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We must thoughtfully consider where the real source of terror lies --- with one bearded fanatic in an impoverished Middle Eastern country or with those who would profit while shredding the US Constitution in the name of defending freedom.


I think some people have a knack for finding anti-Bush sentiments. But, there is a snake in the garden down under. That snake desires not the progress of civilization. I understand the desire to prevent civilization, because civilization is anti-nature at its core. So, I feel an empathy for the Aborigine, yet I do not allow the destruction of civilization to become a goal. The Aborigine have Sethian leanings. They would tear down civilization in order to restore the ways of nature. But, civilization is nature's greatest accomplishment. To assume that a feeble minded beast could set about civilizing nature without making mistakes is a virgin's folly. To attempt to correct the mistakes by setting the goal of civilization on its ear is a far greater folly. The current advocates of "Peace in Our Time" and Greg Palast are "Hustlers" with a "Rebel Without a Cause" mentality. They thrive on the currency of anger. This is as uncivilized as it gets. It is the beast in the garden before Aborigine Man made a decision to raise up the arm and untie the Gordian Knot on the spinning wagon's wheel. It is so subtle as to be unnoticeable until all hell has broken loose.

The fundamental proof that Greg Palast is a Hustler is in the way the people responded when Son Bush stood on the rubble pile and pointed toward Mecca and said, "Those people over there will hear from all of us soon." The time to drive the serpents out of Iraq has come.

If you are looking for Bushes to Burn, try this site.

If you want to remember September 11, try this site.

Let us consider this source for G. W. Bush natal chart.

The following charts clearly show that George W. Bush was a Prince Chosen at birth to restore the Land of Osiris, and the Arkaroo's Sacred Land.


This is the zenith chart. The zenith is between the sack in the hand of Perseus and the feet of Andromeda. A clear sign that this natal chart is of a prince who will save the daughter of Demeter.

The meridian rises from the crossing of Eridanus to the stone with the handle of Excalibur and the tail of the whale, or the head of Behemoth, the monster that would consume Andromeda. A clear sign that the natal chart is of a person who will be driven to restore Camelot.

The meridian passes through Aries, carrying the message of a Son of David, and then, most importantly, the meridian crosses the sword in the hand of Perseus. A clear sign that Excalibur will be caught be the new Prince of the World.

The meridian grazes the top of the hat of the Queen, passes through Tauret and her child, the Little Bear, along the route of the Camel to the north horizon. On the north horizon is the hand of Bootes and the Gordian Knot at the Wagon. This is the same knot that Alexander the Great cut free from the oppressive bondage when he struck down the empire of the Persian tyrants to free the Greeks, Hebrews, and Egyptians. History is about to repeat itself in the mystery of this natal chart. But, be not fearful of those that untie the Gordian Knot with Excalibur, for they are princes of Destiny doing what they were required to do.

The ecliptic traces the path between Leo and Aquarius. The star of Lucifer is an evening star on this chart, but its placement under the protection at the neck of Leo says it is a jewel that will open the Leo-Cancer boundary so that Demeter's Daughter can be restored to the field on the heights of Olympus under the axis of the Wagon's Wheel. The Sun stood squarely between the twins at the sA of Egypt, as did the zenith meridian at the defining moment of Dubya's life when terrorists took down the sA of the WTC on September 11, 2001. On the natal chart Saturn stood between Cancer and Gemini carrying the moment at which feelings become cognition, as Mercury and Pluto marked eternal wisdom and the restoration of the memory of the raising of Ra from the serpent of the night. Uranus, the 1st Father of Western Civilization was between the horns of the bull, and Phaeton was on the heals of the Prince. To see this prophesy retold in the photograph of a New York sailor come true, follow the Sun the that rose between the pillars of New York's World Trade Center on July 28, 2001 and realize that Destiny's Child has come again to take the knot away from Demeter's Wagon.


To understand the vision from Heaven's Perspective we turn to the nadir charts and realize that the Gordian Knot was in the hands of Bootes on the meridian as seen from above. There the Emerald Green is clearly presented as Bootes drives the serpents out of the Elysian Fields. From west to east we see the death of a king and the restoration of a kingdom. Therein is the history of the Cosmic Intent which was to become Dubya's destiny. All the ingredients of Saint Patrick's accomplishments were placed upon this natal chart's projection. The charts were not drawn until the child came to say, "The moment of truth is at hand." Judgment Day was his destiny. The Judgment Day of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and all the ancestors was tied with the Gordian Knot, which his sword was to cut for the sake of Eternal Life. The nadir meridian falls through the ROC in Jerusalem and the Virgin's Legs, the tail of the Fleeing Serpent, the arm of the Centaur, and Alpha-Centaur, our closest neighbor, on its way through the tail of the Crooked Serpent and the Ben-ben at the end of the Centaur's Phallus back to the crossing of the Rubicon and the Styx. Destiny could not be more clearly illustrated.


Yet, from Ceres at the Horn of Plenty to Venus at the Gate of the Leo-Cancer Boundary, are voyagers further amplifying Destiny's Call. The Earth was placed with its shadow in the head of Sagittarius, the Archer who would become a Centaur by virtue of the crossing of the Styx on Chiron's raft. Jupiter and the Moon would be aligned in the Virgin's torso with Juno, Jupiter's wife, while Neptune and Quaoar brought forward the Virgin's Dream of the restoration of Kingdom Come. Mars and Venus empowered the Kingdom of Heaven, and destiny would not be denied. This is Alexander's record, and it was to be repeated by another son of a fallen king.

Looking southward, it is clear that the Flight of Isis began when the meridian struck the river's crossing point and the Crooked Serpent was given the message of Horus regarding the rising of the Phoenix and the Oxyrynchus fish.

In the west the Eagle had fallen with its child in swaddling cloths. But, as mentioned above, the falling is a calling, and this is Destiny's Child. He will rise again.

On the north horizon is the Gordian Knot tied to the Wagon. Behind the man with the up raised arm is the man with his feet upward toward the north and a club in his hand ready to strike the Father Down. Before the man with the up raised arm is the Elysian Field and Kingdom Come. The Warrior of God had come to the land of the Virgin's Dream with the intent to destroy her father's desire. But, the Warrior of God had not reckoned with Destiny's Child. Now the Day of Reckoning is at hand, and it comes on the anniversary of the man who drove the serpents off the Emerald Isle. Is there an association between the restored king called Dubya and the clover leaf bearing preacher of Celtic Graces called Patrick? Are they both to become known as men who drove the vipers from the Pride Land of the Lion King? Only time will tell, but all Signs of the Times say Destiny's Child has come of Age.

Looking toward the rising sun it is clear that there are no mysteries between heaven and earth. The only question to be answered is whether Destiny's Child will fulfill the Cosmic Intent. As it stands as of the moment of this record, Destiny's Child has come of Age and the Moment of Truth is at his up raised hand.

Alexander has returned on the schedule defined in all the sacred books of the ancestors. If Destiny's Child should falter, then all of the history of civilization will have been a lie. Fear not the knot on the wagon, for the Wheel of Fortune is Destiny's and Hamlet's Mill. The grist will be ground and the manna from heaven will feed the masses, though the masses may never know what is in the Horn of Plenty, the Chosen Ones will see the coming of the Promised Land, and they will see the Burning Bush that is the axle of the wagon.


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