Mistress of Magic Rewards the Humble Shepherd

The Denderah is the Egyptian Rock of Ages. It was fabricated after the conquests of Alexander the Great and the reestablishment of the sovereignty of Egypt in fulfillment of a prophecy written in the stars before mankind learned to tell time, or reflect upon the past. There is a magic lady hidden on the mandala, for like Xbalanque of the Popol Vuh, she was clothed in leopard's skin. This mistress of stealth is the active wife of Thoth. So, lets take a journey in the image of time to find out just what this Magic Neter has in store for her sleeping husband.

We can see from the Denderah presentation that she is hidden next to the north arrow indicator at Capricorn, whose mystical name is "I Use." Upon close examination, it appears that her hieroglyph has been given to the Humble Shepherd who walks between her and Thoth. This is the same Great Shepherd that bound the souls in the cartouche at Aquarius. So, if the shepherd has been humbled, lets see if we can find out why the Egyptian priests felt this was a necessary step in the overcoming of bondage to the Self Identity of the Great Shepherd.

Lets begin at the beginning. The Nu and the Nun were present in the void.


Then Amun-Ra created the Heaven and the Earth. 


Within the firmament of Heaven and Earth, Amun-Ra caused a Great Tree to grow. 


Amun-Ra placed many lights to distinguish the Garden below from the Field above. 


Amun-Ra asked Heaven to name all the animals and things in the firmament around Earth. 


After all the animals and objects in the firmament were named, Heaven and Earth became confused. Children would be lost, because the names, and places of the names, would be hard to associate with each other. Earth suggested that the Tree be used to mark time and the direction from past to future. Heaven suggested that a rock be placed at the base of the tree so that anyone who rested upon the rock could dream. And upon dreaming realize what had been done to the Garden by Heaven and Earth, before the children's own dreamtime began, was a preparation for their own coming. They also placed the entrance to the secret Hall of Records under the fore paws of the Sphinx, where the serpent that was lifted up in the wilderness marked the beginning of the story in the little book of Heaven and Earth.

And Amun-Ra saw that the naming of the animals and things in the Garden was good, very good. So Amun-Ra drew a line in an arc across the Garden where wandering stars could travel between the Garden below and the Field above. These wandering stars would be lights to act as time markers. Amun-Ra warned Heaven and Earth not to follow the wandering stars, for they are falling in their Left Running ways, in opposition to time and the message in their little book. As such, to these Wandering Ones, "live" would be spelt backwards, the fruit of the Tree of Life would be "evil" to them. Amun-Ra agreed that the children of Heaven and Earth should go in the direction of time, to measure life in the direction of Right Running. And Amun-Ra caused the Garden and the Field to spin and wobble about Heaven and Earth in such a way that every day and every night the message of Right Running would be seen, from the Field, or the Garden. Amun-Ra set the wobble to a speed that would cause five Ages of the Sun to pass between each wobble around the Tree and Rock in the Garden. These five ages Amun-Ra caused to be named Gold, Silver, Bronze, Clay, and Iron. The Age of Iron would be a mixture of the prior Age of Clay, for it was also known as the Age of Heroes, and the strength of the legs would depend upon the way that the clay attached to the feet in the last age of the five. If the clay should bring enlightenment to the iron, then the Age of the Fifth Sun could be the Age of the Bright Face of Rita. Then the Sun and all the humans who saw it would have been running right.


Seshat was there when these acts of the Creator were performed, and she measured every aspect with her cord. Then she gave the cord to her husband and asked him to keep the way to the Great Hall of Records in a safe place under the front paws of the Lion which struts around in the field. Seshat had measured that Lion's pride, and she knew that pride comes before the fall. So Thoth did as Seshat requested and he marked the very spot where pride begins its journey to the bottom of Creation. And Amun-Ra saw what Seshat and Thoth had done and caused the arc across the Garden to become a covenant between the Creator and the Created, so that those who entered from the left could find their way back to the Fields above. And Amun-Ra also placed signs of trickery along the arc to capture those who would not heed the warning to be Right Running. Their voices would sound as cries in a wilderness falling perpetually on ears that cannot hear, and eyes that cannot see. Just like the wandering stars, which still fall into the Sun, will someday be consumed in the flames of the sun, the Cocky Man would fall into a Lake of Fire and become consumed in his own brilliance.

