Communicating with Mother Nature
Proof that Pacal Passed Through the Gateway of Gods

Headline Book PublishingIn his international best seller, The Tutankhamun Prophecies, Maurice Cotterell proposed that the great monument built in the memory of Lord Pacal and known as the Temple of Inscriptions to Mayanologists, was built as an illusion, or as he puts it, as transformers. Cotterell puts it into these words, "Maya Transformers: Designs that 'transform' into many more pictures when the secret code is broken." Cotterell tells a good story, but the idea that his is a nonfiction presentation and a "Fact Adventure" can be a misleading transformation, according to one Freemason. Truth, when it is not known is a secret. But, when truth is learned, the seeker is transformed. Truth seeking is the essential message behind all great cultural legends. Without truth seeking by each individual, a culture will be held in bondage to the apparition of the senses. That apparition is not the truth of Mother Nature, it is a perception of Mother Nature, as filtered by the recalcitrant involuntary actions of the physical body and the chemistry of the mind. As any myth ages, it ferments in the minds of those who tell the story after the fact. And, that fermentation is the ultimate technique by which all legends of truth pass through the Gateway of Gods. In the minds of truth seekers, Mother Nature creates the apparition of truth. The Maya objective is to get beyond the self knowledge dictated by the physical body and arrive at the cosmic truth which is not dependent upon the path taken to reach the truth. This is the method of all cultures that employ the cosmic wisdom known as "sacred science." When practiced to perfection, the child becomes the union of First Father and First Mother, as First Father metaphorically proceeds from the mouth of First Mother. 

This essay will demonstrate the use of Maya "transformers," and it should be fairly clear from the demonstration that the fundamental intent of the Maya was not the journey of a life of hallucinations, but, the earnest desire to communicate with Mother Nature in her holistic cosmic form. Like all the great American Native cultures, communication with Mother Nature was the fundamental goal of life. So, lets take a "fact adventure" and see if we can indeed see what the Maya saw as they, and other Native American families, walked through the Gateway of Gods.

Before we present the "facts," it will be necessary to experience illusion. Unless we can witness an illusion, we cannot distinguish between a communication with Mother Nature and an hallucination coming from our own brain chemistry. The following is an experiment I would like you to perform. It is very critical that the experiment be performed successfully, or else it will be difficult to determine whether we are communicating together and simultaneously with Mother Nature, or whether we are simply having independent flights of fancy.

An Experiment on communicating with Mother Nature

Cross eye and align the center green and red bars. Follow the ball to Giza and the Sphinx.Magic Eye Inc suggests that you can find "the 3-D picture" by bringing your nose right up to the screen. Then relax the eyes so they are not crossed. Pull your face away from the screen until there are three yellow dots. As you get the three dots in your vision, concentrate on the center dot. Then your involuntary visual mechanism will allow you to focus on the back "transform plane." At that point, the 3-D image will be under full control of the involuntary mechanism. In this way you will have taken control of the natural, or involuntary, physical mechanism with your conscious mind. The effect on the screen will startle you at first. If you do not relax and release all fear, the involuntary mechanism will attempt to capture the "true image" as a natural mothering defense. This is an essence of Mother Nature that we all take for granted. In the ancient world, she was known as the Teacher of Righteousness.

When you can hold the center yellow dot in focus, let your gaze slip into the pyramid scene. Just below the red and green bars and the three yellow dots, you will be able to recognize images of a ball, a palm, tree and two pyramids. If we let the ball be a symbol of the sun, then the question which you must answer for yourself is this. "What direction am I looking in this "transformed world," and is the palm tree on the north, east, south, or west side of the two pyramids? Relax your eyes, and release all fear.

