The Circumcision of Scorpion Goddess.


Proper orientation is not an option. If we are disoriented, or perspectives cannot be corrected until we get reoriented.

Complete solar system inside the orbit of Pluto when asteroid Golevka passes over the Earth on June 10, 2003.

Complete solar system inside the orbit of Saturn when asteroid Golevka passes over the Earth on June 10, 2003.

Complete solar system between Juno and Ceres when asteroid Golevka passes over the Earth on June 10, 2003.

View of ecliptic elevations when asteroid Golevka passes over the Earth on June 10, 2003.

Upward view of ecliptic axis from Baghdad at the moment of Golevka's Pass Over.

Tauret is Draco. Within her womb is the new King of Kings, with Polaris as the announcing star, and the Sun as the Central Star.

Downward view of ecliptic axis from Baghdad at the moment of Golevka's Pass Over.

The zenith over Baghdad when Golevka Passes Over the Earth.

Moving in on the zenith over Baghdad when Golevka Passes Over the Earth.

The ecliptic zenith meridian crossing over Baghdad when Golevka Passes Over the Earth.

The nadir under Baghdad when Golevka Passes Over the Earth.

A close in view of the nadir under Baghdad when Golevka Passes Over the Earth.

The ecliptic crossing of the nadir meridian under Baghdad when Golevka Passes Over the Earth.

On the eastern horizon the Kingdom of Heaven rises with the Feather of Truth on the Bow of the Sun Boat.

On the southern horizon the serpent in the deep receives a message from the Tree of Life.

On the west horizon a man falls with the World Tree as a water carrier comes to the rescue.

On the north horizon the Herculean man is turned up side down by the spin of Tauret, so that Seventh Heaven can rise with the man and the plow at his up raised hand.

The stars of Seventh Heaven and the man with the up raised hand are revealed by Golevka's Pass Over.

Here are the Seven Brothers and the Elysian Field where Golevka Passes Over in Tauret's womb.

Tauret (Draco) is the path of reincarnation for all earthlings. This path can be extended beyond the material life if the life that is lived represents an eternal example for those searching for a path to the future.

Out of the earthly field of Hathor the Virgin Mother of the Sun, Tauret, provides abundance. Tauret's left hand holds an ankh and rests on a sealed womb indicating that life is always a virgin experience. In her right hand she holds the eternal flame. The budding djed before her is also revealed under the table overflowing with abundant manna. Beyond the abundant life is Seker-Asar holding the flail, crook, and scepter of flint, which are symbols of the rods and staffs of physical, mental, and spiritual accomplishments. Seker-Asar is shown as the constellation Sculptor, which holds the scepter of flint. The flail is in the hand of the once and future king, Antinous. The crook is in the Red Crown and in the hand of Bootes, the man whose other hand is up raised to the plow in heaven. With these implements any person can plow the furrow of Maat and prepare a Great Hall of Records in the cave under the mountain of Hathor for generations to come. This vignette is an echo of the stars and it tells all who will listen to its message that eternal life awaits those who do the right thing with the virgin experiences granted them through the powers of Hathor and Tauret. This is the reward that awaits those who pass through the Judgment Hall of Osiris.

The reward for excellence is the kingdom of heaven. This is the dream of every loving mother, that her dream should become the path to abundant righteousness for her children. Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein. (Mark 10:15 KJV)

The path to Heaven's Reward is a rocky road. Along the way the rational adult mind must be encountered and overcome. If the rationalizing adult mind is not properly understood, then rational convictions will condemn the body of future virgin experiences and prevent the promise of reincarnation from becoming truth. To get through this Valley of Death it is paramount that the arrogance of self righteousness be dispensed with as soon as possible. Arrogance is not evil. Yet, evil is arrogant. This principle cannot be taught in books, for it is the result of all virgin experiences. Until a child can learn to correct itself, the child cannot open the door to the bottomless pit and return to the heavens above.

This is the essential message written in the path of a comet called 6489 Golevka 1991 JX, or Golevka for short. The star Regulus means Little King. It is the right front paw of the constellation Leo. Under the serpent, Hydra, at the forelegs of the mascot of the Kingdom of Heaven is a constellation called Sextans, or sextant. The Denderah circular zodiac shows Sextans as a maiden with bow having an arrow pointed above the star on the top of Mother Earth, symbolized as a Sacred Cow with Jupiter standing between her horns. The maiden is Selket, and her hieroglyph is a Circumcised Scorpion. As such, she is more than desire, she is the ambition to do the Right Thing. Beneath Selket with her bow is a maiden with the hieroglyph for Ka upon her head. The Ka soul is the substance soul. It is the DNA of the genes, and everything associated with the restoration of life to the genetic record. Behind the Ka maiden is a hawk headed icon with a crown of Upper Egypt on its head. This is the crown of purity, virginity, and ideal virtues. Before the Ka maiden is a hawk headed icon with the double crown of Egypt. This crown represents the experience of spiritual virtue. The message of Selket is simple. It says, "Go Love Ka." The constellations Crater and Corvus sit on thrones behind Ambition's Desire as examples of maternal responsibility and tradition. Life is always, and in all ways, a history lesson. Hathor reclines on her laurels upon the Barque of Material Identity and two icons of human experience and consciousness. She knows that what she offers every generation is a chance to walk in truthful consciousness. The path from Sekhmet to Hathor is a transition from old to young, as righteousness inherited through the genes as instinct is transformed into honest ambition. This is the whole of the story of the Denderah zodiac, that desire should not be so arrogant as to deny the bounds of Mother Nature. When desire is balanced to the will of Nature's God, the claws of the Great Red Dragon become the Man-child that rules with an iron hand.

If we follow Selket's arrow on the path of wise ambition we see that it strikes the sun disk on the head of the lamb of rational conviction, i.e., stiff necked identity. It is here that the Seven Sisters reside between the obeisant Bull of My Mother and the I Am.

This is where the adolescent leaves its mother and enters the temple of its Father's Business. The spirits of the intuitive creation must be set on a course of cosmic law for the sake of the generations to come.

The objective of the school of the Father's Business is to make a man out of the emotional consciousness passed on through the Cosmic Mothers. This is a treacherous place, for free will and truth are at odds with each other in and for the fertile ground of the naive mind. To believe, or not to believe, that is the fundamental question in the temple where patriarchal tyrants rule the adolescent imagination. Balanced desire is mandatory in this region of life's journey, or the rational mind could simply become a body without a head.

The struggling intuitive maternal image and rational paternal image are at odds with each other in the adolescent mind. The battle ground is laid in a field of book learned righteousness. Yet, until reason is born of the Logos from the heavens, righteousness has no cosmic foundation. It is the loss of foundations that causes the turmoil of adolescence. Judgment has not matured because knowledge out paces experience. The adolescence knows what the history lesson has taught, but the knowledge is just a dream until the experience is reincarnated in the body. The knowledge that has been gained must be exorcized so that the truth of physical ambition and cosmic ambition are set in balance.

This is the place where Venus comes in the evening to give loving affection to the adolescent when death is before the face of the I Am. The adolescent has to accept death, or all identity will be lost in arrogant denial. If the adolescent cannot accept belief in life after death, then the adolescent will struggle to survive until it loses the battle for identity. This is where the children are separated from their parents when adults emerge as tyrants repressing the imaginative child within. Those who fail to accept death's call will become tyrants driven by fearful paradigms, or Pollyannas pulled toward fancy filled compulsions. In all the annals of history, no house has been more difficult to navigate than the house of Pisces. This is the place where humans become gods. This is the Ball Court of the Maya, where the Hero Twins must defeat the tricksters known as the Lords of Xibalba in the dark cosmic abyss.

