloved Son, Aquarius, whose motto is the compassionate, "I Know," stripped of rationality, and flowing with loving kindness. Venus is shown in the zenith chart inspiring the Life Giving Waters with the love of the star system in which she resides. The waters in her cup overflow toward the mouth of a man reclining at the bottom of the Cosmos. Venus is thus the compassionate goddess of salvation in her form as Neith on the vignette of Nut and Geb. She is Isis nurturing back to life, her lost husband Osiris. Thus, the female child born with these stars over her head is destined to bring back the ancient soul of humanity. She has the specific job of restoring Heaven and Earth to the eternal springtime in the Garden of Eden. An awesome task to be sure. But, the stars are on her side, and she cannot fail, if she does not quit.

Delayed Gratification

Is this conjecture about a Venus past, or does the position of Crater above the eastern horizon imply the Holy Grail of the woman coming over the horizon will become the crowning moment of the child born to this cross? We have the luxury of hindsight in answering this question. If the child's head was filled with images of Kingdom Come, then the signs would not only be there, but the results should be in close enough view to see that the intent of the delayed gratification of the contents of the Holy Grail are being substantially fulfilled. The message written on a Rock of Ages called the Denderah zodiac in the ceiling of a chapel to Osiris in the temple to Hathor, the House of Horus, clearly corresponds. Virgo's light supports the planet of wisdom, Mercury, on the Denderah zodiac at Cancer, suggesting the adage, "Seek ye first, the Kingdom of Heaven." In the sky at the time of birth, Mercury was opposite Virgo near the sun where its material relationship dictates it should be. But, Pluto stands in for Mercury, suggesting that wisdom of the underworld is the foundation of the Kingdom of Heaven. Standing before the lion on the Denderah zodiac is Jupiter. Being an outer planet, it is possible for Jupiter to stand at the lion's head. A close examination of Cancer and Leo in the zenith chart indicates that the inscription in Hathor's Temple was a celestial fact at the moment of birth, for Jupiter stands before the mouth of Leo on the celestial zodiac.

Intuition Restored

Looking to the west in the zenith chart we find Aquarius, with Venus standing between the west fish of Pisces and the body of Aquarius. This is precisely the same location of Venus in the Denderah zodiac. Now we can understand the meaning of the Holy Grail's in the hands of the mother with the dream of Kingdom Come on her head. Her grails (constellation Crater) contain the life giving fluid of mother's affection, withheld so that the child would pursue something other than her benevolence. After the trial and death of the "I Am" (Aries) at the "I Doubt" wormwood sop in east Pisces, the boar of intuition in the maiden's hand at the coin in west Pisces foretells the coming of compassion in Aquarius. All knowledge, which is the essence of Aquarius, begins with positive belief, so that Aquarius has to be a child of Pisces. Doubt begins with self aggrandizement, which is the essence of Aries, "I Am." The first child of Aries is negative belief, but after death of the recognition of "I Am," the resurrection of feelings replaces negative belief with positive belief. This is the meaning of the Dove who flies with twigs from the Tree of Life in its beak. This the Flight of Isis.

Standing on the Promises

Her intuition told her to withhold some of her affection so that the child could grow, and so that she could give the reserve when it was most needed, after confronting death on Judgment Day. Compassion is the return of loving intuition to the rationalizing mind, which had become too self centered in the stage of identifying the "I Am" of cosmic experience. A good mother holds back from the child the affection that will be needed after the trial for life has initiated the unwinding of the coiled serpent which is the indoctrination, or as George Jaidar calls it, the enculturation of civilization.

The ability to delay gratification is what has given humanity the power of the Godhead. The Godhead is the symbol of the Utchat on the "I Doubt" fish. Between the two fish is the Word of God which was also shown under the feet of the lioness, Sekhmet, when the initiate first began the journey. She was "standing on the promises" of the Dove, which were recorded in the celestial Word of God. Saturn touching the right side of Libra on the Denderah zodiac tells us that "Horus the Bull" will be present on the day of the last Judgment. When that day comes, the rational mind will be put on trial, to see if it has learned to use its Divine powers for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven, symbolized by the child sitting on a throne with a flail in its hands. If the Kingdom of Heaven is awarded in the Last Judgment, the man child will ride a throne on the back of the Lion with a crown of Upper Egypt on his head, while the princess will ride on its tail and the tale of the Crow. If the judgment goes against the man child, he will be sent through Tauret to the Jackal to begin the material process all over again. It is only the man child that is put on trial. Rationality is an esoteric model of an emotional experience. The emotional experience cannot be false, and it cannot be put on trial. But, how we rationalize our emotions determines whether we will receive the reward of being born of the Virgin into the Kingdom of Heaven. That transcendent position was on the eastern horizon at the natal moment of the zenith chart.

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Son of the Sun, Raising the Serpent in the Wilderness

Khephera Rolls out the Morning Sun, As the Son of Man Seeks Love and Wisdom

Birth of the World Tree and the New Aeon


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