If you can Communicate with Mother Nature while under self control, then you will be ready to continue with the Maya Transformers in this essay. Here is a hint to help you know when you have arrived at the Gateway of Gods. There are famous pyramids in the world, and they have a beast with eyes for the rising sun. When you see the eyes of the beast, you will know that you have made contact with Mother Nature. You will know which way you are facing. And, though it may not be clear to you at first, you will have passed through the Gateway of Gods and looked into the face of the ruler of the Kingdom of the Heavens. And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon. Rev 9:11

Forward and backward transform planes It is very important to perform this exercise until you can "control" your own parallax vision, or depth perception parameters consciously. Practice the exercise several times. It will amaze you how the involuntary visual control mechanism can automatically "grab the picture" in the false plane, or the transform plane. When it does, move your head up and down, left and right, and forward and back, while looking around the palm tree and the pyramids, and the beast with eyes for the rising sun. The resulting hologram will try to pull you into another world, but it will feel, for all practical purposes, that you are out of control. However, the fact of the matter is that the nature of any Maya Transformer is not visible unless the viewer has self control. The capacity to see truth in depth is the necessary step to reach the level of Mother-Father in the Maya Cosmos, or any Cosmos of Kings.

Involuntary mechanisms in the mind are defensive, or pleasure seeking. They do not look outward with any depth of perception. Their purpose is to keep the body functioning. The rational mind must cause the natural involuntary mechanisms to step aside, and "hold their tongue," as the imagination reconstructs the vision presented to it. To gain control, you must speak softly to Mother Nature and ask that she hold her tongue until you have mastered the technique of voluntary control. At the same time you must look deep into the forest of images to find the roots of the habitat in which you are living, while avoiding the flight of fancy of some pretty bird that never goes below the top branches in the forest. All learning is the transformation from a virginal state into a state of voluntary control. Other wise, nothing has been learned in depth.  Relax your eyes, and release all fear, and it will happen for you, almost as if by miracle. But, life is a miracle, and life will never come through a door blocked by fear and other defense mechanisms. Those mechanisms are the weapons of war and death. Pleasure mechanisms, which are predominantly involuntary, as well, lead to utopias and flights of fancy. So, bear with the task patiently, as your involuntary mechanisms decide whether they can trust you to a flight of fancy. Mother Nature will not let you out of her nest, until she can trust you with your own consciousness. Just do it. Do it now! If you feel too much pressure, then read the rest of the essay any way. Maybe something in the essay will open the lock on the door to the inner workings of the involuntary mechanisms, and let the eyes be free to see what is before the face. When the intent for creation comes into focus, it will reveal the multidimensional universe in the spirit world.

Do your best to catch the beast with eyes for the rising sun by yourself, but if you cannot make any progress consider the Galaxy of Kings image, or the unmasked vision itself, and continue with this essay.

Proof that Pacal Passed Through the Gateway of Gods

Lord Pacal's Waiting Place for the Sun to Begin to RiseLet us visit with Lord Pacal through the images of his resting place. The Temple of Inscriptions is shown as it was presented by Cotterell in Plate 1. Our primary concern is with the cover to Lord Pacal's sarcophagus (g). Cotterell in his fantasy of "Fact Adventure" told a truly amazing tale in which translucent images of the lid were used to transform images into many more secret messages. Unfortunately, Cotterell did not tell the story which was on the lid in plane sight, because in all his transformations, he never turned Pacal's world right side up, and his own defense mechanism prevented him from releasing all fear. He did use many resources to back up his presentation, but the fundamental essence of what he said was his own fantasy, and those of visionless archaeologists. We will see on Pacal's tombstone that fear is the source of all rationalizations. Not fear of death, alone, but the fear of failing to achieve any dream.

That being said, I would encourage all readers to buy a copy of the book and travel along with Cotterell. The lessen which he teaches is incredibly profound, not because of Cotterell's expressed understanding, but in spite of his expressions. When truly profound information is presented to the virgin mind, it is as difficult to comprehend as the pyramid scene in the first image above. (If you didn't see it, go back and try again.)

The greatest kings that ever lived were not egomaniacs, as they are portrayed in our Aryan Western culture which completely transcended and conquered Mother Nature during the Pax Romana Era (30 BC to 170 AD). Anyone who has ever tried to put a team together to do anything knows one fundamental fact. A pyramid cannot be constructed with a whip, any more than Mount Rushmore, Westminster Cathedral, or Notre Dame Cathedral. These monuments are the results of a civilization dedicated to their family values, and the labor of love which a dedicated heart knows, but a fanciful mind cannot comprehend in the slightest.