Rev 13:11, 15-18
And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.  . . . And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six. (KJV)

The Eye of Ra is the creative eye. Those who understand the meaning within the stars of Pisces know the power of belief. They know that doubt is negative belief, and it is the Wall of the Ruler, the tyrant of Rational Conviction of the past. They know that the naive have positive belief, and they see the birds copulating with the fishes in the future. The duality of belief in any form is a seed for insanity planted in the furrow of Maat, as the proverbial octopus's garden. The rational mind needs more than a rational structure to establish laws that put boundaries on the presence of insanity and genius. It needs a pathway toward proper orientation, for not a single rational mind has ever caused a star to shine without properly balancing that which came before and after a moment of judgment and discernment. Between the Leviathan below and the Dung Beetle above the mature rational mind is a deck for visions ahead and aft on a ship passing in a stream of consciousness that can be a tempest or a tranquil pool. Under the Ship of Time a crooked serpent rests in the wedge shape of the hieroglyph for truth. Truth is the passage of time which expands the conscious mind and takes the journey forward into the future. Yet, the wisdom of Janus and Sagittarius is that truth is before and after the present. The present is not truth, it is only a door through which incarnations take place. In the two vignettes of Ra's Barque it is clear that the captain of the ship must has eyes before and eyes behind. This is the message that tells us to be ever vigilant regarding spirits that would incarnate the flesh. We have to recognize when we are looking back, and when we are looking forward. the present has no depth of time, and it cannot tell which way an incarnation is passing. The present has only the fleeting instant called now. Now is far too small a place upon which to base ones whole existence.

When the rational mind has the Shofar horns of the Lamb and speaks with the voice of the dragon of desire, it is a false prophet and a tyrant over common sensibilities. This leads to Rational Convictions based upon fear filled perceptions rather than common sense. The high priests of institutions pillared by the fantasies of tyrannical rational minds are not necessarily evil, but when self rationalized righteousness does not base its "truth" upon the light from the stars, the wrath of the Lamb must come to fruition. The wrath of the lamb destroys the tyrannical ego when the "I Am That I Am" invades the sanctuary of the "I Am This I Am."

Mark 1:14-18
Now after that John was put in prison, Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God, And saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel. Now as he walked by the sea of Galilee, he saw Simon and Andrew his brother casting a net into the sea: for they were fishers. And Jesus said unto them, Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men. And straightway they forsook their nets, and followed him. (KJV)

The adolescent mind carried laws fabricated from star light in the belief that rational enlightenment represents the journey to the four corners of the world. This leads the adolescent to become a great Shepherd of self conscious domains, and if the compassion of Aquarius does not come to the man-child, then his rationality will become the laws of a tyrant. Such is the history of the Men of Nineveh that is echoed on the Denderah zodiac designed after Alexander freed the captives of Baghdad and before they were gather into the nets of the Roman Empire. This is why Golevka has come to us in the years when a tyrannical regime was removed by a president's son with a compassionate conservative agenda. If the world can hear Golevka's message, it will do the right thing. If the world does not listen, then the advocates of tyrannical laws will steal the truth and the wedge will become an insurmountable Wall of the Ruler, as ego represses balanced desire.

This is where the story of man's imagination begins and ends. A child that cannot imagine will never outgrow the virgin state of birth. An adult that cannot imagine has become a usurping tyrant of the self determined dragon of desire.

Selket established the ambitious dream. It was clearly taken from the star light and the eyes of those who came to be called gods and God's. Her arrow was aimed over the real world of Hathor's laurels. But, she did not exceed the crown of truth in her aim. That desire came after the Cosmic Mother was forced into obeisance when the vernal equinox passed the Seven Sisters at the cosmic 1st of Aries.

The Aryans fought to free themselves from the bondage to Mother Nature, and in their own minds they succeeded. For more than three thousand years the goddesses have been waiting for mankind to get beyond the adolescent stage of life. More than twenty centuries have passed since the priests prepared the temple of revelations at Denderah. They claimed that manna in the the stars would be fulfilled when the Fishers of Men came to the man with the pitcher of water. In the images of the constellations they revealed the enigma of the Messiah of the Jews and the Shemsu Hor, the Followers of Horus.

Luke 22:10-16
And he said unto them, Behold, when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you, bearing a pitcher of water; follow him into the house where he entereth in. And ye shall say unto the goodman of the house, The Master saith unto thee, Where is the guestchamber, where I shall eat the passover with my disciples? And he shall shew you a large upper room furnished: there make ready. And they went, and found as he had said unto them: and they made ready the passover. And when the hour was come, he sat down, and the twelve apostles with him. And he said unto them, With desire I have desired to eat this passover with you before I suffer: For I say unto you, I will not any more eat thereof, until it be fulfilled in the kingdom of God. (KJV)

If the universe were subject to rational certainty, then Rational Convictions would be the only correct course for the establishment of human destiny. However, the revelations of the Denderah zodiac were not based upon absolute rational knowledge. The were based upon relative rational intuition. The intuition comes form the simple fact that the way it was is the way it will always be. If the Cosmic Mother spoke twenty centuries ago, and three hundred centuries on the record before that, it would be the height of folly to assume that the Cosmic Mother would stop communicating within the twenty centuries between 1 BC and when the Tabernacle of the Vernal Sun Began to Rise.

Thus, the priests did not need greater knowledge than faith. They needed only to believe what they had witnessed with their own eyes. In the year 2003 another great tyranny in Babylon was removed from the face of the Earth, and an asteroid sailed across from the womb of the House of Hathor, out of her hand through the Field of Heaven and the Plow, through the womb of Tauret and the throne of the Queen of the Heavens, through the side of the crucified One and down the Roman lance at Iscariot where the vernal equinox sat on its last encounter with the true 1st of Aries. There the omen from the stars made a hard turn toward to the right, as viewed from above, and came to a stop at the precise location of the current vernal equinox. No science of man can ever be found that will be able to predict such celestial correspondence. Not because man's knowledge is inferior to God's and Mother Nature's, but because the dream of life cannot be fulfilled if the heavy burden of complete cosmic detail is carried without faith in Mother Nature. The human mind cannot store all the information in a single star, much less so the wisdom in all the stars. The ancient wisdom understood this. That is why the ancients gave the Magic Wand of Seshat to the Humble Shepherd. Her wand was drawn on the circular zodiac as the arrow pointing to the north star, which was symbolized at the horns of Hathor, where Jupiter-Zeus stood as ruler of the Earth on the solstices. Selket aimed her arrow above reality within the bounds of the crown of truth on the head of Horus. Seshat placed her wand between the horns of the sacred cow called Mother Earth. When we are humble enough to realize that we did not cause ourselves, then we can become self created in truth. All success achieved by every mortal creature is dependent upon the Cosmic Intent, and knowing this truth is the ultimate Magical Wisdom of God.

What is the Right Thing to do? Golevka says, "Go Love Ka." It means love what you have been given, and pass on the Ka with love enhanced and righteous ambition for the generations to come. Go and prepare a place for those to come. If that is not good enough, then some other Rational Conviction will usurp the consciousness as the mental state of a feeble mind flounders in a wilderness.

What has this to do with 2003 AD? Everything! This was the year that Islam was put to the furnace. It has been found wanting, not because it is less endowed, rather because Islam has become a temple that creates tyrants of Rational Conviction. The Arian creed requires submission to a book written many days past. It speaks, not of salvation, but of a fate worse than death. For fifty thousand years a Muslim soul must wait in the grave to see if Judgment Day will bring a garden of 72 Virgins, or a fire inside a mountain of eternal despair. No living Muslim can achieve the state of the Son of God by edicts of the Imams. That tragedy is the cause of today's tribulations.

The ancient Sumerians who conjured this destiny were not at fault, for what they said is clearly truth. It has taken civilized humanity 50,000 years of living death in the body of Nut to come to the realization that she carries within her heavenly body the Word of God. Thus, the Prophet's Dream of the Night Journey on Gabriel's steed, Al Buraq, has been completed. Judgment Day for Islam is at hand. Now Islam must become of the Book, so that the Arian claims of Muhammad can become history in accordance with the Book of Heaven.

We are tempted to ask, "Will the Islamists rise above selfish physical desire and become the Children of God, or will they hide in their mountains until Hell freezes over?" But, Golevka tells us that it is not the Islamic Men from Nineveh that need salvation. It is the abducted daughters of Mother Nature who need to hear the words of the prophet Isaiah: "To the captives, 'Come out,' -- and to those in darkness, 'Be free.'" That is what being Born Again is all about. If the women of Islam can be born again, the men of Islam will stop being tyrants riding magic carpets with flying horses having tails of peacocks. That is all that arrogance is, the power to know more than one believes. Knowledge is belief in a tyrant's rational conviction.

