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Dear Rush,

Well, nobody is putting any kids in the trash heap, not yours, not mine, not ours -- the Denderah. It just will not happen that way. I think so many things about the *reflection* that all of these circumstances have against the stars and their message. Who ever said this was going to be easy? Remember the hole through the dung heap, and rolling that ball around? I wondered at the onset if I would actually like that part of this process. And I don't. But I decided back then, that like all good medicine *tasks*, you have to be able to sift the good out of the bad enough to steer toward the opening, which is what I find in my heart to do.

Hi Kim,

This is a follow up on the comment above and the great task I have been about since publishing the manuscript last July. As you may remember, I began reading Alexander to Actium: The Historical Evolution of the Hellenistic Age by Peter Green (ISBN 0-520-08349-0 pbk). Well, in true representation of what you said above, now the question arises "Then What...Wonder?"

Peter Green provides a Sethian point of view of the Hellenistic Age. He walked all over the ancestors of the peoples. His attitude toward the religion of the Hellenistic Movement was totally absent. He did read and include the Epicureans, the Cynics, the Stoics, and a few other philosophical movements, but he treated all the religious traditions as if they were a plague. He had one sentence on Mithras regarding the Pirates of Cilicia, but ignored the fact that the religion of Mithras drove the Western Roman Empire until its final days.

Today my wife and I spoke about Osiris. As you know, I have said Osiris is experience. But, that is a bit abstract, for it implies those who do not have experience do not have Osiris. The better word for Osiris is Memory. Now the Greeks had goddesses to define the essences of memory, but to Egypt, Osiris was Lord of All. Thus, the Egyptians told the whole world, "Remember who you are." The land known as the place of the "most religious people on earth" is simply the place where the memory of human experience has been enshrined in temples and pyramids.

It was memory that initiated the Hellenistic Age. When Alexander set out on the pan-Hellenic Crusade, he was setting the world free of the tyranny of the Zoroastrian Persians and their Babylonian ancestors. This new found freedom spread wealth all around the Hellenistic World, but the wealth passed through the hands of the Successor Kingdoms. When wealth and power pass through individuals the democratic ideals tend to be set aside. The law of the land becomes, "What is mine is mine, and what is yours is mine." After 300 years of Successor Kingdoms there was a movement to reestablish the reign of the King of Kings. The people were chosen, and the movement was at hand. However, Rome had not been a part of the building of the Successor Kingdoms. And Rome was not about to bend a knee to any City of God other than Rome. She had her own heritage gained from Akhenaten and the Pyramid Kingdoms, but because of rampant piracy in the republic the Imperialists finally won the whole world.

Green tells a good story of history as he saw it, but he was far to verbose on matters of no consequence. His book is fundamentally historical gossip. Like all good historians--think of Josephus---he bends a knee to political correctness, for the sake of his own self image. For that reason, Green's book is a library resource strewn with personal opinions. Not wrong, but selective. The manuscript we have proposed on the Sacred Cosmic Wisdom of the Denderah Zodiac has more to do with the Hellenistic Age than all of Green's 970 pages. The reason why is quite simple. An Age has to do with an epoch based upon the memories of civilization. When those memories deny ancestral sources, they are not memories, but rather, usurpations. They are aspects of self recognition. This is the world of Seth, and of Peter Green. Nevertheless, his book is an absolute necessity for anyone who would propose to write on the Hellenistic Age. And remember this one most important point about books. The Ptolemys published the Septuagint Bible as their first great act of World Wisdom Restoration. They did not finish the work on their second great book until two hundred years after the Hellenistic Age had ended. They compiled those work into something we know as the New Testament.

The Denderah Zodiac is a summary of all the Ages of Western Civilization including the Hellenistic Age, the Age of Byzantium, and the Age of Rationality, that were to follow. The latter Age, more well known as the Age of Reason, is the one we have just passed through. It ended on September 11, 2001, when reasonable rationality was destroyed by the knocking down of the Twin Towers in the City of God called New York, New York. These twin towers in the city with twin names were destroyed by the descendants of the very empire that Alexander, and no one esle, had conquered. So you see, our perception of the Hellenistic Age does not deny the ancestors of the Age, nor does it deny the descendants of the Age. Our tome will reconstruct the whole body of Osiris, and the so-called bad memories will be restored in their original light. The lies and deceit of the Pirates of the Mediterranean will be overcome and the son of Osiris, which can only be Truth, will take the throne of Osiris, again. The Pirates of the Mediteranean came again at the end of the Age of Reason, as the Nazis, with the Divine Intent to remind us who we are.

As proof of what I am saying, I have prepared two images of the world to show the whole story regarding the Holy Land.

The first image is pompey2.gif. It shows the world conquest of the great general Pompey, when he "settled the East" in 63 BC. Pompey destroyed the pirates of Cilicia, or so Rome thought. In case you do not remember, the vernal sun entered the constellation of Pisces in 63 BC, give or take a few years. But, look carefully at the empire he settled. It is the kingdoms of the Successor Kingdoms, sans the original Persian lands that Alexander had freed from the Persian King of Kings. The image of Mithras conquering the Bull of Babylon is none other than the image of Alexander conquering Persia. The so-called east was as far from the West as one can imagine, for the Orientalists did not acknowledge the laws of Rome, and they were not about to accept them after more than 8,000 years of service to their lands. If piracy was to be their legacy, then they would carry that appelation and tear down the civilization of the twins, Romulus and Remus. Sound familiar? Remember 911?

