The analysis of a single moment in time has revealed the measure of time itself. How can that be? The answer is in the feather on Maat's head in the vignette to Nut and Geb. Now we will take a final trip around the place of Heaven and Earth, before moving on to the next journey of stars.

A child is born to the father who forgot who he was. 

Precisely twelve hours before the natal moment of this woman child, the zenith passed through the Cosmic Womb at the tip of the arrow of Sagittarius, the stinger of the tail of Scorpio, and the Achilles ankle of Ophiuchus. This moment foretells a time is coming when a man injured in the journey of life will seek refuge in the womb from whence he came. This return to the womb will be followed by the discovery of the lost child who once was the master of the flail of physical pain. This is the moment of truth when the man must choose between life and death, or good and evil. The cave in which the young man had gotten lost was the very womb from which he left when he made the choice to live long before. This is the place where the Opener of the Ways lifts the Ouroboros of habitual rationalizations and decides that it is best to let it be. His choice abandons wisdom of the heart that tells him, "it hurts." He has become a man now, and holds the flail in his right hand. Any pain that comes to him from this day forward will be a direct result of his choice, and not the consequence of his journey through his mother's womb.

A chance to be young again?

According to the Maya traditions expressed in the Popol Vuh and their monuments on the Pacific coast of Guatemala, this location in the heavens represented the victory over Seven Macaw. They presented the location in a stele showing Hanahpu holding up the north celestial pole with four perches. The object being to get the wife (Little Dipper, or possibly Columba?) of Seven Macaw (Big Dipper) to initiate the birth of human kind.

Seven Macaw presents a spiritual perch for a bride.

The position of the arm of Ophiuchus aligns with the winter solstice of 2012.
This is also the nadir alignment of March 25, 1944 at 18:39 under Sydney, Australia.

The bride of Seven Macaw has her own perch.

The antipodal location of the north celestial pole is the south celestial pole. The point directly opposite the 2000 AD position on the circle of the precession of the south celestial pole is the location for the south celestial pole for 10,800 BC. This position of the south celestial pole would put it in the grasp of Columba, the bird with connections to the Tree of Life. In which case, the Maya stele would be a prayer for the days when the flight of Isis first began. In other words, Hanahpu's prayer is for a chance to be young again. The evidence of the Mother of All Living appears to have been known on every significant land mass of the planet. The variations in interpretation distinguish the personalities of the cultures, but the spirits are all the Holy Spirit, love of life.

She was there on the bow of the Sun Barque, when the flight began.

Two hours and eighteen minutes after the natal moment, Maat came to visit the woman child. This is when the Flight of Isis began again, in its attempt to find a path through the wilderness and around the arrogance of heroic opportunities to discover self identity.

Two moments which can be clearly identified in the heavens are the crossings of the Milky Way. The first was shown at the Cosmic Womb, for this child had yet to be born. The second was shown at the bow of the Sun Boat, for this is a child of destiny. She will go on a journey of truth and bring a rock bearing the evidence of Eden from the Toowoomba lands of Australia at the roots of the World Tree. A third moment was shown when the Milky Way encircled her zenith and the Tree of Life grew from its roots planted above her at mid-day on the day she was born. Now, lets take a very quick journey watching the show as it rises above the eastern horizon, beginning with the natal nadir location on the horizon.

Hercules pick the apples and Zeus is born.
Hercules finds the apples of the Hesperides, the fruit rises on the wings of an eagle.


Venus bring the morning star in the cup of salvation.
Venus guides the hand of the Beloved Son, as if to say,
give the man a drink, but do not drown the Sun and the Moon,
so Love can steer the stars.


As the Sun touches the horizon, the Moai and the Phoenix arrive
upon the shore of the great island, and Earth moves under the feet
of Poseidon as the World Tree begins to rise in the Land of the Rising Sun.


The dove leaves with Heaven in the bull.
When Heaven (Ouranos, Uranus) reaches the horizon,
it is at the head of the Bull of My Mother.
At the same time, Osiris the Bull, and his nemesis,
Seth, follow the Dove above the horizon.


Mars straddles the solstice.
When Mars reaches the horizon in the midst of the foam of the Cosmic Sea,
he announce the moment when the Glory of the Lord shown round about.


Pluto and Jupiter bring the kingdom.
When Jupiter and Pluto arrive, Khephera, in the house of Cancer,
is joined by the serpent from whose mouth the Sun arrives on the morning of creation.


The Mother of All Living is born.
Then, after the Kingdom of Heaven had risen, and the Sextant, Crater,
and Crow were also above the horizon, the Mother of Heaven
was prepared to give birth at the Natal Moment. By the time the
Earth cleared the horizon, this child was well on her way to destiny.


The top of the world comes to the wife of a Moai.
Though she was born in the Land Down Under,
it is clear that the Top of the World was in her grasp.


Balanced desire announces a cosmic birth.
The Cosmic Womb visited the horizon in the silence of Balanced Desire.


Hercules finishes picking the apples as the Man is reborn.
Now the challenges to the celestial Herecules were all but complete.
Quatzalcoatl came to the east and announced that this phase of creation
was complete. For the next fifty six cycles of the seasons, it would be up to the
child to realize that she was born as a vessel for the soul of the Mother of All Living.
Until Heaven and Earth were joined again in the Land of the Rising Son.



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