An Experiment on communicating with Mother Nature

Cross eye and align the center green and red bars. Follow the ball to Giza and the Sphinx.Step 1a: Magic Eye Inc suggests that you can find "the 3-D picture" by bringing your nose right up to the screen. Then relax the eyes so they are not crossed. Pull your face away from the screen until there are three yellow dots. As you get the three dots in your vision, concentrate on the center dot. Then your involuntary visual mechanism will allow you to focus on the back "transform plane," which is described below. At that point, the 3-D image will be under full control of the involuntary mechanism. In this way you will have taken control of the natural, or involuntary, physical mechanism with your conscious mind. The effect on the screen will startle you at first. If you do not relax and release all fear, the involuntary mechanism will attempt to capture the "true image" as a natural mothering defense. This is an essence of Mother Nature that we all take for granted. In the ancient world, she was known as the Teacher of Righteousness.

Step 1b: Another trick is to focus on an object about one quarter of an arm's length beyond the screen just over the image. Then without changing the distance of your gaze capture the red and green bars with the yellow dots in your mind, but not your focus. Your eyes will work like a chameleon, and you will be able to choose which eye to give your attention. Because the eyes are pointing to a different plane, there will be two red and two green bars, as shown in the small transform diagram below. Without changing your focus, or the distance to your focus plane let the bars spread apart or come together until there are three yellow dots. Relax the distance (parallax) control muscles of your eyes, and move the distance of your focus toward, or away, from you until the center yellow dot is in focus. Concentrate on the center yellow dot. When you can hold the center yellow dot in focus, let your gaze slip into the pyramid scene. Just below the red and green bars and the three yellow dots, you will be able to recognize images of a ball, a palm, tree and two pyramids. If we let the ball be a symbol of the sun, then the question which you must answer for yourself is this. "What direction am I looking in this "transformed world," and is the palm tree on the north, east, south, or west side of the two pyramids? Relax your eyes, and release all fear.

If you can Communicate with Mother Nature while under self control, then you will be ready to continue with the Maya Transformers in this essay. Here is a hint to help you know when you have arrived at the Gateway of Gods. There are famous pyramids in the world, and they have a beast with eyes for the rising sun. When you see the eyes of the beast, you will know that you have made contact with Mother Nature. You will know which way you are facing. And, though it may not be clear to you at first, you will have passed through the Gateway of Gods and looked into the face of the ruler of the Kingdom of the Heavens. And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon. Rev 9:11

Step 2: It is very important to perform this exercise until you can "control" your own parallax vision, or depth perception parameters consciously. Practice the exercise several times. It will amaze you how the involuntary visual control mechanism can automatically "grab the picture" in the false plane, or the transform plane. When it does, move your head up and down, left and right, and forward and back, while looking around the palm tree and the pyramids, and the beast with eyes for the rising sun. The resulting hologram will try to pull you into another world, but it will feel, for all practical purposes, that you are out of control. However, the fact of the matter is that the nature of any Maya Transformer is not visible unless the viewer has self control. The capacity to see truth in depth is the necessary step to reach the level of Mother-Father in the Maya Cosmos, or any Cosmos of Kings. Involuntary mechanisms in the mind are defensive, or pleasure seeking, they do not look outward with any depth of perception. Their purpose is to keep the body functioning. The rational mind must cause the natural involuntary mechanisms to step aside, and "hold their tongue," as the imagination reconstructs the vision presented to it. To gain control, you must speak softly to Mother Nature and ask that she hold her tongue until you have mastered the technique of voluntary control. At the same time you must look deep into the forest to find the roots of the habitat in which you are living, while avoiding the flight of fancy of some pretty bird that never goes below the top branches in the forest. All learning is the transformation from a virginal state into a state of voluntary control. Other wise, nothing has been learned in depth.  Relax your eyes, and release all fear, and it will happen for you, almost as if by miracle. But, life is a miracle, and life will never come through a door blocked by fear and other defense mechanisms. Those mechanisms are the weapons of war and death. Pleasure mechanisms, which are predominantly involuntary, as well, lead to utopias and flights of fancy. So, bear with the task patiently, as your involuntary mechanisms decide whether they can trust you to a flight of fancy. Mother Nature will not let you out of her nest, until she can trust you with your own consciousness. Just do it. Do it now! If you feel too much pressure, then read the rest of the essay any way. Maybe something in the essay will open the lock on the door to the inner workings of the involuntary mechanisms, and let the eyes be free to see what is before the face. When the intent for creation comes into focus, it will reveal the multidimensional universe in the spirit world.

Finding the forward and backward transform planes

Step 3: Sit back from the screen so that your finger tips will just touch the screen with your arm out stretched. Relax your eyes, and release all fear.

Step 4: Scroll the page to align the red and green bars on the following image  at the top of the visible screen.

Step 5: Use your index  finger or a pencil and touch the screen between the red and green bars.

Step 6: While focusing on your finger tip or pencil tip, slowly pull it away from the red and green bars directly towards you and centered on your eyes, stopping at intervals of three inches to focus on the stationary pointer. Relax your eyes, and release all fear.

Focus on pointer as it is pulled away from screen.Step 7: Over the top of your finger or pencil tip, you should be able to still see the red and green bars. About one quarter of the way from the screen to your eyes, there will be two sets of red and green bars and the left green bar and the right red bar will come together at the forward "transform plane." The further your pointer moves from the screen, the greater the separation will be, like in the bottom of the little image here. Relax your eyes, and release all fear.

Step 8: In order to understand the picture hidden in the Magic Eye Inc. illusion, we have to do the opposite of this exercise. We have to move our plane of focus to the backward "transform plane." In other words, we have to let the distance of our perception be oriented beyond the screen to a "transform plane" behind the screen, or the plane of the real image. To do this, we will need to focus on the center space between the red and green bars and let our eye muscles relax as if they were focusing at the back of the monitor. This will require self control in the submissive form. Submissive self control is foreign to people who strive to control Mother Nature. But, if all fear of illusion is released, and the eyes are fully relaxed, the transform plane can be brought into view by the "natural involuntary mechanisms" of the mind. Skepticism and apprehension will force the "natural involuntary mechanisms" to defend the conscious mind, and the transformed image will be completely blocked. So it is critical to trust that the vision which will come to the conscious mind will be beneficial. Just think of it as a positive encounter with Mother Nature. Relax your eyes, and release all fear.

Do your best to catch the beast with eyes for the rising sun by yourself, but if you cannot make any progress consider the Galaxy of Kings image, or the unmasked vision itself, and continue with this essay.

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