These signs show why Seshat had the priests of Egypt, who designed and dedicated the Temple to Motherhood, inscribe the icons of the names of the places in the firmament such that they too were journeying in the Right Running direction. She gave her hieroglyph to the Humble Shepherd and placed the wandering star Jupiter, the King of the Solar System, on the wand above Mother Earth. In her mysterious way, Seshat told all who would come and gaze upon her Mandala of Time, that only the Humble Shepherd has the power to rule Mother Earth. And that power comes from applying her Sacred Science to the measuring of her truth, which is a dream of Kingdom Come.

Seshat also had Thoth mark the moment when the Cocky Man would arrive. That way, the children of Heaven and Earth would be on the look out to see if his wisdom, which gave power to his scepter and flail, was based upon Cosmic Science, or self perception. If the Cocky Man should be motivated by wisdom of the heart, then he would be taken to the balance for a trial to determine his worth in the journey toward Kingdom Come. If his heart measured Sacred Science, he would be born of the virgin, Virgo, into the Kingdom of Heaven and the youth of eternal springtime, where Columba sat upon the bulrush. And if his heart measured only self consumption, he would be born of the virgin, Tauret, into the bosom of Mother Earth, where his carrion would become food for the Jackal at the beginning of time.

Neb-Maat-Ra, Seshat, and Thoth write Pharoah's names on the Tree of Life

How do we know that these are the works of Seshat? How do we know that they are scientific truths? The answer is written upon the wall of the King of Kings in the Garden of Heaven and Earth, and upon the walls of the temples constructed by Pharaohs to maintain the mystery of Seshat, and the Hall of Records of Thoth. We have always known it to be truth. It is just that we complicate the simple truth with works, and words, we hold to be the wisdom of our own hearts.

Here we see Seshat standing in the Tree of Life, writing the name of Ramesses II upon a leaf in his Ramesseum. Behind Ramesses sits his spiritual father, User-Maat- Ra, whose name is a form of the golden truth of the Creator. Ramesses II was used to memorialize the greatness of the ages before Seth conquered the Western World. In Ramesses' days, Seth was not known for evil, or left running, Seth was a simple spirit of self consciousness that could not perceive the past or the future. But, the greatness that was placed into the physical form of Ramesses II caused the whole civilized world to rebel against the writings of Seshat and Thoth. We know this to be true, because it is written in the scriptures of faith for more than 2.2 billion people alive on the planet. The Sun began to rise at end of the third millenium after the death of the father of Ramesses II, Sethos I (Seth I). The story written against the mistress and master of the Egyptian Books of Thoth begins when the only known son of Seth was born.

Gen 4:25-26
And Adam knew his wife again; and she bare a son, and called his name Seth: For God, said she, hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew. And to Seth, to him also there was born a son; and he called his name Enos: then began men to call upon the name of the LORD.

I am Right Running. I am Conscience.

For three thousand years, we have been polling the Barque of Ra along the rational route of darkness above Apophis, the serpent of Chaos. Not once during that time did our material sciences realize that the problems we have been given were the result of our requests for righteousness in Wisdom from the Heart. The Book of Enos hid the wand of Seshat. Then for a brief three centuries after Alexander the Great, her writings were opened to the world, before they were again closed by Typhon who escaped from Tartarus. For, you see the Mithrasian and Hebrew priests all declared that there was no life after death. They led many to follow Perseus and Moses out of the Garden back up to the Mountain of Auriga, where they denied the necessity to sacrifice the cockiness of the First Born Son. When it became clear that Western Civilization would suffer self destruction due to arrogance from wisdom of the heart, the Hellenistic priests, who had tried to restore Earth to her place with Heaven, realized that the whole cosmos would have to be silent for a period of two thousand years. At the end of that time, Osiris would return, and set the Barque of the Sun on its course back up to the Elysian Fields. They obviously knew that the truth of their prophecy could never be read from any book written by man. But, must be found again in the Word of God inscribed upon the vault of Heaven. There, Earth tended to her gardening under the Tree while the Old People from the Land Down Under caught fish and collected lily bulbs along the Milky Way. In the simplicity of the form of their tribute to the intent of the Fifth Age of the Sun, the Aborigine clearly showed that the Sun is the Bright Face of Rita. Upon the Earthy rock, they inscribed an image of Right Running, and an Aborigine face that had seen the way of the Sun.

This message has been brought to the attention of the world of Space-Time by a woman child born when the world of Gaia-Kronos was about to come to an end. The purpose written upon the vault of heaven when the woman child was born has now been fulfilled. Her message has shown that it is now time to put Maat back at the bow of the Sun Boat, so that her dream can begin again.


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