Seshat's Wand tells us all that we can succeed in life's ambitious goal of becoming the Son of God, if we just get oriented to the star that announces the house of the King of Kings. After that star aligns with the entrance to the Great Pyramid at Giza a dove will fly down the Grand Gallery as Horus returns to his kingdom. In 1540 AD the star Polaris aligned with the entrance of the Great Pyramid and the axis of the galaxy passed directly over Giza. This announced the future presence of the return of Hours down the Grand Gallery when the stars of Orion's belt align with the smaller of the three stars and pyramids representing a union between heaven and earth. The small pyramid and star represent the soul house of the Child of God. The Great Pyramid is the soul house of the Father God, and the central Pyramid is the soul house of the Mother God.

After the King of Kings has returned to the stars in 2378 AD, then will the captives of the sacred Arab lands be free. (See next chart.) The path to the nest is now open for the potential nesting of a new King of Kings. But, whether it be the Raven of Gilgamesh, the Dove of Noah, the Kite of Isis, the Nightingale of Orpheus, or the Falcon of Horus, the nest in the body of Nut will not be closed to those who allow the dream of Kingdom Come to be a possibility. Death will not follow those who understand the dream that inspired the pyramids. For death is the ultimate fantasy. No dead thing has ever lived, and no living thing is ever died. The path to perdition is not walked by the living, it is not walked by the dead either. The path to perdition is simply a path that comes from and leads to nowhere, for the path of perdition is the path not traveled by truth. Once we head in a direction to prepare a place for those who follow, we cannot get lost. This is the Virgin's Dream of Kingdom Come. She is the pathway of all kings and queens when her children do the right thing.

It is still the best dream of Heaven's Kingdom when we Go Love Ka. The great difficulty is in comprehending how we are to use the gifts of Virgin Birth to accomplish the goal of Eternal Life and resurrection of the body. The fact that kings and wise men have written the message does not help if the followers reject the message. Yet, learning is not the responsibility of the master. Learning is the responsibility of the novice.

The masters placed the description of reincarnation at the winter solstice on the pronaos ceiling zodiac at Denderah. This temple was dedicated to the principle of the resurrection and reincarnation in the body. The image of reincarnation is presented between Capricorn and Sagittarius. Tauret holds a "chain" of eight links in this image. The eight loops have not been verified, but if the image taken from Krawcewicz's work is accurate, we can interpret the eight links as the Eight Kings of Revelation 17:10-11. And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space. And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition. The meaning of the eight links and the eight kings is related to the Seven Spirits of God. When the ego over extends its rational convictions it becomes a lord over a place that has no existence in the here-after or the here-before. Thus, reincarnation requires that the ego cease its course and the relational consciousness return to the body. This is the resurrection of the body and the reincarnation of the mind that occurs at the Gateway of God on the other side of Rostau, the Gateway of Men above Orion.

The image of a Horus headed man with a lance poking the eye of the tailless bull is a magical statement. The bull is often shown only as a hind quarter of beef. This is the carnal existence of the flesh after the loss of consciousness. Tauret, as Draco, is the Mother of the Sun. The man with the up raised arm is Bootes. The side of beef is the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, and the Pleiades. Of all the asterisms in the heavens, these three groups of seven are arguably the most recognizable after Orion. The image on the Long Zodiac in the pronaos at Denderah shows the dippers of the seven stars of these three asterisms. As a sequence, they represent maturation through reincarnation. As cosmic principle they are identified with the seven spirits of God and the seven kings, or rulers of the universe. In spiritual terms any king that rises above these seven kings is a false king and has simply stepped out of reality by exaggerating the present for the sake of an ego's perspective. The king that goes to perdition is the king that never was because it was made of the other seven spirits of God. (See excerpts from Star Names by R. H. Allen below for details of the star meanings.)

The Pleiades were the constellation of the spring equinox at the original 1st of Aries some four thousand years ago. When Egypt was founded around 3100 BC the North Star was Thuban, and the South Star was Alpha Hydrus at the capstone of Hydrus. The three stars alpha, beta, gamma Hydrus represent the Ben-ben stone from which the Phoenix rises. Today the north star is the Bethlehem star, Polaris. This star announces the return to the north pole of the constellation of Cepheus, the King of Kings. The image of the return of the king to the Elysian Fields and Seventh Heaven is that of Bootes stepping upon the rock (Arcturus) at Jerusalem (zodiac, ecliptic). Tauret, as Draco, aligns the heavens at the north ecliptic axis. Once the variability of houses of the zodiac are understood the novice becomes a master of the Sun. However, this is just Jerusalem. The Master must pass through Jerusalem's axis to realize that there is a Higher more stable foundation for the Cosmic Soul. That ultimately stable firmament is the axis of the galaxy which has it north point in the constellation Coma Berenices, which means Wig or Hair of Berenices. This was also the wig and hair of Hathor, and it was the hair of Samson in Delilah's hand when she took away his power. The columns in the pronaos at Denderah are surmounted with the wig of Hathor as she faces in four directions. This is a clear statement about orientation towards all directions.

The Pleiades represent the place of birth of the Peoples of the Pacific. Their Legend of the Land Under the Land speaks of Havaiki i ruga, Havaiki i raro, and Havaiki i taputapuatea; Heaven Above, Heaven Below, and Heaven In Between. They place the most sacred altar at Raietea at the Marea i Taputapuatea. This altar aligns the heavens when the vernal equinox is at the intersection of the Milky Way and the galaxy between Sagittarius and Scorpio. By placing the Paschal Moon in Libra, the Egyptians claim the same heritage as the Peoples of the Pacific. Egypt was founded in order to Unite the Two Lands. They accomplished this by joining the body of Nut to the bodies of Hathor and Tauret, the Elysian Fields at Bootes and well of the Hyades at the Eye of the Bull in Taurus. Taurus was the Sacred Cow of Egypt. The vernal equinox left the Sacred Cow and the Egyptians created the temples to Amun, the Ram. But, before the vernal equinox left the Ram, the Sacred Cow, or the Golden Calf, was slaughtered by the Aryans. This slaughter now requires reincarnation of the heavens. 

When we examine the image of reincarnation closely we can see that the lance in the falcon headed man is aimed at the head of the "bull." Thus, we are being told by the masters that we must kill the bull in order to restore the Seven Stars that surround the bull. The axis of the zodiac, shown as Tauret chained to the leg of the incomplete bovine, has eight hobbles. If we break the eighth link, then the bull will be reincarnated as a Sacred Cow. This converts the horns of the bull into a crescent moon with a star between the "horns of the crescent." This is the hieroglyph of Seshat. She is the wife of Thoth. She is the magic wand of the "image nation." When the human mind can comprehend that it is capable of creating images that do not exist outside of the imagination, then, and only then, can true conscious be reincarnated. But, first the conscious has to "kill the bull" of rational convictions derived from the lamb that speaks like a dragon.

Revelation 13:11-18 puts the same image into words that are taken from the reincarnation scene on the circular zodiac at Denderah. And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon. And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed. And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men, and deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live. And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six.

