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A Research report by Bruce Raphael

An unusual discovery of a strange artifact made half way around the world has lead an Australian woman to meet with representatives of an American Indian tribe in hopes of obtaining some answers linked to the origin and meaning of a mysterious 92 lb. rock showing a sun symbol and two serpents carved into one side.

On March 25, 1982, Marilyn Pye of Queensland was told while attending a psychic channeling session that a "golden pyramid" existed ninety miles north of Cairns, Australia. Within five weeks, Marilyn had sold her home, walked out of a newly opened business and had retained the help of a well-known New York psychic, Bryce Bond, to help her unlock the secret of these pyramids which, at first, Australian archaeologists even refused to acknowledge the mere existence of. Responding to nationwide media coverage, Marilyn was lead to the town of Toowoomba, Queensland, where a strange basalt crystal rock was unearthed beneath 24 feet of soil. Quite easily it was determined that this stone and its peculiar writing was not the work of aboriginal natives, though legends of the local tribes do tell of not one, but two "golden pyramids" in the near vicinity of this remarkable scientific find.

Packing the 92 lb. artifact in a special crate, Marilyn flew with her "precious cargo" first to Hawaii to meet with the Kahuna who did a reading on the rock. They concluded that the engraving had been done 30,000 years ago with three different sized laser beams. They also said the rock was a "computer" which could be used to bring wisdom and peace to the world.

At this stage in her quest, Marilyn became aware of the Hopi prophecies concerning the return of the true white brother, which tells of a white person bringing the symbol of the sun to the Hopi. The Kahuna said there were three other rocks, while a Hopi representative told Marilyn that several engraved rocks exist on different continents and that they must come forth before the day of purification.

Marilyn sensed that she had to meet with the Hopi. Four days after arriving in New York, she was introduced to John Hill, an Iriquoi Indian who was In Manhattan to speak at the United Nations regarding the "last days" which many Indians feel are approaching.

When Marilyn showed Mr. Hill the rock, he became very excited and arranged for many important people to view the artifact while Marilyn remained in the city. The effect on people was amazing. The rock seemed to be putting out incredibly beautiful energy. People would become light and very energized. Through a chain of events, the Hopi found out about the rock and were anxious to determine If, Indeed, it was the missing rock from their prophecies.

Six days before Christmas, Marilyn decided to travel to Arizona where she would meet with Medicine Men familiar with such religious and spiritual matters.

As can sometimes happen on cross-country jaunts, the journey turned into a nightmare. Planes were delayed. Flights were missed. Connections got crossed, but finally Marilyn and a Peruvian Indian traveling with her arrived at their destination (though only after the friend had been arrested for drunken driving because he had pulled over to the side of the road to rest up from the long drive). They both felt that some supernatural power was trying to prevent them from getting the rock to the Hopi.

It had been arranged for Marilyn to meet with Grandfather David, who is over 100 years old and blind. He felt the rock's engraving and became very excited. "This is what we have been waiting for. There are three others to come," is all he would say. Marilyn was asked to leave the rock behind so that the Hopi priests could take a closer look at it

The rock was returned to her six days later, after the Hopi had taken a rubbing of the artifact's surface to determine Its origins and meaning. To date, the Hopi have remained tight lipped about their findings, which has convinced Ms. Pye all the more that there is something to her startling discovery.

The story of the rock is apparently far from over. Marilyn dearly believes that there is much more to be said about this ROCK OF AGES, and is now trying to get government support in her native Australia to dig for the golden pyramid(s)," which she is convinced exist(s) in Australia and may have origins dating back thousands of years to a previous civilization which may have existed on this planet long before the time of Noah's flood. There is reason to believe the Hopi could help her unravel the pieces of this cosmic jigsaw puzzle.

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