The sarcophagus lid, which I will be calling Pacal's Book, presents the essence of Pacal's life. This essence is the spiritual truth which has guided the Peoples of Mother Nature for more than 20,000 years, and probably for millions of years. When the Maya lost their inspirational freedom and became Christianized, they put Pacal's Book into a form which the European's could read. They called the book The Popol Vuh. It is the equivalent of the Holy Bible to the Maya culture. But, like the Holy Bible, it does not tell the complete story of the people and their perception of the Creator, because it is just words about the Creator's Works. The Bible is not the Works of God, it, like the Popol Vuh, is a light which shines onto the works, when fear has been defeated, and involuntary visual mechanisms begin to function in the conscious light of day.

In the Bible, we have First Mother and First Father, as Eve and Adam. However, even the expression, Eve and Adam, sounds backwards in our culture. That is because the Western Culture made a decided move away from the woman's way, and fundamentally, away from Mother Nature. Our perspective of Mother Nature is like the "transformer" in the first image. We think we understand Mother Nature because our sciences seem to work. We rarely question our sciences, because they have replaced our sacred books with mathematical dogma and soulless comprehension. In fact, it is one of the tenets of modern science that the material world does not have soul. That contention is not drawn from experience, in fact, it is drawn from the lack of experience caused by fear in our involuntary collective unconscious mind. So, lets continue in the experience of a man who communicated with Mother Nature, and see what we can learn about the man and about his First Mother.



A color rendition of the image to the left is available in the The Magnificent Maya by Time-Life Books page 84. Due to copyright protection requirements, we can only present a sketch of the sarcophagus lid. The photographic rights are held by the PreColumbian Art Institute, and can be licensed with special agreement. Since does not have such agreements, the reader is referred to the institute. All of the photographic presentations have been removed from this web site, so some texts may not follow the associated image exactly. However, the reader is asked to bear with the transition to the black and white image, being mindful that a color photograph image was employed in word description of the image of the sarcophagus lid.

It shows the complete image of Pacal's Book. It is carved from a limestone billet and weighs 10,000 lb. That should be enough to tell any would be truth seeker, that there is a very important message recorded there on. But, that is not the usual description we hear from our archaeological community. They are fond of claiming that egomaniacal leaders bound slaves to prepare their burial places. Yet, not a single scientifically minded archaeologist ever stopped to take the time to consider the ultimate purpose for writing a book when you are a king. The purpose is not to keep the wealth close at hand to the king in an esoteric form in the tomb. The purpose is to pass on the wisdom that produced the wealth so that succeeding generations can again become capable of kingship and greatness. This simple but profound message is lost to Western Culture. We lost it approximately 3,000 years ago, when the Aryan "head wisdom" defeated the "heart wisdom" of Egypt, and astrology became pure esoteric science rather than soulful communication technique.

When humans go into grave yards to search for truth, it is because they have lost their reverence for life which the graveyards are intended to memorialize. This step was inevitable; that humanity would deny its spiritual origins. But most important, the time of the loss and the return of human spiritual sensitivity was fully recognized before the founding of Egypt five thousand years ago. This age of the 5th Sun represents the period of divine enlightenment. The ancients around the world "knew" that the light of spiritual fires would diminish, and then just as they were fully extinguished, the human race would be inspired by the ancient truths to be spiritually born again. That is, as we will see, the fundamental statement of Pacal's Book, and it is the real profound truth behind The Tutankhamun Prophecies.