One source of the idea of six being associated with the demonic has to do with the fact that six comes before seven and the demonic mind attempts to go from six to eight in order to control the seven, which represents all of reality. The icon images under Selket described above have three groups of three stars, with Selket's three stars summing to six. Thus, desire is at the seat of the demonic six. But, if desire is circumcised the selfish aspect is balanced and the other three attributes of the Sacred Cow are available as experience of truth. The "human conscious" icons under Hathor show nine stars between them. This nine is a symbol for completion. Prior to completion, the ego attempts to steal reality by fabricating a New Reality based upon rational images that have no basis in sensible fact. Nonsense becomes law. But, the use of the words "man and beast" and "six hundred three score six" carries the key to unraveling the time code of the circular zodiac. That "time code" is inscribed in the "carpenter's angle" under the hand of Tauret and in the angle between the "man and beast" on the zodiac. Using the conversion factor for these angles with a calibration of 666 years provides the "exact number of the years" to read the calendar of the zodiac as a Rock of Ages. With this conversion factor we can date the history of civilization up to the time of its design. The location of the star on the horns of Hathor is 561 BC, or the year of the ascension of Darius I (The Great) to the Zoroastrian throne of Persia. It was Darius I who released the captives from Babylon and allowed the Egyptians to return to their home lands. The purpose of the circular zodiac was to reestablish proper orientation to the body of Nut after Alexander the Great destroyed the Persian Empire of Darius III. Thus, the image represents Judgment Day, or in particular the Day of the last Judgment, for Saturn was placed between Libra and Virgo. The Judgment Scene at Libra shows an adolescent pointing his finger at his own face, as if to say "Me." Thus, it is the ego perception of the "Me," that is on trial. The east line of Pisces on the circular zodiac contains the Tabernacle of the Sun, and it has been the calendar reference for the Western Civilization ever since the planets aligned to the Rock of Ages on March 21, 48 BC. The moment memorialized by the planets is the initiation of the Julian calendar. It was reformed by the Orthodox Church when the catholic goals of the Hellenistic Age were lost during the time of the usurpation by Caesar Augustus. This was the great lesson learned from the destruction of Thebes, Egypt 666 years before the start of the present Gregorian calendar. Egypt knows 666 BC as its darkest hour.

In the fourth century of the Common Era, Constantine converted the Roman Empire into the Byzantine Empire and reversed the Persian conquest of Sol Invictus represented by the Tauroctony of the Mithrasian Mysteries. Constantine placed the Rho-Chi cross on a standard and the Christian Revolution was firmly established. The primary goal of this revolution was the destruction of the demonic ego of the tyrannical ages following 666 BC. To accomplish this goal the body of Nut had to be hidden from view, and astrology had to be vanquished. Astrology was the rational child of the Zoroastrians and the Jews who followed the Persian rites. It was Arian philosophy that rejected the principles of Selket's circumcision. The birth of Christ occurs as the Epiphany of Sagittarius, the celestial vision of Wise Men from the East. The child wrapped in swaddling cloths was Antinous, the ancient child of Isis and Osiris that was born as a result of the Flight of Isis over Egypt. Antinous was this Christ Child and Antinous means "not self created." Antinous is above the zodiac between Capricorn and Sagittarius. The union of this child and Libra is the Christian theology, and it is the theology of the whole ancient world. The death of Christ represents the end of the stars as the guiding lights for humanity after Roman Judgment came to the peoples of the World.

On the night before crossing the Milvian Bridge, Constatine I and his army saw the planets align under Antinous when Mercury and the Sun were at the point of circumcision in the Great Red Dragon. With Venus in Sagittarius, and Mars in Capricorn, the army "knew" that they had seen a sign of the coming victory. On the next morning the Sun rose on the plates of the balance in Libra. They were about to pass through the Gateway of Gods. On October 28, 312 AD, Constantine's army defeated the opposing army. As they were crossing the Milvian Bridge, the visual magnitude of Venus was -4.5, and the planet Venus was visible in morning while the Sun crested at high noon. The prophesies of the Denderah Zodiac and the Book of Revelation regarding balanced desire had become history.

Rev 2:20-29
Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols. And I gave her space to repent of her fornication; and she repented not. Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds. And I will kill her children with death; and all the churches shall know that I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works. But unto you I say, and unto the rest in Thyatira, as many as have not this doctrine, and which have not known the depths of Satan, as they speak; I will put upon you none other burden. But that which ye have already hold fast till I come. And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations: And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my Father. And I will give him the morning star. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches. (KJV)

The loss of this loving relationship with the heavens has caused Western Civilization to lose its cosmic bearings. Now we have "exact sciences" that can predict most anything in the rational material existence. Yet, these same "exact sciences" cannot find meaning in a single star. They deny any absolute orientation and declare that the orientations are totally arbitrary. For that reason, they keep the 1st of Aries locked to the vernal equinox as a memorial for days gone by, and they forbid the creation of any "graven image" of the ancient embroidery of the robe of Nut. The iconoclasts and the Arians are rational tyrants of the zodiac, and the Great Red Dragon in the sky. And because of the loss of spiritual content at the vernal equinox, mankind has lost the keys to the Gateway of Gods. The current Jihads of Muhammad, Moses, and Jesus are simply echoes of the Jihads of the Assyrians and the Egyptians, the Sumerians and the Israelites, the Followers of Seth and the Followers of Horus, and the Short Ears and Long Ears of Oceania and Lemuria. We have been falling from consciousness of the heavens ever since the pillars of Hercules ceased to mark the axis of the earth, some 13,000 years ago. The clear implication of the present state of the Battle of Iraq is that Jerusalem is winning the war. But, in the long run to hold the banner of Jerusalem is to get bound to a Rock of Ages that is long gone. The time for the restoration of the Golden Age of the King of Kings is at hand for the Pillars of Hercules have gone the way of Atlantis.

Can we restore the world of Atlas and Bootes? If we begin with the messages recorded on each and every star, eventually the whole of the heavens can be reincarnated as Western Consciousness returns to the goal of The Civilized. But, that was precisely the goal of Baghdad when Islam was founded. The stars are given Arabic names because the "exact sciences" of Baghdad after the end of the Roman Empire. During the years of the Crusades the Christians attempted to restore Jerusalem to the Christian West. But, they had lost the sense of reality that gave birth to Christianity. The Christians did not win the wars of the Crusades. Rather, the Mongol Hordes found more value in the celestial wisdom of Baghdad and Arabia than Rome and Europe. Because Europe was in a Dark Age, she was spared. The Khans conquered the peoples of the Fertile Crescent, and they abducted a theology that had ties to the origins of Western Civilization. The current rage in the Islamist tirade disguised as a Jihad for Allah is the repression of the loss of soul experienced when the Mongols stole the truth from Islam. The result of the tyranny of the Khans is that tyranny is now the product of Islam. The current theology of the Imams and Mullahs denies Hathor, Nut, and all the goddesses, including Venus which is shown as a star on the crescent of the ensign of Islam. And for the sake of tyrannical rational conviction, the abduction of the virgin goddesses is the primary goal. Those who live by the book, die by the book.

The image hidden by the veil under the High Father at Worzberg's Mariencappelle is revealed in the Guardian Serpent and King Dragon artwork taken from Saddam Hussein's Love Nest. The annunciation to the Virgin seems to be a request for her to choose the birth of the Son of God as her own purpose in life. But, why the veil? The answer is in the book between the candles on the altar and in her hands. The objective of the angelic man is to tell the virgin what she wants to hear, without revealing the consequences of her unbridled desire. It is the idyllic virgin's conception that leads to the holocaust of her first born son. The choice between Islam and Christianity is to reveal the unbridled desire and then defeat the guardian serpent so as to lord over the Commanding Heights, or  hide the truth from the naive sensitivity of the maiden so that the scroll of the heavens can be revealed. The Arian righteousness of Islam defeats the naive sensitivity using the ideal of masculine usurpation. The rape of the woman replaces the rape of the man by the Gaurdian Serpent. This is rational. This is insensitive.

The Pater Chrestus of Constantine declares the presence of a Loving Father in order to give the Son of God a place to be born. This is a War of the Heavens between the advocates of the Gateway of Men and the Gateway of Gods. The tribulation can only be resolved by the naive goal of Uniting the Two Lands. When physical desire is exposed, there can only be a Battle of the Sexes, and the tyranny of the Father Image will prevail as the Feminine Medium is hidden behind a burqa. When physical desire is hidden behind the veil of Divine Purpose, the seed of the Angelic Man is acceptable to Virgin Sensitivity, and life can proceed with a balanced desire of personal and cosmic intent. This was Constantine's vision when the Morning Star was visible over the Milvian Bridge, and a new born Christian Army defeated the Mithrasian Army to reestablish the moral of the Rock of Ages at Denderah.

Can Islam save Christianity and vice versa? Can the restoration of the Body of Nut at Mecca and Bethlehem guide humanity though Jerusalem to the rock that leads to Seventh Heaven up Jacob's Ladder and beyond the Western Wall at Al Buraq? Can democracy replace tyranny? If so, then where could this journey begin? The ancients uniformly agree that reincarnation begins at Sagittarius and is fulfilled above the Centaur by a Donkey Man passing through Libra to ascend to the balance point between the axis of the ecliptic and the axis of the galaxy. The rock is Arcturus. The Western Wall is the Great Square and the World Tree. The child in swaddling cloths, Vishnu, Horus, Etana, Zeus, Jesus, Etana, is the asterism of the stars of Antinous at Aquila.