The second image is antony2.gif. It is this map that shows us why the Denderah Zodiac tells the story of the eastern empire and the lands of the Kings of Kings. The children of Cleopatra, by Caesar and Antony, were made the Kings and Queens of the East. Cleopatra was the Queen of Kings, and the New Isis. Antony was the Queen's consort, and his children were to be gods in their own right. But, the son who would become known as the King of Kings through the inheritance of the East was Ptolemy XV Caesar, the child of the great Julius Caesar, Caesarian. It is this child's image that is shown engraved on the exterior walls of the Temple to Hathor at Denderah. (Denderah is located on the loop of the Nile blanked out by the words, King of Kings in antony2.gif.)

However, because the Battle at Actium went in favor of Julius Caesar's adopted son, the blood line of the East was destroyed. However, tens of thousands of years had been invested in the memories of the East, and less than one life time, that of Octavian, had been invested in the West. Octavian became the emperor of the Whole World, with Egypt as his on province. He murdered all the daughters and sons who had the royal blood, and wondered why Alexander had not set up controls for the Hellenistic Empire. The controls the Octavian, now Caesar Augustus, had established for his New World Order were the same ones established by Seth when he slew Osiris. What we do not remember, we cannot recall. That is the doctrine of Seth, and Augustus made sure that the world would forget the dreams of the Kings of Kings. For that dream carried the responsibility of the story of man kind.

It is unlikely that Augustus understood what was engraved on the ceiling in the Osiris chapel of Hathor's Temple at Denderah. But, we can be assured that the sacred asp of Egypt carried the memory of Cleopatra's children into the coming ages when she placed it to her breast. The sacred asp is the spirit of the Serpent in the Sky. And though Augustus would trash all of the knowledge of the past, he could not trash the land and its temples to memory. Those memories would never forget the symbolic breast feeding of the sacred asp by Cleopatra. She could not give the kingdoms of the world to her flesh and blood offspring, but she was destined to preserve the memory of why it all happened. She knew, as did all the faithful, that the meek inherit the earth. It is the meek who remember the legends of the past, and the Fables of the Ancients. Augustus got his Pax Romana, and within two hundred years, the Romans had thrown the whole history of civilization off the poop deck of the Argo Navis into the trash heap at Golgotha behind the ship of pirates where the skull and crossed bones decide the fate of humanity. But, all the faithful knew that Seth's days were numbered. He would eventually be consumed by his own lust for power and then self destruct.

In the interim, a great emperor named Marcus Aurelius would ask a great general, Maximus, to restore Rome to the people, as depicted in the movie Gladiator. But, the emperor's own son would bury this philosopher's stone. Shortly thereafter, an emperor named Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus, more popularly known as Constantine the Great, would place the constellation of Scutum in the heavens between the child Antinous and the Great Red Dragon, so that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse could carry the Cosmic Epiphany to the Father's Land and Osiris could step upon the rock in Jerusalem and ascend into Seventh Heaven. In 313 AD, the persecution of the people who had faith in the moral of the King of Kings ascended to the imperial throne of Rome and the Byzantine Empire restored Lazarus to his rightful place at the feet of Virgo reaching for the highest heavens, where the memory of Osiris still resides today. Constantine's mother, Saint Helena, memorialized the Holy Land so that the world would never forget what had transpired in the realms of Antony and Cleopatra. She, with the help of her priests, made sure we would remember who we are.

The East had recovered from defeat and won its long sought victory. And if there is any doubt that the Byzantine Empire is the very same empire conceived in Alexandria three centuries earlier by Antony and Cleopatra, look again at the settling of the East by Pompey. The place chosen by Constantine, for an empire that would last for 1300 years, was on the Bosporus Straights in the Provinces of Marcus Antonius.

The West descended into the Dark Ages as the Barbarian Hordes struggled with the lands conquered by the soldiers of Mithras. They, like Constantine, were converted to the fable of Truth's resurrection, but they had no understanding of civilization's history, so truth was still just a myth. It was not until September 11, 2001 that the children of the Barbarian Ancestors began to appreciate the nonscientific wisdom that Islam had found when it sacked Constantinople and named it Land of the Bull, Istanbul, a clear reference to Mithras and the ancient Persian King of Kings.

Yet, just as Cleopatra had sealed the fate of the East in the future after the debacle in the West, so the Land of Hathor has prepared the way for the Queen of Sheba to come and judge a Great Man. Osiris has come again in the Land of the Rising Sun. And with him will come the key to the Hall of Records and the memories of the Fables of the Ancients, so cherished by Islam. We can suppress, repress, and oppress, our memories. But we cannot forget who we are. Eventually tyrannical self deceiving consciousness will destroy itself, and truth will rise with the sun. When Truth returns in this Land of the Rising Sun, every memory locked behind the closed doors to the past will be set free. All the Peoples of the World will come back from the grave and shout alleluia, A Men.

They told us to Remember Who You Are. They are coming back, our true ancestors, to remind us again, you can bet on it.