Cotterell is right about spiritual resurrection and reincarnation through kings like Tutankhamun and Pacal, but he self projects the science he puts into their tombs. He, like all Aryan Western philosophers since Socrates, is in love with wisdom (philo-sophy), not the medium which carries wisdom. The medium which carries wisdom is Mother Nature and the involuntary mechanisms of our immune systems, which She controls. Our sciences strive to gain control of ritual and involuntary mechanisms for the sake of arbitrary and capricious purposes. The ancients knew that we would destroy the very material essence which carries the message of spiritual existence in a search for exact science. They knew it, and they recorded how First Father lost the battle against the Lords of the Underworld. They also told the story of how the Hero Twins would shoot the pretty bird, Seven Macaw, from the top branches of the World Tree, so that youthful arrogance would give way to mature consciousness. The voice of the ancients is not the rationalizations of exacting sciences, it is the echo of the true voice of First Father, which is carried by the body of First Mother. When First Mother speaks, truth will prevail, once again. That echo is the "sound" heard in Pacal's Book, which is a synopsis that later became the Popol Vuh, just like the Gospels are a synopsis of the wisdom of Solomon. The lives of these ancient kings were stored in sacred vaults waiting for the day when it was righteous to open tombs and rediscover ancient truth. That day could only come when mankind had lost respect for elders, and capriciously declared themselves to be on top of the mountain of knowledge which was placed before them at the Moment of the First Occasion. Whether Cotterell was not naive in his understanding, he was writing a best selling book. But what is known is that his book is a vessel through which the spirit of First Father will rise again as the living sap in the cosmic World Tree.

Cotterell has demonstrated in several books that he does not understand the stars. Even so, he has managed to put together a library of knowledge which everyone should pay close attention to. Again, it is not, necessarily, Cotterell's perception that we are interested in, it is the profound wisdom recorded in the artifacts about which he fantasizes. Cotterell does a great service by causing us to send our minds back into the tombs of our predecessors. Pacal's tombstone is as profound as the Rosetta Stone from Egypt, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Nag Hamadi Scrolls, to name but a few of the gateways to self understanding which have come back to the West in the last two centuries. In reestablishing the truth of Pacal's Book, the whole Maya nation will rise out of Mother Earth, to be appreciated for the gift of life which is Pacal's proclamation.

Discrimination is the key to cosmic wisdom.To the left we see the same image as above, with the background blackened so that it is easier to discriminate the collage of images. Discrimination is the key to transformation. If we fail to discriminate, we fail to communicate. This monument is equivalent to the Denderah zodiac in terms of its depth of human psychological meaning. In fact, both monuments have the same subjects as their principle presentation. The subjects they present are the precession of the equinoxes and the coming forth by day of human consciousness within the measures of time.

Look closely at the nose of Pacal in the center of the image. There is a puff of air at his nose. This means that Pacal is asleep in a dream state, or sacred trance. And unlike the presentation that the Magnificent Maya suggests, Pacal is not "tumbling down into the Underworld, dragged downward by the tentacle-like snouts of dragons, while the axis mundi, or World Tree, rises behind him, crowned by a heavenly bird." In fact, it is precisely the opposite. The "heavenly bird" of the Time-Life authors is none other than Seven Macaw from the Maya tradition as recorded in the Popol Vuh nearly a thousand years after Pacal had gone to his eternal resting place.

To understand Seven Macaw, we have to realize that the World Tree is the Biblical Tree of Life. Thus, Pacal is both a real person and the reincarnation of the inspiration from heaven, our First Father, Adam.

This is the secret of The Tutankhamun Prophecies. By communicating with the stars, wisdom about reality will be given to the ones that ask the proper questions, and wait to hear the appropriate answers. We all learn by example, and the stars above, and their reflections in successful souls teaches everything which can be learned. That is how Kings and Popes are made. It is what they hear and see that makes them great. Cotterel declares that it is this sacred understanding that allows Tutankhamun to be reincarnated as Christ and Lord Pacal.

In this light, it would be more appropriate to consider Pacal as a Pope, for he was the spiritual leader of Palenque for nearly seven decades from AD 615 to 683. That makes him a longer reigning king than Ramesses II (The Great). Pacal holds a rolled animal hide scroll in his arms. That scroll is the Maya "Word of God." The World Tree does not rise behind Pacal. On the contrary, Pacal is rising up the World Tree. Pacal is the life giving sap that comes to the World Tree when the sun begins to rise, as in springtime. Pacal is the truth in the roots of the World Tree. Pacal will return to the surface of human consciousness, when the sun begins to rise. Pacal is the Word of God.