None of this can be known if the dot-to-dot connections of the asterisms are denied, or repressed. This repression represents a subjugation of the senses to the rationalizing mind. This is the cause of spiritual death that prevent reincarnation. This is the Arian way. Overcoming the wrath of the Lamb is the essential means to salvation, rebirth, and in fact, reincarnation. Doing it in consort with the stars adds a totally Other World dimension to the experience. But, more importantly, it frees the mind to understand the imagination and the spirits of existence. To the ancients this was the Path of Truth that the seekers of Wisdom followed. After the 300+ years under the yoke of the Assyrians, Babylonians, and Persians, the Greco-Egyptian world had learned what tyranny really stood for, and they knew how to deal with it. Yet, transferring the faith of prior experience to children was then, and still is today, a very difficult process. If the sages waited for the children to accept the baton of truth, there would be no means to truth, for the children would be too old to carry the burden. For this reason "faith based initiatives" were employed in the greater cultures. These initiatives place civil order at the highest possible ideal so that the children would not waver from the path of destiny. The various cultures all had the same stars, but because they used different words and embroidery they could maintain a more personal identity separate from their neighbors, whether friend or foe. The more separate our visions are, the more likely we are to go to war.

During the Battle of Iraq in 2003 we witnessed the result of "faith based initiative" as a means to implementing a "compassionate conservative" agenda with preemptive salvation as it motivation. Never in the history of civilization has a conquering army come so quickly into enemy territory and subdued the tyrannical regime without near total destruction of the conquered civilization. It was this knowledge that kept Saddam Hussein and his "allies" (French, Germans, Russians, Syrians, North Koreans, etc.) from comprehending the agenda of the children of Columbia, who is the Reincarnation of the spirits of Selket and Seshat. They had counted on the potential for absolute destruction to halt any invasion. On this matter they were completely lost within the inner space of their false king, and the regime, though not slaughtered in the ancient sense, was sent to perdition as another domain of the Eighth King.

The Battle of Iraq changed the whole plan of civilization. The prior concern in the Middle East was whether the people could be able to define what their governments will say and do, or whether the people needed a Father Figure to tell them what to think. The Islamic religion has lost the great sacred science aspects of its birth because the question of individual will over Aryan Will was answered by the Mongols. Aryan Will was all that mattered. Only the Noble Ones (Aryans) had the right to tell the masses what to think, and when to think. The concept of submission practiced by the Islamic Fathers evolved from the freedom of impression that came with naming the stars into a totalitarian repression within which sons and daughters had no time to find any direct path to Cosmic Awareness. This autocratic father image allowed the Aryan Nobles to maintain the bondage of the masses. The image of Tauret, the Big Dipper, and Bootes as the Lance-Bearer, tells us that reincarnation comes when we destroy the "incarnate bull" of the past life. The message is that paradigms can bind all creativity into the repetitious slavery of compulsions and habits. This is precisely how the ancient cosmic theologies degenerated over the centuries; tradition. We have lost our perception of the Bull of My Mother (Seshat) due to arrogant masculine dominance and the "laws" of uncivilized civilization void of Common Sense (Maat) and lacking balanced desire (Selkat).

During the Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation, Western Europe broke the rational-material bondage of the feudal systems. Yet, they did not establish a means to truth, because truth seeking was not the goal of post Renaissance Europe. Self fulfillment and material wealth became the goal as they moved away from the Islamic dominated east and headed to the New World with their divine paradigms rigidly fixed on the faith based initiatives of the royal houses of Europe. Balanced Desire was also far from their comprehension as they march on a course of genocide. The Moguls had sealed the Islamic Lands in a paradigm that secured the royal houses of the Middle East and locked the sacred science in a box filled with words. Eventually the Arabic science carried the growth and discovery paradigms of the Europeans through the centuries of genocide in the West into the industrial revolution. All the while, the Islamic World hung on to rational convictions that locked its peoples within the paradigm of the ancient Noble Ones. The Europeans shed their paradigms, and wandered in a cosmic wilderness with rational material science as the only guiding light.

These are the essential Aryan principles established in the lands between the Mediterranean Sea and the Himalayas for nearly 6,000 years, and possibly more. It is a paradigm of Father Knows Best. Rational conviction is the essential force. Sense based initiatives are only valid if they maintain the Islamic Nation. This nation needed to assure that no infidels ever invaded the sacred lands and decimated the unity of the people behind their One God. But, what the masses did not know was that the One God had fled from the Islamic Nation within a few centuries of its founding. Only usurping despots remained, and they supported the clergy that supported their domination. This was again the land of Hades and Seth, for the free loving spirit of Persephone and the balanced desire of Selket had been bound in the labyrinth of the "Minotaur" while myth become invisible reality on Aladdin's Magic Carpet.

The stars told this story thousands of years earlier. Today the Muslims dance around the Kaaba without recognizing the essential tomb in the center of the plaza. The whole theology of Islam is based upon the ancient stars. When those stars are allowed to speak, Islam will be reborn and Ishmael will go on to become an archer at the Milvian Bridge of Constantine. This story of death and resurrection is so ancient we have yet to find its first recording. But, for now let us return to 2003 and see if the stars can demonstrate the way past the Wailing Wall at the horizon of celestial Jerusalem.

Pisces is the Valley of Death in accordance with the ancient celestial wisdom. The psychology behind the houses of the zodiac is clearly very potent. If not, astrology would not have survived. But, there is more to the stars than the psychological paradigm of the Aryans. The stars in the heavens are dynamic, and the messages in the stars are so abundant that the first impression is that they are a Pandora's Box. If any child should open the box, they would immediately become lost in the abundance of non-rational meaning. It was this aspect that caused the Zoroastrians to succeed in Asia Minor, and then again as the Mithrasian Mysteries of Rome. Both cultures were dominated by the psychology of the stars and their use as described by Gen 1:14. And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:

When we examine the stars of Pisces we find the Wall of the Ruler. This wall is shown at the Western Horizon of Baghdad at the moment when the asteroid Golevka reached its closest position relative to the Earth on June 10, 2003. The stars are drawn as if viewed from above the heavens in this mirror image projection. The dead man laying under the obelisk surmounted by the head of a king and enthroned queen is the lost First Man. Many cultures have many names for him. He holds a staff, or scepter of flint in arms that protrude from his bosom. This is the insignia of all past leaders. They look for someone to come along and take the scepter and empower the living with new life. Aquarius comes to the dead man to pour out the life giving waters. Half way between the royals and the dead man is the Bound One. This is Andromeda, Perspehone, Jesus, Hunaphu, and many many more. The head of the Bound One is just a corner of a box in the Wall of the Ruler. Technically the other three stars make up the wing of a flying horse, Pegasus, and Al Buraq. Mythologically, the Bound One is without a head, and the head is on top of the tree without a body. Beneath the tree is the spirit of the king laying on the back of a Phoenix.

On to this scene two asteroids are shown to arrive in 2003. The first is Golevka, which dashes across from Virgo to Cassiopeia on June 10, 2003 and passes through the Bound One to the Lance of Pisces about six weeks later. Then the asteroid takes a hard right turn and heads to the current vernal equinox around October 21, where it does an about face and then follows the course of the planets along the ecliptic. This is a very unusual path for the asteroid caused by it close proximity to the Earth. Thus, if we read the omen as an example, it says to turn away from the last 1st of Aries at the east line of Pisces and go to the present 1st of Aries before following the merchant's road to destiny. This example says that the calendar of those for whom the omen applies need to read the "signs of the times and get reoriented to the heavens.

While Golevka is turning around at the vernal equinox, asteroid 3200 Phaeton will be circumcising Hercules. This is the Warrior of God. It is to both that the omen speaks. The path of asteroid Phaeton goes directly through the flying horse with the head of a maiden and turns to the left as it hits the face of Aries twenty five weeks after the circumcision. Thus, this omen addresses the Herculean nature of Aryans and the remedy for self proclaimed divinity. That nature is the fundamental rational conviction of the Islamists in particular, and in Western Civilization in general, regardless of the evolution of the paradigms of Abraham's Sons.

