Columbia in her guise as Lady Liberty has brought down her namesake, Columbia, on Judgment Day.
Columbia is the oldest of NASA's shuttle fleet, first launched in 1981. It was on its 28th mission, and the 113th mission of the Shuttle Program, as STS 107 headed for touch down in the arms of Columbia, herself. But, though the moment is filled with sorrow, it is the Day of Judgment when the Queen of Heaven calls one son home and sends the next down to earth. 

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Watch a movie of the arrival of the Husband of Columbia at Seventh Heaven,
and Joshua at Seventh Heaven, as viewed toward the LAND OF COMING DOWN.


Watch a movie of the rising up of Jonah, Jacob, Ishmael, Job,
and the Moai from the bottom of the sea, as viewed toward the LAND OF RISING UP.

Views of Heavens from Cape Canaveral,

 the Land of the Coming Down



The Sign of Prophet Jonas is carried by Seven Stars on Columbia's horizon.

Shuttle Broke Up in Mystery Atmosphere
Shuttle Columbia Broke Apart in Mysterious Part of Atmosphere

The Associated Press
SAN JOSE, Calif. Feb. 10

The space shuttle Columbia broke up in a mysterious area of the upper atmosphere once so little understood and difficult to study that scientists dubbed it the "ignorosphere."

The region is of particular interest not only because that's where the disintegration occurred but also because of a time-exposure image taken by an amateur astronomer showing a snake of purplish light corkscrewing through the shuttle's hot glowing trail as it crossed over California.

Former shuttle astronaut Tammy Jernigan collected the camera and the image from the photographer, who has requested anonymity while NASA analyzes the shot. It's not clear whether the flash is real, or an aberration of the camera.

The shuttle was traveling at 12,000 mph at an altitude of 39 miles as it disintegrated Feb. 1 in the searing heat of re-entry, for reasons still unknown. All seven astronauts were killed.

Columbia was crossing through the mesosphere, or middle atmosphere, which extends from about 30 to 50 miles above the surface. It's also called the ionosphere, because of the presence of free electrons or ions.

"We're discovering the middle atmosphere has got a lot of electrical phenomena," said Walt Lyons, president of the FMA Research in Fort Collins, Colo. "The key message here is that there may be more things going on up there that we just don't understand or have no inkling of yet.


"O God who names the starry host
and by whose love not one is lost,
who stretched thy arms wide to the sky
from cross to heav'n so death would die
Oh care for those who traversed space,
Embrace them now who touch thy face."

Profile of Columbia's Michael Anderson
Profile of Columbia's David Brown
Profile of Columbia's Kalpana Chawla
Profile of Columbia's Laurel Clark    Email From Space
Profile of Columbia Commander Rick Husband
Profile of Columbia's William McCool
Profile of Columbia's Illan Ramon


February 8, 2003 4:30PM GMT.
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Quote from Sun Talk newsletter III:
The ROC has 23 rays. And it is quite apparent to this writer that today January 31, 2003 is built on the value twenty three.  Thirty one plus 1, has the 23 and our year 2003.  Inherent in the message of the 23 rays are components of sound that Boyle could only superficially recant the basic litany told in the scribings of etched markings he recognized to be proto-Hebrew.  Rush Allen added to the epigraphy that the sun has risen!  It has risen above the cloud of 2 serpents.  This message has evidently been unbroken for over 50 000 years, suggesting that our modern cosmology is part of this greater legacy.


I have begun work on the loss of Space Shuttle Columbia at 9:00 AM EST on February 1, 2003. It is not a coincidence that you prepared the ROC-Garuda-Kilroy message on the eve of the Year of the Goat, 4701, which began today, February 1, 2003. It is also not coincidence that the Moon passed the Sun last night in Capricorn to initiate the new months of the Hebrew and Islamic reckoning in the Goat. Nor, is it coincidence that this is the first day of the Christian month when Sunday will be the American Ground Hog Day and the Sun will be carried on the beast of the Good Samaritan. But, I will give the name to the new web site to the Chinese and to the lost Israeli astronaut, as the Year of the Goat, and the sacrifice of Abraham's Son. We are being told that the Age of the Rising Sun has arrived by Columbia, who is also known as Lady Liberty, when associated with Virgo and her Balance. The Sun rise at Palestine, Texas on February 1, 2003 meant that Joshua was to receive the Promised Land. A holocaust of high Cosmic Proportions requires a sacrifice for a worthy cause. The loss of Columbia is so synchronistic with the proverb, as above, so below, that it must be viewed from the landing site and from the expected landing site to understand the true essence of the Alpha-Omega's arrival.