Cross of the solstices.In the cosmos of the real stars, the World Tree stands between Sculptor and Cepheus. The head of Cepheus is shown under the feet of the "heavenly bird" on Pacal's tombstone. The bird is Seven Macaw and it is, also, the Big Dipper. And so long as the Big Dipper controls the North Pole region, the Kingdom of Heaven will be run by a fanciful bird that raises its children at the top of the World Tree, but never does anything to support the World Tree.

The head of Cepheus sits on the Milky Way and it is flanked by the ecliptic crossings of the Milky Way on either side. The Milky Way is depicted as the two headed feathered serpent, out the mouths of which come lessor rulers. Opposite Seven Macaw in the position of Sculptor rests Pacal. This is a drawing of the heavens, which says that First Father will be raised from the Way of the Dead, when Seven Macaw is defeated. In calendar terms, Seven Macaw is defeated on the 13 Baktun date of December 21, 2012. That is when the memory of Pacal, and all the great divine kings, will be restored in the lands of the Maya, and salvation will come to the peoples of the Maya traditions, and all traditions that cherished communication with Mother Nature.

However, this story is totally reversed by our Aryan rational perspectives. We do not place wisdom in the mother's heart, we place wisdom in the father's head. In other words, Seven Macaw is the smart one, because he stays at the top of the tree and does not get buried in responsibilities below. Seven Macaw is however, just a fanciful bird who visits the World Tree and then moves on whenever the weather changes to his disliking. Seven Macaw does not give his heart to his environment,  though he benefits from it. Leaders that use Seven Macaw's style are just inconsiderate self centered pretty birds on flights of fancy. True and compassionate leaders, of the quality of Pacal, do not hesitate to carry the load, and bear the burden, of being a well rooted support system for the World Tree, which is human civilization. The tree is not rising above Pacal, it is rising out of the scroll which Pacal passively accepts, as if in a dream. Pacal's Book is another cosmic page reflected in the lives of Jacob, Jonah, and Job. Pacal is a reincarnated First Father of Palenque. Pacal is the route and the root of the World Tree for Palenque, and he is First Father, at the top and bottom of the celestial ladder. Like the Egyptians, the Maya believed it was possible to communicate with the Creator, and in so doing they would become the Creator in a merging of souls. That is why their great temples and pyramid complexes were constructed to be memorials to the fact that the mortal human soul can return to the eternal Divine soul, from which it came.









First Mother Defends her SonWhen we closely examine the "tentacle like snouts of dragons," which the Time-Life authors saw, we are more inclined to see a flower pot. within a leafy domain, such as a corn field. In other words, this is the Mother of All Living, this is Eve, and First Mother, our very own Mother Earth, and the soil of the soul of Mother Nature.

But, there is serious cause for alarm in this image. Under the leaves and the top of the pot, two great big bulging eyes focus outwardly to the images under the rectangular ear decorations. Examine the ear decorations closely, and recognize that the small circle with rays going to four corners is a symbol of the dream of life to a mother. And the lobes of the ears are the inverted faces of babes. Below the heads of the babes are fangs, giving the impression of a fire breathing dragon.

This Mother of All Living is in a fit of rage to protect and raise up her young! What could be so upsetting to her? And why was her being upset so important that it would be recorded on Pacal's Book of Life? This Mother of All Living has one thing on her mind. She "hears" the babies crying, and she sees that they are not getting to the "four corners of the earth." Their heads are on upside down. When humans hold children in low esteem, and children hold life in low esteem, any self respecting mother would go into a rage. And hell hath no fury like a mother scorned at the expense of her children.  