The Great Square is the Kaaba in Mecca. The dead man under the tree is the child of the bond woman, Hagar. Thus, God has called to Hagar and told her to set Ishmael on the course to the Archer. Ishmael is the man-child of the unbridled desire of Abraham and Sarah, when it appeared to Sarah that she would not have a child by Abraham. The Abrahamic ancestors of Persia have been in bondage under the World Tree since the liberations of Alexander, and the usurpation of the world by the Mithrasian Mysteries of Rome, which were guided by the Persian myths of the 1st of Aries as the paramount time reference of the Aryans.

Judaism and Islam are echoes of the same reality regarding the Guarding Serpent of Feminine Desire. The echo is a repression of the senses as a direct result of the adoption of Arian perceptions. According to the modern Catholic Encyclopedia, Arianism was a heresy which arose in the fourth century, and denied the Divinity of Jesus Christ. Because of the Virgin's veil in Catholic scriptures, the origins of Arianism are no longer connected to Aries. However, the Denderah Zodiac is a clear representation of the rational basis of Arianism that existed long before the Christian Church was formed. Thus, Arianism is fundamentally the rejection of sense based initiatives that have the objective of ascending to the state identified as the Son of God. The Son of God state represents the state of mind in which the conscious is at once rational and relational; Son, Father, Mother.

This aspect can be traced to the very founding of Egypt in the Father, Mother, Son traditions of many Trinitarian cults, in particular, Osiris, Isis, and Horus. Monotheism, as practiced by the Aryans from Mesopotamia had the goal of eliminating the path to self divinity claimed by the Pagans and, in particular, the Egyptians. The Abrahamic cults of Judaism and Islam both deny the sacrifice of the First Born Son. Islam says that Abraham was stopped from sacrificing the Father's Son. Judaism says that Abraham was stopped from sacrificing the Mother's Son. Christianity, like Egyptian Culture, is based upon the sacrifice of the Virgin Mother's Son who was the Son of Father God. This war in the heavens is over the passage ways out of the Bottomless Pit designed into the Great Pyramid at Giza. The former two traditions claim that Abraham ascended on the mountain at Auriga, where a goat is caught in the thicket as a sacrificial lamb in place of the Son of Man, Ishmael, and the Son of Woman, Isaac. The Christians claim that the Son of Man was sacrificed and he arose again after being flailed and crowned with thorns in a mockery of a trial of the Son of God. The place where the dead king lays is the place where the child in swaddling cloths lays. Thus, like Egypt, Christianity claims that the passage through the Gateway of Gods results in rebirth after the trials and tribulations of life. Judaism and Islam run away from death as a result of masculine Arian logic. Christianity passes through death as a result of Pagan reincarnation feminine magic. Yet, when the clouds are blown away, it becomes clear that Jacob's Ladder, the Ark of the Covenant, the Wall of Al Buraq, and the Passion of Christ, all take place at the Great Square, which was the sarcophagus of Osiris, Gilgamesh, and many others at the Tree of Life. Thus, the battle in the heavens is a battle in the minds of those who sacrifice their heads to words in books written by men, rather than connecting the heavenly dots called the Eyes of the Gods, i.e., the stars. The heavens are the scroll upon which all proofs and correspondence relative to Creation's Progenitor must rely. The Son of God state represents the state of mind in which the conscious is at once rational and relational.

Christianity holds the Trinitarian Doctrine as the paramount tenet. The Jews and the Muslims have denied this doctrine from their beginnings when the Aryans (Noble Ones from India.) conquered the Middle East. The principle celestial focus of anti-Pagan based Monotheism is the Gateway of Men, Rostau, Orion-Auriga. Arianism has the objective of overcoming the untruths of sense based consciousness. This is Socratic Wisdom that makes the rejection of the senses a logical course for intelligence. The Arians keep the box of Pandora closed and pass judgments about its contents based upon prior convictions. For this, Socrates tasted the hemlock.

Arianism  is heresy because the senses are the only means given to the physical body to orient itself to the Cosmic Body. The hidden agenda behind all forms of Arianism is "painless self creation." Antinous is the opposite of Arianism, because antinous means not self created. The asterism of Antinous, the man-child in swaddling cloths lying in a manger in Bethlehem, is located at the Gateway of Gods as a cherubim compassionate sentiment. The asterism rides on the wings of the Eagle, Aquila, and the tail of Serpens overlaps the wing at the head of the child. This is the same serpent that is in the hands of the man walking on the cosmic waters with one foot on the land of the ecliptic, and the other foot in the Milky Way (Ophiuchus). Western Civilization has failed to recover from the sacrifice of Socrates and the Sacrifice of Zeus (Jesus) because Western Civilization still speaks of Pagans in a pejorative sense. That sense is rational, dishonest, and self righteous nonsense. The cause of the lie is the same fear of self control that made Abraham the Man of a Lie. For this, Western Civilization must suffer as the descendent of the Man of a Lie. The rational mind is pure fantasy without any basis in common sense. When common sense is mixed with a rational mind, the rational mind bends to reason. Reason is the Son of Ra, once called Horus, and now called Jesus. And whether in the form of Horus, or Jesus, the Cosmic Logos tells us that the Father and the Son are One. If this were not so, then consciousness could not be reasonable. Abraham and Socrates were not reasonable men. For their impiety many generations have suffered.

Rationalism, which is Arianism, is simply "homo genitive" desire masquerading as historical truth based upon Celestial Laws without reference to the celestial lights. Without a Mother of God, "homo genitive" desire is dysfunctional. The man-child is being conceived in the male spirit without any intuitive correspondence to the Magical Wisdom of God. Even the lightest bit of intuition will reveal that all rationalizations are dreamtime fantasies. The truth, though hidden behind the veil of sensual perception, will always set the rational mind free of its self imposed bondage. The Son of God state represents the state of mind in which the conscious is at once rational and relational. It cannot be achieved without the union of Father, Mother, and Son. Consciousness that is not rational is illogically irrational. Consciousness that is not relational is self conception of nonsense. Consciousness that is a relationship of the rational intent of the cosmos is blind if it does not perceive through the eyes of compassionate love. Compassionate love can not be taught from books. It must be an eyewitness experience. When the damp earth is cleared from the eyes that see, the Son of Man transcends self creation to become the Son of God and the Father God is restored within the virgin womb of the Mother God. Salvation can have no other meaning than this, for all else is meaningless.

During the period when the Phaeton omen arrives at Aries a third asteroid, 3 Juno arrives at the feet of the Child in Swaddling Cloths. She, being the suspicious wife of Jupiter, the Roman Zeus, has come to do for the dream of a Nation of Islam what Gaia did for Zeus. She provided the wings of the eagle in a duplication of the Flight of Isis to give Ishmael the chance to walk with the King of Kings once again. To accomplish this miracle, she had to tear down the Twin Towers to get the attention of the Mother's Son. He has responded with the purging of tyranny, as Lady Liberty is restored to Ur, the very place where Arianism first sacrificed the Two Sons.

All of this may seem like pure fantasy to the uninitiated, but the stars are where they are, and the wandering stars have been on  journeys through the body of Virgo-Nut for less than 75,000 thousand years. People with a spirit that appreciates the benevolent nature of the Cosmic Mother have no difficulty comprehending that the mortal has no place to live except in the body that is Virgo-Nut. They cannot understand the insanity of believing in myths, for to them Pandora's Box is a treasure chest. Now, on the other hand those who believe that acceptance of myths is the place of nuts, understand insanity, and they avoid it like a plague, having never peaked beneath its door. Unfortunately, all rational convictions are insane paradigms of past misperceptions. They were true sensation once upon a time, but time moved on and those with rational convictions got hung up because they could no longer read the signs of the times. The rational mind is simply a composition of graven images.