On the very first time Israel's first astronaut, Ilan Ramon, comes down from the heavens, he is taken up into heaven as the eternal sacrifice of Abraham's son when the Altar of Noah and Moses sat aligned on the southern horizon. Now that the sacrifice of Abraham's Son has been witnessed, we can replace the Altar-Ara with the Red Crown of Osiris, for the experience of death has visited Israel from the House of the Most High. At the moment of the lost communication the shuttle was reported to be over Palestine, Texas, and Pluto was on the zenith meridian as Saturn was on the nadir meridian. The zenith point was at Hercules, and this Samson has torn down the Pillars in the Kingdom of the Fishers of Men. The nadir point was at the message in the mouth of the Dove, and Abraham's Mountain was on the nadir meridian above it, where the rescued She-goat, Capella, touched the meridian. But, the 113the flight of Columbia on STS-107 with Seven Souls on board had a far greater purpose that the mundane experiments planned by the scientists at NASA. The message delivered by the synchronicity o the heavens is incredibly profound, and a worthy accomplishment of these courageous souls with the Hand of God guiding their trip to Seventh Heaven.

For, most important of all, the Shadow of the Earth was in exact alignment with Jupiter/Zeus, and the penumbra of the shadow projected to the king of the solar system as it entered Cancer and the Earth came out of Cancer. This is the place known as the Bee Hive of Praesepe, and its is the ancient ritual location where the Magdalenians drew the cows coming home in the Lascaux cave over 17,000 years ago. All of these messages tell us that the shuttle Columbia was taken, not as a punishment, but as a celebration of the New Age of the next Cosmic Cycle. In these trying times, it may be hard for Americans to see this moment of celebration, but be assured that the view looking toward Columbia, the Shuttle, would have been aligned with the cave of Hades and Pluto, while the view looking toward the Earth from heaven above would have been that of Columba which is the Dove's message of eternal peace, and Perseus stepping up from the Pleiades to cross the Reed Sea of Egypt into the Promised Land. The view looking toward the Earth from the Sun would have been of Zeus landing upon the Earth. And, as the Mesopotamians placed Zeus on the the great altar of the great temple of Jerusalem, so it was that the Dove came to land upon the shadow of the sacrificed Israeli who sought nothing more than a chance to fly into the heavens and come back to earth as the eternal messenger of the Jews. So, it is today, as it was for Isaac and Ishmael, that a son of Abraham will sacrificed as an eternal record of the synchronicity that is the Word of God.

Ramon was not particularly religious, but chose to eat kosher food in orbit.

``I'm secular in my background, but I'm going to respect all kinds of Jews all over the world,''
Ramon said before his flight. ``For Israel and for the Jewish community, it's a very symbolic event.''

Ramon, whose mother and grandmother survived the Auschwitz death camp in World War II,
honored those who endured the Holocaust. During the flight, he carried a small pencil drawing titled
``Moon Landscape'' by Peter Ginz, a 14-year-old Jewish boy killed at Auschwitz and other mementos.

All in all, if the Jews are to sacrifice their highest son, it could not have been more profoundly arranged. The fact of the profound nature confirms the return of the Queen of Sheba as Columbia. Her commander was named Husband, and he carried the soul of Columbia, the Goddess, back to Earth, where Mother Nature demonstrated that She is Queen of the Heavens.  "The loss of seven explorers of space's dark reaches - shuttle commander Rick Husband, Michael Anderson, David Brown, Kalpana Chawla, Laurel Clark, William McCool and Ramon - brought a new round of grief to a nation still in mourning after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001." (AP) We all share the grief for lives lost that are needed for the children who survive. But, if we cannot give up that which we desire most of all, then we do not know what valued life is all about. These souls all knew the risks, and they knew that whether they survived their journey or not was not as important as being an example for all to reach for the heavens. In that reach, Virgo-Columbia has told us all, "There is no choice when it comes to entering the Promised Land."


Death of Aquarius and the Return of Apollyon

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