My children are happy again.Now we can transform the dragon world of Pacal into a world where a mother's scorn is released. We have been told by words and by example that, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." So, lets put the arrogant heavenly bird, that is just a spectator on a flight of fancy, where it belongs, at the bottom of the composition. When we do that, the First Mother, the Mother of All Living, is restored. Can you see how her children lean into her with affection? Can you see her pleasure filled eyes, below fluffy eyebrows, and the rosy cheeks below them? Those rosy cheeks were the bulging eyes when her children had their heads on upside down. And the pot is transformed, as well. Now her mouth is open and the peculiar frill on the edge of the pot is just the extension of her tongue. In other words, Pacal came out of the Mouth of First Mother. Also, note the clouds above and on the sides of the leaves around the pot. This is the garden of heaven above, Eden, the Elysian Fields, and Cloud Nine in Eternal Peace. This desire for heaven's delights, is the cause of the growth of the whole World Tree, which is human civilization. It is also the heavenly hosts of Luke 2:12-14. And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.










Heaven and Earth are United by the Axis Mundi

Could it be any other way? Does any creature come into this world without serving the hopes and avoiding the guiding wrath of a mother? But, from this perspective, the "tentacle like snouts" become the wig, or hair, of First Mother. The dragon's teeth become bangs of the hair on her forehead. This hair is the "heavenly host" constellation at the top of the Axis Mundi, Coma Berenices, at the reaching arm of the First Mother, the Mother of All Living, whose eternal resting place is the constellation Virgo. Pacal is drawn with his legs similar to Virgo's, as shown by the green person with kilt in the Heavenly Fields, above right. Pacal clutches the "book of life" in his arms the way Sculptor clutches the "staff of life," above left. These androgynous "persons" hold objects that represent the axis of the galaxy, which was known by the Maya as the Way of the Dead. The scepter in Sculptor's hands is the Book of Life in Pacal's. The wig and leaves at the happy face of First Mother are the "hair and ears of corn" at the hand of Virgo. These mark the axis of the Milky Way.

The cross in the World Tree on Pacal's tombstone is the cross of the seasons centered on the axis of the ecliptic. The vertical trunk represents the winter and summer, when Pacal returns from the dead of winter, and birds frolic in the tree tops. The cross rotates counterclockwise, in the same way the stars move each day, and in the same way the north pole moves throughout the years. First Father's head is shown facing the opposite direction, and the inference is clear that he lost his head as the seasons passed him by. This First Father metaphor says that rational existence fails to pay attention to the senses, and loses all rational connection to reality. Spring is shown by the small head of a king above the right head of the Feathered Serpent. Autumn is shown by a flower below the left head of the Feathered Serpent.

Like the seasons, human endeavours inevitably take to that place where the "know it all" sits on top of shallow apparitions. That is when the head wisdom fails to acknowledge heart wisdom. The Feathered Serpent is Quetzalcoatl, and represents the Milky Way between the Pleiades and Sagittarius. As a feathered  serpent, it symbolizes mental and physical truths, which are the realms of head and heart wisdom. To the Maya the Pleiades mark the place of the First Fire, and the point of sacrifice where one who gives his heart to the gods lays across the Great Square high in the Tree of Life. This message of cosmic sacrifice has been witnessed around the world, as the bondage of Andromeda. The bow of Sagittarius is the "Thieve's Cross," and its arrow points at the Cosmic Womb, at the center of the galaxy, the Cosmic Gateway of Gods. Above the Cosmic Womb, a young king is restored to the heavens above from the mouth of Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent. This image has proven to be the most powerful perception ever recorded by the stars seen from Mother Earth. It has been recorded as the resurrection of the dead in nearly every great scripture known to mankind. The upward middle segment of the Feathered Serpent on the tombstone is the top half of the Great Square, while the container of the First Mother represents the lower half of the Great Square. The Cross and the Flower Pot represent the same celestial images as the Sword and the Stone which gave birth to the Excalibur legends of King Arthur in England, and was recorded in the great circle at Stonehenge. This story of life has been found written throughout the Four Corners of the World, the very places where First Mother dreamed her babies would go. It is a cycle which describes a day, a year, a Platonic Year, and life itself. It is a story worthy to be engraved on the tombstone of the greatest leader Palenque ever knew. And so it was.