The omens of the stars depicted in 2003 all indicate that the Cosmic Mother has come to provide benevolence to her favorite Son. That benevolence is not given in judgment of right or wrong, it is given as unconditional love. It is the inability to live the dream of unconditional love that caused all the sons of Abraham to become Bound Ones. Those who believe in the benevolence of the Cosmic Mother know goodness in their hearts. Those who believe in the rational I Am, are destined to be limited by paradigms of self defining bondage. That is why the temple at Denderah shows Tauret and Bootes killing the bull of reincarnation at the gap between Capricorn and Sagittarius, where Juno comes to visit her son a year after Golevka left the womb of Virgo. Capricorn is the scapegoat cast into the desert at the ceremonies of the Hajj. Capricorn is the evidence of a good life, for Capricorn is the I Use. This is the apparition at Sagittarius. Those who learn to use properly what they have been given will return to the Heavens Above with the capacity of the I See, though they were born blind from birth and knew nothing of the Heavenly Scroll. This is the miracle of Siloam. The omen of Golevka is that those who would get lost in Rational Convictions should remove the Block Head from their shoulders and kill the Bull that blocks reincarnation of the spirits of men long dead. Once the dreams of the ancestors are restored to the living flesh, then that flesh can walk on to become the dreams of the ancestors in centuries to come. The gateway to eternal life is opened in the Valley of Death. It could not be any other way. One life lived within the body of Nut is One Life lived within the Eternal Stars. If it is not Good Enough, then it is not the stars that are nuts, it is the insanity of self proclaimed brilliance that shuts the door to the Gateway of Gods. Hollywood, or Wormwood, the message is clear.



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STAR NAMES: Their Lore and Meaning
by Richard Hinckley Allen


This list of star-names is published in the endeavor to fill an acknowledged vacancy in our popular astronomical literature. It is not intended for the professional astronomer, who, as a rule, cares little about the old designations of the objects of his study, alphabets, numerals, and circles being preferable, indeed needful, for his purposes of identification. Yet great scholars have thought this nomenclature not unworthy their attention, - Grotius, Scaliger, Hyde, and our own Whitney, among others, devoting much of their rare talent to its elucidation; while Ideler, of a century ago, not without authority in astronomy as in other branches of learning, wrote as to inquiry into star-names:

"This is, in its very nature, coincidently a research into the constellations, and it is so much more worth while learning their history as throughout all ages the spirit of man has concerned itself with a subject that has ever had the highest interest to him,-- the starry heavens."

Old Thomas Hood, of Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1590 asserted that they were "for instruction's sake . . . things cannot be taught without names "; and it is certain that knowledge of these contributes much to an intelligent pleasure when we survey the evening sky. For almost all can repeat Thomas Carlyle's lament:

"Why did not somebody teach me the constellations, and make me at home in the starry heavens, which are always overhead, and which I don't half know to this day?"

Naturally these titles are chiefly from the Arabs, whose Desert life and clear skies made them very familiar with the stars, as Al Bīrūnī1 wrote:

"He whose roof is heaven, who has no other cover, over whom the stars continually rise and set in one and the same course, makes the beginnings of his affairs and his knowledge of time depend upon them."

So that the shaykh Ilderim well told Ben Hur at the Orchard of Palms:

"Thou canst not know bow much we Arabs depend upon the stars. We borrow their names in gratitude, and give them in love."

But many star-names supposed to have originated in Arabia are merely that country's translations of the Greek descriptive terms, adopted, during the rule of the Abbasids, 2 from Claudius Ptolemy's 'Η Μεγάλη Σύνταξις της Άσρονομίας, the Great System of Astronomy, of our second century. For it was early in this khalifate, in the golden prime of good Haroun Alraschid, (Aaron the just), that Ptolemy's      Σύταξιας3 was translated as Al Kitāb al Mijisti, the Greatest Book. This, in its various editions, substituted among the educated classes a new nomenclature; while, as revised by Al Thabit ibn Kurrah in the latter part of the 9th century, it eventually became, through a Latin version by Cremonaeus (Gerard of Cremona) of the 12th century, the groundwork of the first complete printed Almagest. This, published at Venice in 1515, so manifestly showed its composite origin that Ideler and Smyth always referred to it as the Arabo-Latin Almagest. The Greek text of the Syntaxis seems to have been practically unknown in Europe until translated into Latin from a Vatican manuscript by Trapezuntius (the monk George of Trebizond), several editions of this issuing during the 16th century. From all these and kindred works have come the barbarous Graeco-Latin-Arabic words that, in a varied orthography, appear as star-names in modern lists.

But there were other purely indigenous, and so very ancient, titles from the heathen days of the Ishmaelites anterior to Mediterranean influences, perhaps even from the prehistoric "'Arab al Baidā," the Arabs of the Desert,—these titles generally pastoral in their character, as accords with such an origin. So that we find among them the nomads' words for shepherds and herdsmen with their maidens; horses, horsemen, and their trappings; cattle, camels, sheep, and goats; predatory and other animals; birds and reptiles. It should be remembered, however, that the archaic nomenclature of the Arabs—archaic properly so called, for we know nothing of its beginnings—in one respect is unique. They did not group together several stars to form a living figure, as did their Western neighbors, who subsequently became their teachers; single stars represented single creatures, —a rule that seems rarely to have been deviated from, —although the case was different in their stellar counterparts of inanimate objects. Even here they used but few stars for their geographical, anatomical, and botanical terms; their tents, nests, household articles, and ornaments; mangers and stalls; boats, biers, crosses, and thrones; wells, ponds, and rivers; fruits, grains, and nuts; —all of which they imaged in the sky.

They had, too, still another class of names peculiar to themselves, such as Al Şaidak, Al Simāķ, Al Suhā, respectively the Trusted One, the Lofty One, the Neglected One; their Changers, Drivers, Followers, and Wardens; their Fortunate, or Unfortunate, Ones, and their Solitary Ones, etc. None of these early asterisms, however, were utilized by the scientific Arabians, but, with their titles, became merely interesting curiosities to them, as to us. These were known as "of the Arabs," while Ptolemy's figures were "of the astronomers," —a distinction maintained in this book by the use of "Arab" or "Arabic" for the first, and "Arabian" for the last. The Persian astronomical writer, the dervish 'Abd al Rahmān Abū al Husain, now better known as Al Sufi,4 the Mystic or Sage, made, mention of this early distinction, in 964, in his Description of the Fixed Stars; Kazwini following three centuries later, with the same expressions.

1 This was the celebrated Khorasmian Abil Raihan Muhammad ibn Ahmad of A. D. 1000, whose designation in literature came from his birthplace, a birun, or suburb, of Khwarizm. His Vestiges of Past Generations, a chronology of ancient nations, and his India, are of interest and authority even now.

2 This first organized government among the Arabs began in 749, and under "its enlightened and munificent protection Baghdad soon became what Alexandria had long ceased to be.

3 This was subsequently designated as 'H Mεγίστη to distinguish it from his smaller astrological work in four books, the Τετράβιβλος Σύνταξις. Our word Almagest is now supposed to be composed of the principal letters of the Greek title.

4 Al Sufi also was known as Al Razi, from his birthplace, Al Rayy, east of Teheran. A French translation of his work was published in 1874 by the late H. C. F. C. Scbjellerup of Saint Petersburg.

Summary comment
by Siloam.net

Richard Hinkley Allen clearly acknowledges the dependency of Western Civilization on the Islamic rendition of the Greek astronomical traditions with respect to lore and star names. The Islamic scientists has set about reestablishing a New World Order in which the iconoclasm of the asterisms would be abandoned for the sake of names. This was an extension of the Zoroastrian tradition that eternal life could be achieved by the proper use of words. The Zoroastrian creed is a clear spin off the Jews and their predecessors the followers of Ptah who declared that Ptah created the universe with his word.