A heavenly garden

In the image above we can see the "horror" in the face of First Mother, as bulging eyeballs and flared nostrils yield the apparition of a ferocious dragon lady. Her wrath comes from the perception that her children would grow up and become arrogant birds of fancy, and have no heart for the labor she went through to give them the opportunity to pursue the Four Corners of the World. This was her dream at their birth, but as they passed through adolescence, their fear of failure and defeat caused them to run away from their emotions and their feelings, and from the Spirit of Heart Felt Truth. So, how has the Nature of Mother fared during the 5125 years of the reign of Seven Macaw?

She gave him all she had.And he made her hold her tongue.<<Today we find ourselves between a cosmic rock and an unforgiving reality, with little awareness of the heavens surrounding us. Mother Nature gave birth to the man child and he came out of the Feathered Serpent with rational and emotional powers he could not understand. With weapon in hand he dominated her every desire. His conquest of her represents the emotions he does not comprehend, as he was "born again" from the serpent's mouth.

>> Then, when he became King of Kings, she "held her tongue." He had well learned that his emotions would cause him to run when he should stand, and to be weak when he should be strong. The rational mind needed for the emotions to be silent, as it resolved to discriminate the messages of life. In his arms he holds Sculptor's "Scepter of Flint," which is the cosmic symbol of restored life, and Virgo's "Ear of Corn," which is the cosmic symbol of abundant life, as Mother Nature hold her tongue regarding the pain perceived along the way. The goal is for the king to stand the Axis Mundi where it belongs. Thus, Sculptor, as First Father rises above, precisely as Mother Nature had desired in the beginning. Just as Egypt had told its people that the body of Osiris must be turned over from side to side and end to end, to reach the Elysian Fields, the Maya had describe the Coming Forth by Day to their responsible children.

This is precisely the same scenario which we experience in the Gospels.

Rev 12:5-8
And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne. And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days. And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, and prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.

Luke 2:46-51
And it came to pass, that after three days they found him in the temple, sitting in the midst of the doctors, both hearing them, and asking them questions. And all that heard him were astonished at his understanding and answers. And when they saw him, they were amazed: and his mother said unto him, Son, why hast thou thus dealt with us? behold, thy father and I have sought thee sorrowing. And he said unto them, How is it that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father's business? And they understood not the saying which he spake unto them. And he went down with them, and came to Nazareth, and was subject unto them: but his mother kept all these sayings in her heart.

So, why has Western mankind become as insensitive as a rod of iron and caused Mother Nature to tie her tongue in  pain filled knots? Surely she could speak and change all things in a flash. The answer is written about her face on Pacal's tombstone. She knows without personal experience that a child who stays with her for life, is a child who cannot stay with her for eternity. In order to gain eternal life, children must stay with their "feet to the fire." The children must pursue the four corners of the earth, without hesitating to look back to mama. The children must ride on the wings of the Pretty Bird in flights of fancy, and in the belly of the Leviathan in bewildering darkness. The child must experience arrogance and tyranny, victory and defeat. But, most important of all, the man child must release itself from bondage to its mother. Thus, in his search for rational responsibility, which is First Father's Intent, he must put his own mother down and cause her to hold her tongue, while he reestablishes the axis mundi (staff with wheat) in a subsequent generation. The man child, which is the rational intellect, must dominate and suppress the physical emotions. That is the lesson of the pyramid scene in the test which was presented at the beginning of this essay. A rational being cannot return to the sensitivity of its mother, unless it has lost those sensitivities in pursuit of the four corners of the world. Then, when the prodigal man child comes back to its senses, Mother Nature's reward will be the joy in her heart, that what she began by birthing a body could be fulfilled by resurrecting the spirit of First Father, for whose intent she was the vessel of gestation. That prodigal man child will know from first hand experience that truth is a cosmic perception, and that the senses are a doorway through which a mother's dream can become reality, if and only if, the man child can properly place the Axis Mundi. Maturity does not require the passing of time, alone. Maturity requires that the child return to the world of Cosmic Intent, from whence it proceeded after the Moment of the First Occasion, where time itself began.

She measures time.