But, Allen also demonstrates that the iconoclasm has been passed on and even tightened by the mathematically based sciences. It was a small step to go from figures in the asterisms to words about asterisms as the traditions of the original Wandering Ones were redacted and condensed. It was an even smaller step to deny the now disconnected words about stars from the embroidery of the heavens. Siloam.net has reversed the process of denial of the visual knowledge by researching many of the ancient stories and reestablishing the dot-to-dot connections. Without the dot-to-dot connections the manna from heaven is pure fantasy, as it is perceived by modern rational material sciences. With the dot-to-dot connections the stars become vehicles for communication across the boundaries of time, whether past ore future. That was the essential goal when man first began to study the heavens. They assumed that the heavens were organized to "speak" to the mortals. And even if the heavens were not evidence of cosmic intent, then embroidering the heavens was the responsible, or right, thing to do. The heavens could carry the traditions of any culture beyond the short duration of the common human experience. If a culture got lost, they could become reoriented by "connecting the dots." In today's theological and scientific academia, connecting the dots is taught as heresy. But, it is not celestial heresy, it is heresy to usurping Eighth Kings who occupy high towers in establishments that have lost their own foundations and hang from the dreams of rational convictions. This was the message of the temple zodiacs and the message of an asteroid in 2003 called Goelevka.

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STAR NAMES: Their Lore and Meaning
by Richard Hinckley Allen

Bootes, pp. 98 ff.

Arcturus has been an object of the highest interest and admiration to all observant mankind from the earliest times, and doubtless was one of the first stars to be named; for from Hesiod's day to the present it thus appears throughout all literature, although often confounded with the Greater Bear. Indeed Hesiod's use of the word probably was for that constellation, except in two cases, already quoted, where he unquestionably referred to this star, mentioning its rising fifty days after the winter solstice, the fist allusion that we have to that celestial point. And it is popularly supposed that our Arcturus is that of the Book of Job, xxxviii, 32 ; but there it merely is one of the early titles of Ursa Major, the Revised Version correctly rendering it "the Bear." Still, even now, the Standard Dictionary quotes for the star the Authorized Version's, "Canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons?"

But, like other prominent stars, it shared its name with its constellation, in fact, probably at first, and as late as Pliny's day, was a constellation by itself Homer's Bοώτης doubtless was this, with, possibly, a few of its larger companions; and Bayer cited Bootes for the star; but in recent times the latter has monopolized the present title.

It was famous with the seamen of early days, even from the traditional period of the Arcadian Evander, and regulated their annual festival by its movements in relation to the sun. But its influence always was dreaded, as is seen in Aratos' δεινού Άρκτούροιο and Pliny's horridum sidus; while Demosthenes, in his action against Lacritus 341 B. C., tells us of a bottomry bond, made in Athens on a vessel going to the river Borysthenes—the modern Dnieper—and to the Tauric Chersonese—the Crimea—and back, that stipulated for a rate of 22½ per cent interest if she arrived within the Bosporus "before Arcturus," i.e. before its heliacal1 rising about mid-September; after which it was to be 30 per cent. Its acronycal2 rising fixed the date of the husbandmen's Lustratio frugum; and Vergil twice made allusion in his 1st Georgic to its character as unfavorably affecting the farmers' work. Other contemporaneous authors confirmed this stormy reputation, while all classical calendars3 gave the dates of its risings and settings.

Hippocrates, 460 B. C., made much of the influence of Arcturus on the human body, in one instance claiming that a dry season, after its rising, agrees best with those who are naturally phlegmatic, with those who are of a humid temperament, and with women; but it is most inimical to the bilious; and that diseases are especially apt to prove critical in these days.

1 This was its first perceptible appearance in the dawn after emergence from the sun, then about 10º or 12º away.
2 The latest rising visible at sunset.
3 Copies of these calendars, called Παραπηγματα, engraved on stone or brass, were conspicuously exposed in the market-places, and two are supposed to have come down to us,—that of Geminos, 77 B. C., and of Ptolemy, A. D. 140. While these probably in the main were accurate, the allusions to their subjects by the poets and authors generally seem to be as often wrong as right, being based upon observations taken on trust from earlier writers, or from tradition, although by various causes, and especially by the effect of precession, they had become incorrect. Hesiod's statement, in the Works and Days, of the heliacal rising of Arcturus is regarded as fixing his own date in history at about 800 B. C.

The Prologue of the Rudens of Plautus, delivered by Arcturus in person, and "one of the early opinions of the presence of invisible agents amongst mankind," declares of himself that he is considered a stormy sign at the times of his rising and setting,—as the original has it:

Arcturus signum, sum omnium quam acerrimum.
Vehemens sum, cum exorior, cum occido vehementior.

And the passage from Horace's Odes -

Nee saevus Arcturi cadentis
Impetus aut orientis Haedi—

is familiar to all. This same idea came down to modern days, for Pope repeated it in his verse,

When moist Arcturus clouds the sky.

Astrologically, however, the star brought riches and honor to those born under it.

An Egyptian astronomical calendar of the 15th century before Christ, deciphered by Renouf, associates it with the star Antares in the immense sky figure Nenat; and Lockyer claims it as one of the objects of worship in Nile temples, as it was in the temple of Venus at Ancona in Italy.

In India it was the 13th nakshatra, Svati, the Good Goer, or perhaps Sword, but figured as a Coral Bead, Gem, or Pearl; and known there also as Nishtya, Outcast, possibly from its remote northern situation far outside of the zodiac, whence, from its brilliancy, it was arbitrarily taken to complete the series of Hindu asterisms. Hewitt thinks that it, or Capella, was the Aryaman of the Rig Veda; and Edkins that it was the Tistar usually assigned to Sirius.

The Chinese called it Ta Kiō, the Great Horn, four small stars near by being Kang Che, the Drought Lake; Edkins further writing of it:

"Arcturus is the palace of the emperor. The two groups of three small stars on its right [ητυ] and left [ζοπ] are called She ti, the Leaders, because they assign a fixed direction to the tail of the Bear, which, as it revolves, points out the twelve hours of the horizon."

The Arabs knew Arcturus as Al Simāk4 Rāmih, sometimes translated the Leg of the Lance-bearer, and again, perhaps more correctly, the Lofty Lance-bearer. From the Arabic title came various degenerate forms: Al Ramec, Aramec, Aremeah, Ascimec, Azimech, and Azimeth, found in those queer compendiums of stellar nomenclature the Alfonsine Tables and the ,4lmagest of 1515; Somech haramach of Chilmead's Treatise; and Aramākh, which Karsten Niebuhr heard from the Arabs 136 years ago. The Kheturus of their predecessors, already alluded to under Bobtes, also was used for this.

The idea of a weapon again manifested itself in the Kουταράτος, Javelin-bearer, of the Graeco-Persian Tables; while Bayer had Gladius, Kolanza, and Pugio, all applied to Arcturus, which probably marked in some early drawing the Sword, Lance, or Dagger in the Hunter's hand. Similarly it took the title Alkameluz of the whole constellation.

Al Hāris al Samā, the Keeper of Heaven, perhaps came from the star's early visibility in the twilight owing to its great northern declination, as though on the lookout for the safety and proper deportment of his lesser stellar companions, and so "Patriarch Mentor of the Train." This subsequently became Al Hāris al Simāk, the Keeper of Simāk, probably referring to Spica, the Unarmed One.

Al Birūni mentioned Arcturus as the Second Calf of the Lion, the early Asad; Spica being the First Calf.

It has been identified with the Chaldaeans' Papsukal, the Guardian Messenger, the divinity of their 10th month Tibitu; while Smith and Sayce have said that on the Euphrates it was the Shepherd of the Heavenly Flock, or the Shepherd of the Life of Heaven, undoubtedly the Sib-zi-anna of the inscriptions; the star η being often included in this, and thus making one of the several pairs of Eupbratean Twin Stars.

The 1515 Almagest and the Alfonsine Tables of 152 1 add to their list of strange titles et nominatur Audiens, which seems unintelligible unless the word be a misprint for Audens, the Bold One.

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Muphrid, Nufrid, and Xufride, of the Palermo and other catalogues, is from Ulug Reg's Al Mufrid al Rāmih, the Solitary Star of the Lancer, and inexplicable unless on the supposition that it formerly was regarded as outside of the figure lines. Kazwini called it Al Rumh; and Al Tizini, with Al Nasr al Din, more definitely, Al Rumh al Rāmih, the Lance of the Lance-bearer, although inappropriately, for they designated its position as on Al Sāk the Shin-bone, and it thus appears as Saak in some lists; but as the figure is now drawn η lies above the left knee.

It seems to have been included with Arcturus in the Euphratean Sib-zi-anna.

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