The books of life all record the Adventures of First Father. But, the subject which they strive to confine in their bindings are the eternal measures of time. Those measures belong to Mother Nature. Any child that learns to communicate with the heart of Mother Nature will find the place prepared for her, in which the child can find an eternal resting place, knowing that the life lived was as a supportive root in that great axis mundi, the World Tree. Then, when the children of tomorrow do come, they will look upon the life in the book, and they will clutch it to their bosom, just like Pacal is doing in the image in his eternal resting place. The life in the book is that of First Father. Pacal was a reincarnation of First Father, because he passed through the Gateway of Gods to become, through the womb of Mother Nature, what he was intended to become at the Moment of the First Occasion of the First Father's Intent.

So, we have come full circle and found that Cotterell was right about the Maya Transformers. But, didn't we know that before we started? Didn't we know that fathers and mothers who live by book of the Tree of Life, love their children? How else could there be so many children, if it were not so? The travesty, if there is one in the idea of transformers, is that it implies that the Western Idea of transcendence is more real and purposeful, than the tomb of a man who gave his all for the people he led. But, that travesty can be transformed by seeing what is inscribed on monuments by reincarnated First Fathers, rather than the droppings of birds on flights of fancy. We need to listen to the Prophecies of the Ancients, for each and every one has told us that we would lose our heads in a battle to be the Pretty Bird of the forest. When we come back to Mother Nature, she always smiles, and feels like she is on top of the world. And she does it through the body she gave birth to when it was just a dream inside her womb.

Route to the top of the worldPs 19:1-7 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard. Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun, which is as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, and rejoiceth as a strong man to run a race. His going forth is from the end of the heaven, and his circuit unto the ends of it: and there is nothing hid from the heat thereof. The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple.

She live in the pasture.The simple truth is that Mother Nature is the ultimate transformer. The passage through the womb of Mother Nature is the Gateway of Gods. The handle of the Big Dipper is at the hand of Bootes. This is the Happy Hunting Grounds, the Elysian Fields, and the Garden of Eden. At the top of the galaxy is the seed which identifies the Diaspora from which all experience in our world has come. The profound difference between modern and ancient civilizations is the respect for Mother Nature. In the West we speak of love in words of praise and poetry. In the hearts of the native peoples, words were sounds made by Seven Macaw, as he flittered from tree top to tree top. The native peoples treated the wisdom of Mother Nature as dances with fire, for inspiration was her dream.

On the other side of the heavenly field from Pacal and Seven Macaw is the Virgin Mother. From her bosom, every star in the visible sky was formed. Our whole galaxy is just one of the cosmic children within the great Virgo Cluster of local galaxies. She reaches for the seed stalk at the top of the world, because it pleases her to see the result of the seed which grows through her loving care. If all the local galaxies appear in Virgo, then its our own Milky Way that is at the bottom of Virgo's World. When we gaze in her direction, we are looking Up Into Heaven Above, and we are Sculptor at the Bottom of her Cosmic Vessel. This cosmic fact is true today, and it has been true for well over twelve billion years, even though the sun was only born some five billion years ago. Anyone who cannot sense the majesty of that truth, has never walked the forest floor, and has a perception from the tree tops, just like Seven Macaw. In the galactic image above, we can see the man with the scepter at the bottom, and the ear of corn at the top. This simple, yet incredibly profound story, was not an hallucination held for tens of thousands of years, it was, and is, a vision available to anyone who can let the messages of the Magic Eye come before the face. It is the "Reality" which we call "Cosmos." Being conscious of the story is the dream which the First Father intended for all who become capable of communicating with Mother Nature.

Now, look at Leo, Virgo's crown on the ecliptic. Do you suppose that this is the King of Beasts that has eyes for the rising sun? You did see the image in the experiment, didn't you? You and Mother Nature know what you saw. A little birdie, and a man who held up the Axis Mundi in Palenque give us the simple warning, "It's not nice to be fooled by Mother Nature, but it is hell on earth to fool with Mother Nature. It is best to let Mother Nature have her wishes. Then all her children can reach the four corners of the earth, on their own way to eternal peace in her Cosmic Womb."

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